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make sure that you have at least one blue and at least one red pen or marker.M. When naming his or her character. and the pressure to choose sides should be the most significant factor in that character’s scenes.Credits Written by Ken MacLennan for Pleasanton's Museum on Main Copperheads in the Golden State It's WAR! But not here. Yet. perhaps a loud blow for the South in California will raise morale back East and bring glory and opportunity to those who strike it. This is civil war. Or perhaps. Badge and Buckshot: Lawlessness in Old California. Chapman • Ingram's Partisan Rangers Seriously. sympathy for the Rebels can be harnessed into something much bigger. Contents Relationships. Readings include Leonard Richards. No more than one player should do so. Special Playset Rule: Whose Side Are You On? Loyalties matter. Needs. In addition to the usual cards. and pens or markers. Inspiration No films. and John Boessenecker. just perhaps. But a brave or desperate few look for more active ways to support the South. The California Gold Rush and the Coming of the Civil War. A player may indicate “undecided” by using both colors. Objects. unfortunately. albeit skeletal ones: • J. and the stakes are too high to let anyone sit on the fence. indicating the character’s ostensible affiliation in the War Between the States. but not all Californians are happy about it. and Locations: Original version . California has declared for the Union. each player must choose a red (Rebel) or blue (Union) marker to write the character’s name and short description. Perhaps the flow of gold and silver to Federal coffers can be diverted to the Confederacy. dice. Many of these so-called Copperheads keep their mouths shut and go about their business. others stick to arguing with acquaintances or publishing inflammatory broadsheets. somebody needs to make a movie about this stuff. The two best-known incidents have entries on Wikipedia.

Family 1. and Locations: PG-13 version A Seditious INSTA-Setup Background Information Actual Play Reports: Original Version Actual Play Reports: PG-13 Version Boilerplate This playset is copyright © 2013 by Pleasanton's Museum on Main. Co-Employees The Past 1. Forbidden Passion 3. Objects. Prospecting Partners 2. This playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game by Bully Pulpit Games. A Spouse. Brother Against Brother (or Sister) 2. Former Prostitute and Frequent Client Romance 1. Cousins Work 1. Parent & Child 3. All rights are reserved. Old Flames. Starry-Eyed Newlyweds 4. Fiasco is copyright © 2009 by Jason Morningstar. 3.Relationships. 4. Boss & Personal Assistant 4. Relationships In Civil War California (Original Version) 1. All rights are reserved. Family by Adoption 4. Bandit Gang 2. . Husband & Wife 5. Rich Aunt/Uncle & Poor Nephew/Niece 6. Rekindled 2. Master & Servant 6. Ranch Foreman & Cowboy 3. School-Days Bully & Victim 6. Happily Married Crime 1. Star-Crossed Young Lovers 6. Partners in a Store 5. 5. Unrequited Love 5. Army Buddies from the Mexican War 4. Former Master & Escaped Slave 3. Presumed Dead 2. Needs. An Old Family Grudge 5.

Con Artist & Mark 3. From This Vicious Little Town 6. Your Boss’s Good Graces 3. From the Folks Back East Who Laughed at You 3. Landowner & Squatter 3. Before the Lodes Run Out To Get Into 1. Of a Partnership Gone Scary 3. 4. Local Official & Owner of Vice Den 4. Rival Faction Leaders 2. Of a Deal That’s Bleeding You Dry 6. To Get Out 1. From Under the Family Name 2. With the Law 2. 2. The Knights of the Golden Circle 5. 3. As Soon as Possible 4. With a Treacherous Subordinate 5. The Family Trust Fund 4. The Confederate Army 2. From Your Natural Inferiors 5. Lawman & Wanted Bandit 5. From an Overbearing Parent 2. With the Rest of Your Family To Get Respect 1. Without a Dishonorable Discharge To Get Even 1. Through Your Big Idea 2. While Defending the Union 3. With the Army 3. Without Honest Work 5. With the Anglos Who Stole Your Land 6. Arbiters of Society 5. Crooked Boss & Enforcer 6. While Getting Those Yankees’ Goat 6. Extortionist & Victim Community 1. From Your Distant Hero To Get Rich 1. 5. Before They Find Out What You Did 4. Local Misfits 6. From the Army 4. . The Circle of Respectability 2. Plotting Treason! 4. Of A Romance Gone Bad 5. With a Lover Who Scorned You 4.6. Town Loser & Wife Needs In Civil War California (Original Version) 1.

