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Product Development Engineering

Product development engineering consists of accounting of constraint specifications in the design of equipment that carries out required functions. Few variables that are considered in the design of equipment:        Magnitude of function Power input Operational durations Material properties Economic viability Environment of usage Quality certification

The marketing team specifies the requirements of the function.

Initiation  Data collection  Product specification  Project plan  Requirement analysis

 Functional characteristics are tested for approval.  Assembling and disassembling procedures are checked. . A prototype is useful in the following ways:  Dimensional characteristics are checked and validated  Aesthetic appeal of the design is noted. The production department conducts the production feasibility which is based upon the manufacturing capabilities of the industry and the accuracy of the quality determination procedures the organization follows.  Serviceability of the device is assayed.Project plan consists of the following:  Deadline  Cost  Environment  Certification  Logistics In any design process a prototype of the device is made prior to initiation of lot production.

A verification followed by validation process is then employed by the company which has placed an order. and quality measurement capabilities of the organization is in tune with the design. Tooling: Tooling is done by the manufacturing engineering department. The result of this process decides the awarding of . The first lot dispatched which is generally small in number is known as the pilot lot. The economic viability of a tool to produce the design that has been validated is considered as a factor that is taken into account in the redesigning of a device. Validation: Validation is an important process in a design procedure. If the intended functions are carried out the product is validated. production. Pilot lot: Job orders are given to various companies and further orders to a company are assured by the quality of the first lot dispatched. The warranty is issued accordingly based on the results of the validation process carried out on lots and sometimes individual products.Redesign is iterated till the function .

Field testing: The prior process to introduction of the product is field testing.contract of production to the company that has produced the pilot lot. . Results of this testing are used to redesign the device. Innovation is carried out by understanding the causes of failure of previous variants.