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By Anupam Hazra Social work grew out of humanitarian and democratic ideals, and its values are based on respect for the equality, worth, and dignity of all people. Since its beginnings over a century ago, social work practice has focused on meeting human needs and developing human potential. Human rights and social justice serve as the motivation and justification for social work action. In solidarity with those who are disadvantaged, the profession strives to alleviate poverty and to liberate vulnerable and oppressed people in order to promote social inclusion. Social work profession addresses the barriers, inequities and injustices that exist in society. Its mission is to help people to develop their full potential, enrich their lives, and prevent dysfunction. Professional social work is focused on problem solving and change. As such, social workers are change agents in society and in the lives of the individuals, families and communities they serve. It responds to crises and emergencies as well as to everyday personal and social problems. Social work utilizes a variety of skills, techniques, and activities consistent with its holistic focus on persons and their environments. Social work interventions range from primarily person-focused psychosocial processes to involvement in social policy, planning and development. These include counseling, clinical social, social work, group work, social pedagogical work, and family treatment and therapy as well as efforts to help people obtain services and resources in the community. Interventions also include agency administration, community organization and engaging in social and political action to impact social policy and economic development. The holistic focus of social work is universal, but the priorities of social work practice will vary from country to country and from time to time depending on cultural, historical, and socio-economic conditions.

Social workers attempt to relieve and prevent hardship and suffering. They have a responsibility to help individuals, families, groups and communities through the provision and operation of appropriate services and by contributing to social planning. They work with, on behalf of, or in the interests of people to enable them to deal with personal and social difficulties and obtain essential resources and services. Their work may include, but is not limited to, interpersonal practice, group work, community work, social development, social action, policy development, research, social work education and supervisory and managerial functions in these fields. The field of practice for professional Social Worker is expanding day by day.
Field of Practice for Professional Social Workers · Addiction / Substance Abuse · Child Welfare · Clinical / Mental Health · Correctional Institutions/ Prisons · Child Protection Services · Counseling & Therapy

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Consultancy Services Community Development Elderly Care Environment Family Welfare and Planning Human Resource Management Industrial Development Medical Social Work Mental Health Mental Retardation Management of Social Services Mother & Child Health Policy & Planning Services Poverty eradication People with Special Needs Rehabilitation of Offenders Rural & Urban Development Relationship Problems School Social Work Social Research & Program Evaluation Service Social Work Administration & Policy Social Work Education & Research Social development Working with People with Disabilities Youth Work etc. Social Work as profession in India has already passed its infancy long back and in the last few decades it has emerged as one of the most demanding profession in India. In India a person – holding a Bachelor (BSW) or Master (M.A in Social Work/MSW) degree in Social Work – is generally considered a professional social worker. As far as Indian scenario is concerned professional social workers can be found in direct practice in administrative, management and policy planning positions in various Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as in government ministries. Both Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have a lot to offer, if you are willing to work hard and in any given conditions. International organizations too are socially aware and hence a number of opportunities are available in international social work. Industrial and commercial units too are looking to hire social workers. A degree or diploma in Social Work is creating a large number opportunities for the millions of Indian youth in various sectors. Designations enjoyed by Social Work Professionals in different employment sectors Governmental Sector · Lecturer/Professor · Director · Research Officer/Researcher · Welfare/Development Officer (like Child/Youth/Women/Labour etc.) · Community Development Officer · Jail Probationary/Welfare Officer · Urban Planners etc. Non-Governmental Sector · Project Director · Program Director · Program Officer · Program Coordinator · Assistant Coordinator · Program Assistant · Project Officer · Community Mobilizer · Program Manager · Block/District/State/Zonal/Regional Coordinator · Counselor · Social Scientist · Monitoring and Evaluation Officer · Research Officer/Researcher · MIS Coordinator

