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the morningside mirror

Summer 2013


200 years

Front cover: REH basket weaving, occupational therapy in the 1950s

Contributors this issue:

Kirsten Lloyd Trevor Cromie Anne Elliot Grace OHara Laura Spring Alex Wilde Tom Arnott Claire Barclay Mark Dion

Morningside Mirror was a magazine published by patients and staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital between the years 1845 and 1974. This new edition of The Mirror is part of Artlinks contribution to examining the Royal Edinburghs 200 year-long history during the hospital-wide bicentenary celebrations this year. If you would like to find out more about this and other related projects, call: Anne or Trevor on ext. 46127

2 | The Morningside Mirror | SUMMER 2013

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital is 200 years old!

Welcome to this special edition of the Morningside Mirror. Were celebrating the hospitals bicentenary and inside youll find stories about the plans that will make 2013 a year to remember.

WITH Trevor Cromie Programme Producer To get us started, Trevor Cromie gave us the lowdown on Ever Present Past a programme of fascinating talks, creative workshops, an exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery, and fun events, all run by Artlink. Over the course of the year the activities are building up and digging deep to uncover the everyday stories, creative talents and hidden experiences that make the Royal Edinburgh Hospital what it is today. The programme has been designed around the diverse interests of all those who make up and contribute to the community here. For those of you with an interest in the history and work of the hospital there are talks on the life of the poet Robert Fergusson, patients experiences through the ages, and outsider art, as well as an imaginative take on the future of psychiatric care.

Or perhaps you want to explore your own talents? Then why not try out one of the art workshops which run throughout the week at the Glasshouses, or join one of the singing groups? If you fancy playing a part in something even bigger then theres a chance to use your detective skills to help collect objects and stories for an ambitious new artwork commemorating the hospitals history. Whats more, the Ever Present Past programme is open to everyone connected to the hospital. Whether youre a patient or former patient, a current or a past member of staff, a relative or a neighbour, or if you just have an interest in the history of this fascinating place, then we want to hear from you. As Trevor says, its going to be a very interesting year!
FIND OUT MORE To find out more about talks, events and exhibitions contact Trevor Cromie: Ext: 46127 Email: trevor@artlink Blog: www.artlinkever presentpast.

1 REH ground plans.

2 Patients at Craig House making sandbags circa 1920. 3 The audience for 1,000 voices by Jo McFarlane and Dr Alan Beveridge.

4T  alk on the poet Robert Fergusson by Professor Ronnie Jack FRSE FEA. 5P  rofessor Ronnie Jack FRSE FEA.

SUMMER 2013 | The Morningside Mirror | 3


1 Anne and Grace.

Nurses by 2 Guiseppe.

3 Banner by Maggie. Banner 4 by Joan.

Banner 5 by Guiseppe. 2

Making a Splash
with Anne Elliot and Grace OHARA Back in Anne Elliots hothouse of creativity everyone is talking about the fete. This year well be revisiting an old hospital tradition and staging a parade theres even talk of getting a piper in. Grace has been busy working away trying to finish her huge fabric banner in time and she kindly showed us her progress so far. Beautiful paintings of flowers tell the story of her recovery in the Royal Edinburghs Meadows Ward. On one side, heather symbolises her early feelings of loss and solitude while the Lily of the Valley opposite represents her return to happiness. In the centre she has drawn pictures of a special day out in North Berwick alongside one of the regular tea parties organised by Julie Sutherland. Entirely handmade, its sure to be a spectacular centrepiece for the days festivities. But the fete is only one part of the story. Anne is determined to make sure that patients artworks make a big splash throughout the bicentenary celebrations There are plans to have the fantastic creations produced in her workshops turned into a commemorative set of professionally-produced prints. Shes also looking for new ways to display paintings, prints and sculptures throughout the hospital and around the local community. So look out for artworks appearing on walls, billboards and even in the windows of local houses.


We are looking for people to help make props for this years Special Bicentenary Summer Fete inAugust and also to participate in the parade.
We need your help to make banners, mini floats and costumes. Do you play a musical instrument and would like to lead the parade? Or maybe you would just like to march in the parade? Parade Props workshops will take place every Tuesday morning in the Glasshouses 10.30 - 12pm starting on 4th June through until the Fete. Be you designer or performer we want to hear from you. Get in touch with Anne.

