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MAPEH Incidental music is music used to accompany a dramatic performance.

It may be utilized for plays, radio shows, films, and television, and incidental music is often a very important part of a production, especially in the film world. Depending on the production, the incidental music can be composed specifically for the production, or already existing music may be used; when incidental music is commissioned specifically for a performance, it can be expensive for the producers. The idea of incidental music is quite ancient: the Greeks, for example, used incidental music in their plays, drawing upon the rich body of ritual liturgy to enhance the look, mood, and feel of their performances on the stage. Many ancient Asian dramatic arts also utilize incidental music, and, as with the Greeks, the music often had very specific symbolic meaning which would have been well-understood by members of the audience. The popularity of incidental music in performance has waxed and waned historically, but never vanished entirely. This could be considered a testimony to the power of music, because music can completely alter the mood and tone of a piece in a way which could not be accomplished otherwise. Music can brighten a scene, create tension, or underscore the sadness or horror of an event, and some incidental music has gone on to be famous in its own right. Many classical composers, for example, composed pieces for plays and other performances which later came to be used in standalone performance. Incidental music fills the intervals between scenes and acts, works as a background for dialogue, and sometimes becomes the star of a scene, as in the case of a dance scene in a movie. Composition of incidental music can be very challenging, as the composer must be able to evoke the desired mode while working within very specific scene and time constraints. Depending on the project, a composer may work alone, with synthesizers and other tools, or he or she may utilize a suite of musicians ranging from a quartet to an orchestra to get the desired sound. Characters are often enriched by the incidental music which accompanies them, with many major characters having their own themes. Composers may also create musical themes related to specific events in the performance, like a love theme for two characters, or a theme which is meant to evoke the antagonistic relationship between two characters. While viewers and listeners are often unaware of the importance of incidental music, being aware of it while absorbing a performance can be very revealing. What is an Advertisement? An advertisement is a piece of content that Commerce Server delivers on a Web site based on a specific formula for delivery referred to as Need of Delivery (NOD). An advertisement typically has a delivery goal, date ranges, and target attributes. After you create an advertisement, you schedule the advertisement, specify the Web pages where the advertisement is to appear, and target the advertisement to a specified group of customers. You can also specify your advertisement display. For example, you may want an advertisement that contains text and an image, or you may want an advertisement that contains text only. After you specify the appearance of the advertisement, you can preview the advertisement display. The Content Selection Framework (CSF) processes the variables that you specify for an advertisement: campaign goaling, exposure limit, schedule, weight, page groups, and target expressions. Every time that a customer visits your site, the CSF determines whether to display the advertisement. The CSF for advertising uses a formula called Need of Delivery (NOD) to score the advertisements based on how far behind schedule the advertisements are. This formula considers the total quantity of content to be delivered and the length of time over which the quantity must be delivered. The CSF calculates NOD for each advertisement request after it has processed the advertisement request. Commerce Server applies NOD to paid advertisements only; Commerce Server does not apply NOD to house ads. If you plan to run several campaigns at the same time that use the same target expression and the same priority, the CSF selects the advertisement to display based on the advertisement type. If the advertisements are both house advertisements, CSF selects an advertisement at random using the weights as relative probabilities. If the advertisements are paid ads, CSF selects an advertisement for display based on the NOD calculation that considers the start date, end date, number of events scheduled, and number of events served to date. One score modification the NOD uses is History Penalty. History Penalty applies a decreasing penalty to advertisements recently seen by a customer. Commerce Server supports the following two types of advertisements:

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Paid advertisements. Pieces of content Commerce Server is to deliver based on NOD.

