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Approved by AICTE, Govt.

of India

Info Bulletin
17 Years of Business Education Ranked A1 by Indian Management Amongst Top 100 B-Schools by CSR, Dalal Street, Business India and Business World Golden Europe Award 2012 for Quality & Prestige BSA Best B-School Award 2011 in Finance Curriculum

Advisory Board Members

Prof. (Dr.) Thomas P.D., Sj Ex-Director, XLRI Director, XITE Capt. Rahul Sharma
Sr. Vice President, Head HR & Training DHFL Financial Group

Dr. Saji K. B. Nair

Professor (Marketing), IIM-Lucknow

Mr. Adrian Williams
Chief Human Resources Officer Reliance Communications

Mr. Rajesh Padmanabhan Ms. Shobha Swarup

Corp. VP & Head HR, Capgemini General Manager (HR), Wockhardt

Prof. (Dr.) S. Moharana

Dr. Asit Mohapatra

Director (HR) Raymonds Textile Ltd.

Professor, Dept. of Commerce, Utkal University

Dr. Tanaya Mishra

Mr. Bimal Rath

Founder, Think Talent Services Ex-Head (HR), Nokia India

Sr. Vice President - Corporate HR JSW Steel Limited

Mr. Vinit M. Durve

Mr. C. V. Raghu

Director, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Max India Ltd.

President (Corporate HR) Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd.

Prof. H. K. Patnaik
Director General, IMIS Advisor, IMIS

Dr. Gobind Baghasingh

Vice-President (HR) The Tata Power Co. Ltd.

Prof. (Dr.) K. K. Beuria Prof. (Dr.) K. C. Padhy

Director, IMIS

Mr. Manoj Padmanabhan

Vice-President - Marketing (Digital) Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

Prof. Satyabrata Bhuyan

Dean (Corp. Relations), IMIS Professor (Marketing), IMIS

Prof. P. C. Rath

Professor, Dept. of Business Administration, Utkal University

Prof. Subhamaya Panda

Institution beyond Education for creating ready professionals

To produce some of the talented, highly skilled, creative and confident management professionals to take up key responsibilities in the development of our nation.

Discipline - Leadership - Commitment

he best way to become successful in life is to allow yourself to be prepared by another successful man. Similarly, to become a successful Global Manager, a management student needs to be mentored by a successful academic partner. Choosing a college may be the most important decision you have ever had to consider. There are many reasons, bright and motivated students choose to attend IMIS. For now, I would like to share three of the reasons that I mention most often when describing IMIS to prospective students and their families.

IMIS, ranked amongst top 50 B-Schools in India, offers strong business and professional programs. Our students are exposed to an array of disciplines that expand their minds and enhance their critical thinking skills as they consider new ideas and new ways of looking at the world of business. We, at IMIS adhere to the principle of leadership that pays off and has the desired effect on our students both present and past. Testimony to our progress is our alumni who in their own words declare that they are Manager of Managers in various senior capacities in the Global Corporate World. We are committed to facilitate your learning and development through a thoroughly thought and meticulously planned curriculum and pedagogy adequately supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and administered by our learned faculty members. We reiterate our commitment to fulfill your global aspirations to become Manager of Managers. If these characteristics reflect what you are looking for, I encourage you to explore our website further and learn more about us. I also hope you will consider visiting the beautiful campus and meeting some of the people who make our B-School so special. Thank you for your interest in IMIS. I wish you success in your endeavor.


MIS is known for maintaining openness to inquiry. It is a place where discovery is encouraged and new ideas are celebrated. It supports an ethic of enlightened common sense & commonsense enriched by deliberate consideration and discussion. Students are encouraged to focus on solutions than problems. Activities, community services and finally placement records push the decision-making authorities down to the lowest levels of capability. The students become better thinkers as well as problem solvers. Our students kill thoughtkillers like Dont!, I could have done better, let me tell you what you did wrong, Step back; Id better do it myself. They develop self-awareness, master self control; demonstrate a commitment to learning together and thinking from common perspective. IMIS develops disciplined, synthesized, creative, respectful and ethical minds. Compassion forms the cornerstone of our education. Our students are trained to be customer-friendly, socially conscious and ethical in business matters. Leadership is evolved over a period of time. We believe that leadership is more of an art which can be taught and our education and training can turn a moderate leader into a good one. We, at IMIS, believe in the theory of collective responsibility. Together we will and we can achieve success.

