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Training Maxes (90% of 1RM)


10s Wave Bench 10s Wave Deadlift 10s wave OHP 10s wave Squat Accumulation (week 1) 5x10@110 5x10@255 5x10@70 5x10@195 Intensification (week 2) 1x5@100 1x5@115 3x10@125 1x5@235 1x5@265 3x10@285 1x5@65 1x5@70 3x10@80 1x5@180 1x5@205 3x10@220 1x5@95 1x3@110 1x1@130 Reps Achieved 1x5@215 1x3@255 1x1@300 Reps Achieved 1x5@60 1x3@70 1x1@80 Reps Achieved 1x5@165 1x3@195 1x1@225 Reps Achieved Realization (week 3) 1xAMAP@140 Deload (week 4) 1x5@75 1x5@95 1x5@110 0 1xAMAP@320 1x5@170 1x5@215 1x5@255 0 1xAMAP@85 1x5@45 1x5@60 1x5@70 0 1xAMAP@245 1x5@130 1x5@165 1x5@195 0 .

8s wave Bench 8s wave Deadlift 8s wave OHP 8s wave Squat Accumulation (week 5) 5x8@90 5x8@210 5x8@55 5x8@160 Intensification (week 6) 1x3@85 1x3@95 3x8@100 1x3@190 1x3@215 3x8@230 1x3@50 1x3@55 3x8@60 1x3@145 1x3@165 3x8@180 1x5@70 1x3@85 1x2@100 1x1@140 Reps Achieved 1x5@160 1x3@190 1x2@225 1x1@320 Reps Achieved 1x5@45 1x3@50 1x2@60 1x1@85 Reps Achieved 1x5@125 1x3@145 1x2@170 1x1@185 Reps Achieved Realization (week 7) 1xAMAP@110 Deload (week 8) 1x5@55 1x5@70 1x5@85 0 1xAMAP@255 1x5@130 1x5@160 1x5@190 0 1xAMAP@70 1x5@35 1x5@45 1x5@50 0 1xAMAP@195 1x5@100 1x5@125 1x5@145 0 .

5s wave Bench 5s wave Deadlift 5s wave OHP 5s wave Squat Accumulation (week 9) 6x5@75 6x5@170 6x5@45 6x5@170 Intensification (week 10) 1x2@70 1x2@75 4x5@80 1x2@145 1x2@175 4x5@185 1x2@40 1x2@45 4x5@50 1x2@145 1x2@180 4x5@190 1x5@55 1x3@65 1x2@75 1x1@80 1x1@85 1x1@80 Reps Achieved 1x5@120 1x3@145 1x2@170 1x1@180 1x1@190 1x1@180 Reps Achieved 1x5@35 1x3@40 1x2@45 1x1@50 1x1@50 1x1@50 Reps Achieved 1x5@125 1x3@145 1x2@170 1x1@185 1x1@195 1x1@185 Reps Achieved Realization (week 11) 1xAMAP@90 Deload (week 12) 1x5@40 1x5@55 1x5@65 0 1xAMAP@205 1x5@95 1x5@120 1x5@145 0 1xAMAP@55 1x5@25 1x5@35 1x5@40 0 1xAMAP@210 1x5@100 1x5@125 1x5@145 0 .

3s wave 3s wave 3s wave 3s wave Bench Deadlift OHP Squat Accumulation (week 13) 7x3@70 7x3@155 7x3@40 7x3@160 Intensification (week 14) 1x1@65 1x1@70 5x3@75 1x1@145 1x1@160 5x3@170 1x1@40 1x1@45 5x3@45 1x1@145 1x1@165 5x3@175 1x5@45 1x3@55 1x2@65 1x1@70 1x1@70 1x1@75 Reps Achieved 1x5@105 1x3@125 1x2@145 1x1@155 1x1@165 1x1@175 Reps Achieved 1x5@30 1x3@35 1x2@40 1x1@40 1x1@45 1x1@45 Reps Achieved 1x5@105 1x3@125 1x2@145 1x1@160 1x1@170 1x1@180 Reps Achieved Realization (week 15) 1xAMAP@80 Deload (week 16) 1x5@35 1x5@45 1x5@55 0 1xAMAP@185 1x5@80 1x5@105 1x5@125 0 1xAMAP@50 1x5@20 1x5@30 1x5@35 0 1xAMAP@190 1x5@85 1x5@105 1x5@0 0 .

15. 20 yards . 5x1 Friday Military Press Lat Pull Down Dips Upper body Conditioning whatever phase it is 5-10x5-10 5x10-20 battle ropes Saturday Squat GHR back extension decline sit ups Sprinting whatever phase it is free or weighted 3x10-20 3x10-20 3-5x10-20 10. 5x2.Monday Bench horizontal pulling dips Abs upper body conditioning whatever phase it is DB rows or Chest supported rows front sledgehammer tire hits 5x10-15 3xAMAP 3-5x15-20 Wednesday Deadlift Hamsting/Low back Walking Lunges Side Bends Jumping whatever phase it is GHR or 45 hyper weighted or box jumps 3-5x5-10 3-5x12-20 steps 3-5x15-20 4x3.

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