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HOLISTIC MASSAGE (50 MIN) Soothing and relaxing whole body massage. DEEP TISSUE BACK MASSAGE (50 MIN) Invigorating massage releases chronic tension patterns in the back. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (80 MIN) Invigorating massage releases chronic tension patterns in the body. AROMATHERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (80 MIN) Revitalising massage that combines different massage techniques to improve circulation and mobilization articulate choose one of two aromatic synergies. CITRUS MASSAGE (50 MIN) Massage with aromatic citrus balm invigorate and energize body mind and soul. QUIROGOLF MASSAGE (50 MIN) Deep massage indicated for alleviating and reducing muscle tension, applying a zone by zone technique with golf balls to improve the body´s flexibility. KUKULCAN MAYAN MASSAGE (80 MIN) Massage inspired by ancient Mayan traditions to balance and restore the physical and spiritual forces within our internal cosmos.

MULTISENSORY FACIAL (80 MIN) Regenerating & anti-age facial, with lifting action, reinforces the natural system of defense of the skin, maintaining a long lasting hydration and improving the elasticity and the cutaneous tone.

Body & Soul
SAMUNPRAI HERBAL MASSAGE (80 MIN) Traditional Thai therapy releases muscular tension using soft rolling motions with a hot herbal poultice. SACRED HOT STONE MASSAGE (80 MIN) A deep, nurturing massage with warm river stones to relieve sore and tense muscles.

Face & Body Rituals
RELAX (130 MIN) Body scrub, Aroma Therapeutic Massage and Refresher Facial. RENOVATE (130 MIN) Holistic Massage and Inhibit Facial CITRUS EXPERIENCE (130 MIN) Body Scrup and Vitamin C Facial PUL YHA CEREMONY (150 MIN) Seaweed Wrap, aloe Massage and Refresher Facial HA XIU- FACE & BODY (130 MIN) Aroma Therapeutic Massage and Refresher Facial

Scrub, Bath & Wraps
BODY SCRUB (50 MIN) A revitalizing, invigorating whole body exfoliation the skin by removing dead cells while stimulating the body´s circulation. MARINE BATH & SCRUB (50 MIN) Fabulous bath therapy made with marine extracts and essential oils, detoxifying and stimulating the entire organism. SEAWEED WRAP (50 MIN) Mineral-rich mixture of seaweed applied to the body in a fine mask detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin and body. CHAYA SUN SOOTHING WRAP (50 MIN) The healing properties of aloe, nopal & chaya provide an excellent remedy for extreme sunburn and sensitive skin. CHOCOLATE WRAP (80 MIN) A treatment rooted in Mayan tradition which stimulates skin´s renewal, circulation, hydration and elasticity

Spa BarChoose a minimum of two spa bar treatments and create your own Spa Bar treatment experience. Spa bar 50 min, 75 min, 100 min, 125 min. SPA BAR - SCRUB (25 MIN) Whole body exfoliation refines skin SPA BAR - FACE (25 MIN) Mini facial SPA BAR - HAIR (25 MIN) Scalp massage SPA BAR - FEET & LEGS (25 MIN) Feet & leg massage SPA-BAR - BACK MASSAGE (25 MIN) Back massage

REFRESHER FACIAL (50 MIN) A soothing, relaxing facial massage rich in 02 oxygenates and re-hydrates your face. CEUTICAL FACIAL (50 MIN Sensitive skin treatment designed to bring you hydration, repairing ingredients with hypoallergenic. STABILIZING FACIAL (80 MIN) Facial designed specifically for all types of skin provides complete extraction. INHIBIT FACIAL (80 MIN) Treatment of alternative cosmectics to the microinjections reduces wrinkles and lines of expression. VITAMIN C FACIAL (80 MIN) Restorative facial that prevents and eliminates damage to the skin caused by the Sun and pollution, providing maximum hydration.

Golden Vip Couple Suite Ceremonies
All of our Golden and Mini-Golden Spa Packages are provided in a private suite with its own Water Ritual components for the ultimate couple’s experience. PASSION (190 MIN) Chocolate Wrap, Aroma Therapeutic Massage and Refresher Facial. ANTI ESTRESS (120 MIN) Aroma therapeutic Massage. ROMANTIC (90 MIN) Romantic Massage. INTEGRAL (90 MIN) Back Massage 25 min. Refresher Facial 25 min.

Beach Palace



Moon Palace

Subject to change without notice. Restrictions apply.

Highlights Short Hair (110 min) Highlights Medium Hair (140 min) Highlights Long Hair (170 min) Gentleman’s Hair Cut (25 min) Hair Coloring Short Hair ( 80 min) Boy Hair Cut (25 min) Hair Coloring Medium Hair (110 min) Woman’s Hair Cut ( 50 min) Hair Coloring Long Hair (140 min) Trim Woman’s (25 min) Blow dry (50 min)

Salon Service


Hair Coloring

Hands & Feet

Hair Style


Hair Straightening (80 min) Bridal Hairstyle (80 min) Bridal Hairstyle Test (80 min) Special Hair Style (80 min)

Upper Lip (15 min) Eye Brow (25 min) Chin (25 min) Bikini (25 min) Half Leg (25 min) Underarm (25 min) Full Leg (50 min) Back (50 min)


Palace Manicure (25 min) Nutritive Scalp Treatment (25 min) Palace Pedicure (25 min) Resistance Scalp Treatment (25 min) Deluxe Spa Manicure (50 min) Deluxe Spa Pedicure (50 min) Baltic Stone Pedicure (80 min) Make up Service (50 min) Remove or Refill nails (50 min) Full Set of Acrylic Nails (110 min) Nail Polish Change (10 min) Acrilic Nail Repair (10 min) Gel Manicure (Shellac, Color Gel 50 min) Gel Remove (Shellac, Color Gel 25 min)

Hair Treatments Make Up

Half (50 min) Full (110 min) Long Hair (150 min) French Style (25 min)

*Manicure services do not include Gel remove (Shellac).