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Principal Selection Rubric

CANDIDATE NAME: _________________________________________________________ INTERVIEWER NAME: ______________________________________________________ NHA’s principal selection process is evidence-based and derived from the research conducted on principal selection and performance evaluation by New Leaders for New Schools. The following selection criteria should form the basis for determining the suitability of both internal and external applicants for principal positions at NHA. DIRECTIONS: Please use this document to aggregate and review all of the information and data points collected during the Principal Assessment Day. Not a scorecard, this documen t provides a framework for discussion about a candidate’s existing skills, abilities and traits, as well as offers the opportunity for hiring managers to consider where additional support is needed. These documents, completed individually by each interviewer, will be used as the basis for our debrief phone calls. Competencies shaded in grey represent that there is a specific competency interview that is structured to help offer insight. Please return the completed document to the Talent Acquisition Team. RATING: Please use the boxes next to each competency to enter:  Y if you have seen adequate evidence to suggest mastery of the competency  N if you assess that the candidate does not meet the standards or criteria outlined  R if you believe the candidate meets the criteria, yet you have some reservations Please enter comments on page 2 whenever you score an R. You may also use this section to make notes of general areas for development, concerns, opportunities or reminders. DATE: ______________________


Hard to coach or change, hiring managers should execute extreme caution in considering candidates who don’t demonstrate the following beliefs and orientation.  Belief and Urgency that All Students will Excel Academically Demonstrate the belief that every student, regardless of background, can excel academically • Demonstrate a sense of urgency to achieve dramatic gains in student learning and close the achievement gap • Hold self and other adults accountable for ensuring high academic achievement for every student  Personal Responsibility and Relentless Drive Hold self personally accountable for outcomes and results • Demonstrate relentless drive and determination to achieve outcomes and results • Exhibit willingness to engage in difficult conversations and make hard decisions • Exhibit resilience to overcome setbacks and remain constructive despite resistance or failure • Demonstrate integrity by acting in a manner that reflects stated values and beliefs • Demonstrate a commitment to urban school leadership and management  Results Orientation Have a track record of achieving goals and results • Demonstrate and maintain a focus on goals and results • Demonstrate resourcefulness to achieve goals and results • Demonstrate willingness and ability to adjust strategies and practices in order to reach goals TEACHING AND LEARNING  Knowledge of Teaching and Learning Demonstrate ability to drive dramatic improvements in academic achievement for all students • Provide evidence of linking daily, unit and year-long plans to desired student learning outcomes • Understand and use a variety of instructional strategies to meet students’ diverse learning needs • Articulate student learning outcomes as a key driver of instructional practice • Assess student learning and use data to guide and modify instruction • Provide clear feedback to students and guide students in assessing their own learning • Demonstrate the ability to distinguish among poor, mediocre, solid and outstanding teaching



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including when under pressure  Self-Awareness and Commitment to Ongoing Learning Accurately identify technical and interpersonal strengths and areas for development • Re flect on experiences to grow and develop • Seek feedback and take action to develop personally and professionally • Demonstrate humility and willingness to continually improve • Demonstrate awareness of impact on and perception by others • Commit to the growth and development of other adults NOTES CONFIDENTIAL DO NOT DISTRBUTE Rev: 2/8/13 . but can adapted and improved through coaching. are more difficult to coach and change. ideas and rationale • Possess written and verbal skills to communicate in a clear and concise manner that will be understood by intended audiences • Demonstrate poise.STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT  Problem Solving Identify. analyze and prioritize complex problems and key issues • Analyze and diagnose complex issues • Develop a strategic plan with concrete outcomes • Develop effective solutions • Demonstrate ability to evaluate results • Demonstrate ability to make data-driven decisions  Project Management to Deliver Results Articulate a clear vision and goals • Prioritize and organize strategies effectively to reach goals • Multi -task and balance detailed steps with the big picture to ensure successful project completion • Delegate decision -making and authority in an effective manner  Team Building Mobilize adults to take action towards common goals • Develop clear direction and shared purpose that guides and unifies the team • Read group dynamics accurately and maximize individual strengths • Engage and empower others to take responsibility to achieve results • Make clear decisions while considering diverse perspectives to reach the best solutions PERSONAL QUALITIES Personal qualities.  Communication and Listening Clearly articulate point of view. mentorship and targeted professional development. as identified below. confidence and professionalism in diverse situations • Actively listen to and engage with others  Interpersonal Skills Successfully build relationships • Value different perspectives and treat every person with respect • Relate to adults and students with empathy and understanding • Diffuse anger and find common ground to move people toward solutions • Exhibit confidence and competence.