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"I do not know of a more noble after knowledge of halal and haram unless medical science"

(Ar-newsletter Imam Shafi'i, muqaddimah tahqiq.)

MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE Verily, Allah created everything that has wisdom and reason that only God knows the total life journey of His servants. Allah has power over all things that happen His creation. Humans do not run away from health and disease stricken because of these diseases born of medical knowledge that is fundamental to efforts to resolve this matter.

That are not foreign to Islam was one point been a pioneer in the world of medicine, Al-Zahrawi to work in his works on the surgical world reference for 500 years. So great figures of Islam. Are Muslims able to once again dominate this medicine. 've To ask yourself.

ANCESTORS AND RELIGION Duties as medical practitioners are great in taking care of ethnicity and religion also patients who come for treatment. Keep race and religion is included in the dharuriyah khamsah. We see this role as the woman giving birth. This responsibility should be shouldered by the medical doctor to make sure that the child to be born into this world of God's creation could be saved from harm.

Regarding religion, the worship of the patient is the responsibility of the medical practitioner to assist them in completing the religion. Matters, particularly the foundation of prayer in worship patient care. In the concept of trust in God must also advise doctors to patients in order to be placed back on God completely.

These roles, which makes the importance of the responsibility of Muslim doctors in the community to make the religion of Islam as a way of life effectively. Great responsibility in taking care of a doctor of Allah. Ibn Abbas said:

"One day, I was in the back (dibonceng) of the Prophet. He said: "O young man, I teach thee some Sentences: Take care (of) Allah, He will take care, take care (of) Allah, He is always with you. If you ask, ask of Allah. If you seek help, seek God. Aye, if all mankind together to provide benefits to you, but something that God has written for you. If they come together to give madharat you, then they will not be able to give madharat, except that Allah has written for you. The pen has been lifted and dried lembarannya "(HR Tirmidhi) LIABILITY FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS As a student who has a big role in the fate of the future, we should be aware of our responsibilities and roles. Before we deal with the people who put their trust on us, first we correct our intentions in this field and try to be the best student in performing our daily tasks.

We must also prepare ourselves in order to know a bit of God Shari'a jurisprudence that patients become key values in our decision making in the treatment of patients in the future.

We should strive to give the best to this field and our evidence for us to deal with God and the work we do is not in vain. Career medical doctor is a very noble job on the side of Islam. Every day they have a chance to do charity by helping other people with health problems. Allah says in Surah An-Nisa ', verse 40

MUSLIM DOCTOR Doctors are professionals hope to the community in managing their health. Medical practitioners should be aware of the responsibilities entrusted to it. If ever Hippocratic Oath has been made for the care of medical ethics, but as a Muslim doctor we must put our charity's full intention for Allah. With this affirmation of the existence of a medical practitioner who made the "Islamic Medical Association (IMA), which is taken from the writings of Physicians Islamic world"

Islamic healers Pledge I swear by God the Almighty; To become aware of God's supervision in performing my duties; To protect human life at all stages and in all cases, make every effort to save them from death, disease, pain and anxiety;

To protect human dignity, protect their private parts and keep them secret; To be the tools blessings of Allah Almighty, to offer medical care to those near and far, the righteous and the unrighteous seta to friends and foes; To strive to seek knowledge and use it for the benefit of mankind and not destruction; To glorify my teacher, teach those younger than me and to be brothers to all friends in the medical profession, working in goodness and piety; To turn my faith in secret and the real situation, avoid anything that may impair me in the sight of Allah, His Messenger and the believers; And may God be witness to this oath.

Alhamdulillah. Realize that we were already a year I was a houseman. Housemanship are among the most challenging phase for anyone wishing to becoming a doctor and want to choose medicine as a branch of career options. After spending a year, that means I still have a year to be spent before full registration certificates accredited by the Malaysian Medical Council which allows me to practice anywhere else in Malaysia. Some introduction to the concept housemanship. A houseman is that trainee doctors have just graduated from any medical school and is in a period of observation and evaluation before they can be released to serve and full responsibility for all the decisions made for patients. Housemanship is a process for us to translate anything learned during medical school into practical form. It's time for we apply what they have learned with the realities of the real world. If before the training housemanship only took a year, I think now due to the influx of graduates Oversea, the government was forced to extend the period to two years. I think this is a reasonable step. Would-be doctors who come from various foreign systems should be integrated with the Malaysian system of practice to avoid chaos later. Additionally, the four posts only in one year, now we get to taste six posts in two years. Six of this post is the Department of General Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Department of Orthopedics, Department of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department and Emergency Department. In some hospitals there are those who offer the option to undergo training for the Department Anestesiology houseman. While there may be arguebahawa now we had to go through more misery long time, but actually a lot of positive things that can diambil.Hidup as a houseman in fact is full of challenges that I think not everyone can afford to face. During the on-call system is still practiced not so long ago, it is a common thing for a houseman did not sleep for 36 hours without stopping. During the first day of on-call, usually I will punch-in to the hospital at 7 am as usual office worker. At 5pm, the partners usually are not on-call employee is able to return range of normal office but also the on-call doctor who will stay in the hospital until 7 am the next day, and connected with working hours as other partners just punch-in until 5 pm that day. If lucky can sleep 2-3 hours while the patient everything is ok, but if the day be disadvantaged, put your head on a table for 10 minutes already counted very lucky. Never mind that, on average, a given quota houseman 8 day holiday in posts throughout the duration of a 4 month period. There are some good-hearted boss department allow an additional holiday weekend of 2 days each. There are also strict boss indirectly give any other holidays to houseman. Houseman had to work for 7 days in a week and apply for the remaining 8 days of his leave is if want to relax. At the insistence of many, on-call system is now abolished and replaced with the shift system. But its implementation is still faced with numerous problems, causing many hospitals still have a system of on-call. Honestly at the hospital where I work shift system was adopted, the houseman more happy with their lives now while there are still many problems with the quality of work produced. Maybe I will comment on this later. In addition to the time pressures of work and very exhausting burden, a houseman also face pressure from their superior, composed of doctors and physicians. Scolded in front of patients,