Come.. join IMIS and with a whole new mind move from the information age to conceptual age and succeed as manager in times of changes and uncertainty.


The Institute

We are not different, only we try to make it happen differently. Ranked among top 100 B-Schools in India, Institute of Management and Information Science has certainly become a name to reckon with. Over the last decade the institute has carved a unique identity for itself in the country in the arena of management education. Since 1995, IMIS has been consistent in its endeavor of imparting teaching and training to the managerial aspirants and working professionals in technomanagerial disciplines with a strong emphasis on value-based management education. IMIS ensures meaningful and application-oriented programs that can cater to the needs of the industry. Besides Post Graduate Diploma in Management, the inclusion of programs in Finance & Control is a manifestation of its uniqueness towards need-based management education. All these academic programs at IMIS are excellently designed by the proficient faculty team in consultation with the people from the industry. Being an autonomous institution, IMIS has the freedom to formulate its own syllabus. This helps as it provides adequate flexibility to upgrade and incorporate latest contribution to the body of knowledge in different courses.

Since its inception in 1995, IMIS Bhubaneswar has been flourishing by leaps and bounds over the years. Today it is ranked as A1 Category B-School by AIMA (May 2012) and positioned among top 100 B-Schools in the country by various B-School ranking agencies (viz. CSR, Dalal Street, Business India and Business World 2012). IMIS is a B-school whose core competency and focus is on postgraduate level management education, training and customized capacity building for corporates. IMIS has a strong corporate clientele network whose needs related to manpower, specific capacity building, research and mentoring at different strategic levels are serviced regularly. IMIS has achieved a unique record of 100% placements in the last ten years with 53 companies offered training and 52 companies offered final placement to our students this year. IMIS postgraduate programs are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. IMIS has one of the finest collection of bright minds as teachers. Many faculty members from IMIS regularly take up visiting teaching assignments in some of the top B-Schools like IIMs, IITs, XLRI, XIMB etc. Number of MOUs are signed with different organisations in different functional areas like Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing as well as developmental sectors for area specific capacity building. The IMIS teaching and student communities have contributed enormously in various fields and brought a number of awards and recognitions nationally as well as internationally over the years. The development wing of IMIS known as International Resource Center & Integrated Action (IRCIA) is into development consulting in various partnership programs with national and international agencies. IMIS has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards social development.


IMIS is perched on the bank of river Daya in a tranquil setting. The bank of river Daya is known for bringing transformation in souls as the history depicts Chandashoka being transformed to Dharmashoka. The environment is serene and sublime verging on idyllic majesty. It augurs well for research, intellectual privacy and creative pursuits. The institute has state-of-art learning facilities. The wi-fi campus houses modern classrooms and other facilities that are fully air-conditioned. Broad airy corridors, computer centre, open air theatre, modern gym, cafeteria, professionally managed utilities and in-campus residential arrangements are some of the features of the campus. Students enjoy round the clock access to broadband connectivity. With an indigenously developed intranet, IMIS has a paperless office. From attendance to results, from staff leave application to inter-office communication the institute is a technology driver. IMIS is also setting up a VC based classroom, the largest VC facility in the state of Odisha so far.

The IMIS library is a researchers delight. The library has silently grown its collections over the past decade and is enriched with world class journals, imported books, digital content, multimedia content, Internet based subscriptions, etc. It is an automated library (supported by LIBSYS) with value added services like customized information requirements and on-demand sourcing of books and periodicals. There are more than 26000 books to cater to the need of the students across all the programs. The library subscribes 168 journals including 73 international and many other publications. The digital library and the video collection is another special feature of it. The library also subscribes special services from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) and on-line journal EBSCO.

