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Subject: Girlfriend rape (M/f nc torture anal snuff?) Date: 19 Sep 1996 06:09:11 GMT Organization: Prodigy Services Company <span class="skype_pnh_print_container"> 1-800-PRODIGY</span><span dir="ltr" class="skype_pnh_container"><span class="sky pe_pnh_mark"> begin_of_the_skype_highlighting</span>&nbsp;<span dir="ltr" title= "Call this phone number in United States of America with Skype: +18007763449" cl ass="skype_pnh_highlighting_inactive_common"><span skypeaction="skype_dropdown" class="skype_pnh_left_span">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span skypeaction="skype_dropdown " title="Skype actions" class="skype_pnh_dropart_span"><span skypeaction="skype_ dropdown" style="background-position: -4499px 1px ! important;" class="skype_pnh _dropart_flag_span">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp ;</span><span class="skype_pnh_textarea_span"><span class="skype_pnh_text_span"> &nbsp;&nbsp;1-800-PRODIGY</span></span><span class="skype_pnh_right_span">&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></span>&nbsp;<span class="skype_pnh_mark">end_of_ the_skype_highlighting</span></span> Lines: 222 Distribution: world Message-ID: &lt;51qo27$; NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Version 1.2 DISCLAIMERS 1. I didn't write this story. It was mailed to me in response to a chat comment I made about rape fantasies. 2. This story is sick by any standards. It contains something for every pervert: M/f---N/C---B&amp;D---Snuff---Torture 3.IMHO, this story should not be read by anyone under 30. I certainly advise caution to anyone under 21 AND OF COURSE IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO READ IT. ( In fact, you shouldn't have ventured this far.) Please advise your parents to discipline you, and then ask them to buy blocking software. LEAVE NOW. 4. Do not read this if you or anyone in your family has a history of mental illness. Do not read this if you have ever been convicted, accused, or suspected of any sex crime. Do not read this if you don't know right from wrong; fantasy from reality. Do not read this if you are a religious person, for you will surely be offended by the un-Christian like acts depicted. Do not read this while masturbating. Fantasies such as this are not conducive to a healthy sex life. 5. If you DO read on, make sure that you note in the end that justice prevails. The moral of this story, to me is, that if you commit evil acts, you are likely to be caught and punished. 6. I Assumed that all persons and settings were figments of the authors imagination, but just to make sure I omitted the name of the town and changed the names of the participants. Now I can assure you that any resemblance to any persons, living, dead or not yet born is a freak co-inky dink. 8. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE ANY ACTS DEPICTED THEREIN. YOU COULD BE HURT, KILLED, ARRESTED OR OSTRACIZED. Furthermore, you could hurt someone else, and rather than actually raping or torturing another human being, you should really hit yourself in the balls with a mallet. 9. Never use any sparklers, fireworks, or explosives of any kind in a

