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State of ______________________________ ) ss. County of ____________________________ ) )

On this ___________ day of ______________________, for the purpose of verification, I, _________________________________, the undersigned Notary Public, being commissioned in the County and State noted above, do certify that I personally verified that the following documents listed below were placed in an envelope and sealed by me. They were sent by United States Post Office Registered Mail receipt number _________________________ to: ACCOUNT HOLDER COMPANY C/O or ATTN: ACCOUNT HOLDER CEO or CFO ACCOUNT HOLDER DEPARTMENT OR STREET ADDRESS ACCOUNT HOLDER STREET ADDRESS ACCOUNT HOLDER CITY, STATE ZIP

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REGISTERED BONDED PROMISSORY NOTE – BOND NO. ______________________ STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT (Stamped Accepted for Value on Front and Back) IRS FORM 1040V (Stamped Accepted for Value on the Back)

6. IRS FORM 56

WITNESS my hand and official seal. ______________________________________ (Seal) NOTARY PUBLIC DATE ________________________

My commission expires: _________________________. 20_______ .

and the Principal Secured Party Creditor. That is the complexity and importance of honoring this procedure. DEBTOR . If and when non-accreditation occurs. This will cause a miscalculation upon the Federal Reserve Accountant Balanced Book. CHAPTER 2 – NATIONAL BANKS . USC TITLE 12. GEITHNER. This adjustment may be completed by MR. as needed. Secretary of the US Treasury. settlement in full. GEITHNER. is authorized to adjust. the economy and monetary system of the country will certainly collapse. Documentation is enclosed. The “Code” is effectively in place to save and protect the monetary system of this country. S.0+8numbersOnBackOfSS Social Security Number – SS#WITHDASHES Liber Number(s) . MR. TIMOTHY F. Sincerely. near [RealManZipCode] Non-Domestic without the US DATE: DocumentDate UCC File Number: UCCRecordingNumber FOR: JOHN LEE DOE. promissory notes. in effect.Authorizes the procedure. from this account. TIMOTHY F. and extra fees. discharge of all presentments. This procedure is intended for all of the people of the United States. This procedure to allow offset of debt is the proper legal remedy that has been provided for us to discharge debt. This may be ledgered against the Account Number indicated as best suits the needs of the US Treasury. As you are well aware. and will require a filing of the proper IRS forms for collection of these funds. If you don’t understand this procedure please research the US Code. for clarity or seek competent legal counsel. The enclosed Statute Staple Security instruments are rendered to you for the purpose of balanced book adjustment as legal tender to lower and reduce the UNITED STATES national debt. The undersigned understands the complexity of following this procedure. You should understand that in Title 12 USC section 371b-2(c). This is a debt obligation of the United States. penalties. Please use this procedure to offset any bills that I present by balanced book adjustment. the Code defines “Exposure” to include all extensions of credit regardless of name and description. RealManState. which are. Secured Party Creditor c/o RealManAddress RealManCity. since the money was removed by the U. Corporate Government.Registered Mail Receipt # RM123456789US TO: 1ST LINE FOR VENDOR’S NAME 2nd CFO OR CEO OF VENDOR 3RD ADDRESS LINE 4TH ADDRESS LINE 5TH ADDRESS LINE FROM: John Lee Doe – Principal.From Docs Filed at Courthouse PRE-OFFSET NOTICE FOR BALANCED BOOK ADJUSTMENT Dear Gentlemen. Non-accreditation will result in a serious error and injury against the Internal Revenue Service. or my designated Fiduciary Agent. DEBTOR RE: DTC Routing # Fed Res Bank Routing # DTC Account # . along with any reasonable and lawful interest. Principal and Secured Party Creditor for JOHN LEE DOE. and return all interest to the Principal. lawful money no longer exists in our economic system. who is my legally appointed fiduciary agent. This was replaced by Federal Reserve “Notes”. in order to satisfy this procedure. or my designee as Fiduciary on the attached IRS Form 56. __________________________________________________________________ John Lee Doe.