colleagues and other hospital staff is a matter of daily routine. This actually may be well-justified because the houseman usually more likely to make stupid mistakes (due mamai and fatigue) as orderubat forget important medicines to patients, forgot to review the patient and others. Mamai Houseman and tired of working with medical officials mamai and tired also, coupled with the experts who are tired and have to correct the causes of stress or incur as a result of the offense committed by the houseman who mamai and tired also. As the saying mat works, the vicious circle Continues. In conclusion, working as a doctor is a career that is full of stress factors and a houseman to deal with stress wisely to survive. There is no point if only clever theory alone. Good Houseman also be wise to communicate with his team place. The welfare of the patient will be better protected if all parties work together. Sometimes the only houseman who had worked hard to work while other staff swaying feet, busy chatting while digesting his pantry snack at the hospital. Have also occurred due to the absence / lack of proper people in the ward, the houseman may even have to take over their duties. At the same time, a houseman even though he is a doctor, not act directing other staff to lower the rank is like their Indonesian maid. The bossy Houseman usually shunned by the nurse / other support staff and this in turn will inconvenience someone houseman job in the future. In fact there is also charged by them and bear the consequences of our superior freak. Therein lies the wisdom of a houseman to communicate well, develop friendly relations among the member hospitals and at the same time ensure that the work entrusted to each person running so the patient does not victimized. When a friendly working atmosphere and harmony, usually one houseman would be more eager to come to work and give the best service to our patients. I used to be in a department that works just find one person when any problems occur in patients. We already feel disgusted to come work. I've also heard stories of a houseman in the pediatric ward of a hospital NICU who were scolded by the boss because a mother does not breastfeed her newborn baby on the ground do not want to breastfeed. Funny is not it? Although his career as a doctor is full of twists and turns and ups the challenge of thorns, this career can actually give pleasure to those who can see them wisely and take a positive view of the side. As a medical student days, my social circle is usually among friends head, hard of hearing and can be said to be in a level keterpelajaran and common understanding. When you become a doctor, that I had the opportunity to mix with all walks of life. Yes, there's no work in connection with the community within this area except in the medical field. From the high-level government officials, professional officers, housewives, university students, aunt uncle farmers in the village, foreigners were illegal immigrants, queer, and maknyah people, drug addicts, and people with disabilities, a physician should be wise to change the language and body sway used to communicate with all these people. When we mix with them all, our hearts will usually be softer and more understanding. Not all things we will only criticism. For example an old uncle from the village who always skip an appointment with a specialist clinic. Such patients often will come later to the emergency department if they have ever wretched conditions and can not be saved. Often we are inclined to be angry with such patients because they only inconvenience the hospital only. When investigated then known that the cause why not come

an appointment is because there is no money to take a taxi to the hospital. Want to take a bus, not the street. Want to train surrogate son, has been ignored by their children. When we better understand their stories, sometimes it feels like to be in tears too. However, I am anxious to see some of my colleagues who do not have a realistic expectation with respect to this career. Yes, the doctor's title may seem grand in the eyes of society. Dr.. House looks so macho surrounded by other actors are handsome, beautiful and pure. The reality is not so. I feel sad sometimes hear complaints counterparts complain that preoccupied not pay enough. As someone who earns RM3500 per month, has actually been more than enough to live so comfortably. I think this is one cause of the depravity of government health services. When all the doctors demand a high price, even the government can not afford to pay then they moved to a private hospital. At the same time, most of the public was adamant just want to pay RM1.00 when she visited with doctors at government clinics. Fewer doctors in government hospitals, patients are more and more. Doctor who lived deal with the pressure of having to treat so many patients sometimes wait up to 5 hours to see the doctor at the clinic. In the same time was unfair to blame doctors requesting more when we consider the challenging work situations. These problems are all acting in concert and not fair if we just want to blame one side. I've learned a lot over the years becoming a houseman. I learned how to be calm to deal with critical situations, manage stress, respect and understanding of the patient, communicating with a boss and also lower the rank of our most important and I learned a lot about the meaning of life and dependence on the Lord. For the medical students, there was a doctor who wanted to be a doctor, not because they want to find a source of livelihood. This career should be so Innate in us as we become a son of our parents and as we become servants of God who is responsible. Life as a doctor is a very interesting fact. God willing, I will share more interesting stories and my ideas for the future.