Bibliography from ESP, HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS Copyright 1986, 2003 What Do You Read?

Loyd Auerbach 1

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1982. Some of the books are extremely “deep” in coverage of Parapsychology. Authors to Read: Just about anything by these authors you find is good stuff! D. Rhine Louisa Rhine Peter Underwood Susy Smith (and of course. Occult and Supernatural Phenomena. I have listed books that provide excellent background for the investigator. The Psychology of the Psychic.ebay. D. D. www.alibris. Confessions of a Ghost Hunter.Bibliography from ESP. Price. . The two sites I use the most for this are www. and www. 1980. James. Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune rather than books detailing individual cases (with a couple of exceptions). The Truth about Uri Geller. Loyd Auerbach) As for the Publications. thanks to the Internet. Henning. 1969. Psychology's Occult Doubles: Psychology and the Problem of Pseudoscience. there are many places one can find copies of out of print books. Magic and Showmanship. Some of the books below are out of print. Leland. and of course.. and R. Marks. Harry. NY: Prometheus Books. Randi. (Barnes & Noble).B. Thomas Hardy and Grace Evans Leahey. Scott Rogo Eileen Garrett Martin Ebon J. Chicago: Nelson-Hall. New York. New York: Causeway Books. 1983. Fortunately. NY: Prometheus Books. 1971. Buffalo. H. Buffalo. HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS Copyright New York: Dover Publications. 2003 additions: Here are some more book resources for you in addition the above listings. Nelms. You can also find out of print books via the resources for such books at www. Charles Godfrey. 2003 Loyd Auerbach 11 Leahey. New York: Dover. Rawcliffe.

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