House advertisements. Pieces of content that Commerce Server is to serve when paid advertisements are ahead of the specifiedNOD schedule. For example, a customer orders 1000 paid advertisements to be delivered over four months, but in the first two months the advertisement has been served 850 times. To balance the NOD schedule, Commerce Server serves house advertisements. House advertisements are critical to guarantee the smooth delivery of paid advertisements. House advertisements display when there are no paid advertisements eligible for the request. For example, a house advertisement would be served because all paid advertisements missed a required target. You may also use house advertisements to sell leftover inventory at discounted prices. You can use house advertisements if the advertisements on the site do not have specific delivery goals, but you want to have the advertisements run at specified weights. TLE 12 Factors To Consider Before Starting Own Business Starting own business is more difficult than buying an existing business. To make building a business as easy as possible, small business owner must consider some factors to help setting up a lucrative business. You must consider the following twelve factors before starting a business. 1. Set Objectives. The first factor to consider is to set reasonable objectives for the business. One of the objectives is likely to be that the business must make profit at the end of the period. 2. Evaluate The Market. To evaluate the market is to do market research. Lots of entrepreneurs do not have the skills to conduct this research themselves. Some of them don't have enough money to hire professional market researchers. Many small businesses fail because there is no market for their new products. 3. Find Out The Cost Of Required Assets. Before starting own business, make sure you find out the operating assets and estimates their costs. You can do this by going to the suppliers to get the original cost. 4. Consider The Personnel Requirements. The personnel requirement needs to be put into consideration when planning to starting own business. It will help the industrialist to work out the difficulty in personnel policy on promotion and training. 5. Prepare a Pro-forma Income Statement. A pro-forma income statement shows you how much money the business is expected to make when it begins operation. It gives outline of the estimated or forecasted profit a business is going to make. 6. Select The Right Legal Form. A businessman must decide whether the new firm will be a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. Many small businesses are sole proprietorship. The industrialist should think about the advantages and disadvantages of each business form before starting own business. 7. Raise The Needed Capital. Several new businesses normally have the problem of raising enough capital to startup a business. You may decide to increase your firm capital base by borrowing from friends, relatives or loans from banks. 8. Choose A Good Business Location. A business should not just be sited where the capitalist or business manager got an empty shop. For a business to make profit, it must be located near the targeted customers, clients and market place. 9. Set Up Good Accounting System. An entrepreneur needs to hire a qualified accountant to set up a good accounting system for the company. Without an acceptable accounting system, there is no way the administrator of the company will know whether the business is making profit or not. 10. Prepare Your Market Plan. At this time, the entrepreneur should have been evaluated the market and the next thing is to prepare a marketing

