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for unbeatable corrosion resistance

Why choose Bekaert?

What can we offer you?
A 3rd generation zinc/aluminium coating for high carbon wires.*


Coating expert
Thanks to our wide range of standard and adapted coatings Bekaert can offer you products of the highest quality and performance.

• Superior corrosion resistance • Cathodic protection - Active protection of cut ends - Sustained corrosion protection at welded points • High temperature performance - Exposure up to 350C° leaves the coating intact. • Superior coating ductility compared to galvanised wires.

Longer lifetime


Global presence
Bekaert is active in more than 120 countries and employs over 23000 people worldwide. This makes us the largest independent wire manufacturer in the world, selling wire to almost all countries.

Good formability - Withstands heavy deformations - Suitable for cycled fatigue loads


600 international experts at your disposal
Bekaert’s technology centres count over 600 international researchers and engineers who have the technical know-how and experience to create the wire and coating that meets your needs.

Salt spray performance

(hours exposure before appearance of 5% Dark Brown Rust (DBR); Redrawn wires Bezinal®3000 (class B according to EN-10244-2) Final coated wires Bezinal®3000 (class A according to EN-10244-2)
5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0
zinc Bezinal® Bezinal® 3000

3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

zinc Bezinal® Bezinal® 3000

*Bezinal®3000 is an advanced coating that mainly applies to high carbon wires. A limited range of low carbon wires is available on request.

30-5. roof suspension. Cable armouring ROV cables.50 mm 2.bekaert.60-6.00 mm Final Coated wires Bezinal®3000 (class A) 3..90 mm 2.70 mm 2. Unless otherwise www.Product range Tensile strength in N/mm² Redrawn wires Bezinal®3000 (class B) Diameters 1. For ordering and design only use official specifications and documents. +32 (0)56 76 67 79 E.depamelaere@bekaert.: Hans Depamelaere . © 2010 Bekaert Quality certifications All Bekaert plants that produce Bezinal®3000 coated wire hold the ISO 9001 certificate. mining Guard rail rope highway barrier Make-up Redrawn wires (class B) Spoolless cores Z2 Spoolless cores Z3 Final coated wires (Class A) Modifications reserved All details describe our products in general form only.21-3. all trademarks mentioned in this brochure are registered trademarks of NV Bekaert SA or its subsidiaries.91-3.71-2.00 mm Thicker diameters available on request 1770 1860 1960 2060 2160 2260 Some applications Would you like to know more about Bezinal® Plus? Feel free to contact us NV Bekaert SA Bekaertstraat 2 8550 Zwevegem Belgium T.. Ropes fishing.GMM – 02/2010 – GMM-002 .00-4..51-2..00-2.20 mm 3.60 mm 3.60 mm 5. subsea power cable.ed.30 mm 4. Cores for overhead conductors eg ACSS Structural strands bridges. +32 (0)56 76 61 11 F.61-4. Fabric coils COID 1000/1200 Resp. hans.