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By T.Stokes, U.

SA Editor: Pam Jablonski, USA is known worldwide as the “Consultant Palmist” & is regarded as one of the finest palmists in the West. He has many years of combined practice, blending from an array of diagnostic skills coupled with 10 years training in the Harry Edwards School of spirit mediumship and guidance. His ability to access the wisdom of the multi-medical and multi-spiritual arenas of the Indo/Pak sub continental energy flow disciplines, such as Hasthricka and Il Mul Kaff, have meant a sharpening and honing of clairvoyant skill. These skills can take a subject from pre-birth through the main events of the life, to the present day. Palms read by post or email at

5. The long stiff thumb will help to give the willpower to combat urges to travel and make sudden changes. They tend to get too quickly involved with people and relationships.T his is a very exciting hand print with several anomalies. and it gives stubbornness. 4. Low set Mercury or little finger. it would be the parent of the same sex and would go on to affect all later relationships. Although this is not the way I do a reading. 1. The lines through the central finger phalanges were first described by Professor Penrose in the Lancet in 1950 when he described them as a congenital atavistic marker. These people when young are rebels and dislike restraint and if you look at the start to the lifeline. . The low set Mercury or little finger which appears to be crouching low and hiding into the hand. The Fate or luck line suddenly veers off towards the Jupiter or first finger. sticking power and mental strength. relates to a problem in the bonding process with a parent. the open line of life and head at its beginning is a special marking meaning the head or thinking processes are not aligned to the life energies giving a headstrong and impulsive side to the nature. or warning signpost for possible difficulty. Extra-long Saturn or middle finger with a very slim base. the deep creases through it show a tough childhood. But what does it all mean? Firstly. feel time is passing them by and often suddenly leave their relationships as they have a thing about time and being tied down. 6. Its formation suggests difficulties in the breast feeding process which caused distress in the oral stage of development. Headline has a curly tail. If this is the left or internal hand. An extra-long stiff thumb. Open life and head junction. 8. All five digits have a line through the central finger phalange. 7. and they really fret if they have to queue for things or have to wait for news. they fret if they want to be somewhere and get stuck in traffic. The extra width and length of the central phalange was found in the studies I did at the Maudsley psychiatric hospital to indicate severe abandonment anxiety. Psychologists have recognised a new disorder called "TAM" or Time Anxiety Disorder. they fret if they order a pizza and its 30 minutes late. 3. 2. I will use this format to take you through some of the interesting features here. The thumb and all fingers have an island or bubble between the lower and central phalange. Time is the hardest thing to assess in a handprint but these people are generous with everything except time.

it is the top or cervical that shows difficulty. The formation and estrangement of the Mercury finger show an unhappy emotional life stemming from this childhood where neglect or possible abuse shows. political or sports. There are some spinal or back problems showing. and the fate line vanishes in between the head and heart lines showing perhaps study between the years of 37 and 52 or so but then the fate line veers sharply towards Jupiter. possibly religious. The "curly tail” to the headline tells of a further course of study involving mental effort. This often shows a period away from the workplace.58 with a faint line from Luna touching it. My guess is she will perhaps be both a political figure with religious and healing overtones. the god of business and communication. and this would be of a practical nature as the line is curving up toward Mercury. The lines under Mercury show healing and the heart line being flat and straight shows feminine selfsacrifice. The cross bar in any line impedes the natural energy flow of that line and can mean a blow to the finances. you will see it has a cross bar. . and in reading hands for almost 60 years I can vouch for the luck that this brings. The extra-long middle or Saturn finger towering above its colleagues represents seriousness. Ganesh is known as the "destroyer or remover of obstacles" and he gives wisdom. and my feeling was the possibility that a back injury would mean a spell at home convalescing.Coupled with the aforementioned numbers 1 and 3. and if you examine the Sun line under the Ring or Apollo finger. This can only mean a position of power. Thoracic and Cervical. might infer that this could happen while travelling on or near water. But in each of the five digits. The lines on the Mount of Mercury indicates a career in psychology or medicine. The slim base to this finger always shows a person who thinks too much and over rationalizes while also over dwelling on problems. Vishnu. we see someone doubly blessed with each island referring to one of the gods Shiva. possibly the sudden and stressful cessation of breast feeding. but the islands or bubbles in the central phalanges are the rare "Elephants Eye" marking usually only seen in the thumb under Ganesh the Elephant God. responsibility and karma and a serious bent to the nature. we can see that some event before the pivotal age of 6 broke the child’s trust in the mother. It may happen after the children are not so dependent. the low flat heart line often points to emotional disappointment where a woman feels undervalued or taken for granted. and in the 3 spinal sectors. Devi and Surya. the Fate destiny or luck line starts from the lifeline showing the support either verbally or financially of the family behind the career choice. This is normally injured in whiplash type accidents. but often late in life. which occurs fairly late. giving the memory of the elephant with good concentrative powers. knowledge and the love of education. Along with a sloping headline which can infer depressive spells. The cross at the lower end of the lifeline traditionally means you will save a life at some time and as the cross touches at ages 57. Lumbar.

it is a remarkable hand. .In essence.