Development Perspectives Position Paper Is Global Warming a Natural or Man-Made Occurrence? By Sheila G. Dolipas Ph.D. Educational Management Global Warming is the increase of the world’s temperature. It was specifically stated in ENCARTA Dictionary (2009) that it is partly caused by Greenhouse Effect. Greenhouse is a result of the atmospheric pollution of gases. What I would like to reiterate however is the word “partly”. This implies that there are other causes of what man consider as a curse of his generation. Man therefore is to be partly blamed for global warming.

To fully understand global warming, one has to look to all its causes.

Microsoft Encarta (2008) has pointed out that the Earth has warmed and cooled many times since its formation about 4.6 billion years ago. Several of the causes listed includes; a) massive volcanic eruptions, which increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; b) changes in the intensity of energy emitted by the Sun; and C) variations in Earth’s position relative to the Sun, both in its orbit and in the inclination of its spin axis.

Seemingly, the earth has experienced several repeated retreat of the polar ice caps which resulted to a cool and warm environment. The last warm environment happened about 125,000 years ago (Microsoft Encarta, 2008). During this period, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane naturally increase in the atmosphere from increased plant and animal life. In an internet article retrieved February 25, 2010 simple entitled “GLOBAL WARMING”, it also highlighted that apparently the earth goes through a cycle of climate change which lasts for about 40,000 years.

it may now be acting as a cause of global warming. the sun has been gaining strength and is at it's strongest since a sixty years. Man h as created a monster from what is natural. man can also will to change his future and that is his greatest gift he can muster to modify global warming. 2. Industrialization 4. Pollution which is brought about by burning fuels and mining that allows methane gas to escape. One cannot give of the cause w/o mentioning the others At present however. The sun is the main source of energy to the earth. Other than natural causes. In conclusion. NATURE…. the higher the need to burn fuels. but on the brighter side of things. It is anyway. He pointed out that according to the solar variation theory. The earth absorbs about seventy percent of the earth's solar flux. 1. This solar flux increases the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Deforestation The above-mentioned causes are inter-related. These man-made causes include. the same website also pointed to man who did the most damage in contributing to global warming. man has tremendously increased greenhouse gases much more than any period in the earth’s history. This is alarming because it threatens our very survival as a human race. land and oceans. 3. Recent reports suggest that the number of sunspots in an area directly affects the amount of time the nearby earth takes to cool. The question that has to be answered immediately is.De Silva (2008) provided an ample explanation of the role of the sun in global warming. WHAT CAN WE DO? Man can only undo what he has caused. the question as to whether global warming is man-made or a natural occurrence is a very simple question with a very simple answer. . he cannot challenge nature to reverse it’s course. Sunspots are also said to be a cause or catalyst for Global Warming. Population because the higher the population. Therefore.

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