A Night of Stars
To help fight Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer
Sponsored by

Proudly presents

Brianna Carissa Watts ADPR 3850 Dr. Bryan Reber Special Event Plan


To help fight Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer
Sponsored by

A Night of Stars

Proudly presents

Kanye West, Beyoncé, and more!
LL Cool J
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Table of Contents
 Goals, Objectives & Desired Outcome…………………..4  Overview………………………………………………………...4  Timeline………………………………………………................5  Budget……………………………………………………...........9  Contingency Plan…………………………………………....11

4 Goals:  To raise awareness of the dangers of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer worldwide  To motivate attendees to contribute to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund  To provide centers directed towards these causes with money for research Objectives:  Increase monetary donations to Aaliyah Memorial Fund by 75% among attendees of benefit concert by June 2012  Increase contributions to Aaliyah Memorial Fund by 30% among fans by May 2012  Increase awareness of ways to become involved with Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer causes in New York City by 30% among attendees of benefit concert by June 2012 Desired Outcome: The Aaliyah Memorial Fund wants this event to raise public awareness about the health issues and dangers of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Also, the Fund seeks to motivate attendees to donate to research centers that specialize in these causes. Event Overview: A Night of Stars is a benefit concert that raises awareness of the health dangers of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer nationwide. The event is held annually in New York City, and was started as an honor to R&B star, the late Aaliyah, who passionately supported these causes. A Night of Stars is meant to increase knowledge about the rising number of people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. The purposes of the event are to promote awareness through a night filled with performances by Beyoncé, Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and Chris Brown and raise money for the research of cures and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. The event will be hosted by LL Cool J. The Aaliyah Memorial Fund chose to create A Night of Stars because being able to highlight important causes to celebrities who can in turn spread the news to their fans, seemed like the perfect way to garner more support for these causes. Benefit concerts are a great way for people to enjoy themselves and help someone else at the same time. Artists and performers are more than happy to lend their time to help with this cause. It is important the people recognize the importance of giving back. We have established several goals that will be met through A Night of Star. Our primary goals are to raise awareness of the dangers of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer worldwide, to motivate attendees to contribute to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund, and to empower survivors and victims of Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of death in women. Today, about 1 in 8 women (12%) will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Alzheimer's disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and the only cause of death among the top 10 in the United States that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. All

5 proceeds from the concert will be donated to institutions dedicated to researching a cure for breast cancer. Similar events have been held nationwide, such as Rock the Ribbon Celebration in Ardmore, Pennsylvania and Glen Campbell’s benefit concert for the MIND Center at the University of Mississippi. Both events used high profile musicians in order to garner publicity about breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, respectively, and raise awareness as well. A Night of Stars will help achieve the goals of the Aaliyah Memorial Fund by educating the attendees, as well as the general public about the health concerns and dangers of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and why they need immediate attention. This event will be promoted by social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, blog sites, the individual featured artists, and television commercials. The success of this event will be measured through sales of tickets (a desired 100% sale of tickets for upcoming event and 15% increase in sales for future event date), future contributions to Aaliyah Memorial Fund, and pre and post-event coverage in media. Timeline: 6 to 12 Months Ahead:  Decide event purpose (raise funds, visibility, celebration, etc.)  Visit potential sites: Loews Hotel, Cobb Galleria Centre-Ballroom, and Fox Theatre  Contact an event coordinator through Starfire Group  Chairperson forms subcommittees (event planning, promotion, fundraising)  Get cost estimates (site rental, catering, drinks, sound/lights, etc.)  Get recommendations for additional event vendors  Obtain bids for entertainment: Beyoncé, Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and Chris Brown  Obtain bids for decorations  Obtain bids for design/printing  Fundraising committee drafts initial budget  Decide on admission cost  Create sponsorship amounts/levels  List items to be underwritten and possible source  Compile mailing list  Check proposed date for potential conflicts, finalize date in writing  Get written contract for site, entertainment, etc.  Invite/confirm VIPs  Investigate need for special permits, licenses, insurance, etc.  Order save the date cards  Contact graphic artist; begin invitation design  Consider pre-party event for publicity or underwriting  Set marketing/public relations schedule  Select photographer; arrange for photos of VIPs and celebrities  Get biographical information on attendees of importance  Create logo for event with graphic artist 3 to 6 Months Ahead:  Begin monthly committee meetings  Confirm venue: The Fox Theatre

6  Write/send requests for funding or underwriting to major sponsors: Verizon, Ciroc, and Chevy  Request logos from corporate sponsors for printing  Review with graphic artist invitations, programs, posters, etc.  Prepare final copy for invitations, return card, posters  Prepare final copy for tickets  Complete mailing lists for invitations  Order invitations, posters, tickets, etc. from TicketPrinting.com  Make list of locations for posters  Finalize mailing lists; begin soliciting corporations and major sponsors  Obtain guest lists from honorees, VIPs  Obtain radio/TV sponsors, public service announcements, promos  Secure permits and insurance  Get written confirmation of any celebrity participation/special needs 2 Months Ahead:  Hold underwriting or preview party to coincide with mailing of invitations  Begin selling tickets: ensure that tickets are EASY to obtain through online sales, sales at other events, extended box office hours, etc.  Invite media: blogs (TheYBF.com, Necole Bitchie) and WSBTV - 2  Assemble/address invitations (with personal notes when possible)  Mail invitations  Distribute posters  Finalize transportation/hotel accommodations for staff, VIPs, honorees  Obtain contracts for decorations and rental items  Confirm TV/radio participation  Release press announcements about celebrities, VIPs, honorees  Follow up to confirm sponsorships and underwriting  Obtain logos from corporate sponsors for program printing  Review need for signs at registration, directional, etc.  All major chairpersons to finalize plans  Hold walk-through of event with responsible committees, chairperson and site staff members at event site  Review/finalize budget, task sheets and tentative timeline  Start phone follow-up for table sponsors (corporate, VIP, committee)  Order red carpet for pre-event media coverage 1 Month Ahead:  Phone follow-up mailing list (ticket sales)  Place newspaper ads, follow up with news media, on-air announcements  Confirm staff for registration, hosting, other  Contact VIPs, celebrities, programs attendees, to confirm participation  Complete list of content for VIP welcome packets  Get enlarged site plan/room diagram, assign seats/tables  Meet with all outside vendors, consultants to coordinate event  Review script/timeline  Continue phone follow-ups for ticket/table sales  Continue assigning seats; set head table; speaker’s platform  Confirm transportation schedules: airlines, trains, buses, cars, limos