Agosto 27. Ang pagkakaroon ng isang simbuyo ng damdamin para sa pagsulat. pamamahagi ng computers sa mga public schools sa buong bansa. Kasama rin sa kanyang nagawa ay ang "Marangal na Kabuhayan. PAN.8% average ni Aquino. 1928. 12. at ang 2. Ang pagpapalabas ng labis na salapi sa panahon ng pagkapangulo ni Arroyo ay ang pinakamababa mula 1986. generates energy. hinihimok nya ang mga batang manunulat upang ituloy ang kanilang mga pangarap. sya ay nakakuha ng papuri mula sa kabilang observers na si dating US President Bill Clinton. masters degree at doctorate degree in Economics noong taong 1954 at 1960. Mga Ekonomistang Pilipino: pangkalusugan sa mas murang halaga.nagsilbi bilang pandalawang ministro para sa Budget Operations sa Department of Budget and Management. Benjamin Diokno . personal computers for public schools.8% average ni Joseph Estrada.ay isang ekonomistang Briton na nakaroon ng malaking impluwensya ang kanyang mga ideya. Nagkaroon ng pag-impluwensiya sa pulitika ng Alemanya noong kanyang kapanahunan. nahirang siya sa isa sa "Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM)" ng Junior Chamber of the Philippines at "Distinguished Scholar of the University of the Philippines" noong 1968. Si Monsod ay isang iginagalang ekonomista at pampulitikang komentarista sa Pilipinas. kung saan ginagamit ng pamahalaan ang pamamaraang piskal at pananalapi upang mabawasan ang epekto ng resesyon." Ang iba pa niyang mga sulatin ay lumabas din sa iba't ibang journal sa Inglatera at Estados Unidos. 1 & 2. na may titulong "A note on lexicographical Preferences. at call centers upang mabigyan ng trabaho ang 300.strategy to make the business control the market. Pamantasan ng Vienna. Villanueva Kalaw Social Works ay tumatak sa isip at puso ng kanyang mga kababayang Pilipino.000 kabataan sa loob ng limang taon.6% sa panahon ng kanyang pagkapangulo mula 2001 hanggang sa katapusan ng 2005. Obtain The Required Permits. ang DBM ay nagkaroon ng dalawang mga dokumento na kailangan upang simulan ang reporma sa pampublikong pagkuha.7% average ni Ramos. Siya ay may-asawa na si Christian S. at Pamantasan ng Munich. Ang isang negosyante at ekonomista sa kanyang sariling paninindigan. ay isang Pilipinong tagapagbalita sa radyo. Sinigurado nya ang teknikal na tulong mula sa Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) upang matulungan ang GPS na bumuo ng isang elektronikong sistema ng pagkuha kasama ang mga linya ng Canadian model.Gamot Pampamilya. proteins. guro at dekano ng School of Economics sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Kinilala siya bilang ekonomista. Si Jose Encarnacion Jr. ang 3." dekalidad na gamot at produktong 1. at sa ekonomiya nakapokus ang pagkapangulo ni GMA. vol. 32. at sa 1991 Local Government Code ng Pilipinas. Nakapagtapos ng Master of Arts in Philosophy sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. and provides growth. 10. Sinasabing ang kanyang mga research activities ay mayroong ""Theoretical and empirical work on investments. Sila ay may limang anak na humahawak ng iba'tibang mga karera. sa makabagong teoriya ng ekonomiya at politika gayon din sa maraming patakaran pang-piskal ng maraming pamahalaan. Siya ay nakuha ng isang Master ng Sining sa Economics mula sa University of Pennsylvania sa 1962 at naging isang kandidato ng Ph. na ngayon ay kasama sa pagkuha ng reform. Sa kanyang pagsulat ng mga artikulo ukol sa Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Isa rin siya sa ama ng makabagong teoriya ng makroekonomiya. Adopt a School Program . DEFINITION OF FOOD Edible or potable substance (usually of animal or plant origin). 5. vol. 2. ang mahusay na market theory at ang random walk theory ay parehong mabigat na impluwensiya sa kung paano sa tingin namin tungkol sa pagbabago-bago ng stock market. 11. Pamantasan ng Heidelberg. pag-aayos ng bakasyon tuwing Sabado at Linggo sa layunin ng boosting domestic tourism at pagbibigay-daan sa mga Pilipino ng mas maraming oras sa kanilang mga pamilya. Sinulong niya ang patakarang pakikialam ng pamahalaan sa ekonomiya. Eugine Fama . 1954) ay kilala para sa kanyang mga aktibong panlipunan. 2 na may titulong "On Independence Postulates Concerning Choice. If objectives and performance do not match. John Maynard Keynes .