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EDST – Employee Online Time & Attendance Management Process

• The objective of this system is to have the attendance and leave management system online. • The following documents will be replaced with the new system: Daily attendance register short leave/late coming slip leave card • All leave application and approvals will be on line • You can access the system from anywhere • You can check your leave balances and approvals online

Operating procedure
• Since it is biometric process it is required that you make sure you pass through properly and do not tail gate. • You need to carry your id card with the access control card in order to capture your office access details accurately. Do not use others card to exit and enter using biometric. • If you forget to bring your card make sure you inform your manager and the local HR representative. • There cannot be any deviation from this process for any employee. • It is the responsibility of the employee to make sure his/her manager has approved the leave or not. All approved or rejected leave applications can be viewed online. • The leave cycle will remain the same as 16th to 15th, which for the salary that will be paid in first week of March the attendance cycle will be Jan 16th to Feb 15th. • HR will not follow-up with any employee before salary processing and will take data available online for attendance purposes. • No leave corrections will be possible after 20th for that month salary cycle.

ESS Link & Login Screen

Login & Password
Please enter the EMP ID as your login id Click on login & set your initial password

Dashboard & available options

Absent marking changes to Short leave or Official

To apply for Short leave (max 2 times in a month) click on AB & select option as Change Personal/Official marking.

Short leave In

Short leave Out

To apply for official in or official out click on AB & select option as Change Personal/Official marking.

Official In ( OD)

Official Out (OD)

Tour or OD Application
In case the employee is On duty for full day @ customer place or tour to other locations the employee has to apply for TOUR Click on Entry>Tour Application

Tour or OD Application

Leave Application
For any leave to be applied, Click on Entry>Leave Application

Leave Application

The employee has to use the finger for the login & access card for exit The employee is allowed to mark short leave within a day for a duration of 2 hrs. max with the managers approval. General Shift: • Shift timing is from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with grace time for entry up to 9:30 AM. • Minimum working hours for half day is 4:15 hrs. ( 9:00 to 13:15 & 13:45 to 18:00) • Minimum working hours for full day is 9 hrs. including break. Counselor's Shift: • Shift timing is from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM with grace time for entry up to 9:45 AM. • Minimum working hours for half day is 4:00 hrs. ( 9:30 to 13:30 & 14:00 to 18:00) • Minimum working hours for full day is 08.30 hrs. including break. Trainers Shift: • Shift timing if weekly 45 hrs.

Employee has to complete 45 hrs. in a week in case of late in or early out. Any changes in login details has to be reported to IT dept. Any changes in Reporting manager has to be reported to HR dept. Any changes in attendance correction such as login not accepted or no exit due to non availability of access card has to be reported to HR dept. with approval from reporting manager through email.

Tour / OD has to applied if employee is @ customer place/ travelling & doesn’t visit the office during the day. In case of late in or early out due to customer visit use Personal or official marking for the changes & based on the approval the attendance status will be changed. In case you fail to apply short leave/official in & out/Tour/OD within the attendance period your attendance report will be marked as ABSENT & process will happen based on the current attendance policy. Reporting managers has to login for the approvals of Leave, Tour, short leave & Official marking. Email Alerts are available only for tour & leave. All the approvals or Rejections has to be completed within 20th of every month.