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English Language I

Suárez Rodríguez, Luis Bernabé


Hello, my name is Luis and I´m 20 years old. I started to study English Philology this year. Before, I have been studying History for two years and I am still studying it. In this way I am studying English Philology in the morning and History in the afternoon. I am in the first year of English Philology and in the third year of History. I just have a level of English to have passed the PAU efficiently. I´m studying English Philology because I like it. It´s good for History too because sometimes I have to read books written in English. Furthermore, all of this will give me more means to find a job in the future. On the other hand, if I want to do the doctorate in History, English Philology will be very useful. In general I like English and English Philology. However some things are going to be difficult for me. For example, I have panic to speak English in public, maybe because I don´t have a high level of English yet, overall when I speak. On the other hand, it´s difficult for me to understand a person who is talking in English, but more or less I am understanding everything except some difficult constructions. Apart from this, there are a lot of things that I like. For example I feel proud of myself when I understand somebody who talks to me in English. It´s a good sensation when I am able to read something in English too. About the CEF, I think it is good to establish the level in which a student of English Philology is. In this way I can know my level of English. In “listening” I think that my level is B1 because I can understand the main points when somebody is talking to me. In “reading” I could be in the level B1 too, because when I am reading a text about usually topics, I can understand the most part of it. In “spoken interaction” and “spoken production” I think that I have the level A2 because it´s more difficult for me speak in English, but I can express simple ideas. About “writing” I think that my level is B1 because I am be able to write opinions, experiences... So, eventually, according to the self-assessment grid, I am at the level B1, except in “spoken interaction” and “spoken production” in which I am at A2 or A2+, because I don´t reach the requirements of fluency, accuracy... of the level B1. I hope I´ll reach the level B1+ at the end of this semester, as it´s established in the programme. That´s all. Until now, I feel happy in this degree. I hope it will not change.