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Magdalene Rosary Margaret Starbird

The Marian rosary in honor of the Blessed Mother of Jesus has been in use for nearly eight centuries. It was promulgated by St. Dominic as a tool to be used in the spiritual warfare against the Cathars on medieval France. The Inquisition was formed in 1239 to help to root out the Cathar heresy which included the belief that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were "lovers." Since childhood I have said the traditional rosary for special intentions and have experienced wonderful answers to prayer. One night in 1995 I fell asleep with my rosary in my hands and during my restless night, the links rearranged the configuration of my rosary. When I woke up, I discovered that my rosary had seven groups of seven prayers each, while one loan bead was lying by itself on the sheet. When I meditated on this strange "synchronicity," I decided that I wanted a rosary that had this seven-fold format to say in honor of Mary Magdalene. Over the years I have developed this "7-fold" rosary with prayers celebrating the Mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Union at the heart of the Christian Gospels. This rosary has 7 groups of 7 prayer beads each, separated by a single prayer bead that introduces each group or "Mystery." The rosaries are prayed with two sets of "Magdalene Mysteries": Seven Gospel Mysteries of Mary Magdalene 1. Mary meets Jesus and is healed of seven demons 2. Marys tears move Jesus to raise her brother Lazarus 3. Mary anoints Jesus at the banquet at Bethany 4. Mary follows the Way of the Cross 5. Mary stands with the Virgin Mother at the foot of the Cross 6. Mary meets Jesus at the tomb on Easter morning 7. Mary carries the Good News of the Resurrection to the Apostles Seven Gospel Mysteries of Mary Magdalene 1. Mary travels with Joseph of Arimathea to safety in Egypt 2. Mary gives birth to her daughter Sarah 3. Mary and her family escape by sea from Palestine 4. Marys boat with no oars is swept ashore in Gaul 5. Mary preaches the Good News in Marseilles 6. Mary lives out her life in prayer in the cave of Ste. Baume 7. At her death, Mary is assumed body and soul into heaven

Prayers said with this rosary are similar to those of the traditional Marian rosary. 1. Prayer to the Source of Life (said on the introductory bead, after citing of the mystery being contemplated). O Mystery of Life, Birther of all that is, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our debts As we forgive our debtors, And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil. Amen. 2. Magdalene Prayer (repeated on each of seven beads during contemplation of the appropriate mystery). Dear Mary Magdalene, love incarnate, Sacred Vessel, Holy Grail, Chosen were you from all women, And blessed is your union with Jesus. Dearest Bride and Beloved of Christ, Show us the Way of the heart. 3. Glory to the Source, the Force, and the Presence (said after each group of seven before citing the next mystery). Glory be to the Source, and to the Force, And to the loving Presence.

As it was in the Beginning, is now and forever shall be, world without end. Magdalene Rosary is designed with seven groups of seven beads to pray the Magdalene Rosary of Sacred Union. All life is celebrated in the Sacred Union, the very heart of the Divine. Margaret Starbird has created prayers which are recited in the style of the traditional rosary but which honor the Seven Mysteries of Mary Magdalene's life as told in the Gospels and the Seven Mysteries dedicated to her legends

******* Joan Norton

Magdalene Rosary Seven Groups of Seven When I was writing my part of 14 Steps To Awaken the Sacred Feminine: Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene , co-authored by Margaret Starbird, I tried to create fifteen lessons but it simply wouldn't happen. I was worried about the number 14, I thought it was a strange number to have. Don't ask me why, I was just sure that fifteen was the right number. When the book was in it's final stage, the one last chance to add or subtract anything, Margaret added her Magdalene Rosary to the prayer section, along with her story of the unusual way they came to her. You remember the story.....she fell asleep praying her rosary for her daughter's health and in the morning the broken chain of rosary beads had reconfigured into groups of seven. She knew that seven was the very sacred number of the divine feminine and she knew in the moment that the rosary needed to be updated to reflect Mary Magdalene's story, and so she had a friend remake her beads. And she wrote the prayers. And thus we have the Margaret Starbird Seven Gospel Mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the Seven Legendary Mysteries of Mary Magdalene. They were given to us out of the mystery of Margaret's synchronicity. What is a better answer for our "daughter's health" than to re-include the Sacred Feminine in christianity? Number symbolism tells the story of the hidden structures of the universe, within us and outside of us. The inner organization of things on the vibrational level and the level of the consciousness of "the Whole", i.e. God. Apparently in the spaces we can't see with our eyes, things are divinely proportioned and organized in harmony and beauty. The number seven is said to represent "psychic unity", otherwise known as the Sacred Union and "the Universal Soul", and integration of masculinefeminine, right brain-left brain. As you well know, seven is the number of the cycles of our female bodylife......surely the most foundational cycle of creation in Creation. I've read that men have these same cycles in their physiology but they're more subtle to perceive. The first of the seven Gospel Mysteries of Mary Magdalene tells us that she was healed of seven demons when she met Jesus. We understand her story to be "the way of the heart" towards Enlightenment or the soul's journey on Earth completed, and we can know through this piece of story that bringing one's demons out of the dark is the first step. In Jungian definitions this is called "doing your shadow work" of knowing the things inside yourself which are rejected and live unconsciously in you. Mary Magdalene lived in a time when the feminine principal was rejected, aggressively attacked, and repressed so when she "met the Light" she was bringing the feminine principal itself back into the story. In fact, the story of Enlightenment can't happen without the feminine dimension inside a person being held as Sacred Partner. Without raising the feminine principal to equality, the story won't start.

The Pleiades is called the Seven Sisters. There are seven visible planets to the naked eye. You can't divide the number equally, you always have to accomodate for imbalance and yet there is harmony. Maybe that's why it represents the spirit of God. It is said to mean that you have to be conscius of both your feminine and masculine parts in order to be Whole...Enlightened. In early tarot systems, the seventh card is The Chariot. It's illustrations show a queen handling a chariot pulled by white horses. They've got to respect each other and be in harmony to carry the thing along, don't you think? White horses are an ancient, ancient representation of God. The white unicorn that's Jesus the Bridegroom is in the same symbolic vein. Numbers and their role as representations of Godde's consciousness will come up in your dreams and in your synchronicities, your experiences of "meaningful coincidence". That's why they're interesting, they are a part of your inner life. Because they come up inside of us it means we have the "blueprint of Creation" inside of us. I find them very, very mysterious in dreams......I always feel I'm quite inadequate in diciphering their meaning to the dreamer. But I think I'm getting the hang of this one, the number seven. What a glorious mystery to experience in myself the unavoidable urge to create 14 lessons and not 15, with absolutely no understanding of why.