Computer Centre
The Computer Centre at IMIS focuses on the identification of training requirements and faculty resources for specialized needs of the industry as well as the high end student training needs. Special arrangements are made to launch Oracle, Visual Communication & Web Technology courses. The institutes IT department has developed many application specific software that bring in efficiency of operations in various departments such as library, examination section, placement cell, student counseling, class scheduling and many more. Practically students are less dependent on computer lab as they always have their personal laptop with 24 hours wi-fi internet connectivity. The information sharing system of all the students, faculty, staff and executive is through intranet (AIS).

Academic Programs

IMIS offers two different Postgraduate Programs. For admission into various Postgraduate Programs in IMIS, almost six thousand students applied last year through CAT, XAT and MAT. Industry focused Postgraduate program such as; PGDM and PGDM (Finance & Control) have a high level of acceptability among wide spectrum of companies in India. Currently the domicile mix in various PGDM Programs are from 14 states of the country and is catching up very fast among students from other states.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is the institutes oldest and most prestigious two years full-time management program. This is the flagship program of IMIS running since 1995. The program is approved and also made equivalent to MBA by All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. of India. The program specifically sets out to develop competence and skills associated with general as well as specialized functional areas in management.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management - Finance & Control (PGDM-FC)

If we go through the placement record of IMIS, we can realize that the 100% placement in the previous years is due to more number of jobs offered by Banks, Insurance companies, Mutual Funds & other financial institutions. To cater to this requirement of financial sectors, a specially designed two years full-time PGDM (Finance & Control) program was introduced in IMIS after obtaining approval from AICTE, Govt. of India.

IMIS, the B-School that thinks ahead is a journey of excellence. It is an institution known for its exclusivity in nurturing managerial instincts among the new breed of talents.... Shiba Prasad Padhi Dean

Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
Core Courses
Organisational Behaviour-I & II Business Communication-I & II IT Skills for Managers Quantitative Methods-I & II Managerial Economics Financial Accounting Legal Aspects of Business Marketing Management-I & II Financial Management Economic Environment of Business Human Resources Management Modern Retail Management Research Methodology Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Financial Market & Services Summer Internship & Report Corporate Policy & Strategic Management Management Information Systems Dissertation & Viva-Voce Operations Management Cost & Management Accounting International Business Advanced Operations Management Supply Chain & Logistics Management International Marketing Customer Relationship Management Advertising and Sales Promotion Marketing Research Selling & Sales Management Marketing and Creativity E-Marketing Product & Innovation Marketing

Finance (Elective)
Retail Banking Insurance & Risk Management Risk Management in Banks Practices of Insurance Direct Tax Planning Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Financial Derivatives Merger, Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring Investment Options & Financial Planning International Finance Leasing & Hire Purchase Fixed Income Market Micro Finance Credit Management Financial Econometrics Management of Small and Medium Enterprises Financial Statement Analysis Treasury Management Mutual Fund Indirect Taxation Entrepreneurship Development

Marketing (Elective)
Channel Management Services Marketing Consumer Behaviour Social Marketing Brand Management Business to Business Marketing Rural Marketing

HRDM (Elective)
Manpower Planning Learning & Development Organizational Change & Development Performance Management Compensation & Reward Management Labour Legislation-I & II Strategic HRM Employee Relations New Age HR Interventions International HRM Competency Mapping Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Role of HR in Knowledge Management Labour Economics Counselling Skill for Managers Participative Management Industrial Jurisprudence People Capability Maturity Model Occupational Testing

Postgraduate Diploma in Management-Finance & Control (PGDM-FC)

Organisational Behaviour-I & II Business Communication-I & II Marketing Management Quantitative Methods-I & II Managerial Economics Financial Accounting Finance Law Financial Management Selling & Sales Management Economic Environment of Business IT Skills for Managers Financial Market & Services Cost & Management Accounting Retail Banking Insurance & Risk Management Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Research Methodology Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Human Resources Management Summer Internship & Report Risk Management in Banks Practices of Insurance Financial Derivatives Direct Tax Planning Management Information Systems Customer Relationship Management Investment Options & Financial Planning Management of Small and Medium Enterprises Merger, Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring International Finance Dissertation & Viva-Voce Treasury Management Leasing and Hire Purchase Credit Management Fixed Income Market Infrastructure Finance Financial Statement Analysis Indirect Taxation Entrepreneurship. Development Mutual Fund Micro Finance

