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Provide brief definitions for the following terms related to vital records. Suggest your translation. Account for your choices.

*City Clerk: : a public officer charged with recording the official proceedings and vital statistics of a city. (Merrian-Webster) Traducción: Secretarìa del juzgado local ( *Registrar or Registrer: an officer authorized by law to keep a record called a register or registry. Traducciones: Juez de Paz (Wordreference)?? 2) Secretario judicial (Varó) 3) Funcionario de registro (Mazzucco) *Superintendent Registrar: An officer who superintends the registers of births, deaths, and marriages. There is one in every poor-law union in England and Wales. ( Traducción: Jefe del registro Civil ( * Registrar General: ? (meaning) Traducción: Registro General ( *Assistant Registrar: 1)

*Elected domicile:?? meaning Traducciones: 1) domicilio de elección/convenido (Varó) 2) Domicilio legal (Mazzucco)

special notary public. 6. expert witnesses testimony) and witnesses documents. m. 5. also see Notario. bank. Escribano. special notary. prudence. (The Escribano is an officer of the court (in the sense that an attorney is) who retypes and certifies certain legal documents (e. An Escribano´s certification may verify having witnessed the signature of the signatory or. (book or ledger) entry. See Escribano. notary public.real estate contracts. good judgement. peace treaty 4.g. . 2. official recording or registration (in public registry or recording office) . He/she works under license of the government and usually must have completed extensive studies after having become an attorney. • Oficial Público. additionally. 1. seat . 2. supplies contract (for military troop). m. 2. banc. chair. 1.*Domicile of/by choice: domicile of choice * Corporate domicile: *District: *Department: *Borough: *Partida: *Acta: *Certificado * Asiento. may verify the truth of the facts included in the document being signed. judicial assistant. m. 3. 3. judge´s clerk. public officer. seat of court.

f. town or city hall. m. Circunscripción electoral. 6.). limitation. m. f. 1. m. 1. registry of vital statistics. * Registro Civil. etc. public officer whose work is to administer oaths and witness out-of-court documents. administrative. Circunscripción judicial. even if the couple is separated. 2. marriages. divorces. 1. necessary domicile. city. district (electoral. legal domicile. unitary domicile (obs). precinct. • Municipalidad. voting or electoral district. legal address or residence. town. judicial district . 5 township. * Domicilio legal. f. naturalizations. * Domicilio conyugal. legitimizations of children. ward.) Notario. actual residence (of persons). place chosen by husband to be matrimonial domicile. f. m. etc. 7. borough. municipal government. notary. domicile set by law. deaths. matrimonial domicile. county. adoptions. 2. principal place of a person´s residence (legally recognized as that person´s domicile). m. (In some civil law countries Notario is equivalent to Escribano. are registered. 2. town or city council.The Escribano who works as a judicial assistant certifies court documents among others and otherwise assists in court related matters. *Domicilio real. precinct. A Notario is usually an attorney with further education and qualifications). • Circunscripción. 4. registry in which births. circumscription. public notary. civil registry. 3 municipality. notary public.