An Humble Appeal Awaken to Save our Abode

As scientists we aimed to illuminate and liberate Human minds from the clutches of religious oppression and lead the world from darkness to light or Truth and real spirituality. But the reality is that, we have only ended giving powers to evil minded people in three important sections of the society - religious, political, business and let down common man. The world is reflecting our failure to evolve to know the Truth. It is endangered to critical state. Everyone is fishing in troubled waters. Non illuminated evil minds that are slaves to material world, hiding in Religions, still rule our mind and they form the unseen force driving the materialism and war. They divide humanity in the name of God and create opposites installing fear, commotion and thrive on common man. There is no doubt that due to the effort of some great men we have made a LABORIOUS progress in science, [within its self defined frame works] visualizing universe as mechanical, then as relativistic and chaotic one. We have gone ahead to visualize universe as holographic, electric and build the concept of parallel and multiple worlds. We have invented black hole, singularity and so on. But the truth is that we have failed to stitch them together to understand the basic reality of nature and

life, thus it has defeated the very purpose of our scientific endeavor that is - to advance human knowledge of nature and life, to liberate humanity from evil minds and give them essential tool to live in peace with oneself and with nature and attain true prosperity. I strongly believe that the only way out for humanity is to evolve science such that it is made simple, sensible and understandable to common man, not only to few scientists. I must add that, this simplicity also should include the spiritual fundamentals that has manifested into splintered schools of religions full of non enlightened evil people who seek self at all cost. They subtly rule our mind. I have marveled at human mind when three scientists Prof. Neil Turok, Prof. Paul Steinhardt and Prof. Burt Ovrut, suggested an explanation to time direction in the universe. They said that at singularity one of the parallel worlds pierces another world and emerges on the opposite side. I was a biotechnologist employed with a multinational company. I saw serious flaws in our knowledge of life. Nearly three decades back, I escaped from the Lucrative "Plato's Chair of applied science" to seek truth from a point of freedom. Within no time nature revealed the pages of her book and her Master revealed His secret in simplicity. The core conclusion was same as what these scientist have arrived through complex mathematics.

The fundamentals of nature and Life revealed to me by Grace is simple and understandable to all. It accounts for all conceptual developments in science, answers many unanswered questions and paradoxes of science. It can stitch the diverse concepts and visions of the universe developed by scientist into one, uniting it with spiritual science of the ancient. But it has remained as a priceless gem in the hand of a beggar. My repeated attempts to reach out to the temples of science to discuss these thoughts went in vain. In view of its vital importance I repeatedly knocked the doors of leaders of the world. Since I feel it is a Divine call, I could not throw it up. Today against many odds I am exclusively concentrating on using social media to convey the truth revealed. I have chosen to write this letter as an humble appeal requesting you to forward and viral it, because we are in a tipping point - Let us not wait till earth beneath us shudders. She has given enough signs of her anger. She is calling us to awaken Two Critical choices stand before us - 1] awaken to Truth understand nature and Her Living Master and live in Harmony with them or 2] face the wrath of Mother Nature and Her Master. In this interconnected world of visual media and internet, I hope I do not have to describe the increasing catastrophes and rebellious face of nature and her forces. We see instability in all front, social and political. Most important is that we are edging to a great war and self destruction fuelled by religious forces.

The only way out to survive the situation is awaken the world to two basic realities 1] The first one is increasing two-fold huge destructions on earth
by two basic forces of nature that manifest as two basic cycles; the heating and cooling. Earth has a Parallel and multiple world design, which helps it sustain energy to matter ratio and thus the heat of its external and internal environment. This design is expressed in simultaneous dual cycles of day and night on earth which gives way to one another smoothly. When sun heats up one cycle slowly, earth works to balance by cooling the opposite cycle smoothly. There are several layers of grid points through which this change occurs slowly. When we humans by our material activity release heat exponentially into the environment and intervene into the night cycle of earth, destroy greenary, we are invariably disturbing the design and functioning of earth to sustain her balance. Earth as a last resort is forced to unwind dissolving the grid points. This leads to accelerated change that leads to sudden peak and fall of forces of nature. This results in increased fire/wind bound destructions, accompanied by flash floods/snows on earth. Earth reacts to unwinding force by increasingly winding itself. This is leading to increase in earthquakes and eventually in time the winding stress would lead to huge volcanic eruptions that can virtually annihilate human population. For the last one and half decades, I have been struggling to call the attention of the world, [the temples of science, the leaders of nations and general public] to this reality only to see greater and greater destruction striking humanity. This tendency is becoming increasingly evident and if we fail to awaken now, the price humanity will end in paying could be very high. Noble Laureate James Lovelock in his book "The Vanishing Face of Gaia - The Final Warning" has aired such predictions. This disaster can be

averted by awakening to the "Principle and Design" on which earth functions and developing a global energy management of earth's environment.

2] The second one is more important than the first - It is the socio political situation of the world. Though we deny, it is a truth that all nations and its government actions are subtly influenced by one or other religions and its excessive affliction to material power. Much of the war, terrorism and bloodshed we see are inspired by evil minds that exist religious realms and ruling realms and seek self advancement at all cost. We are edging to selfdestruction and death in the name of God -the giver of life!!!!!! The only way out is to evolve science and Know God as a science beyond religion. This in turn calls us to invent the parallel worlds and comprehend His working. In short we need to invent a "New Space-Time Reality" or field that opposes and sustains the material world which Einstein searched for. A field that modern world is searching and has discovered it as conscious field. In a way we are rediscovering ancient spirituality and knowledge specially of the east. Where it is clearly written that Universe is conscious and intelligent field and we are individuated system formed from it. Only the knowledge of this field can evolve science to its ultimate goal and lead the world from darkness to light. If the intellectuals in temples science working on parallel worlds, consciousness research come together to review science with some fundamental changes, they can evolve the world back to the Golden Age of knowledge and true

spirituality beyond religion - The fallowing link gives my thoughts on it and that can come long way helping humanity awaken and take guard of earth Some organization, media or concerned about earth and humanity should take lead to awaken the world.