Information Management (Elective)

Business Data Management System Business Intelligence Enterprise Resource Computing E-Business IT Strategy and Planning Software Project Management Enterprise Architecture Information Systems Analysis and Design Problem Solving & Decision Making IT Outsourcing Knowledge Management Business Decision Support System M-Commerce Business Data Networks

Retail Management (Elective)

Retail Store Operations Visual Merchandising Buying & Merchandising Mall Management Category Management Brand Management Consumer Behaviour Enterprise Resource Management Supply Chain & Logistics Management Retail Customer Services Store Planning, Design & Layout E-Retailing Customer Relationship Management Advertising and Sales Promotion Retail Franchising Financial Services Retailing

* Courses in italics are half credit courses


The teaching pedagogy at IMIS is mostly application-based. The pedagogical models include Structured Lectures, Co-operative Learning, Inquiry-based Learning, Practice-based Learning, Technology-based Learning, Development Orientation, Personal Counselling, Continuous Assessment and Evaluation. In cooperative learning, students work together in small groups on a structured activity. They are individually accountable for their work and the work of the group as a whole is also assessed. The common tools used by the faculty members under this model are Field Study/Project Work, Assignment, Situation Analysis, Simulations, Role Play, Business Games, Presentations, etc. The inquiry approach comprising of Case Discussion, Problem Solving, Brainstorming, Idea Generation, Small-group Exercises, etc. focuses on information-processing and problem-solving skills. The system is more student centered, while the teacher acts as a facilitator of learning. On the development front, the institute has made an exclusive arrangement where, one working day in a week is reserved to conduct special sessions for students development, viz. Communication Development, Personality Development, Business Etiquette, Mock Interview, Business Quiz, Panel Discussion, Presentation on Contemporary Topics, Assessment Techniques, Students Knowledge Improvement Programmes (SKIP), Yoga & Meditation, Foreign Language Training, Students Activities, etc.

Dr. Kishore C. Padhy

Shiba P. Padhi

Dean (Academics)

Satyabrata Bhuyan
Dean (Corp. Relations)

Dr. Surya Dev

Dean (Career Dev.)

Dr. S. P. Mohapatra
Dean (Student Welfare)


At IMIS, we all covertly nurture a desire to connect ourselves to the students, the corporate world and to the society at large. Our core values of discipline, commitment and leadership reflect that sublime desire .... Dr. K. K. Beuria Advisor

Subhamaya Panda

Dr. Chinmay K. Dash


V. T. Thomas

Associate Professor

Dr. Tanmoy De

Rabi Narayan Patnaik

Associate Professor

Sujit Kumar Patra

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Chunku Pani


Satyabrata Bhuyan

Dr. Surya Dev


Associate Professor

Shiba P. Padhi

Dr. Usha Kamilla

Associate Professor

Dr. S. P. Mohapatra
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Divya Gupta

Assistant Professor

S. S. Ahmed

Ashok Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor

Brahmadev Panda
Assistant Professor


Associate Professor

Sujit K. Baboo

Dr. Manas Kumar Pal

Associate Professor

Manidatta Ray
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Babuli Sahu


Dr. S. Subramanian

Anupam Chand
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Abhijit Panda

Assistant Professor

Dr. Dolly Dolai

Laxmiprada Pattnaik
Assistant Professor

Dr. K. K. Beuria
Advisor, IMIS

Dr. Mrityunjoy Mohanty

Professor, IIM, Kolkata

Dr. Saji K. B. Nair Dr. P. K. Padhi

Professor, IIM, Lucknow Faculty in XLRI, Jamsedpur

Dr. K. H. Padmanabhan Dr. B. K. Mohanty

Professor, University of Michigan Professor, IIM, Lucknow

Dr. S. Moharana

Professor, Utkal University

Dr. Mrinalini Saha

Professor, IMT, Ghaziabad

Dr. Ashish Bhattacharya

Professor, IIM, Kolkata

Dr. Arabinda Tripathy

Professor, VGSOM, IIT (K)

