Programme Coordination: Summer Semester 2013 Details of Courses


Course Code
CS-111 CE-504 CE-100 CE-342 CE-205 PM-430 CE-419 CE-324 CE-181 L CE-241 Math-352 Math-104 CE-102 CE-355 Math-101 CE-505 CE-221 HU-109 ME-112 ME-210 EC-111 CH-101 EE-848 MTS-813 Math-243 MTS-812 EE-843 ME-833 EE-218 Math-105 Math-121 EE-113 EE-878 ME-852 EE-966 Phy-101 ME-318 ME-231 EE-231 MTS-851 EC-204 Math-231 ME-130 EE-213 Math-351 EE-212

Title of Course
Fundamental of Computer Programing SDDC Fundamental of Information & Communication Technologies Transportation Engineering - II Mechanic of Solid - II Engineering Economics Plain & Reinforced Concrete-III Soil Mechanics-II Lab of Engineering Drawing Transportation Engineering -I Mathematics-III Mathematics-II Engineering Materials Public Health Engineering Mathematics-I Bridge Engineering Engineering Geology Communication & Inter Personal skills Engg Statics Engg Dynamics Algorithm and Computing Applied Chemistry Information and Coding Theory Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Vector Calculus Machine Vision Microwave Devices-I Computational Fluid Dynamics-II Electronics-II Calculus & Vector Algebra Linear Algebra and ODEs Electric Circuits Thin Film Characterization Advanced Manufacturing Process Detection and Estimation Applied Physics Thermofluids Thermodynamics-II Signal and Systems Precision Manufacturing Systems Data Structures & OOP Fourier & Complex Analysis Thermodynamics-I Electronic-I Numerical Methods Network Analysis

Student Strength
7 6 10

C of E&ME

11 3 3 2 3 3 8 6 12 6 6 13 1 11 8 13 12 6 9 MS Course MS Course 30 MS Course MS Course MS Course 7 8 16 24 MS Course MS Course MS Course 29 8 13 6 MS Course 15 9 9 6 5 6

II Object Oriented Software Engg Linear Algebra Data Structures & Algorithms Fundamental of ICT Electrical Network Analysis Linear Circuit Analysis Calculus-I/Calculus and Analytical Geometry Thermodynamics Applied Physics Linear Algebra and ODEs Complex Variables & Transforms Digital Logic Design Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I Structural Analysis-II/Theory of Structures-II Transportation Engg-I Differntial Equation & Transforms Mechanics of Solids-II Soil Mechanics-I Numerical Methods / Mathematics-III Mechanics of Solids-I/Strength of Materials-I Disaster Management Urban Finance Managment River Engineering GIS & Remote Sensing (RS) & Its Application for Civil Engg Web GIS Structural Dynamics Geometric Design of Highways/Freeways GIS &Remote Sensing (RS) & Its Application for Civ Engg Research Methodology Air and Noise Pollution Control Engg Mechanics Transportation Engg-II GIS & Remote Sensing (RA) & Its Application for Civ Engg Land Information System Soil & Site Improvement Special Topics in Remote Sensing Const Cost Estimating & Control Safety Management in Construction Advance Concrete Design Electronic & Magnetic Materials Project Managemet Chemical Engineering Plant Design Organic Chemistry Fundamental of Engineering Materials Fuel & Combustion Deformation & Fracture 9 28 8 18 5 16 1 15 7 5 36 14 20 5 13 13 16 16 MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course .SEECS SCEE SCME Math-361 CS-212 CS-110 EE-353 EE-212 Math-112 ISE-322 Math-222 CS-250 CS-100 EE-211 EE-111 Math-111 ME-406 PHY-101 Math-121 Math-232 EE-221 CE-308 CE-307/CE-234 CE-241 Math-104 CE-205 CE-222 Math-351/BS-126 CE-103/CE-205 URP-807 URP-812 CE-843 GIS-802 GIS-874 CE-809 CE-864 CE-802 GIS-881 ENE-817 CE-101 CS-242 CE-802 GIS-865 CE-821 GIS-911 CE-883 CE-884 CE-805 MSE-452 OMT-454 CHE-427 CH-202 MSE-101 CHE-313 MSE-212 Probablity & Statics OOP using C++ Fundamentals of Computer Programming Computer Networks Basic Electronics Calculus .

I MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course MS Course . Tooling and manufacturing Fluid Mechanics .I Rapid Prototyping.SMME RIME-832 DME-838 ME-811 CS&E-810 BMES-830 ME-931 BMES-823 EM-805 ME-211 DME-821 ME-230 Machine Learning Special Topics in Design Engineering Advanced Control Systems Computational Fluid Dynamics Biomechanics Internal Combustion Engine Technology Neural Engineering Robotics-II Mechanics of Materials .

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