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Resumen This is a highly condensed summary (2-3 sentences) of the purpose of the experiment and the how it fits with lecture or previously done labs.

(Abstract) Same as Resumen (written in English) Introduccin It is the necessary additional information crucial to understanding the experiment. An example could be how to implement a transistor circuit working as a switch. This section usually refers to how any new components in the experiment work.

Materiales y Mtodos Here you summarize the process used to create/set-up the experiment, with an explanation of such process, equipment and materials you used. It refers to, HOW you CREATED your project. Keywords: implemented, created, made, soldered, programmed, etc.

Resultados Describe testing procedures to measure/evaluate the correct behavior of your experiment; including what information you need to gather and how you will measure it. Example: I will measure the wave's frequency on the IC's pin 14 output, by using the oscilloscope's probe, and then I'll compare it with expected results. It refers to, HOW you TESTED your project. Keywords: Measured, tested, compared, compiled, downloaded, simulated, etc.

Discusin This is the main section of the report. However, presenting results without an appropriate explanation does not show thorough understanding of the subject. Discussion includes WHY the experiment did or did not work in accordance to what you described in the evaluation process, how the experiment performed, its measurements and results. In essence, what the results means. Finally you can add:

Conclusiones y recomendaciones. This section indicates what you learned from the project, comments on the results you obtained.

Literatura Citada. The full disclosure on each mentioned source in the text is provided in a so-called list Referencias, which is located at the end of the research report. Use APA style. FORMATO DE EDICION

Utilizar procesador de texto Impresin: impresora de tinta, color negro, en tablas y grficos puede utilizar color. Tamao: A4 Mrgenes: sup: 3 cm, iz: 3 cm, der: 2 cm. Espaciado: 1,5 Letra: TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 puntos. Abstract: Cursiva Justificacin: Izquierda y derecha. Longitud del trabajo: entre 5 y 10 pginas. Puede incluir Apndices al final identificados con una hoja de ttulo cada uno.