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biz FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Diego college students to restore home of a medically retired, wheelchair !ound Marine "or#s "a#tain as #art of Em!race$s %& #rogram SA' DIE(O ) *May +,, +-.&/ ) an !ie"o colle"e students and #olunteers $ill carr% out the si&th home restoration 'ro(ect as 'art o) *mbrace+s ,-ealin" our -eroes+ -omes. 'ro"ram on /ednesda%0 1ul% 20 throu"h unda%0 1ul% 24. 3he )i#e-da% e))ort $ill ta4e 'lace at the an !ie"o home o) medicall% retired Marine Cor's Ca'tain arah Bettencourt. Bettencourt ser#ed $ith man% di))erent units across the countr% durin" the Global /ar on 3errorism and de#elo'ed a rare neurolo"ical disorder in 2005. !es'ite her disabilit%0 she continued to ser#e in the Marine Cor's as an Ad(utant until si"ni)icant neurolo"ical s%m'toms ended her militar% career. 6n 20220 Bettencourt $as medicall% retired )rom the militar% $ith a 200 'ercent disabilit% ratin". ,3he o''ortunit% to ser#e another #eteran $ho has "i#en so much o) hersel) to 'rotect our nation is an honor )or e#er%one in#ol#ed. arah Bettencourt and her husband are $onder)ul 'eo'le $ho deser#e our assistance0. said ean he''ard0 )ounder o) *mbrace.

Retired Marine Captain Sarah Bettencourt and Husband Matt Bettencourt

/ith a )ocus to restore the homes o) disabled #eteran homeo$ners0 -3 )alls in line $ith *mbrace+s mission to mobilize colle"e student #olunteers and communit% members to ser#e less )ortunate members o) ci#ilian and #eteran communities. ,/hen $e re#ie$ed arah+s a''lication )or the -3 'ro"ram0 and subse7uentl% met her and her husband in 'erson0 $e 4ne$ she $as the 'er)ect bene)iciar% )or the 'ro"ram because o) her 'ersonalit% and stor%0. said he''ard. , arah is a stron"0 charismatic0 'ositi#e indi#idual $ho en(o%s li)e and ta4es her disabilit% head on. *#er%one a))iliated $ith *mbrace is honored to be able to hel' her and her husband.. 3he 'ro(ect )or the Bettencourts+ home includes 4itchen and bathroom remodelin"0 buildin" A!A com'liant disabilit% ram's0 $idenin" their dri#e$a% to A!A standards0 $idenin" door$a%s and landsca'in". 3he title s'onsors )or this 'ro(ect are !G8*0 3he -ome !e'ot 9oundation and 1ac4 6n 3he Bo& 9oundation. *mbrace+s -3 'ro"ram aims to create a multi-cultural0 multi-ethnic ser#ice learnin" e&'erience )or colle"e students0 connect %oun" adults to #eteran communit% members in need0 raise a$areness o) lo$ income0 disabled #eterans0 and increase the #alue and e))icient use o) their homes. 9or more in)ormation on *mbrace and the -3 'ro"ram0 #isit $$$.embrace2.or":h3. A!out Em!race 9ounded in 20000 *mbrace uses communit% ser#ice to brin" di#erse "rou's o) 'eo'le to"ether to brin" about social $ellness in our societ%. 3he or"anization )ocuses on the utilization o) colle"e students and recent "raduates to de#elo' their leadershi' 7ualities and remed% communit% 'roblems such as health dis'arities and homelessness on a #olunteer basis. 9ounder ean he''ard;s ultimate "oal is to brin" about le"islation that ma4es communit% ser#ice mandator% )or all colle"e students that attend state )unded institutions o) hi"her education. 9or more in)ormation on *mbrace0 #isit $$$.embrace2.or". 9or more in)ormation about he''ard and his li)e0 #isit $$$.the"oodshe''ard.t#. <<<