· Area Manager · Fund Raiser · Social Worker · Supervisor · Resource Mobiliser · Training Coordinator · Development Professional · Consultant · Probation Officer · Psychiatric Social Worker · School Social Worker · Sociologist · Vocational Rehabilitation · Counselor etc. Industry · Manager (HR/Personnel/Welfare etc.) · Executive Trainee · Labor Welfare Officer · Personnel Officer etc. Corporate Sector · Manager · Executive Trainee · Community Development Officer · Social Development Officer · Rural Development Officer · Social Welfare Officer etc. There are three general categories or levels of intervention for Social Work professionals. The first is “Macro” social work which involves society or communities as a whole. This type of social work practice would include policy forming and advocacy on a national or international scale. The second level of intervention is described as “Mezzo” social work practice. This level would involve work with agencies, small organizations, and other small groups. This practice would include policy making within a social work agency or developing programs for a particular neighbourhood. The final level is the “Micro” level that involves service to individuals and families. Social workers help people to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges: poverty, discrimination, abuse, addiction, physical illness, divorce, loss, unemployment, educational problems, disability, and mental illness. They help prevent crises and counsel individuals, families, and communities to cope more effectively with the stresses of everyday life. Social Work is a profession that serves individuals, families, and communities who seek preventative and rehabilitative interventions for an improved quality of life. Focused on social and emotional development within the social environment, the scope of social work is national and international. The profession is social justice and action oriented. Adopting a holistic approach and forging therapeutic relationships are not unique to social work. What makes the role of the social worker distinct is that it combines both. The social worker seeks to understand the person’s entire situation (the holistic approach) and to work with this. Developing an effective helping relationship with people who use services is central to the role of the social worker in order to ensure better outcomes. Social workers need sufficient time to combine knowledge of skills and values and demonstrate the effective listening, respect and sensitive engagement which this involves. The ability to form and maintain such relationships can be eroded by a workload which exceeds resources, by over management of risks and by increasing expectations from people who use services of the social worker’s capacity to meet their needs. Prospect for professional social workers in development sectors: At present the development sector is largely controlled and managed by the welfare or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)–who are doing the pioneer work towards the overall development of the society. A person with a degree (preferably a Master degree) in Social Work is highly preferred in developmental agencies and NGOs. In other words, it can be said that NGO sectors as well as the development sectors are being dominated by the professional social workers. As far as the salary of a professional social worker in development sector (in India) is concerned – it varies from organization to organization. Generally it is negotiated at the time of interview. As salary is negotiable in development sector, likewise flexibility also exists in the recruitment process. Sometimes it is also observed that a person gets recruitment in a particular position – though he/she has not fulfilled the minimum requirements. Percentage of marks in M.S.W hardly matters in recruitment-process of development sector; 50% to 55% marks in M.S.W is enough

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) · Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. Some of the Premier Universities/Institutes . sound knowledge managing NGO administration (see table 3) etc. Aligarh (UP) · Bharathiar University (Coimbatore) · Banaras Hindu University. R Ambedkar University.E.S. Most of International NGOs have a specified pay structure for different positions – For entering into these organizations – at least three to five years’ prior working experiences in a reputed developmental organization is necessary. Faizabad (UP) · Guru Ghasidas University (Chhattisgarh) · Gujarat Vidyapeth. Skills Required for a Professional Social Worker · Preparing Project Proposal · Preparing Management Information System (MIS) · Preparing Project Implementa-tion Plan (PIP) · Managing and coordinating project at district/state/national level · Program monitoring & evaluation · Report writing and presentation · Preparation of monthly plan and budget · Coordinating and liasioning with district and state administration. Kanpur (UP) · Madurai Kamaraj University · M S University. other stake holder and partner organizations · Organizing training. workshops.S.M.P) · Kurukshetra University.S College.L Avadh University.B) · Institute of Social Sciences. sometimes the reputation of the academic institution – from where the applicant obtained the degree in Social Work – is taken into consideration by the recruiting organizations. Students completing get a good job in a reputed organization. Silchar (Assam) · Agra University (U. XISS. Dr B. seminars etc. Nagpur (Maharashtra) . Agra (UP) · Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) · Jamia Millia Islamia University. University of Delhi (Delhi) · Dr. Jamia Nagar (New Delhi) · Jain Vishva Bharti Institute. Kurukshetra (Haryana) · Kanpur University. R. What does matter – is relevant working experiences. Delhi University – are generally preferred and get higher salary at the beginning.Varanasi (U. Jhansi (UP) · Christ University (Bangalore) · Chaudhry Charan Singh University.W from institutes like TISS. Calcutta University (W. Baroda · Madras School of Social Work. Nirmala Niketan (Mumbai) · Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (Indore) · Delhi School of Social Work. · Developing Information Education Communication (I. Banaras (UP) · Bundelkhand University. University of Madras (Chennai) · M.P) · Amravati University (Amravati) · Andhra University.Conducting Social Work Courses · Assam University.C) materials · Documentation and case studies · Team management · Facilitation and people mobilization · Doing long-hour field work and extensive travelling · Managing and coordinating projects at state and district level · Positive work attitude · Integrity and honesty · Doing long-hour field work in adverse situation · Have interpersonal communication skills · Have proficiency on the computer · Knowledge of community resources etc. Waltair (AP) · Aligarh Muslim University. Ladnoon (Rajasthan) · Kashi Vidyapith. Meerut (UP) · College of Social Work. possession of suitable technical skills of project management.

