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A publication of First Christian Church of Edmond, OK Vol. 5 No. 24 June 20, 2013

The Chalice

Hope to See You Sunday

By Rev. Charles Shorow, Interim Associate Minister
I hope you can be present this Sunday at 10:00 am, in the Fellowship Hall, to hear our guest speaker, Dr. Paul Lehmann. Paul was a professor at UCO for over twenty years and a weekend news anchor on television. He has great stories of what it was like to be an African American in a segregated environment. I have learned much from Paul and have enjoyed spending time with him. Last Sunday I had the privilege of teaching the Homebuilders Sunday School class. What an exciting bunch of people! It was great to have Loree Rice back with us. I appointed John Stone to be in charge of discipline and I am happy to report that we did not have one behavior problem the entire hour. One of my jobs during this SHORT time on the staff is to make contact with people. If you or anyone you know would like a call just let me know. By the way I have now been given an office and Ive learned how to make the coffee so why dont you come by and see me sometime?


Sundays, June 23 - August 25 10:00 - 10:50am, Fellowship Hall
Beginning June 23 through August 25, we are inviting all adult Sunday school classes to meet in the Fellowship Hall for Unified Summer Sunday School! Summer Sunday School will showcase programs by special people in our community and church family. We will start at 10:00am with refreshments and fellowship time. Come join the fellowship and fun! We hope to see you this Sunday! Summer Sunday School on June 23 All adult Sunday schools are invited to join together for Sundays guest speaker, Dr. Paul Lehman, a retired professor emeritus and former dean at UCO. He has teaching experiences in English & Literature, and also worked in television news as a reporter & anchor. Dr. Lehman has served his community on a variety of boards & councils, and has also authored many books, articles, & works of poetry. Join us for an informative discussion on diversity issues. Summer Sunday School on June 30 is Rev. Dr. Bill Tabbernee, the Executive Director of the OK Conference of Churches. Prior to this position, he served as the president of Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. Rev. Dr. Tabbernee is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (DoC) and has written and taught extensively on Christian history and thought. Join us for an interesting discussion on the OK Conference of Churches.

Its Freedom Fest!

Few moments of national celebration are more exciting than Independence Day. Freedom is a giftthe freedom we know in Christ and the freedom we know as citizens of this country. In conjunction with the annual, Edmond Liberty Fest Parade on July 4th, 2013, First Christian will host another Freedom Fest and distribute free hot dogs, chips, bottles of water, flags, and watermelon to over 1,000 of the 50,000 parade attendees. We need your help! Please sign up at the table display in the rotunda or online at www. to serve with us and/or make donations. - Your Evangelism Ministry Team

8:15, 9 & 11am

at First Christian
June 23, 2013

OUR PRAYERS FOR THOSE IN THE HOSPITAL Joan Grant, St. Anthonys Hospital; Carrie Akin, Bradford Village for rehab THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Sondra Danner (Will & Laura Harris daughter), Dana Stilwell (Roger Stilwells brother), Sue Fraim, Anne Holzberlein, Chris Gibson, Debby Gresh, Doris Dowell, Dale & Betsy Jones, Earl & Loree Rice, Judy Joy, Gayle Jones (Jennifer Cains mom), Lori Snider (Loretta Parks daughter), Cynthia David (Winnie Halls daughter), Bill & Mary Lou Womble OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Michael & Jennifer Hast in the death of Michaels grandfather, William Bill Hast on June 15. Services were held Wednesday, June 19 at Edmond Road Baptist Church.

Prayers of the People

Happy Birthday!
6/23 Abby Robertson, Herb Davis, Kelly Raines 6/24 Ann Cather, Joey Biby, Linda Hall, Owen Wheeler, Bev Schmoyer 6/25 Don Wiechmann, Molly Haley, Emily Sarani, Susan Lide 6/26 Bennett Stone 6/27 Jaxon Helzer, Rachel Winters, Dylan Scott, Don Gable, Jordan Spence, John Helzer, David Wheeler 6/28 Glenn Neal, Judy Wallar, Hulda Hamilton 6/29 Jim Little, Nick Carson, Jim Hays 6/30 Glenn Blunk, James Beason, Mike OMeara, Brian Jones

Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black Rev. Chris Shorow Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-2

June 30, 2013

Message: Rev. Chris Shorow Rev. Charles Shorow Scripture: Obadiah 10-14


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Following the Unified Worship Service on July 7, please join us for a brief congregational meeting to vote on two by-law modifications. To review the modifications, go to or you may pick up a copy at the Welcome Desk. Please contact Robbi Kinnaird, Moderator of the Congregation/Board, with questions at 340-2427 or

First Christian Church Congregational Meeting Sunday, July 7 at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

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