FAQ on Prepaid—Local—CUG Plans Updated on 13.06.

SL. No 1 FAQ How many CUG Plans are available? Clarification Four plans. PlanI- Grp size(3-25) Plan I-Grp size(3-25) PlanII-Grp size(26&above)) PlanII-Grpsize(26&above)

CUG facility can be availed by the customers in any of the plans, General Plan, Saral Anant Plan, Per Min Plan, Per Second Plan ,Anbu Jodi Plan, Nesam Plan,Nesam Special Plan, En Nanban Plan and En Nanban Super Plan
New customers can get the CUG plan through BSNL--CSCs only. The group of customers of Govt./PSU/Private/Corporate organisations/ schools/ Hospitals/etc., can come through EB Cell of SSA also for the New CUG group creation.


How to get the CUG plan initially?

Tamilnadu and Chennai Customers can join in the same CUG
3 4 Only Local CUG is available in prepaid? Is there any separate Rent to be paid for CUG Prepaid? How the rent component will be fixed? What is the validity of CUG plan Whether migration to CUG plan from any other plan is allowed? Whether Normal Multiple Boosters [STV] is allowed in CUG plan? Whether existing STVs in the parent plan will be cancelled while entering into CUG group? Whether the Unlimited free calls to CUG numbers are allowed while on roaming also? Yes. Zonal CUG is not available now in Prepaid.

Yes. Rent for CUG Service will be calendar based irrespective of the enrolling date. CUG Group will be checked at the end of each month and the rent st will be deducted on the next day (1 day of subsequent month).The rent component will be changed as per the existing group size. CUG validity will be fixed as 30/31 days (calendar month based) from the date of enrolment for all customers and the rent of Rs.80 or Rs. 60 will be deducted upfront only. Not allowed

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All are allowed All the STVs availed by the customers will be carried forward even after forming the grp. for that particular customer.


No. Roaming charges as per the parent plan


How many F& F Numbers are allowed in CUG plan?

As per the parent plan. i.e 3 F&F No.s [ 2 Local Nos; 1 STD No]


Is there any minimum balance has to be maintained Yes. Either Rs. 60 or Rs.80 –balance has to be maintained. If CUG in the main account for continuing in CUG Plan? rental failure occurs CUG Grp ID will be removed. Ex Member of CUG Group can send SMS “CUG<space>CUG ID(in 5 digists)” to 53733. On checking the balance amount the

13 How the ex member of CUG group can rejoin?

CUG group should be within same Prepaid –plan only 15 Is there any specific RCV / Topup available? No.customers will be allowed into group. . 14 Whether One Postpaid & one prepaid No. can be in one CUG group? No. Normal TOPUP can be used.

for advance rent for that month. the customer group id will be removed& CUG facility will be withdrawn and sub will be treated like a normal customer in the parent plan . But in prepaid only Local CUG is available. No negative balance is allowed for these CUG numbers 18 19 20 When will the CUG facility will be withdrawn? If any of the group member is not having sufficient balance in his account.SL. system will wait for the next 3 consecutive days for at least the amount equal to the rental component and deduct the amount. No FAQ 1. any plan can be mixed for CUG Group. 16 What is the difference between Postpaid CUG Plan and the Prepaid CUG Plan? 2. All the customers of CUG groups will be intimated through SMS about the facility & monthly deduction of talk value so that sufficient balance of talk value is available for extension on monthly basis. 17 Whether the validity of old plan will exists while joining in CUG plan? Is there any intimation will be given for the period ending or available balance for the renewal of CUG plan? Whether negative balance is allowed? Yes. In postpaid. In prepaid within same prepaid plan only CUG group will be allowed. If deduction is not possible. Clarification In postpaid CUG both Local & zonal CUG are available.

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