Vishavidyalayam. social work has become a vital need of our society today. prisons. 2012 | Tags: . orphanages.· Mangalore University (Mangalore) · Marathwada University. The Author is Assistant Professor in Department of Social Work at Assam (Central) University. Lucknow (U. But with issues of disability. it has evolved into a profession. Over a period of time. Silchar-788011. mental health hospitals. Patiala (Punjab) · Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Kerala) · Rajasthan Vidyapeth. Aurangabad · Nagpur University (Nagpur) · Punjab University. corporations and in numerous public and private agencies that serve individuals and families in need. poverty.P) · University of Bombay (Maharastra) · University of Puna (Maharastra) · Utkal University (Orissa) · Vikram University. email: anupam688@yahoo.B) etc. drug misuse. schools. (The list is indicative only) Conclusion Professional social workers are found in every facet of community life—in old age homes. Assam. If you are willing to take up a profession for emotional fulfillment and if your purpose of working is not just financial.B) · Visva Bharati Unversity (W. Kolhapur · Sri Padmavathi Mahila. problems associated with aging view all career articles of this issue | view all archive career articles StoriesVideosResourcesNGOs Home How to Start Volunteering How to Start Volunteering Submitted by Goli on Mar 07.Ujjain (MP) · Vidya Sagar University (W. Mumbai (Maharashtra) · University of Lucknow. Correctly it is not a ‘conventional’ career. Social work is not just about doing good deeds and helping the under-privileged. Udaipur (Rajasthan) · Sri Venkateshwara University (Tirupati) · Sri Padmavati Mahila Visva Vidhyalay (Tirupati) · Sri Hari Singh Gaur University (MP) · Shivaji University. this would be the ideal career for you. mental ill health. Vidyanagar. Tirupathi · Tata Institute of Social Sciences. rising constantly.

There are numerous schools like Ananya . or drop in the comment below. one of these could be your starting point. There are numerous fun ways to volunteer. • Take children to parks/educational tours. . There are opportunities available from one off volunteering effort to a weekly effort. • Spend some time with old people in some of the Old Age Homes in the city. It seems more like a serious affair which requires lot of commitment and saying no to all the cool things that you might do in life. or nearby areas. but it is not as boring as you may (Since I am from Bangalore India. * Organize a Blood donation camp in your office. Toy Bank is an NGO which collects toys and distributes them to various orphanages and schools. most of the volunteering opportunities listed here are from Bangalore. Below I have tried to categorize some of the volunteering possibilities based on time you can spare.• • resources volunteering Useful Resources Email this page » • 1 Like Most people think that volunteering means going to school and teaching or working with slums or going and doing some health checkups in unhygenic places. I want to volunteer once in a while when I get time. we will try our best to connect you to the right place) I cant commit anytime. There are NGOs like Sankalp. Nele. Also voluntering does not necessary mean that you have to spend some fixed time every day or every week. I can spend couple of hours to spare on weekdays • Spend sometime in gift wrapping toys collected for distributing to less privileged kids through Toybank. Om Aashram. * Collect toys from your building and hand them over to the Toy Bank. • Extra coaching to Residential schools like Deena Seva Sangha. who are looking for people who can take children for one day half a day education tour to some factory/park/museum. This is the simplest thing to do. Little Sisters of the Poor and Anand Aashram. Kilikili is one organization which organizes such events for special children. But I am sure such kind of volunteering exists in other places as well. Of course volunteering requires some amount of commitment. So if you are thinking of volunteering and dont know where and when to start. You could also spend some hours on weekend in Toy Bank in sorting the toys. So if you are looking for some such opportunity other than Bangalore do drop in a mail at goli-at-ngopost. and gift packing them. you just have to give a call to them and they will do the rest for you.

