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Get Paid Worldwide


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Payoneer came to make Global Payments Easy! Payoneer is used for payments by selling agents, affiliates and service providers in 210 countries all over the world. Payoneer can : be used to get paid or pay someone the way it wants to be paid be used by people or businesses, with or without a bank account be used to transfer money faster, securely, and cost effectively via Payoneers prepaid MasterCard card, virtual cards, global bank transfers, e-Wallets and local currency checks reach the countries other payment services dont, with its truly global payment solutions be used to receive faster payments from more than 2,000 companies all over the world be used to pay in stores, online or get cash from ATMs worldwide

Navigating to Payoneers website will bring you to a pretty straightforward and easy to understand page. On the center of the page are some basic options of Payoneer Payment Solutions. On the right side of your screen you will find some basic function buttons like My account, Activate your card, Load money to card and Sign Up right below.

Clicking the My Account button will take you to the login screen, where you will have to fill up your username and password in order to login. On the upper right corner is a plethora of languages for you to select in what language this page should be presented depending on your nationality.

Logging in will reveal the users dashboard. Here youve got some basic information like Card Balance, Accounts, Messages and Last Visit for security reasons. On the center of the dashboard is the account activity with a date editor in order to bring up payments historical transactions.

Clicking the Services button will reveal a drop down menu with US Payment Service and Send Load Invitation sub menus. Send Load Invitation can sent an invitation to load your card with money to any Payoneer card holder just by sending and email to him/her.

Choosing US Payment Service will ask you to verify your ID in order to be able to accept money on a USA bank account from services like PayPal, Amazon, Skrill and more. When you verify your ID a USA bank account will be registered on your name on First Century Bank and you will receive a Bank Routing Number and an Account Number.

A user can easily transfer money to another Payoneer card holder just by clicking Withdrawal => Transfer To Another Card button from the menu and then filling up the details , card number , email , amount to transfer. Ready to go!

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Get your 25$ for signing up with Payoneer now!

Funds will be transferred to your account after a total 100$ deposit has been made by you before.

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