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LTE&UMTS Cell Reselection V3.


1 Cooperation Strategy Figure 1. IDLE UMTS UE always camp in F1 carrier IDEL LTE UE will cell reselection down to co-site F1 carrier and adjacent F1 carrier when LTE RSRP is less than -118dBm .2 MBS currently strategy IDLE Mode • • As MBS UMTS strategy currently.1 General Strategy Figure 1.

2 Network Priority Priority 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Network Reserve(LTE2600) Reserve (LTE2100) LTE1800 UMTS2100 Reserve (UMTS1800) Reserve (UMTS900) Reserve (GSM1800) Reserve (GSM900) Lowest Highest Remark MBS&OLU currently setting .• IDLE UMTS UE will cell reselection up to LTE network when LTE RSRP is more than -112dBm.

QRxLevMin=-64.5 Add UMTS Frequency ADD UTRANNFREQ: LOCALCELLID=xx.3 Command 3. UTRANFDDTDDTYPE=UTRAN_FDD. SNonIntraSearch=6.1. UTRANDLARFCN=xxxx.1 Change IDLE Timer MOD RRCCONNSTATETIMER:UEINACTIVETIMER=20. CellReselPriority=5.3 Configure LTE Access Signal: MOD CELLSEL: LocalCellId=xx. CELLRESELPRIORITYCFGIND=CFG. .6 Add UMTS cell information ADD CELLRESELUTRAN:LOCALCELLID=xx. ThrshServLow=5.1. 3.SPEEDSTATESFCFGIND=NOT_CFG.1. 3.4 Configure LTE Priority MOD CELLRESEL: LocalCellId=xx.CELLRESELPRIORITY=4. 3. 3. THRESHXLOW=8.1 LTE script 3.1. UTRANVERSION=HSPA.1. SNonIntraSearchCfgInd=CFG. UTRANULARFCNCFGIND=NOT_CFG.1. 3.2 Configure LTE Switch: MOD ENODEBALGOSWITCH: HoAlgoSwitch=IntraFreqCoverHoSwitch-1&InterFreqCoverHoSwitch-1.

SibCfgBitMap=SIB19-1.3 Configure UMTS Priority MOD UCELLSELRESEL: Cellld=xxxx.1 UMTS NodeB version MOD UNODEB: NodeBProtclVer=R9. .4 Configure LTE Priority ADD UCELLNFREQPRIOINFO: CellId=xxxx.2. we should configure NodeB version as R9.2 UMTS script 3. EARFCN=xxxx. EQrxlevmin=-64.2 Active UMTS SIB19 MOD UCELLSIBSWITCH: CellId=xxxxx.3. ThdToHigh=8. 3.2. EMeasBW=xx. (If the current UMTS priority is 4. NPriority=5. SPriority=4. No need this command) 3. (If existing UMTS version is lower than R9.2. else no need this command) 3.2.