you just have to guide. . and want to do something related to computers • There are numerous NGOs who need help in setting up their websites. An organization called Samarthanam works on this. I can work only on weekends • If you like teaching. recording cassettes for Blind children. Prerana is an Institute which supports higher education of poor meritorious students along with counseling them for choosing their courses.• Take spoken English classes to community women for 2 hours a day whenever you are free at Makkala Jagriti. They are ready to do work. • Vidyanikethan runs a program called "Teach the teachers" wherein you and go and teach the teachers on various different subjects I cant travel I want to do something from home • You can translate books or documents/books/comics which are not available in local languages. • Reading books for blind children. Becoming a System Administrator for some. • You can write for NGOPost. Prerana could be the place for you. • You can try to design projects for children which help then in understanding concepts better. performing • There is a group called WEMOVE. like a project or exercise to teach multiplication or solar system. I want to do something related to art. • You could make films for various NGOs. This is required by lot of NGOs who are involved in teaching. which does theatre solely for fund raising for various NGOs. and putting some basic Content Management Systems in place. Work with children from the Shrishti Special Academy and Association for people with disability. • Maintaining PCs and networks for NGOs. I am a NERD. which would help them in their fund raising drives. It can be anything. • Spend time with special children at the Sunshine Centre for Autism. Or you can invite the people and they will come to your office and put the stalls (in lunch room??) This article was written by me and originally published in the sept2007 issue of Sattva.ngosamachar@yahoo. M. An ITIHAS initiative: an e-magazine focusing on the social sector. Web: http://www. visitwww. 10(23) 3.s and Medicinal Plants Projects. make a variety of Farmers Etc Industrial.nic. ngosamachar@gmail. Industries. starting from Greeting cards to handbags to candles.09654613221. Ngo Sample Projects 4.php?ct=E002 Follow by Email Top of Form Bottom of Form This Blog Linked From Here N. 80g. You can find this issue of Sattva Industrial Sample Projects Mr. childrens organizations. Naidu sms to. Just pick some of them and put it at the office reception for sale. TB patients. 35 ac 1&2. » Email this page Central Government Schemes For Ngos.html Email: sattva. 12a.I want to do marketing for NGOs • Numerous Assistance in Registration of Society. Sattva.itihas.INDUSTRIAL PROJECT REPORTS The Web . U.ngosamachar. an ITIHAS initiative.

blogspot.INDUSTRIAL PROJECT REPORTS The Web Saturday.This Blog Top of Form Bottom of Form Linked From Here NGOS.html .in/2012/06/sgsy-special-projects-guidelines. 16 June 2012 SGSY SPECIAL PROJECT GUIDELINES http://ngosamachar.

facebook.facebook. 25 May 2012 NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Posted by Central Government Schemes at 00:04 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: Posted by Central Government Schemes at 23:33 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Reaction s: .facebook. 26 May 2012 http://www.Posted by Central Government Schemes at 23:10 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: SGSY SAMPLE PROJECTS Reaction s: Reaction s: Friday.

11 May 2012 MINISTRY OF HRD PROJECTS FOR NGOS SCHEMES Department of Higher Education University and Higher Education National Research Professorship (NRP) Department of School Education & Literacy Elementary Education Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Establishment of New Central Universities Mid Day Meal Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Establishment of 14 World Class Central Universities Setting up of 374 Degree Colleges in Strengthening of Teachers Training Institute Schemes for Infrastucture Development of Private Aided/Unaided Minority Institutes (IDMI) .com Posted by Central Government Schemes at 21:28 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: wcd projects implimented in delhi Reaction s: 19 May 2012 wcd projects implemented in delhi PLEASE MAIL FOR SAMPLE PROJECTSngosamachar@gmail.html http://wcddel.

