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Economic Growth % - 2012 1 Kenya 4.6 2 EAC 5.5 3 SSA 5.3 4 World 3.2 5 OECD 1.4 6. Euro -0.4 Revenue Estimates FY 2013/14 Total Revenue KSh.1,027.2bn Of Which: 1. Ordinary Revenue -Ksh. 961.3 bn 2. Appropriations-in-aid Ksh. 67bn Expenditure Estimates FY 2013/14 Total expenditure Ksh. 1,640.9 Of which: 1. National Government Ksh 955.5bn 2. County Transfer Ksh. 210bn 3. Discretionary Expenditure Ksh. 507.9bn


In facilitating the private Sector to Create Jobs, the Government will: 1. Expand, Upgrade and Rehabilitate roads Ksh.97.9 bn 2. Construct a two-track standard gauge railway line from Ksh22 bn Mombasa to Kisumu 3. Invest in reliable and affordable energy Ksh.78.5 bn 4 Construct the first three berths & associated infrastructure at the Lamu Port

Allocations to achieving Food Security On-going irrigation -8bn Agri-business fund - 2bn Galana irrigation -3.6 bn

Defined Budget Priorities 1 Improving productivity and Competitiveness 2 Technical and financial support to SMEs 3 Infrastructure Development 4 Creation of an enabling Business environment 5 Improving quality of Education and Training 6 Modernizing the Police Service 7 Food Security through irrigation 8 Maintaining macroeconomic stability 9 Sealing Leakages on revenue collection and expenditure 10 Supporting devolution 11 Progressive social protection for every Kenyan Procurement Reforms To Enhance Education 1. 30% of public procurements to be reserved for the youth , 1. Free primary education women & persons with Disabilities 2. Exclusive preference to local firms 2. School Feeding 3. Tendering period capped at 30 days 3. Free Day Sch. Education To Enhance Health Care 1. Free Maternal Health- 3.8bn 4. Secondary Sch. Bursary 2. Health Centres &dispensaries -700mn 5. Upgrading National 3. Recruitment of 8,700 community nurses -3.1bn Schools. 4. Recruitment of 2,900 Community Health Workers -522mn 6. Higher Education Loans 5. 1500 affordable housing units -1.2mn

Tax Compliant Employers to get a tax rebate as an incentive for hiring inexperienced graduates

Budget Deficit FY 2013/14 estimated at Ksh. 356.9bn

Ksh.(bn) 10.3 2.6 20.9 1.17 0.8

4.9 0.826 53.2

6. Health Care facilities in urban Slum 200mn

7. Youth Polytechnic 8. Laptops Program

Social Protection
1. Orphans and Vulnerable Children 2. Elder persons cash transfer 3. People with Extreme Disability 4. Other disable people 5. Presidential Secondary Sch. Bursary 6. Urban Food Subsidy 8.0 3.2 0.770 0.452 0.400 0.100

Ksh.(bn) How will the government spend Money 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Domestic Interest 110.2bn Foreign Interest 38.2bn Salaries for Constitutional office holders 3.4 bn Guaranteed debt payment 1.4bn International redemptions 88.6bn Domestic Redemptions 127.3bn

Development Expenditure FY 2013/14 Estimated at 447.9bn

1. Importation of items used to facilitate railway operation tax exempt 2. Introduction of Railway development levy of 1.5% on all imported goods 3. Plastic bag bio-gas digesters tax exempted 4. Import duty on welding electrodes increased from 10% to 25% 5. Import duty on millstones and grindstones increased from 0% to 25% 6. Import duty on plastic tubes for packaging tooth paste, cosmetics increased from 10% to 25% 7. Premiums for Group life and Group Personal Accident policy tax exempted 8. Tax exemption for persons with disabilities extended to five years 9. Withholding tax to be imposed on winnings from gaming and betting

1. Amendments to income Tax Act to: (i). Encourage tax payers with tax offences to engage KRA outside the courts (ii). Empower the Commissioner to access books of accounts (iii). Empower the Commissioner to collect corporate tax from officers of corporate bodies convicted of tax fraud 2. Amend customs law to Introduce customs warehouse rent 3. Table before parliament a Tax Appeals Tribunal Bill to establish a single tax appeals body 4. Re-table the VAT Bill- to simplify, modernize and reduce tax compliance 5. KRA to Leverage on ICT to Tax landlords 6. Amend insurance Act to: (i). open up ownership of insurance to citizens of EAC Community (ii). amend the mandate of Policy Holders Compensation Fund to include participation in the liquidation process of insurance companies 7. Amend the Kenya Deposit Insurance corporation for adequate protection of depositors 8. Amend the Capital Market Act to : (i). provide for insurance of regional fixed income securities (ii). to redefine the office the offence of insider trading 9. Amend the banking Act to enhance penalties on unethical and illegal business activities