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Hand On Heart

Sign of Devotion to the Chiefs
Masonry' s homage to the heart by the Sign of Hand on Heart can best be understood by the fact that the leaders of the Masonic Lodge themselves boast that the rituals of Freemasonry hearken back to ancient Egyptian religion. The Egyptian Book of the Dead addressed prayers to "My heart of my mother...My heart of transformations," meaning the source of rebirths. The Mother Goddess of Egypt was worshipped by various names — Isis, Hathor, Rhea, etc. She was the one to whom the people "gave their hearts," meaning their heart-felt devotion and allegiance. As the Goddess of sacrifices, it was deemed necessary by her admirers that men should sacrifice their "energies" on her behalf. The Goddess was said to take possession of men's hearts.

Cutting Out Hearts and Eating Them! In the pyramids of Mexico, Central and South America, the Gods were also Gods of sacrifice and, once again, the heart was the centerpiece of devotion. Bloodthirsty followers, egged on by high priests, cut out the hearts of victims of tribal wars. On the stone altars of the temples, the priests cut the heart out of the breast of sacrificial victims while they were still alive! The hearts were eaten, just as they were in ancient Egypt and as they are in a number of satanic cults in existence today.

Back to Egypt Freemasonry today freely admits its connection to the religion and rituals of ancient Egypt and proudly displays Egyptian idols (the Sphinx, etc.) in and around its lodge facilities and at its international headquarters, the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C.

. A Number of Meanings As the evidence points out in the illustrations in this section. are being directed by the Hierarchy. the heart in subjection to higher powers. is claimed to be listening to the heartbeat of the universe." or awakened. the left hand on heart indicates the sinister occultic path.Moreover. In other words. As always."1 In the Hindu religion. His life must be dedicated to the goals they have set." the top elite who comprise the Inner Circle. the whole universe is said to be centered in the heart. in turn. magic. The thumb extended upward leaving the hand squared in the "L" position signals fidelity. sincerity and being "on the square. Devotion to the Secret Chiefs Within the Illuminati structure. in the ritual ceremonies of the higher Masonic degrees. Ordo Ab Chao — order must come out of chaos. the spirit beings (Satan and his demons) who have given them The Plan. the "hand on heart" sign has a number of meanings. but needs to be "realized. in meditation. and through ritual. the life of every Illuminist is a divine temple. the initiate is taught in no uncertain terms that he must devote his whole heart to the "secret chiefs. The sign of Hand on Heart is practiced and taught in the rituals for many degrees of Freemasonry. depending particularly on the exact placement of the hand and the positioning of the fingers. and loyal devotion the Great Work of alchemical transformation is to be accomplished within the individual heart and within the world at large. This expresses the basic oriental idea that divinity lies in the heart of every person." The thumb upward symbolizes the child-soul. which is the great God Shiva's beating heart. for they. the Hindu pantheon of deities is honored as the true "Holy Trinity. The Yogi.

p. At your command. the sign is given with the right hand.For example:  In the Degree of Sublime Knights Elected. p. the members form and march around the Lodge.." (Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor. 18° collars being reversed. the lecturer directs the assembled members to "pass to the Black Room. the initiate is told "The most popular signs in Masonry are made in this manner: Place the palm of the right hand on the heart. singing a song. the candidate is instructed in the sign. 147)  In the Degree of Companion Select. p. ." (Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry. His right hand is extended across the chest to the heart and the thumb is pointed upward." Following this instruction. You who have passed the square. (Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry. 80) In the Degree of the Knight of the Pelican and Eagle Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom. 161)    Separation of Fingers as Sign is Given Separating the fingers has its own interpretation. and pronounce the word SECRESY.. p. The illustrations of Christopher Columbus and Ignatius Loyola in this chapter are prime examples.. For your rewards prepare..Wages to you are due. the sign of "right hand on left breast is given. often being the sign of choice for cabalists who employ the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in their hand on heart communications. (Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry." (18th Degree Secret Initiation Ceremony) In the Degree of Mark Master. The words of the song include the following: "Mark Masters all appear Before the Chief Overseer. 86) In the Degree of Select Master. Join heart and hand. Both of these historical characters were members of secret cabalistic orders founded by the rabbis of the Jewish Sanhedrin.

we look to such factors as time period." In the text (page 353). who's performing the sign. As always in this book. and other factors. But in Mac key's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry we find this picture captioned. Freemasons strongly deny there are any women in their Order. former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite. 33°. "Lady Freemason Mrs.Erasing Confusion The Illuminist/Masonic sign should not be confused with the American custom of placing one's hand over the heart while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag (Citizens of some other nations practice this same tradition). the history and affiliations. to form your own learned opinion of what you are seeing. Elizabeth Aldworth. Mackey. writes that. Again. the reader. in judging the Illuminist intent. "there are a few instances in which the otherwise unalterable rule of female exclusion has been made to yield." . I leave it to you.

he called for a new religion based on worship of a nameless "Supreme Being. your majesty?" . the heartless monster of the French Revolution. Robespierre caused untold thousands to be sent to the guillotine. who himself lost his head. one day the tumbrel carriage came also for Robespierre. Inspirer of the Jacobins sect.Robespierre. As his head rolled. Rejecting Jesus." After relishing so many of his opponents being sent to their death. the Jewish plotter of terror. the mob laughed and cried out "Do you feel any pain.

does the cabalistic sign he displays of the left-handed path of the initiate. So. or another 15th century secret society? Much evidence exists confirming exactly that. 1519) . too. (Oil painting by Sebastiano del Piombo.Was Christopher Columbus a clandestine member of the Knights Templar.