Private Partnership(PPP) Mode. Adult Education Saakshar Bharat State Resource Center (SRCs) Jan Shikshan Sansthans(JSSs) Assistance to Voluntary Agencies Teacher Education Centrally Sponsored Scheme . Scheme for incentivising state governments for expansion of higher education institutions New central sector scheme of interest subsity on educational loans taken by students from economically backward sections to pursue technical/professional education in india under the educational loan scheme of the indian banks’ association Construction of girls hostels Supporting uncovered state universities and colleges Mahila Samakhya Strengthening for providing quality Education in Madrassas ( SPQEM) Secondary Education Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Inclusive Education for Disable at Secondary Stage ( IEDSS ) Incentives to Girls at Secondary Stage National Merit cum Means Scholarship Financial Assitance for Appointment of language Teachers Additional assistance to about 160 already Adolescene Education Programme covered universities and about 5500 Girls Hostel colleges Strengthening science based higher education and research in universities Inter universities research institute for policy and evaluation Schemes Implemented through Autonomous Organisations Technical Education Sub-Mission on Polytechnics under the Coordinated Action for Skill Development Scheme of Apprenticeship Training Support For Distance Education & Web Based Learning (NPTEL) Indian National Digital Library in Engineering. Science & Technology (INDEST-AICTE) Consortium National Programme of Earthquake Engineering Education (NPEEE) Model School ICT at School Vocationalisation of Secondary Education Model School Under Public.Educationally Backward Districts .

Technology Development Mission Direct Admission of Students Abroad Scheme for Upgrading existing Polytechnics to Integrate the Physically Disabled in the mainstream of Technical and Vocational Education Setting up 20 new IIITs Posted by Central Government Schemes at 07:49 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: MINISTRY OF HRD PROJECTS FOR NGOS Reaction s: Friday. Subject : Profile NGO Samachar and Associate Programme. INTODUCTION Ngosamachar Started 7 years Back Association With CWSPL To Provide Consultancy Services to Indian Ngo Sector- . 16 March 2012 NGO Samachar and Associate NGO Samachar and Associate To Dear Sir/Madam.

’s and industries as per your requirements. Project reports – We prepare the project reports for central[1]. 35 ac 1&2.ngosamachar. Registration Services.G. Website Designing Services. 3. Consultancy Services. Service charges. project reports preparing etc.'s and industries as per your requirements. Ngosamachar works under name of a registered society “Society for Services" located at New Delhi And Over All Management is Under CWSPL We provides different sort of services to N. Liasioning – We provide liasioning services to N.We provide entire data regarding N.We provide consultancy services to N. schemes in central govt. foreign funding agencies & industries.’s schemes in central govt.G.O.O.C. .G.R.We provide total service to N. Check The Link For Databaseshttp://www. Educational Institutes.A.G. 80 g .shtml 2. Database Services.ngosamachar. 5. Etc.'s to help them in their day-2-day activities like: Project Reports. Consultancy Services . departments. Registration.501 c(3) etc. . schemes.We are involved in sharing important information and current policy initiatives in the development sector for strengthening the efforts of all such organizations and NGO's who are involved in development activities. F.O.’s like information providing. We provide the following services to NGO’S: 1. Liasioning Services.35 ac.pdf 4.O. projects follow up. ministries &central govt. Medicinal Plants Sector Etc Visit Below link For project Cost Structurehttp://www.We deal all registrations like society. Database .

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA OF ASSOCIATES-STATE ASSOCIATES:- . State and Foreign Funding) By SMS Free Entry for Training Programs Conducted By Ngosamachar 10% Deduction on Project Reports Cost Structure Sub Domain Web Site 5 Pages with 1 E-Mail ID Member Ship Valid For 1 Year Member Ship Fee INR 3000 Only Note: We don't interfere in any money matters. NGO Samachar is a service provider not a funding agency 9. MEMBER SHIP Member Ship Benefitsa) Weekly News Letter with Latest Schemes (Central. We provide website designing and development for NGO’s Only in INR3000 Domain name registration. domain name registration services & web hosting services to NGOs and others at affordable rates.7.We provide website designing and development. Website Designing. we provide service and we take only service charges. Features of Package:- a) b) c) d) e) Domain.INR 3000 ONLY Note-Special offer for Ngo'sBOOK DOMAIN GET FREE HOSTING OR BOOK HOSTING GET FREE or . State and Foreign Funding) By E-Mail b) c) d) e) f) g) Daily up Dates of Latest Schemes ( 1 GB Web Hosting 5 E-Mail ID 10 Static Pages OR Two Dynamic Pages JUST . web hosting services to NGOs at affordable rates.