manor inconsistent with the manufacturers recommendation. _______________________________________________________ GIRLFRIEND RAPE Dawn had asked to be raped. Literally. Her sister (the one who's HUGE tits Cliff loved so much) had been raped the night before by a masked man who broke into the apartment the sisters shared. Luckily, Dawn wasn't home, but her sister had spared her none of the sordid details. After being forced to suck the intruder's penis while he relieved her of her panties and 42DDD bra, he had shoved her face down on the bed and pressed his penis against her anus! Then reaching around to grip her fleshy knockers, he had rammed himself to the hilt in her virgin butthole. So now Dawn was feeling vulnerable. What if she had been home alone instead of her sister? She could have easily been the victim. What if he comes back? Denise had said that the man had a nice cock, and she hadn't really minded sucking it. In fact, she became wet with anticipation, knowing she could cum when he forcefully shoved it into her tight pussy. But she had been unprepared for an anal assault. "If only I hadn't been a virgin back there, It might not have hurt so badly. I might have even liked it, but I was just so scared and it felt like I was being torn apart." Cliff was always begging her to try anal sex. But she always refused, thinking her ass-hole too tiny to accept a swollen penis. But now she wanted her anal virginity gone. She wanted to be stretched back there, just in case the rapist returned. "I want you to fuck me in the ass." She repeated. Cliff wasn't sure he had heard her right the first time. She was lying naked on the waterbed, face down. "Just hurry, before I change my mind." Cliff quickly stripped his clothes off and jumped on top of her. He fitted his cock between the firm, tense buttocks, pressing the head firmly against the hole, which was no bigger around than a pencil eraser. Yet. She groaned, and the volume of the groan increased as he pushed harder at the impossibly tight hole. Suddenly, the head popped in. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She screamed, pulling forward with all her might. One half second later she was sitting Indian style against the headboard, crying and clutching a pillow to her naked breasts. "I couldn't. No way. Even if I was being raped. It would kill me to take a dick back there. I'm sorry," she said, glancing down at his still throbbing cock. "You can put it in my pussy if you like, or in my mouth or between my boobs. But NEVER in my ass." "No thanks." He said, pulling his clothes on. The word "never" echoed in his ears. "You know, I've waited years for this night. I guess I never actually told you this, but anal sex is my favorite thing. Every time we do it doggy style, I fantasize about being in your ass. My ex-girlfriend and I did it that way all the time. But I left her for you because I thought you would make me happier." "I tried!" She sobbed as he walked toward the door. "Don't leave. I need you. I'm sorry, I really am." "I'm sorry too. And I know you tried. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I've got to find someone who can fulfill my fantasies. Maybe now that your sister knows how to take it that way..." "NO! Come back in here. We'll try again." She begged. "What for? You'll just beg me to stop as soon as I get the head in. I don't think I could take that again." "So cover my mouth. Better yet, gag me." I've got to please him! She thought. He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "No matter what your intentions are, as soon as it starts to hurt, you'll squirm and pull away.

" "So tie me up. Real tight, so I can't move at all. And fuck me back there just as long and hard as you want, only don't leave me. Don't ever leave me." "Well, I can't turn down an offer like that. Panty hose should hold you good enough, and I think if you bite down on a tennis ball and I put duct tape over your mouth too, that should make a pretty good gag. So are you sure you really wanna go through with it? 'Cause if you say yes there's no turning back." He held his breath while awaiting her reply. "yes," she whispered a moment later. "I want to prove how much I love you." She lay down again face down on the waterbed, her arms and legs stretching toward the four corners of the bed. In a minute she was securely tied in that position, and the tennis ball gag had been taped in place. He knelt between her legs, spreading the smooth cheeks of her tail with his palms as he lowered his face to her ass, nuzzling his nose into the crevice and stretching his tongue down into her sweet pussy. He lapped at her snatch from behind while massaging her fine buns, finally spreading them wide again as he swabbed his wet tongue upward, running it several times across her tiny hairless anus. She sighed at this pleasant stimulation, and relaxed a bit in her bonds. He quickly repositioned his body on top of hers, and she tensed up and began to tremble as his throbbing hard-on probed between her buttocks and pressed firmly against the tight round hole of her butt. His hands snaked under her torso, tightly gripping her warm hooters. Then, in what can only be described as the most painful moment in young Dawn's life, he lunged forward HARD. The thick cock went in DEEP, his pubic hair tickling her buttocks while his balls slapped into her wet vaginal slit. The sudden move had forced her pelvis down into the bed, but now the water rushed back, forcing her butt upward onto his cock, the last inch ripping into her bowels. White hot agony shot up her spine as the intense pain washed over her whole being. She struggled and squirmed as much as the bonds would allow, and after her initial muffled scream he could make out the words: "STOP! TAKE IT OUT! OH GOD, PLEEEESE, NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Her frantic attempt to escape had pulled her body forward a couple of inches in spite of the tight bondage. Determined to reclaim the lost territory, he gripped her tits tighter still and shoved forward again, this time flattening her buttocks with his hairy groin. "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHhhhh...." She groaned. She quit squirming then, and began to sob, tears spilling from her pretty green eyes. He yanked his hands roughly from under her breasts, grabbing her butt again and yanking the cheeks apart as hard as he could while pushing forward with his hips. He managed to sink another inch of his throbbing member into the tight grip of her virgin rectum. He began to thrust powerfully in and out of the tight orifice, and she tossed her head from side to side, moaning the word "NO" into her gag over and over again. Tears continued to fall from her face, even though her eyes had rolled back into their sockets. This girl was in pain, but still Cliff continued to stroke rapidly in and out of her beautiful behind. She tried to lay still except when the pain of a particularly cruel thrust caused her body to jerk involuntarily, the strain on her muscles adding to her misery. "Damn, babe. Your virgin asshole is even tighter than your sister's was last night! But that tit fuck you offered me earlier? What a joke. Compared to Denise, your tits are tiny." "Hmmm?" she moaned, raising her head off the bed.