until close of business Date of Maturity.00 For Credit to: COUNTRYWIDE FINANCIAL CORPORATION. four hundred twenty-two dollars (Round Up To Nearest Whole Dollar) $237. and. Routing Through: DTC ROUTING NUMBER – Federal Reserve Bank Routing # DTC ACCOUNT NUMBER -.937. Payor shall ledger this Note for a period of six months commencing the start of business on Date of Issue. GEITHNER. SECRETARY OF THE US TREASURY. for the purpose of terminating any past. per stirpes In the Amount of: Two hundred ninety-seven thousand. USPO Registered Mail Tracking Number. .REGISTERED BONDED PROMISSORY NOTE NEGOTIABLE NEGOTIABLE $297.937. 4. (“Maker”) in good faith shall evidence as a debt to the Payee pursuant to the following terms: This is an unconditional promise to pay.0+8NumbersOnBackOfSS#Card c/o SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY. tendered lawfully by John Lee Doe. this Note shall be due and payable in full with interest and any associated fees. GEITHNER. GEITHNER This negotiable instrument. This Note shall be posted in full dollar for dollar pursuant to the Credit order noted above and presented to the Payor. Void where prohibited by law. TIMOTHY F. Countrywide Mortgage Account Number. COUNTRYWIDE FINANCIAL CORPORATION ATTN: CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 4500 PARK GRANADA CALABASAS. Account Number 0+8NumbersOnBackSSNCard. RealManState. near [RealManZipCode] Non-Domestic without the US 2. for JOHN LEE DOE.422. John Lee Doe c/o RealManAddress RealMan City. at an interest rate equal to the current rate per annum. not to exceed 180 days.422. attached or attributed to FullSS#NoDashes. present. or future liabilities expressed or implied. the balance of the funds are to be credited to the COUNTRYWIDE FINANCIAL CORPORATION to be used for the benefit of the same. Registered Mail Number From Offset Bond held and secured by TIMOTHY F.00 Two Hundred Ninety-Seven Thousand. upon receipt of this instrument. Upon maturity. . TIMOTHY F. $237. 3. Payment shall be ledgered against Private Offset and Discharge Bond Number Offset Bond Number. Four Hundred Twenty-Two United States Dollars NOTE NUMBER JLDBPN001 USPO REGISTERED MAIL # RR 111 222 333 US Pay to the Order of: COUNTRYWIDE FINANCIAL CORPORATION. charge account FULLSS#WITHDASHES via Pass-Through DTC Routing Number FederalReserveBankRouting #. penalties. nine hundred thirty-seven dollars and fifty-four cents .54 plus interest. extra fees. TRUSTEE OF THE US BANKRUPTCY. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY c/o. Payor shall. 1. After discharge of the debt. CA 91302 Date Signature . Two hundred thirty-seven thousand.54 + 25% = $297. This is a public debt obligation of the United States.



sometime in the future. there will be complete info for this form on turnerclass. by Notary Presentment). by Notary Presentment). then you send a 3949A (to the Fresno. CA.blogspot. within 30 days after the ACCOUNT HOLDER received your BPN packet. send in the IRS Form 3949A (to the Fresno. Hopefully.” I don’t know if this is a complete list of what to send.. IRS office. Now. DMK – 6-24-09 . You must have evidence of being a damaged party before you can use the 3949A. IRS office. etc. stamped “COPY . illegal. you could land in jail. com. I remember Tim saying in the first seminar I attended. at that time. if within that 30 days the Note is returned to you and/or a letter from the vendor is sent to you stating that your Bonded Promissory Note is fraudulent. and a black and white copy of the BPN. Accepted for Value both front and back. Along with the 3949A you need a copy of the Bill. certified. that if you do not have a valid claim and you use the 3949A in any misleading way. CA. certified.RealMan Signature in Blue Ink as Authorized Representative Date STOP! DO NOT SIGN IN THIS AREA! NOTE: If you don’t receive a response from the ACCOUNT HOLDER with whom you’re doing a discharge. you can then.