Registrations Project Follow Up Liasioning Work Shops.000 Only is refundable VALIDITY 1 YEAR Benefits :-State website 50 Sample Projects SMS Campaign in concern state E-mail campaign in concern state 20% OF Total Services Charges (FEES) COLLECTED BY Ngosamachar from Different Services Like: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Member Ship Ngo Web Sites Project Reports Sample Projects. FAX AND INTERNET IS MUSTSecurity Deposit INR 1 Lac Only INR 50.a) b) Required Office Space-300 SFT OFFICE SPACE WITH FURNISHEDTHREE COMPUTERS P4 c) 4 TECHENICAL STAFF WITH MINIMUNM QUALIFICATION (DEGREE OF SOCIAL WORK) d) e) f) g) LAND LINE PHONE. Seminars Databases Etc. DISTRICT ASSOCIATES:a) b) Required Office Space-200 SFT OFFICE SPACE WITH FURNISHEDTHREE COMPUTERS P4 .

Seminars. Sample Projects. Databases Etc RESPONBUILTIES OF ASSOCIATESCOLLECT THE REQUIRED INFORMATION FROM NgosDistrict Level Associates Forward to All information and Documents to State AssociatesState Level Associates Forward to All information and Documents To Ngosamachar Office . Ngo Web Sites. Registrations.000 Only INR 25.c) TECHENICAL STAFF WITH MINIMUNM QUALIFICATION (DEGREE OF SOCIAL WORK) d) e) f) g) LAND LINE PHONE. Liasioning. FAX AND INTERNET IS MUST Security Deposit INR 50. Project Reports. Project Follow Up.000 Only is refundable VALIDITY 1 YEAR Benefits of District Associates:District website 20 Sample Projects SMS Campaign in concern District Level E-mail campaign in concern District Level 10% OF Total Services Charges (FEES) COLLECTED BY Ngosamachar from Different Services Like a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Member Ship. Work Shops.

if any.ngosamachar.Minimum 5 Working Days After Provide the InformationKindly feel free to contact for any further query.Time visit us @ www. No. 9 March 2012 Ngo Consultancy Services Ngo Consultancy ServicesNgo Registration 80G Registration Co-operative Society Registration Preparation of Proposal Organization Bye-Laws Utilization Certificate Trust Registration Planning Commission Registration FCRA Registration Follow up of Projects Evaluation Report Event/ Visit Report Society Registration 12A Registration 35 AC 35 ac 1&11 Registration Annual Report Research Report Presentation . +91 9654613221 e-mail : ngosamachar@gmail. Thanks with regards For NGO SAMACHAR U M NAIDU Posted by Central Government Schemes at 06:20 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: Ngo Membership Reaction s: Friday.

Schemes of Government of India Schemes of Government of India Government at both Central and State levels encourages participation of the NGO’s in developmental and wel.Assessment Project Implementation Guidance to Organization Change Report Income Tax Returns Web Designing Format Development Funding Agencies Planning Books of Account ROC Matters Web Development Concept Note Advisory Service Audit Report Finalization of Accounts Domain Registration Software Development Posted by Central Government Schemes at 23:10 No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Links to this post Labels: Ngo Consultancy Services Reaction s: Older Posts Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Popular Posts Difference between Trust and Society Difference between Trust and Society Trust Society 1.. Registration und... HANDICRAFTS Government of India MINISTRY OF TEXTILES OFFICE OF THE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONER (HANDICRAFTS) West Blo. HANDICRAFTS MINISTRY OF TEXTILES.. Basis of Difference .. Ngo. 35 AC Registration S.. Trust. No. MINISTRY OF TEXTILES. Fcra. › Government Schemes .. 10(23).in/ govt / schemes .asp Please check the bel. TRUST. U/S 12A & 80G REGISTRATION Benefits: . check the below link to start the ngo -society in Registration und.....http://www. 35 1&2. Basis of Difference ..irs..delhigovt. 80G.karmayog. central government schemes in india Schemes ..……..Government : National Portal of India india ... No. Popular Posts Difference between Trust and Society Difference between Trust and Society Trust Society 1.12A Registration means Income of the societ.nic. Schemes of Government of India Schemes of Government of India Government at both Central and State levels encourages participation of the NGO’s in developmental and wel.501 C (3) REGISTRATION Dear Members.. MINISTRY OF TEXTILES.Dear members... HANDICRAFTS Government of India MINISTRY OF TEXTILES OFFICE OF THE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSIONER (HANDICRAFTS) West Blo..Cached Also see : Bills in Parli. NGO.File No…..Please check The Below Link. 12A & 80G REGISTRATION S. at all levels.php Cached Indian Government . Ministry of Agriculture SchemesScheme on Development of Marine Fisheries. announces W.. Infrastructure and Post harvest Operations Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension Central M.. HANDICRAFTS MINISTRY OF TEXTILES.pdf central government schemes for ngos Schemes for NGOs | Government Schemes | Department of Social . 12A & 80G REGISTRATION Date………………Refer by………………………Ph…………………….

