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Provide technical and program leadership expertise to Product and Technology and lead Large Cross-Functional engineering

program team activities Responsibilities: The specific roles of a Technical Specialist in this effort include: Defines, plans, leads and performs Controls Software Development and other relevant engineering project work within a large project team as required Plans and manages engineering program resources according to project requirements. Works on all phases or aspects of projects such as technical studies,preparation of specifications, technical plans, project testing, data analysis and validation. Supports/ensures data quality and writes technical project reports. Reviews project for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, and customer requirements, including opinions and interpretations. Coordinates activities concerned with technical development, scheduling, and resolving engineering test issues. Defines, executes and supports powertrain systems performance and emissions research and development activities. Supports, organizes, and leads customer meetings. Identifies and supports business and strategic company development activities. Other duties as required to insure project success Qualifications: A Technical Specialist is expected to have demonstrated performance abilities in the following areas: CommercialQuote Leader for a large client program Support and lead as required the Business Development process for specific clients Efficient on time delivery of customer programexpectations with consistently high feedback TechnicalIdentify, initiate, and support opportunities for technology development, process improvements, tool development, and knowledge capture and re-use. Provide effective developmental leadership forother departmental staff in areas of expertise Published at least 3 papers accepted by a professional organization or 3 patents awarded Expertise in regulatory and market segment requirements and end-user expectations Functional and recognized expert in at least four of the following areas: Engine Control Transmission Control After-Treatment Control Hybrid/Energy Storage Powertrain Control On Board Diagnostics Control Powertrain Controls Software Development Tools, Methods & Processes Powertrain System Integration and Optimization Relational Leadership of technical teams of all sizes Working effectively with customers and other program staff and team members

Accountability for individual and team delivery Negotiation for overall success Organization and resource management Active pursuit of personal and organizational improvement Effective communication with all levels of the organization Experience and Education 20+ years experience in area of expertise