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DP-3 Complain Format to Magistrate

IN THE COURT OF CHIEF JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE,THANE Complaint No. __________ of 2011 Name and Address of the Complainant — Complainant VERSUS Mrs . (Name and address of Mrs.X) Mr. FIL (Name and address of FIL) Mrs.MIL (Name and address of MIL) Mr BIL (Name and Address of BIL) Ms./Mrs.SIL (Name and address of SIL) –Accused Respected Sir, The complainant respectfully submits as under:1. That the complainant is permanent resident of (address of the complainant)

2. That the accused No. 1 is the wife of the complainant.The accused No.2 and 3 are father-in-law and mother-in-law of the complainant.The accused No.4 is the brother-in-law and accused no.5 is the sister-in-law of the complainant. 3. That the marriage of the complainant was solemnized with accused no. 1 on 31-08-2010 .However no child was born out the said wedlock. 4. That at the time of the said marriage, it was one of the condition of the complainant and his family members that the marriage should be solemnized in a very simple manner and no dowry/cash/ornaments etc shall be given to the accused no.1 and the complainant and his family members by the accused no. 2,3,4 & 5 and their family relatives. 5. That in spite of the aforesaid condition of the complainant and his family members, the accused persons left the dowry articles in shape of Cash/Ornaments/clothes/other articles in (address of the matrimonial relationship) (Detailed list is enclosed herewith as Annexure A-1 with the present complaint, which may be read as part and parcel of this complaint also).It is most respectfully submitted that the complainant and his family members, time and again, requested the accused persons to take

4& 5 in the matrimonial relationship of the complainant and accused no. 1 lodged a false and frivolous complain against the complainant. It is submitted here that the complainant. behavior of the accused no. That it is submitted that the Dowry Prohibition Act.50.4&5 have given a sum of Rs.2.000/-(Rupees One lakh fifty thousand only) as dowry before marriage. cash and other household articles with the said FIR. 1 . 1. 1 remained strict to her condition. 1 in conspiracy with other accused persons started making allegations on the complainant and his family regarding demand of dowry and further started threatening to implicate them in a false and frivolous cases (both criminal and Civil) 9. On the basis of said complaint. FIR no.1 is enclosed herewith for the kind perusal of this Hon’ble court. That the accused no. The complainant was having great expectations from the accused no. 1 and further she has signed is absolutely proved that the accused persons have admitted that they have given dowry to complainant and his family members. after marriage. 1 as she started creating bad atmosphere in the house and started quarreling with the complainant and his family members on pity issues. it was alleged by the accused no. That thereafter.the accused no.It is most respectfully submitted that in the said FIR. 1961.3._____& _____ of Indian Penal Code in _______ Police Station . 7 That with the passage of the time.1 started to harass the complainant to leave old age ailing parents of the complainant and though them out of the house or to be a GHAR JAMAI and live with her parents.1 never realized her responsibility and always harassed the complainant and his family members on small and petty matters. the complainant seeks indulgence of this Hon’ble Court that directions may be issued to the concerned SHO to register a case against the accused persons. she will maintain their house being an Indian women. 6.1. which were never demanded by the complainant and his family members. . 1 to treat his parents and her own parents and give their proper care and respect._____ dated mm/dd/yyyy under section ____. became too worse and later on accused no. The situation started getting worsened day by day due to frequent interference of the accused no. 1 and be a GHAR JAMAI. In this peculiar circumstances . electronic products.1. 1 that her parents have given Dowry articles delared in annexure “A1” and further accused no.However accused no.thereafter.. Besides this the accused no. as amended up-to-date stipulated that anyone who demands or gives dowry can face punishment.List of the articles prepared by the accused no. 1 remained in the matrimonial house with the complainant and his family for ___ months and during this time the complainant and his father notices sharp changes in the behavior of the accused no.2. However the accused no. time and again. which they have allegedly given as Dowry in the said marriage. 8. Hence. requested the accused no.And further the said articles already existed in the house of the complainant. It is relevant to mention here that the aforesaid list is handwritten by accused no. the accused no.1 had given list of articles including ornaments. That when the accused persons failed to force the complainant to throw the old age ailing parents of the complainant from the matrimonial house of the complainant and accused no.1 or shift to the parental home of accused no.back the aforesaid dowry articles as they were having no lust for it.3. clothes.

P. to the concerned S. where the complainant and his family members have suffered in the hands of the accused persons. 13. to register a case against the accused persons under Section 3 of Dowry Prohibition Act. Hence the present complaint. Place : Name of your City –Complainant Dated: dd/mm/yyyy –Through Counsel (Name of the advocated) . there are multiple cases. without having any other option.H.C. And the said FIR is one example. That in the modern days. That it is submitted here that the articles stated in Annexure A-1 were given by the accused persons. has invoked the jurisdiction of this Hon’ble court. to lodge an FIR under section 3 of Dowry Prohibition Act against the accused persons and to investigate the matter in accordance with law. treating it consideration for marriage. 12. are being filed against husbands and their parents relatives.11. therefore. That the complainants video complaint dated dd/mm/yyyy requested to Superintendent of Police/Office of the Police Commissioner (as per the case) City Name. It is.O. respectfully prayed that the present complaint may kindly be accepted and directions to be issued under section 156(3) Cr. However no action has been taken by the police against the said accused and the complainant.1961. in the interest of justice. containing false and baseless allegations under section IPC 498A and the Domestic Violence Act 2005. And the accused persons are taking premium of their own wrongs.