7  Confirm Hilton hotel accommodations  Prepare transportation and accommodations (include arrival time, flight number, airline, person assigned to meet flight)  Confirm special security needed VIPs event  Prepare welcome packet for VIPs, chairmen and key staff.  Schedule deliveries of special equipment and rentals  Confirm setup and tear down times with event site  Finalize plans with event coordinator at Starfire Group  Meet with chairpersons and key staff to finalize any of the above details. 1 Week Before:  Meet with all committees for last-minute details  Finish phone follow-ups  Confirm number attending  Finish seating/table arrangements  Hold training session with volunteers; finalize assignments  Secure two or three volunteers to assist with emergencies  Finalize registration staff  Distribute seating chart, assignments to hosts/hostesses  Schedule pickup or delivery of any rented of loaned equipment  Deliver final scripts/timelines to all program participants  Finalize catering guarantee and refreshments  Confirm number of volunteers  Make follow-up calls to news media for advance event coverage  Distribute additional fliers  Final walk-through with all personnel  Schedule rehearsals  Schedule volunteer assignments for day of event  Establish amount of petty cash needed for tips and emergencies.  Write checks for payment to be made for the day of the event. Day Before Event:  Lay out all clothes that you will need the day of the event  Recheck all equipment and supplies to be brought to the event  Have petty cash and vendor checks prepared  Arrive early (with your change of clothes)  Unpack equipment, supplies and make sure nothing is missing  Be sure all VIPs are in place and have scripts  Reconfirm refreshments/meal schedule for volunteers  Go over all final details with caterer and setup staff  Check with volunteers to make sure all tasks are covered  Setup registration area  Check sound/light equipment and staging before rehearsal  Hold final rehearsal Day of Event:  All staff should arrive no later than 4:00 PM  As staff arrives, have them do their individual final set up and preparations  Begin red carpet portion around 5 and end at 5:45  LL Cool J will have itinerary of performances to take place from beginning of

8 event to end  First performance, Beyoncé, begins at 6:30, followed by Timbaland, Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, and Kanye West respectively, in 30 minute increments until 9:00

9 Budget: Item Quantity Price per Item Cost Comments Includes support staff for nine consecutive hours (four hours maximum for the event), a uniformed police officer for the event, tables, chairs, risers, dance floor and cleaning. Includes production of commercial and broadcast costs To be used for committees behind the scenes

The Fox Theatre (Egyptian Ballroom)

9 hours



Radio Promotions

2 weeks



Communication Equipment (walkie talkies, headsets) Special Event Insurance





$3000 Will display message for one hour before and after event


1 day



Coat Check Concert tickets

4 hours 800 tickets

$30/hr $0.11/ticket

$120 $90

10 Concert posters Air transportation for entertainers 50 posters 5 performers $0.54/poster $261.318/flight $27 $1,306.59 1st class

Ground transportation for entertainers

5 SUVs


SUVs will pick up performers $543.81 (3 from airport days)/vehicle and $2,719.05 transport total them around for duration of visit $1,790 Flat rate of $10,000 $68 Package includes photography and videography and Blu-ray discs

Hotel Accommodations Event Coordinator Red carpet

5 rooms 1 year 1 roll (4’ x 30’)

$179/night/room $895/total cost per night -

Technology crew (film, photographers)

Up to 8 hours



TOTAL Event Schedule: Event: A Night of Stars Date: April 6, 2013 Venue: The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia Time: LL Cool J opening monologue at 6:00 Beyoncé at 6:30 Timbaland at 6:00 Chris Brown at 7:30 Missy Elliott at 8:00 Kanye West at 8:30 Event ends at 9:00 Contingency Plan: In case of rain:  Event will occur rain or shine


11  Red carpet coverage will shift to lobby of Fox Theatre In case of severe weather:  Event will be cancelled and rescheduled in conjunction with the performers’ schedules  Cost will be absorbed through special events insurance In case of medical attention:  All staff at event have phone number to medical personnel and are instructed to call immediately in the event of an injury or any accident that causes bodily harm  Event insurance has been purchased which covers injury of guest up to $2 million If a performer cancels:  Event will continue as regularly scheduled with only 4 performers  Event will end slightly earlier than planned In the case of equipment failure:  The director of Fox Theatre will be notified  In-house technician will be on call to fix failure  Each performer should bring their own individual equipment In the case of overexcited fans/event crashers,  Security will be on duty throughout the entire event  Fans will be escorted outside and handled according to the security

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