Dr. Himansu Rai

Professor, IIM, Lucknow

Dr. R. K. Jena

Professor, IMT, Nagpur

Dr. Martin Grossman

Asst. Professor Bridgewater State College, USA

Dr. A. K. Swain

Professor, IIM, Kozhicode

Dr. Joydeep Mukherjee

Professor, MDI, Gurgaon

Dr. Nalini P. Tripathy

Professor, IIM, Shilong

Dr. M. Acharya

Dr. Pingali Venugopal

Professor, XLRI, Jamsedpur

Professor Communication, MICA, Ahmedabad

Dr. A. Sahay

Professor, MDI, Gurgaon

Thought Leaders
(Visited Campus)
Shri M. C.Bhandare
His Excellency, The Governor of Odisha, Governor of Odisha

Mr. Rafat Nawaz Haque

Vice President Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

Mr. Sashikant Panda

Zonal Head (Operations-East) IndusInd Bank

Dr. K.C. Chakraborty

Dy. Governor Reserve Bank of India

Mr. Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya

Zonal Manager-HR (East) Mahindra & Mahindra Fin. Services

Mr. Martand Singh

Regional Sales Manager Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd.

Mr. Vijay Rai

President & CEO Powercon Knowledge Services

Mr. Deepak Jhangiani

Director Dalal Street Journal

Mr. Bidyadhar Jena

Area Manager SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mr. Awdhesh Krishna

MD & HEAD-HR Nomura Services India (P) Ltd.

Mr. K. K. Agarwal

Regional Manager Transport Corp. of India

Dr. Nalini Prabha Tripathy

Professor & Addl. Director IIM - Shillong

Mr. Kamalji Sahay

Former MD & CEO Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance

Mr. Rajesh Marvanthe

Zonal Manager Johnson & Johnson Ltd.

Mr. A. P. Hota

Managing Director & CEO National Payments Corp. of India

Mr. Somenath Chatterjee

Exe. VP & Reg. Business Leader Yes Bank

Mr. Kulamani Panda

Sr. Manager - HR Paradeep Phosphate Ltd.

Mr. R. K. Singh

Area HR Manager Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

Mr. Azhar Sohail

Head Corporate HR & OD ACC Concrete Ltd.

Dr. S. P. Raghunathan

Dean The National Management School

Mr. S. Pathak

Area Sales Manager Nestle India Ltd.

Mr. Debesh Narayan Mishra

Asst. Vice President (Branch Head) UTI Mutual Fund

Mr. Jitendra Kumar Das

Regional Manager Bank of Baroda

Mr. Jyoti Ghosh

General Manager State Bank of Hyderabad

Mr. Joy Varghese

Director (Personnel & Admn.) NALCO

Mr. Rajesh Kumar M.

DGM & Chief Regional Manager United Bank of India

Ms. Sangita Majumdar

Human Resources Manager ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd.

Mr. Asit Mohapatra

Director- HR Raymonds Textiles Ltd.

Mr. Amogh Thite

Area Manager Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. P. K. Panigrahy
General Manager United Spirits Ltd.

Mr. A.V.S. Siva Rama Krishna

Regional Director SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Mr. J. R. Mohapatra
Area Head Universal Sampo GIC

Mr. R. Mishra

General Manager Central Bank of India

Executive Director Allahabad Bank General Manager Bank of India

Mr. T. R. Chawla

Mr. Supratim Ghosh

Zonal Sales Head Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages

Mr. Prem Kumar

Mr. Bikash N. Mishra

AGM Punjab National Bank

Mr. S. K. Sangar

General Manager Union Bank of India

Mr. Biswajit Rath

AVP Axis Bank

Ms. Varsha Bhala

Retail HR - Campus Hiring Madura Fashion & Lifestyle

Dr. S. D. Mahanti

Professor Michigan State University, USA

Mr. Praveen Gupta

CGM, State Bank of India, Odisha It was a privilege for me to address the students. The students actively participated in the session, which was quite encouraging. I hope they keep their enthusiasm going and I wish all of them the best of luck in their career.