gov/pub/irspdf/p557. Fcra.. Infrastructure and Post harvest Operations Scheme on Fisheries Training and Extension Central Ngo Jobs..php Cached Indian Government .gov.Please check The Below Link. at all levels.. Ngos In India Ngo Projects In Andaman and Nicobar http:// ngoprojectsinandamanandnicobar . 12A. TRUST. Ngo Schemees. 80G.File No…..asp Please check the bel..http://www.... Ngo Project In India And States Ngo Consultants In India Industrial Projects.nic. Ngo Funding. NGOs Projects.irs.Please check the below link to start the ngo -society in Indiawww. 10(23). Ngo Projects..……. Indian Projects. Trust. 35 AC Registration Dear members. govt / schemes . U/S 12A & 80G REGISTRATION Benefits: .Date………………Refer by………………………Ph……………………. NGO..345 Ngos And Industries Central Government Schemes . Total Pageviews 49.501 C (3) REGISTRATION Dear Members. Ministry of Agriculture SchemesScheme on Development of Marine Fisheries... Ngo.Government : National Portal of India india .12A Registration means Income of the Ngo Projects In Andhra Pradesh http:// ngoproj. announces W..pdf central government schemes in india Schemes . India Project Reports Membership Form for all NGOs in I.. 35 1&2.

► Jan 05 (1) .com/ngosamachar ► May 25 (1) NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ► May 19 (1) wcd projects implemented in delhi ► May 11 (1) MINISTRY OF HRD PROJECTS FOR NGOS ► March (4) ► Mar 16 (1) NGO Samachar and Associate ► Mar 09 (1) Ngo Consultancy Services ► Mar 05 (1) Registrations ► Mar 01 (1) SGSY SPECIAL PROJECTS ► January (2) ► Jan 13 (1) Ngo Projects. Ngo Jobs.. Ngo Schemees.▼ 2012 (11) ▼ June (1) ▼ Jun 16 (1) SGSY SPECIAL PROJECT GUIDELINES ► May (4) ► May 26 (1) http://www.. Ngo Funding..facebook.

... list of centra. ► Dec 04 (1) Scheme for Financial Assistance for the Preservati.. ► Sep 04 (2) Central Government Schemes For Ngos. F... NGOs Project. Ministry Of Tribal Affairs ► August (14) ► Aug 22 (7) list of central government schemes. ► September (5) ► Sep 22 (1) Industrial Projects. ► October (1) ► Oct 03 (1) National Committee For Promotion Of Social And Eco. Indian Projects.. Ngos In India ► 2011 (116) ► December (2) ► Dec 16 (1) Applicable Non refundable Subsidies for Sectoral P..... Industries.... Ngo News. ► Sep 09 (2) SWARNJAYANTI GRAM SWAROZGAR YOJANA National Committee For Promotion Of Social And Eco.Ngo Samachar. central government schemes in india central government schemes for health central government schemes for rural development central government schemes for women .