6. A Railroad Camp. Frisco and the Bay 1. 5. About Ten Miles Northeast of Town 6.6. A Disorderly House near the Riverfront The Tri-Valley 1. The Hydraulic Mine at Dutch Flat 2. From a Parent Obsessed with Success 3. . A Suite at the Orleans Hotel 5. 4. A Pier on the San Francisco Embarcadero 6. From Anyone Who’ll Take You 4. The Back Room of a Boarding-House in Oakland The Gold Country 1. Mary’s Hospital on Rincon Hill 5. A Hidden Cove on the Marin Coast Sacramento 1. St. That Drowns Your Shame and Guilt 5. A Cave above the Altamont Pass 3. The Churchyard at Mission San Jose 2. The Army Base on Alcatraz Island 2. A Dry Gulch in the Central Valley 2. Among the Redwoods in the Yosemite Valley 6. From Someone Who Hates You Locations In Civil War California (Original Version) 1. East of Placerville Off the Beaten Path 1. Near the Summit of Mount Hamilton 5. From Your Whole Community 6. A Field on the Outskirts of the Livermore Ranch 6. From Someone Who Doesn’t Know You Exist 2. 6. The Goss & Nichols Iron Works 4. The Francisco Alviso Adobe 4. A Mining Camp in the Sierra Foothills 6. The State Capitol Construction Site 2. 3. The Benicia Arsenal 3. Bartram’s Hotel. John Kottinger’s Barn in Alisal 5. The Wells Fargo Office at Placerville 4. The Bilz Wagon Works in Alisal South of the Bay 1. The Dublin Stagecoach Stop 3. A Cantina at Alisal 2. A Dance Hall on the Barbary Coast 4. A Warehouse on the Sacramento River 3. The Store at Carson’s Creek 3. A Tapped-Out Creek in the Hills 5. A Shack in Niles Canyon 2. A Powerful Man's Bed To Get Love 1. A Mountain Pass on the Placerville Toll Road 4.

An Armed Schooner 2. A Story Clipped from a Newspaper 2. 5. 3.S. Plans for an Armored Steam Car 5. A Gatling Gun 2. A Baby of Mixed Ethnicity and illegitimate Birth 5. A Branding Iron 5. A Letter of Introduction of Gen. A Duty Roster with Guard Schedules 5. A Stolen Horse 5. A Stagecoach 3.000 in Union Gold 2. Six Crates of Henry Breech-Loading Rifles Information 1. The Number of Someone Else’s Bank Account Shameful 1. . A Thoroughbred Race Horse 4. A Twenty-Pound Sledgehammer Transportation 1. The Hill Farmhouse on New Almaden Road A Quicksilver Mine Shaft in New Almaden A General Store next to San Jose City Hall The Halfway House Inn at Salinas Objects In Civil War California (Original Version) 1. A Colt Revolver 4. A Ten-Pound Cask of Gunpowder 6. An Opium Pipe 4. $60. A Buckboard Wagon 4. A. The Cigarette Case that Stopped a Bullet 6. Weapon 1. The Location of Someone’s Secret Trysting Place 3. The Route of the Next Gold Shipment Leaving Sacramento 4. 6. Johnston 3. A Letter from Someone’s Betrothed 5. 6. The Name of an Undercover Confederate Agent 2. A Hatchet 3. A Deck of Marked Cards 6. Someone’s True Place and Family of Birth 6. A Bundle of Counterfeit Banknotes Sentimental 1.3. The Deed to a Comstock Mining Claim 6. Bound by Ribbon 3. 4. 4. A Quantity of Clipped Tresses. An Engine on the Sacramento Valley Railroad 6. A Compromising Photograph 3. A Single-Sailed Dinghy Valuable 1. 5. An Heirloom Pocket Watch 4. A Picture Locket 2. Correspondence Between Illicit Lovers 2.