(B. Kadalasan siyang tinuturing bilang ang pinakamaimpluwensiyang ekonomista ng ika20 dantaon. Si Monsod ay nagtapos ng Bachelor of Arts in Economics Degree. Ang lahat ng mga serbisyo na inalay nya sa kanyang mga benepisyaryo ay nagiging Masaya hanggang ngayon pat sa ibang mga tao. isang corporate executive at minsang naging Chairman ng Philippine Commission sa Halalan. Di malilimutan ang kanyang pangunguna ng trabaho sa pananalapi." (Sa kalaunan. Sa unang bahagi ng 2000. siya ay hinirang upang maging President of the University of Philippines System. ARAL. maintenance. Siya ay pinarangalan bilang "Pambansang Siyentipiko sa larangan ng Ekonomiya" noong 1987.ay isang Alemang ekonomistang pulitikal at sosyologo at administrasyong publiko. Sa pamamagitan ng Agosto 1999. depresyon at pagsulong ng ekonomiya. Economics. Layunin din nyang mapasigla at mapaunlad ang ekonomiya sa liblib na mga barangay. at mabigyan ang small and medium enterprises ng pautang sa maliit na interes. . Maria Gloria Macapagal Arroyo . may karangalan sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas sa 1959. It is very important for the entrepreneur to get required permits before starting a new business.D. the small business owner needs to adjust some aspect of the financial management or marketing plan of the firm. Ang kanyang pananaliksik sa Stock Market.nakatuon sya sa pagpapalaganap ng kanyang Palengkenomics Program na naglalayong pangalagaan pareho ang kapakanan ng consumers at mga market vendors at mabigyan ng murang pautang upang huwag mabiktima ang mga vendors ng loan sharks at 5-6 usurers. 6. dahil isa siyang tagapagpayo sa mga negosyador ng Alemanya sa Tratado ng Versailles at sa komisyong nagbalangkas ng Konstitusyong Weimar. na pinagaan ang income tax at ipinakilala ang value-added tax (VAT). na puri si Arroyo para sa paggawa ng "strong decision" na ilagay ang Pilipinas sa dati nitong kalagayan. Sa panahon ng administrasyon Aquino.D. Sa paghawak ng ekonomiya." kabuhayan para mga maralitang taga-lungsod. no.1998) ang nagbigay ng kontribusyon ukol sa sa teorya ng Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. 2. Solita Collas-Monsod . at manunulat. and health of the body. lalo na tungkol sa mga Random Walk Theory at ang mga mahuhusay na Market hypothesis ay sikat at kilala. Kauna-unahang Pilipino na nakapagpalathala ng artikulo sa International Economic review.sikat at kilala bilang Mareng Winnie. It depends on the area of your operation. essential mineral and vitamins. Si Monsod ay mahusay at kilala para sa kanyang papel bilang Socio-pang-ekonomiya Planning Secretary sa panahon ng termino ng Pangulo Corazon Aquino at bilang isang host ng debate GMA Network. Kilala din siya ng karamihan sa katagang "In the long run. 3. isang ekonomista.sya ay ang Robert R. Mar Roxas . consisting of nourishing and nutritive components such as carbohydrates. fats.". ipinatupad nya ang isang controversial policy ng holiday economic. isang opisina na nag-uutos sa management ng lahat ng UP campus sa buong bansa. propesor. Ito ay mas mataas kaysa sa nakaraang mga Pangulo kapag inihambing sa 3. Si Fama ay isa sa mga iilang ekonomista na maimpluwensya mapa-academia at iba pa. Sa kanyang pagkapangulo. Sya ay nagtuturo sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas School of Economics noong 1963. Pinakabantog niyang akda ang Ang Etikang Protestante at ang Espiritu ng Kapitalismo. at lumaong naghanapbuhay sa Pamantasan ng Freiburg. Start The Business And Match Objectives With Performance. Sinimulan niya ang kanyang karera sa Pamantasan ng Berlin. mamatay tayong lahat). Ang Economic growth sa mga tuntunin ng gross domestic product ay may average na 4. tinatawag na ekonomikong Keynesian. which (when ingested and assimilated through digestion) sustains life. ibinigay ni Diokno ang teknikal na tulong sa ilang mga pangunahing reporma tulad ng disenyo ng 1986 Tax Repormang Program. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. 3. The final factors to consider before starting own business is to start the trade and match objectives with performance.5% lamang. Si Diokno at ang USAID ay matagumpay na ng Substantial Technical Assistance Program para sa mga programa na badyet ng DBM's Reform. Pura Villanueva Kalaw. 4. Monsod. no. Maximilian Carl Emil Weber . Isinilang si Jose Jr. we are all dead." sa kanyang website. "Presyong Tama. 1886 . Price formation in capital markets. ay 2. (1928 .upang matulungan ang mahihirap na public high schools. sa Maynila noong Nobyembre 17. Corporate finance. Kilala si Weber dahil sa kanyang mga nagawa sa sosyolohiya ng relihiyon. pang-ekonomiya at serbisyo sa kanyang bansa at mga tao. Sa 2005. form 1986-1991 sa panahon ng pamamahala ng Pangulo Corazon Aquino. Mga Banyagang Ekonomista: 1.