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Well hello there!!!

Im Wesley, I have worked most of my life in the online marketing industry with a proven sales track record and have worked with an extensive portfolio of clients. My background is in design, search engine optimisation and social media marketing. I have worked for the countrys leading online marketing companies for over 10 years and pride myself on the extensive knowledge that I have learned from each. Recently I have been using social media to raise awareness for charitable projects, one such is a wedding that I organised for a young local man who was diagnosed with a rare form of throat cancer. His partner tried to raise 1000 for a simple registrar wedding but I took it upon myself to give them a dream wedding by using social media to promote the cause. After creating the page as a base, I then used my networking skills to promote via Twitter through some influential contacts in order to specifically target the wedding suppliers that I needed. I contacted tabloid news desks, specialist magazines, local radio, television producers and using other online links managed to organise a fantastic day with everything needed for the family in a matter of weeks. Below are a few of the reports: MSN News: Yahoo News: The Sun:

Here is the TV clip from ITV News before the wedding: And another from ITV Daybreak on the morning after the wedding:

I have held various other fundraisers for which is a local non-profit organisation caring for ex-military veterans and also the local hospice

Kind Regards

Wesley Hall

Curriculum Vitae
A confident communicator and self-motivated problem solver with diverse experience. Thrives on challenges and targets. In three words; adaptable, professional, creative.

Wesley Hall The Redhouse 1 Rosegrove Lane Burnley Lancashire BB12 6HX D.O.B: 30-07-1982 Mob: 07514 538123 e-mail:

G.N.V.Q Advanced - Information Technology (Distinction) G.C.S.E - Electronic Products - A - Business Studies - A - Information Technology - B - English Language - B - English Literature - B - Mathematics - B - Science: Double Award - C, C - Religious Studies - C - French - C

Bright Red Rose July 2011 - Present Creative Director Marketing Manager Achievements: Developed new products for the company, led and managed all aspects of client digital activity including web, blogs, social media, mobile apps etc. Formed new digital platforms presenting the appropriate interfaces to facilitate delivery of an excellent client service as well as showcasing our services to all potential clients. Managed all aspects of marketing team from concept to implementation of strategy. Skills gained: Became familiar with using processes such as sublimation printing, vinyl cutting, direct to garment printing, screen printing and large format printing in direct marketing. Worked alongside the local chamber of commerce for various campaigns and refined networking skills with my mentor, giving me a huge advantage with local employers. Gained experience of working with analytical tools in order to monitor and report effectiveness of various platforms.

Local Link Up July 2007 - June 2011 Sales Manager S.E.O/ Social Media Marketing Manager Achievements: Developed companies extensive CRM software with design team as well as implementing with all sales staff. Formed on-going business networking models for the company that have increases sales by over 40%. Managed entire sales floor and conducted research and development of new services. Skills gained: Attended various social media seminars held by the industries leaders and gained extensive knowledge of web based marketing. Expanded role as social media consultant, learned how to control various strategic campaigns with facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ in order to secure a high return on investment. Gained experience of incorporating the legal structure of intellectual property and copyright within social media. (BT Customerstreet) July 2004 - June 2007 Sales Manager S.E.O/ Marketing/ Design Achievements: Increased client base rapidly & achieved new business via cold-calling and motivating sales staff. Created and implemented new sales strategies for S.E.O in B2B sector. Expanded role as design consultant, working with relevant departments on the implementation of web projects and P.P.C advertising. Skills gained: Became confident in managerial position and improved technological knowledge within the industry. Building strong relationships with colleagues across all departments facilitate obtaining new business relationships. Gained experience of working with many blue-chip companies and their specific marketing regimes.

NCC Group January 2003 - June 2004 Escrow Solutions Account Manager Software Escrow/ Security/ Consultation Achievements: Ran first small project within budget and under-time. Built a strong reputation within the accounts by using knowledge of testing, security and consultancy solutions. Expanded role as security consultant, working with departments on the inception and briefing of projects. Skills gained: Conducting both specific and general-awareness campaigns to promote Software Escrow and Information Escrow Solutions within target markets. Communication of technical concepts to people unaware of technological capabilities. Building strong relationships with key accounts across all market segments to participate and facilitate obtaining new business and maintaining and growing existing business. Transformed my organisational skills and built knowledge of standard and bespoke account management software.

Websmart (AWSM Ltd) October 2002 January 2003 Sales Team Manager Search Engine Marketing/ Advertising Achievements: Created and delivered full monthly presentations of all figures and resultant objectives for the teams. Created and implemented sales strategies which exceeded company targets. Created a Management Pool - a fully flexible and transferable management team, more fluid and responsive and therefore more efficient with the ability to ease pressure on any one member of the team by providing support for each other. This also provided the sales teams with the opportunity to learn from the strengths of 3 managers rather than one line manager. Skills gained: Analysis of the booking figures on a weekly basis and any amendment /addition to strategy if needed. Built confidence in front of sales team. Learned to ask the right questions to help the client. Became confident in referring the right issues.

Jini Global PLC September 2001 - October 2002 Senior Sales Executive Television Advertising/ New Media Achievements: Volunteered for a secondment as sales manager and temporarily took charge in his absence. Trained 10 people to be New Media sales consultants over nine months of co-running the team. Developed course material and implemented evident personal success techniques. Skills gained: Transformed my presentation skills. Improved my understanding of people and gave me a love of leadership. Made me highly self-motivated and revolutionised my personal organisation. Gained experience working with remote support in USA.

Touch PLC (Formerly Commercial Networks Ltd) June 1999 - September 2001 New Media Team Leader (Role Two) Search Engine Marketing/ Advertising Achievements: Developed role as business to business consultant to recommend on technical aspects of direct online marketing. Managed advertising process and development using statistical means and emptied support call queue. Creating the strategy and targeting process to achieve company objectives of revenue, yield and market share by team. Created the Incentive Programme for internal sales teams which interlocked with the strategy to meet targets. Skills gained: Learned how to manage and develop team relationships in difficult circumstances. Learned that people and business processes are the crucial factors in the delivery of a successful online development. Built up useful general knowledge of web development, scripting, server architectures and networking. Learned how to give criticism as constructive feedback.

Sales Executive (Role One) (Web Site Packages/ Domain Names/ Online Media) Achievements: Awarded 'Highest Monthly Salesperson' regularly. Learned how to give criticism as constructive feedback. Gained promotion within 1st month of employment. Skills gained: Business consultancy and communication skills. Familiarity with establishing, negotiating and closing deals. Made me highly self-motivated and revolutionised my personal organisation. Grew in assertiveness: managed situations with no positional authority. Development of research skills. Gained methodical skills that maximised the potential of all leads to identify new markets and opportunities.

My interests include photography, football, programming, socialising, drawing, painting, home improvements, current technological developments, politics and economics.