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Blowing the Whistle

The original purpose behind The Crock was to inform my friends, family and various supporting parties of my journey through the family court system as a single dad fighting for the right for equality with my sons. Recently, The Crock has become a forum to warn my adversaries of things to come. Apparently, it is working. I have become aware that not only does Judge Stephen George, the douchebag that inspired The Crock read them but his cronies as well. Louis Waterman and Scott Karem, scumbag attorneys who represented the Factory in her case and orchestrated the corruption in my case also read them. Proof of that was shown to me in court last week. To my surprise, other individuals in the legal community are reading them too. Not only do they support me, many of them are reaching out to me to testify against individuals that have wronged me in the system. They include; (1) Judge, (2) former employees of Louis Waterman that hate him as much as I and (2) court secretaries within the family court system. These individuals will help me blow the lid off my case and expose these people for what they are. Trust me; the hierarchy of who is involved will shock you. Those who are involved in the plot know who I am speaking of. It is finally time for John Lee to have his day against those who worked so hard to cheat the system. Why did they manufacturer evidence? Why did they all lie in their testimonies? Why did they turn corrupt? Because they had no case against me, otherwise they would not have engaged in such nefarious conduct. However, because I challenged each of them and refused to be a good boy, they turned on me and sold their souls to win. Guess what? The battle aint over! I would argue that you ever beat me to begin with. For example, when Scott Karem crossexamined me on the stand, I ate his ass up and have the video to prove it. I have had attorneys review my testimony and state that I punked Scott Edmund Karem like a bitch! He is a lazy, sloppy attorney. He should thank God his wife is a judge. Without the 2nd income, he may starve to death. What is the difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer? A good lawyer knows the law. A great lawyer knows the judge..That is how Louis Waterman has made his living. He doesnt know shit about the law but buys every judge he can at election time. This country boy novice attorney studied his ass off to learn every facet of family law and a lot of civil law. I have met only 2 judges I actually liked. But at the end of the day, this self-taught backwards ass Bardstonian will end up

schooling 2 seasoned attorneys. Swallow your pride boys and give me the kudos I deserve. Without cheating, you would have won nothing. Today, June 18, 2013, Louis Waterman and Scott Karem have asked me to settle a dispute with them. They were erroneously awarded 70K of attorney fees by crooked ass Judge George. I believe that a portion of these fees have found their way back into the judges pockets. In their settlement offer, they ask for a cash settlement and a clause that I will not sue them in any court for any reason AND that I no longer write un-pleasantries about them in these blogs. First, if you havent done anything wrong, there would be no reason for you to request this. Secondly, you have every right to sue me for defamation of character for what I write in these blogs IF AND ONLY IF what I write is untrue. Since you have not sued me, what I state here must be the truth. Oh, by the way, take your offer and shove it up your ass! I disrespectfully decline your offer! You had your chance to settle. You got greedy. Therefore, fuck you! I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that you dont get another dime from me. The first or second week of July, 2013 I will file the federal action against 2 judges. One of them is being sued as an individual, as well as a judge. When the discovery phase of this action starts, fraudulent actions of more scumbags will surface. I will amend my action or use the information I gain in that case to have you disbarred, stripped of your license to practice and will sue every one of you. Ironically, the same dirt bags that took everything from me will ultimately repay me hundreds of times over! Not to mention the tremendous amount of fun and joy I will experience by making you all look like the assholes you are. So if you are going to send your goons here as you have in the past, you had better hurry. I dont need gun powder and shotguns to ward them off. I will face them with what God gave me and deploy strategies and tactics of which I have been taught and they will lose. Next time, you should send a man to do that job. Sending Scott Stanley and JC Wantland is insulting. They present no match for me. Just as you have presented no match for me in the court room

John D. Lee One GREAT dad!