Genesis 37 Scene 1 ( Jacob called Joseph. Joseph put his head on his father’s laps.

Jacob gave Joseph a colourful coat. The other brothers watching them from a distance filled with hatred and jealousy. N : Joseph, a young man of seventeen, lived with his family in the land Canaan. Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other sons because Joseph had been born in his old age. So, Jacob made a colourful coat for Joseph. Now now… when Joseph’s brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more than any of them, they hated him and was unkind to Joseph. : My brothers I have a dream.. a dream


Brothers : A dream ha ha ha only boys have dreams, true men do not dream… Joseph : Listen my brothers. We were binding sheaves of grains in the field when suddenly mine rose and stood upright. Yours gathered around and bowed down.

Brother 1 : What ? Do you intend to rule over us ? N : And they hated him more. Sometime later…

Brothers : Now what dreamer ? Joseph : My dear brothers. Listen. I have another dream. The sun, moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me. : And they hated him even more.


One day. His father asked Joseph to meet his brothers at Shechem. When the brothers saw Joseph coming, they plotted to kill him. They stripped his colourful robe and throw him into a dry well. Then, they sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelities who took him to Egypt. They dipped his coat in goat’s blood and lied to their father that Joseph was killed by a wild animal. Jacob wept. ( Narrator- Hannah, Joseph (Pastor Tom), Jacob ( Pastor Danny) 11 brothers, Adriel, Isaac, Kenneth, Daniel, Christopher, Timothy - Ishmaelite (Daniel )

Micheal Joseph was sold to Potiphar. They had dreams. The cupbearer remembered Joseph in the prison and told Pharoah. can used 2 of the brothers but different costumes) Baker – Cupbearer . I am Pharaoh. . but. Joseph was sent to Pharaoh. God blessed wisdom and Joseph interpreted their dreams correctly Soooon. Joseph was very handsome and Potiphar’s wife was crazy over him. It was God’s plan to save the nation through Joseph. Pharoah had a strange dream. She accused him and Joseph was put in prison. In the prison Joseph met the king baker and cupbearer. an official in Egypt. God helped Joseph and the people all over Egypt. And during another 7 years. So. Pharaoh : Here’s my signet ring Joseph.Scene 2 ( Cupbearer and baker . Pharoah was unhappy. Pharaoh was amazed and put Joseph in charge of Egypt. From a hopeless situation God gave HOPE to millions of people through Joseph. The Lord was with Joseph. without your word no one will lift hand or foot in all Egypt. when Egypt faced famine. Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream. Joseph was thirty years when he became the Prime Minister. Noone could interprete his dream. Now. And with God’s help. During the 7 years. God bless Egypt.

Because of sins. Joseph’s brothers’ travelled to Egypt to buy food. When Joseph saw his brothers . man and woman. Let’s be still for a moment and let’s thank God for His great love. Is my father still living ? But the brothers were too frightened. How Joseph loved his brothers dearly. As soon as Joseph saw his father. He cried out loudly that the Egyptian and the people in the palace could hear him ) Jospeh : I am Joseph. He will help us. During the famine. God wants to bless families. But God our Father in Heaven everyone on this earth to return to Him. he had a plan to reveal himself to his brothers. papa mama you. Joseph : Come closer to me. God is always with us. the one you sold to Egypt. It was God. It was not you who sent me here. After many long years. he ran and hug his father and wept. As God was with Joseph. your brother and sisters because He loves families. Now. John 3:16 Jesus brings us back to God our Father in heaven. ( His brothers were brought to the palace) Joseph facing his brothers. . Finally. he rejoiced. Joseph forgave his bothers because he loves and trusted God all his life because he loves his family God is always ready to forgive everyone that He created on this earth because God loves us My dear dear precious children… Joseph reunited with his father and family tells us about how God who created us longs to hold and loves us. They could not speak a word. Hurry. go home and bring me father. Joseph was reunited with his family. So. Jospeh’s father was brought to Egypt. (Music) So.Scene 3 Very important scene. do not regret or be angry with yourselves for selling me here because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. I am your brother Joseph. are separated from God. God had a wonderful plan for Joseph and his family.

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