Mr. Rajeev Chaturvedi

General Manager (Mktg.) LIC Housing Finance

Dr. Arabinda Tripathy

Dean-VGSOM IIT, Kharagpur

Mr. S. Dasgupta

General Manager Central Bank of India

Mr. Shiv Kumar

CGM State Bank of India

Dr. P. K. Padhi
Professor, XLRI

Mr. J. Ravi Kumar

CFO, Dhamra Port

Mr. S. K. Dey Purkayastha

General Manager UCO Bank (Bhubaneswar Circle)

Dr. Biswarup Sen

University of Oregon

Dr. Navita Mahajan

Dr. Surabhi Banerjee

National Chair Next Practices, Confederation of Indian Industry

Vice Chancellor Central University of Odisha

Mr. Sashi Ranjan Dash

Prof. Mini Mathur

Professor MICA, Ahmedabad

Sr. Manager Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India

Mr. Pramod Prakash Panda

Development Centre Head Infosys Technology

Mr. Ansuman Dev Pradhan

AGM, Investigation Dept., SEBI

Mr. B. N. Patnaik

Dr. S. K. Tamotia

Business Manager (East) Glaxo SmithKline Pharma

VC & Director General Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan

Head-HR (Admn. & Corp. Comm.) National Payments Corporation of India, Mumbai It was a pleasure and good experience visiting the campus. The students kept me engaged throughout. Faculty members were found to be passionate. Good Luck.

Mr. Tanmaya Panda

Mr. Kallol Saha

Prof. B. K. Mohanty
Professor, IIM-Lucknow

Service Operations Head Reliance Communications

Mr. Lambodhara Hota

Director (Finance) ARP Group, Kenya

Dr. Vishal Talwar

Professor- Dept. of Management London School of Economics

(Few Distinct Names)
Mr. S. Bhattacharya
Director,-Analytics The Nielsen Company

Mr. Debasish Rout

National Sales Head, Indage Vintners Cluster Leader Hindustan Unilever

Mr. Rajiv Bhattacharya

Mr. Arnab Guha

Vice President Deutsche Bank, Germany

Mr. Suddhasatwa Das

Member-International Business Product Management Team, Bharti Airtel

Mr. Sharad Jha

Ms. Shravonty Roy

Asst. Vice President (Mktg.) Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd.

Mr. Umesh Balani

Deputy General Manager, ICICI Bank

Director SMS Micro Systems Ltd. London, UK

Ms. Neha Poddar

Regional Manager Marketing for South Amway India

Mr. Abhik Banerjee

Mr. Ranganath Eunny

Asst. Vice President - Media Management, HSBC

Director Mobius Knowledge Services

Mr. Akhilesh Gupta

Mr. Deepak Krishnan

Mr. Anish Raj

Asst. Vice President, (Commercial Banking), Citi Bank

Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East

Zonal Sales Manager, Bharti Airtel

Mr. Ranjeet Singh Suraj

Head - Direct Sales, Aircel Ltd.

Mr. Siddhartha Das

Mr. Sankha Nandy

Project Head, Hewlett Packard

Global Mobility Consultant Capgemini

Mr. Pritam Purakayastha

Marketing Head, United Sprits Ltd., (Nepal)

Mr. Joydeep Rakshit

Divisional Manager, Bajaz Allianz

Mr. Santosh Kumar M.

Sr. Consultant Apps Associates LLC (Boston)

Mr. Rohit Modawal

Ms. S. Roy Choudhury

Lead HR - Fin Services Ernst & Young

Mr. Dipshankar Sur

National Sales Manager, Honeywell Intl. India (P) Ltd.

Project Manager Ubique Systems (London)

Mr. Harish Prasad

Mr. Shantanu Chaudhury

Director Faizal Altius Business School

Ms. Sujata Dwivedi

Asso. Vice President Vivaki Exchange

Regional Manager, HCL

Mr. Debasish G. Choudhury

Regional Sales Head, LOreal Asst. Vice President J P Morgan Chase

Mr. Jyotishmoy Bohra

Ms. Paramita Mukherjee

Circle Head (Sales), American Tower Company

National Sales & Operation Mgr. DAPL

Mr. P. Srinivas Deo

Mr. Rajeev Thakur

Asst. Vice President State Bank of India

Mr. Arijit Samanta

Sales for India East & SAARC Cisco Systems India

Training & Placements

Placement is the grand finale of assigning a new opening to a professionally qualified potential manager in an organization. Our education program and personality development efforts are tailormade to match the dynamically changing recruitment strategies and expectations of the potential employers. We claim that we not just place our students; rather we create a niche for them in the job market. Thus, the competitive job market, recession and saturated growth do not deter our students from snatching away the best jobs available. Confidence is the name of the game.