"That's right, it was me. Even with the mask, she recognized me. Told me how much she had fantasized about anal sex every time you told her that I wanted to do it to you. And she knows how much I love her huge tits! Must have caught me staring at them a few times. Anyway, we decided to start dating. I got her to agree to let me do you one more time, but only if I could talk you into anal sex. She thought you might like it. I guess she was wrong." With that, the tempo of his already devastating momentum increased sharply. His rod swelled as he felt his orgasm approach. Louder groans escaped from her now hoarse throat as her rectal walls, already stretched beyond her ability to endure were distended still further. "Oh my GOD!" He cried out, surprised by the intensity of his orgasm as he planted his cock deep. The last thrust caused her so much pain that she clenched her buttocks tight in an attempt to stop his movement. Spurt after spurt of boiling hot semen rocketed through his dick past the tight stricture of her sphincter. Jet after jet sprayed deep into her bowels, and suddenly both fell into a semi-delirious state; He from the intense ecstasy of the best orgasm of his life, Her from the sheer agony of the most painful ordeal imaginable. Another spasm of pain caught her by surprise as the withdraw of his still erect penis caused her battered rectal ring to stretch even further to release the oversized helmet of his now slick rod. She lay there quietly as he dressed. Her jaw ached, and her throat was raw. Her wrists and ankles were numb, and semen leaked out of her sore throbbing anus as her body and mind struggled to recover from the painful rectal assault. She turned her head, pleading with her eyes to be untied before he left. Instead, she watched him pull a bag from his coat pocket. "Just one more thing before I leave" he said, pulling a lighter, a box of sparklers, and an object she didn't recognize from the sack.. "This is for all the times before tonight when I wanted to do you up the ass and you refused." He held the unrecognized object to her nose, letting her whiff the gunpowder. IT WAS A FIRECRACKER! He pulled out the short fuse, jamming the sparkler in its place. Then, to her horror, he used the sparkler to push the firecracker several inches into her battered asshole. Then he lit it, and sparks cascaded over her ass, their dancing light flickering brightly about the dark room. "I always said if we break up we should go out with a 'BANG'" he laughed . The awful enormity of what he had just done suddenly hit her. She closed her eyes, tensed, and waited for the pain. Sparks fell onto the rounded globes of her ass, like the biting of a thousand red ants. She let out a muffled cry as the fire followed its course, passing into her back door. She screamed with all her might as her anal ring was severely burned, and then suddenly...BANG! The explosion rocked her bowels, a waterfall of fire seared deeply into her guts. A black ring of smoke escaped from her anus, but most of the fury of the blast thrust inward, like an enema of lava. Her scream stopped instantly, and she arched her back for a moment before suddenly going completely limp and sagging into a state of blissful, pain free unconsciousness. Cliff sat down and waited. Denise would be home soon, and he realized that when she saw the condition of her sister, she would be more than a little upset. Unfortunately, both girls would have to die in an apartment fire, But not until he had given Denise the same treatment. Well almost the same. He might have to throw in a little bit of tit torture for Denise....

Unfortunately for Cliff, when Denise returned, she had the authorities with her. She had only told him she wanted to date him because she thought he might kill her when she recognized him. An ambulance was called, and Dawn recovered from her injuries enough to testify at the double rape trial. Cliff became quite popular in prison, as the other convicts delighted in snuffing out their cigarettes on him during anal sex. </pre></body></html>

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