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Case Study – Drugstore / Pharmacy

New, Super-Quiet Centurion Rooftop Solves Cooling Emergency, Slashes Utility Bills
Project Objectives
When the 30-year-old rooftop air conditioning unit at a Western New York pharmacy failed in the middle of summer, the store faced a real threat to business. A replacement unit was needed quickly. This particular building had an unusual 460-volt, three-phase power requirement, more typical of industrial than retail space, and was difficult to accommodate with many rooftops. The building management also hoped to minimize service and maintenance costs – which had been extremely high with the old equipment – and increase operational efficiency to contain energy costs.

Energy Costs

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

Old Unit 7 EER

Carrier’s Centurion rooftop was the perfect solution. Compatible with the store’s electrical configuration, this new generation rooftop unit delivers superior efficiency. Its three independent refrigeration circuits – an industry first – allow three stages of cooling for a precise response to varying cooling requirements that will slash the store’s energy costs by 50 to 65%. An unexpected bonus was the Centurion’s uniquely quiet operation, contributing to the comfort of the store’s patrons. Carrier’s successful partnership with a local contractor for a quick delivery and installation saved the pharmacy’s customers from another hot summer day.
Carrier’s new Centurion rooftop units use three-stage cooling to precisely respond to building load and prevent overcooling, dramatically increasing efficiency and slashing energy costs.

11.5 EER

Savings of 50 to 65%

com © 2001 Carrier Corporation 03/01 811-10034 .“ In fact. quality. “The building management was very impressed with the unit and extremely pleased with the delivery. availability Design Considerations: Retrofit of dated.AIRSIDE / APPLIED / CONTROLS / SERVICE / SPECIAL SOLUTION / TOTAL SYSTEM / UNITARY Case Study – Drugstore / Pharmacy Project Synopsis continued EDUCATION / HEALTH CARE / LODGING / MANUFACTURING / OFFICE BUILDING / RETAIL / SPECIAL A mid-summer air conditioning shutdown is a nightmare for retailers. Compared to existing products.800. these units are a ten-fold improvement.5 EER – the highest-rated rooftop in the industry – the new unit is expected to reduce the store’s utility bills by over 50%. Not only was the Carrier unit compatible with the building’s atypical 460-volt.” said Zach Gallagher. the Centurion’s exceptional service accessibility will minimize routine servicing expenses. whose business depends on a comfortable environment for their customers. Sound Comparison Project Summary Location: Western New York Building Age: 30 Years Project Type: Retrofit Building Type/Size: Shopping center store. Building Usage: Retail drugstore/Pharmacy Objectives: Fast replacement for failed equipment. In addition to eliminating the repeated service calls and high maintenance costs of the old unit.000 Installation Date: August. but the Centurion’s three independent refrigeration circuits allow three-stage cooling from a two-stage thermostat.000 sq. “Sound is becoming more and more critical in today’s market. three-phase electrical Total Cooling (tons): 15 HVAC Equipment: Model 48HG Centurion rooftop Unique Features: First installation of new generation product Project Cost Range: Less than $100.“ he said. “People don’t want to hear their air conditioning equipment. sales engineer. People don’t want to hear their air conditioning equipment.CARRIER or visit our web site at www. call 1. contact your nearest Carrier Representative. three-phase electrical requirement. Building management at a Western New York drugstore and pharmacy should know.carrier. This new product was developed with customer input. The unit’s precision cooling and quiet operation provided customers with a comfortable shopping atmosphere. competitive equipment. 6.“ Zach Gallagher. and they had been trying to keep the store cool with an electric fan for a month. Carrier Commercial Sales. It was August. With a commercial equipment efficiency rating of 11. a person standing right next to the 15-ton Centurion will hear the noise of a five-ton rooftop unit 40 feet away over the Centurion’s ultra-quiet operation. single-story. sales engineer. The store’s contractor commented that Carrier’s state-of-the-art built-in computer controls – which track the machine’s history – will allow technicians to troubleshoot much quicker and easier. It was obvious that they needed to replace their 30-year-old failed rooftop unit fast. increased efficiency. 460-volt. ft. This gives the 15-ton unit the flexibility to precisely meet varying cooling requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. We exceeded all expectations for this project. reduced maintenance Major Decision Drivers: Comfort. these units are a ten-fold improvement. but were having trouble finding the right equipment. “Sound is becoming more and more critical in today’s market. And the unit’s sound levels are “unbelievable. Compared to existing products. 2000 For more information. Carrier Commercial Sales The application was perfect for Carrier’s new generation Centurion rooftop air conditioner.“ said Gallagher. Immediate availability of the Centurion and a rush installation by the HVAC contractor met this drugstore/pharmacy’s critical needs. including design suggestions from the pharmacy’s HVAC contractor.