0131 537 6127

4 | The Morningside Mirror | SUMMER 2013

Doodling Away
2 3 1 Textile cafe workshop. 2 Textile cafe workshop. 6 A bed pan with REH coat of arms.

3 Owl print by Maggie Rose. 4 Textile cafe workshop. 5 Textile cafe workshop.

with Laura Spring Gathering together drawings and doodles, testing out printing techniques, embroidery and sewing patterns, Laura Spring has certainly been busy. Did you see her textile caf when it popped up in the Link Gallery at the beginning of the year? Well, its back, and this time she has the artist Laura Aldridge working with her. Theyre planning to expand the enterprise and tell us that the caf will be popping up in wards and in the Glasshouses over the summer months. Individual creativity kits will also be sent out to staff and patients who prefer to work in their own time. Laura and Laura first found inspiration looking through the archives where they discovered clay pipes, cups and embroideries emblazoned with the REH coat of arms. Now they are on the hunt for ideas that can be worked up into high quality products which commemorate the hospitals history. To explain what they mean, we take a look at Maggies sketches of owls.

Set into a repeat pattern and printed onto fabric, the results already look incredibly professional but theres more to come. The next stage is to try sewing it up into a tablecloth or a footstool. They plan to create a wide selection of affordable handmade items which will be displayed at the Talbot Rice Gallery in November. Perhaps a simple drawing by a member of staff will end up printed on a t-shirt, or a painting produced in one of their workshops will be transformed into the design for a set of dinner plates. One things for sure, if Maggies first experiments are anything to go by the merchandise is sure to sell like hotcakes.

SUMMER 2013 | The Morningside Mirror | 5

Singing Together
with Alex Wilde Did you know that there are three new singing groups at the Royal Edinburgh? First we have the new staff choir which has started to meet for a quick musical blast on Tuesday lunchtimes between 12.30pm and 1pm at The Glasshouses. Then theres The Orchard CLinic group. And last, but certainly not least, the Heart and Soul Singsters, who have already staged their first live performance. Looking sensational in matching bright red t-shirts and accompanied by John Grieve on guitar, their favourite tunes include hits by The Beatles, Eric Clapton and The Kinks. Lots more concerts are planned including a mass sing together with other choirs from across Edinburgh at the Talbot Rice Gallery in June and special performances at the fete. Theyre always looking for people who like to sing for fun, so if you fancy having a go yourself, pop along to the Glasshouses on Tuesday afternoons between 3pm and 4pm.
A mock staff 1 choir. Heart & Soul 2 Singsters concert. 3 Heart & Soul Singsters concert.







COME & JOIN US! Date: Friday 21st June

Open rehearsal: 5.30 - 6.30pm Public performance: 7 - 8pm Contact Alex on ext 46127
The Royal Edinburgh Hospital singing group the Heart and Soul Singsters join forces with the Edinburgh University Music Society chorus for a mass sing in the Georgian Gallery. Part of the Ever Present Past programme celebrating 200 years of the hospital, the mass sing will be a fun event to experiment with the acoustics of the gallery and for people to experience singing as part of a big group. There will be an open rehearsal to practise the songs we will be singing at the event which anyone is welcome to join. If you cant make the rehearsal everyone attending the public performance will be welcome to sing or hum along.
The Ever Present Past project at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital is developed and coordinated by Artlink. The project explores the history of the Hospital through a series of talks, events and workshops and artist placements throughout 2013 the Hospitals bi-centenary year will culminate in a public exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery from November 2013 to January 2014.

Tuesday afternoons between 3pm and 4pm. At the Glasshouses. All welcome!

Talbot Rice Gallery, Old College, South Bridge, University of Edinburgh EH8 9YL

6 | The Morningside Mirror | SUMMER 2013

1 Talk on nursing in the REH. 2 An exercise class at the Andrew Duncan Clinic circa 1960. 3 Andrew Duncan circa 1790. 5T  ailors scissors with the REH coat of arms.

4 A sign painted by Maggie in the Glasshouses.

 660 Monarch 61 Stone.

with Tom Arnott Tom Arnott has worked at the Royal Edinburgh for over two decades. As well as being the Operations Manager hes also something of an expert on the history of the hospital.