He is a Bilderberger. by Rosamond Richardson. Stalin's Shadow.A statue of Soviet Communist Party leader Joseph Stalin on the cover of the book. Kohl. Here we see the Chancellor strike an Illuminist pose. Photographs of Stalin also show the tyrannical dictator—half Jew and Jesuit-trained—giving the Royal Arch Mason hand sign. and initiate of numerous secret societies and orders. Helmut Kohl was the longest-serving Chancellor in the history of post-World War II Germany. a servant of the Illuminati's inner circle. worked to unify Germany and empower the European Community. (Photo: Vanity Fair magazine. being the only person pictured who gives the necessary sign. November 1997) . a covert Jewish Mason.

September 30. (Time magazine. (Newsweek. Kamel Kharrazi. 2002) Pakistan's Prime Minister Mian Mohammed Nawaz.Iran's foreign minister. circa 2001) .

a senior Hamas official Khaled Mashaal welcomes Jordanian and other guests to a dinner. Panama's President Guillermo Endara. 37) .A.In Palestine. p. 1993.S. News and World Report. (From U. October 25.S. after the American military deposed Army dictator Manuel Noriega. installed in office by the U.

was a Rosicrucian and practitioner of the magical arts who emphasized the power of visual and imaginative symbols.Robert Fludd (1574-1637). medical doctor and hermeticist of the late English Renaissance. .

an enemy of Christ.Michael Servetus who. in 1555." A top official of the Orthodox hierarchy in Greece gives the initiate sign. was burned at the stake by Calvinists for having published a treatise disagreeing with the doctrine of the Trinity. . He has been called "The Father of Unitarianism. Servetus. was an llluminist who worked to bring in heresies to pollute Christianity.

1982. Vintras gained a large following in the 1830s and 1840s by declaring the coming of a dark Prince. . Eugene Vintras. a God on earth who would rule and reign. at the Vatican on September 15. wears the upside down cross on his religious robe and presents the sigil (hand sign) of his Order.The Pope with Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat. a Frenchman who taught occult spiritual philosophy.

by John Freely (Woodstock and New York: The Overlook Press. The Lost Messiah: In Search of the Mystical Rabbi Sabbatai Sevi. 2001) .A chief rabbi in Ottoman Turkey (from the book.

founder of Scientology. . whose books were the basis later for Anton LaVey. Ron Hubbard. founder of the Church of Satan and Michael Aquino. Crowley also inspired L. as a youth. in his occult regalia.Aleister Crowley. founder of the Temple of Set. Crowley.

The Lost Messiah: In Search of the Mystical Rabbi Sabbatai Sevi.An elderly man who is chief dervish of the Sufi Moslem sect and a young boy who is a dervish in training in the early 1900s (from the book. by John Freely (Woodstock and New York: The Overlook Press. 2001) .

The same Lutheran newspaper carries on its masthead (pg. of Rosicrucian design. At far left is Luther's seal with author Jones showing how if the petals of the flower are connected. 1) of every edition Luther's seal. was depicted. etc. In fact. middle. is shown in this picture from Christian News. actor. In the article. priest who set in motion the Protestant Reformation. Hall. Luther's official seal. In an article on the internet entitled "Calvinism." John Paul Jones quoted Masonic scholar Manly P. . along with the seal (far right) on Martin Luther's ring. giving a masonic sign. a periodic Lutheran publication. as affirming that Protestant reformer Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian initiate. mob killers. Christopher Walken.MARTIN Luther. February 18. He is often cast in strange roles as deranged psychos. Luther was a Rosicrucian. 1). 2003. seems to be favored by the elite. 33o. an occult pentacle results. p. Masonic signs and grips closely parallel those of Rosicrucians (Christian News.

the picture speaks for itself. In an article. A Perfect Storm. strangely enough. without caption and without comment or explanation.Interview magazine devoted this entire page in its June 2004 edition. Obviously." Hollywood actor George Clooney is seen presenting his sigil as he stands outside a theatre presenting the world premier of the film. entitled "Gods and Monsters. November 2000) . (Photo: Elle magazine.

Ad for Polo clothing in consumer magazine.. Michael A Hoffman II Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare Page 56.. . in the journal Nutrition A fitness (sic) . Ph.and Others "How would you like to bite into a part-human bacon cheeseburger?" asks Michael Colgan. Eating Raoul .D.

They also are subject to arthritis and lung and gut diseases. The USDA creatures reportedly suffer from coordination so poor that they can barely walk. In five years they'll be at a burger stand near you. the author included this news clipping about the horrors of inserting human genes into swine and other animals. 1 & 2)." that is. State and federal laws severely restrict access by journalists and the public. no.S. predicts the author. 10. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. has been inserting human genes into fertilized swine eggs. In Michael Hoffman's excellent book exposing the psychological and alchemical bases of the elite. The U.. genetically engineered organs to replace diseased human organs. Department of Agriculture's research center in Beltsville. and photographs of the "hunimals" are forbidden. One goal of such research is to manufacture "spare parts for humans. another goal is to "design" animals for more efficient meat production.(vol." comes from a cult-classic film about people who enjoy eating human flesh. and a herd of "hupigs" now resides at the center. The phrase "Eating Raoul. Md. .