A Seditious INSTA-Setup for California Confederates Relationships In Civil War California For three players… • Family: Brother against Brother (or Sister) • The Past: Army Buddies from the Mexican War • Crime: Plotting Treason! For four players. The material below provides background information about places and people mentioned in the element lists. add… • Transportation: A Stolen Horse Locations In Civil War California For three. it was a military base helping to guard the entrance to . add… • To Get Rich: From Your Big Idea Objects In Civil War California For three or four players… • Valuable: $60. four or five players… • The Tri-Valley: A Cantina at Alisal Historical Notes for California Confederates For an overview of California's role in the Civil War. add… • Community: Arbiters of Society Needs In Civil War California For three players… • To Get Even: With the Army For four or five players. add… • Romance: Starry-Eyed Newlyweds For five players. Frisco and the Bay Before Alcatraz Island became a federal prison.000 in Union Gold For five players. try the Wikipedia article here.

where there is a Wells Fargo stagecoach stop. Mission San Jose is a parish church that has given its name to the surrounding town built on the old mission’s lands. Close by lies the adobe of Francisco Alviso. to S. Other Noteworthies The Knights of the Golden Circle are an organization of Confederate sympathizers based in California. East of town. South of the Bay Long shorn of its supporting properties. Placerville is one of the hubs of the Gold Country. is the site of a bustling quicksilver mine that supplies mercury for use in the hydraulic mining operations of the Sierras.the San Francisco Bay. and a cumbersome day-by-day contracting system. . Gen. The Tri-Valley Alisal is a small town only recently emerging from its past as a watering-place and haven for Californio bandits seeking payback from the Anglos. New Almaden. involves pressurized water cannons that strip the surface off of mountainsides. St. The Gold Country Hydraulic mining. It also serves as the judicial seat of Murray Township in the person of Justice of the Peace John Kottinger. flooding. sometimes with the aid of mercury. is nearly a ghost town now that the easy veins are all “worked. During the War the federal government uses the island to intern suspected Confederate agents and Copperhead agitators. A. one of the early boomtowns of the Gold Rush. More traffic. and hosts a stop on the California Stage Line. The Orleans is the city’s most luxurious hotel.. a popular stop for travelers going to or from the southern gold fields. At the northeast corner of the Bay. East of Alisal and Dublin lies the ranch of Robert Livermore. the Half Way House Inn lies where the L.F. Johnston resigned his U.S. Sacramento The State Capitol building began construction in 1861 and will probably not be finished until after the war—the victim of difficulties with funding. at the town of Salinas.” and the remaining claims are tied up in legal wrangles. Bartram’s Hotel lies near a bend in the main road where an ambush might easily be staged. Carson’s Creek. Army commission in 1861 and laid down his command in California to travel East and fight for the Confederacy. directing the resulting “slurry” into long wooden sluices to extract the gold. such as that pursued at Dutch Flat. Mary’s Hospital is run by the Sisters of Mercy. an order of Irish nuns who also distribute food and clean linen to the poor and the sick of San Francisco. flows through Dublin slightly to the north. from whose membership much Copperhead plotting arises. the arsenal at Benicia is the Army’s largest ordnance facility on the West Coast. an important transit point for silver coming from the Comstock Lode and one terminus of Wells Fargo’s Pioneer stagecoach route. Edward Hill owns a farm on the road between New Almaden and San Jose. stagecoach route crosses the road between Monterey and San Juan Batista. Even further south. south of San Jose.A.S. and the base there an important staging area for troops serving in the West. foreman of the Bernal rancho. Jr. however.