Watch out for the party boxes which will be sent out to each ward. In the main corridor a special exhibition of huge portraits of past medical superintendents including the founder Andrew Duncan will make a big visual impact. At the same time well be transforming a room opposite the shop into an open archive where you can find intriguing (and sometimes controversial) artefacts that reveal what life would have been like for people here in days gone by. Over the course of the year well also be hosting barbecues in the gardens, talks and a Royal visit. Then theres the fete its going to be bigger, brighter and better than ever this year... The list goes on!

What does 2013 mean to you? 200 years ago on the 19th of July 1813, the first patient was admitted here. The hospital became a pioneering centre for the treatment of psychiatric illness and this year were celebrating this incredible history.

Theres more? Yes, much more. Weve set ourselves the challenge of photographing every member of staff. The idea is to produce a record of 2013 so that people can look back on us in 200 years time. All the staff will get a copy of this book together with a bicentenary memento and a certificate. In the last issue of the Morningside Mirror we asked if anyone knew anything about the stone. Can you help us out? Ah yes, thats the Monarch Stone. Originally it would have stood in the old village of Tipperlin. Edinburgh folk used to holiday here to get away from the stale air of the Old Town! 1660 is the date that the monarchy was restored to power following the puritan regime of Oliver Cromwell.

Can you give us a flavour of whats coming up? A lot of activities will happen in July to commemorate the date of this first admission. Bunting will decorate the grounds and were planning a special lunch for staff and patients.

The Hospital Celebrates in Style

4 5

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in the week of the 15th until 19th July. Throughout the week the packed programme includes music, exhibitions, a talk, objects from the archive on display, the famous Glasshouses picnic and ward parties throughout the hospital on the Friday. Staff photographs and presentation of souvenirs will also take place this week.

Work and Play

with Claire Barclay How does an artist go about creating new work for an exhibition? Claire Barclay has been running art workshops in the Glasshouses for nearly two years. Now shes been asked to draw upon her experiences and produce a new sculpture for display at the Talbot Rice Gallery. But where to start? For Claire, the answer is simple: she wants to play. She tells us that its when shes working with

SUMMER 2013 | The Morningside Mirror | 7

patients, messing around with materials or exploring the hospital grounds and archives that the sparks of ideas begin to fly. So shell be spending the next six months working with a few like-minded participants on a one-to-one basis. This process of exchanging ideas and sharing inspiration will help to inform the development of Claires ambitious new sculpture which will be exhibited at the Ever Present Past exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery in November.

1 Biscuits, James McLardy and the Tuesday group.

4B  ird sculpture, Gary.

Hospital farm 2 model, Claire Barclay and the Tuesday group. Hospital farm 3 model, Claire Barclay and the Tuesday group.

5C  lay workshop, James McLardy and the Tuesday Group. 6A  rtist, Mark Dion.

200 Years 200 Objects

A few words about Mark Dion Over the coming months the New York-based artist Mark Dion will work with a team of people to gather together 200 objects to represent each year of the Royal Edinburgh Hospitals history. Of course theyll be plundering the official collections, but theyre also on the hunt for items that you wouldnt normally see in a museum. The first hospital charter, memorable characters from last years Gnome Olympics, patients artworks and even the Royal Edinburgh potato, will all feature in the collection. To keep us on our toes Mark will also be making his own objects to add into the mix. The final selection will be brought together for the exhibition at the Talbot Rice Gallery, capping off a fantastic year of creative celebration.

4 6




Image: The ladies dining room, South Craig Villa, Craig House. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland; B/64333. Licensor

We are looking for detectives to help us to unearth the 200 year history of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. We would like you to suggest a number of different objects which you think represent each year of the REHs 200 year history. It could be a nurses uniform from 1973, a letter from a relative in hospital in 1945 or a newpaper cutting from 1923. Its up to you. All we need are the objects and the stories attached. These objects will form an artwork by Mark Dion, which will tell the wider story of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The exhibition will be at the Talbot Rice Gallery November 2013 to February 2014. Contact us on 537 6127 or, if you are in the hospital, ext 46127 Email: or just drop by the Glasshouses at the REH