HANDICRAFTS ► Aug 17 (1) Ngo Project In India And States ► Aug 14 (1) Latest Projects For DST ► Aug 04 (1) Ministry of Information Technology ► July (2) ► Jul 27 (1) RURAL BUSINESS HUBS ► Jul 26 (1) Call for Proposals Dept Of Bio Technology ► June (10) ► Jun 17 (2) ministry of textiles-handicrafts departments state resource centers-nlm 3 ► Jun 12 (1) National Medicinal Plants Board Projects ► Jun 06 (5) .central government schemes for ngos central government schemes ► Aug 21 (1) Rural Business Hubsubs. Ministry Of Panchyat Raj ► Aug 19 (3) NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ROAD SAFETY MINISTRY OF TEXTILES.

80G. Donors Database ► April (78) ► Apr 26 (1) NGO Samachar and Associate Programme ► Apr 20 (1) ► Apr 19 (3) ► Apr 18 (1) ► Apr 16 (2) ► Apr 15 (69) ► Apr 12 (1) .. 10(23).501 C (. ► May (4) ► May 30 (1) NGO. E-Mail Databases ► May 14 (2) Central Government Nodal Officers Ngo Database.12A & 80G REGISTRATION FOR NGOS. NGO SAMPLE PROJECTS. ► May 26 (1) Databases.. 35AC. NGO SCHEME. 12A.TRUSTS 12A & 80G REGISTRATION Difference between Trust and Society TRUST Registration Society Registration ► Jun 04 (1) Funding Proposal Writing ► Jun 01 (1) NGO. 35 1&2. Industrial Databases. TRUST.. NGO PROJECTS..

foreign funding agencies & industries.Naidu. 5) Registration.35 ac. 2) Consultancy Services . schemes. New Delhi.R.C. please contact us.Project Reports Central Government Schemes New Delhi. 3) Database .G.ngosamachar@gmail.A.M. ministries &central govt.G.O. projects follow up. domain name registration services & web hosting services to NGOs and others at affordable rates.U. View my complete profile WISH YOU HAPPY UGADI . . project reports preparing etc.'s and industries as per your requirements. schemes in central govt. if you want project reports.O.’s and industries as per your requirements.G. 7) Website Designing. Trust. 80 g . If you want membership.’s schemes in central govt. If you have any query related to these one then contact us. 4) Liasioning – We provide liasioning services to N.O. 6) service charges. departments. Please contact us.We provide website designing and development. India We provide the following services to NGO’S: 1) Project reports – We prepare the project reports for central govt.We provide total service to N.We provide entire data regarding N.We provide consultancy services to N.We deal all registrations like society. 35 ac 1&2 etc.O. Please contact us.G.’s like information providing.

INDUSTRIAL PROJECT REPORTS Sign In IPO India Information (BSE / NSE) Your IP and Google Map location Yahoo News: Top Stories Addthis Sharing Gadget Daily Calendar Ngos Project Reports MarketWatch.Top Stories .WISH YOU HAPPY UGADI .

Jun 29. Read this blog post by Brooke Crothers on Business Tech. sharing Boston. 2012 . Sharp eying Apple big-screen TV. clipped from Google .Top of Form powered by Bottom of Form Project Reports Apple Google Microsoft Foxconn. says parts maker CNET .3 hours ago Need more reassurance that an Apple big-screen TV is on the way? A screen component manufacturer in Asia muses on the potential of the FoxconnSharp alliance. 2012 powered by Ngo Seminars .com .6/2012 Apple said to prep iTunes changes improving storage.Jun 29.

plans an overhaul of iTunes that would mark one of the largest changes to the world's biggest music store since its 2003 debut. Related Articles » clipped from Google .Jun 29. 2012 . Related Articles » clipped from Google . 2012 . With the rumored iPhone 5 in the wings and a flimsy business rationale. according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.6/2012 Apple Hardware Engineering Chief Mansfield Retires PCWorld .13 hours ago In 2010.. Steve Jobs said a 7inch screen wasn't sufficient for making great tablet apps.6/2012 Will Google's Nexus 7 prod Apple into producing an iPad Mini? CNET . Read this blog post by Dan Farber on Mobile.Jun 29. an iPad mini is unlikely to surface.14 hours ago Apple Inc.

Naidu. Apple said Thursday.. Related Articles » clipped from Google .M. Simple template.6/2012 powered by Blog Designed By U.8 hours ago The Apple executive in charge of hardware engineering for the iPhone. Powered by Blogger. i'm done watching this • . Template images by luoman. iPad and other Apple products is retiring from the company.

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