I n c r e a s i n g l y the recruiters are recognizing the talents of students from eastern part of our country which forms a major chunk of our students profiles. No doubt, IMIS Bhubaneswar has been a favorite recruiting destination for many. Satyabrata Bhuyan Dean (Corporate Relations)

Recruiters Participated
(Past 3 Years)
Analytics / Research Capital IQ Darashaw Fractal Analytics Grail Research Gravitas Technology Meritus Analytics The Nielsen Company XL Dynamics Automobiles Cranedge India Pvt.Ltd. Piaggio Vehicles India Pvt. Ltd. Tractor India Ltd. Aviation Jet Airways India Ltd. Banking / Microfinance Allahabad Bank Axis Bank Ltd. Bank of Baroda Bank of India BASIX Central Bank of India Dena Bank HDFC Bank Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd. Indian Overseas Bank IndusInd Bank Ltd. ING Vysya Bank Kotak Bank Share Microfin Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of Hyderabad UCO Bank Union Bank of India United Bank of India Yes Bank Construction ACC Concrete Ltd. Fenesta Building System Training / Consulting Corporate Gurukul Finitiatives Learning India Gradient Training Pvt. Ltd. Think Talent Entertainment Entertainment Network (India) Reliance Media World Ltd. Fin Service/ MF/ Broking Aditya Birla Money Mart Anagram Securities Angel Broking Bajaj Capital Birla Sunlife AMC BMA Wealth Creators Ltd. DHFL DSP Black Rock Investment Managers Pvt.Ltd. Edelweiss Financial Advisors FRR Forex Pvt.Lt. Gupta Equities Pvt.Ltd. HDFC Securities Ltd. Housing Development Fin. Co. HSBC Invest Direct ICICI Pru AMC ICICI Securities Limited IL & FS Technology Services India Infoline Ltd. India Insure Kotak AMC Ltd. Kotak Commodities Services Ltd. Kotak Securities Ltd. L & T Finance Ltd. L & T MF LIC Housing Finance Co. Ltd. LIC HF Financial Services Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Fin. Ser. Muthoot Finance NCMS National Payments Corp. India Reliance Asset Management Reliance Money Religare Securities Ltd. SMC Global Securities Ltd. SREI Equipment Finance Sriram Transport Finance Co. Transport Corporation of India UTI AMC FMCG/Durables Asian Paints Ltd. Berger Paints India Ltd. Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. Ceasefire Industries Ltd. Colgate Palmolive GSK Consumers Ltd. Hindustan Uniliver Ltd. ITC Limited Johnson & Johnson Ltd. MRF Lubricant Nestle India Limited Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd. Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. Shell Lubricants Food & Beverages Hindustan Coca-Cola Bev. United Spirit Limited

Insurance AVIVA Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz LIC Bharti Axa LIC Birla Sunlife LIC Future Generali LIC Ltd. HDFC Life Insurance ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. ICICI Pru LIC IDBI Federal LIC Kotak Mah. Old Mutual LIC Metlife Insurance Royal Sundaram Alliance GIC Salasar Services SBI General Insurance SBI Life Insurance Co.Ltd. Star Union Dai-ichi LIC TATA AIG LIC Universal Sompo GIC Ltd. IT/ ITES/ e-Commerce Accenture Capgemini Conventus Technologies Diksha Technologies Genpact Harita Tecserv Ltd. IBM IGENIESES Technology Solutions Info Edge India Ltd.. Infosys Technologies Ltd. Intelenet The Information Company WeP Peripherals Zensar Technologies Zieta Technologies Power & Energy Enzen Global Kalpataru Power Logistics Airex Logistics DHL Lemuir Logistics Pvt.Ltd

NYK Line India Ltd. TCI Media & Publishing Optima Media Solutions Thomson Press Wall Street Finance

Comparative Performance (Last 4 Years

12.00 10.15 10.00 8.00 6.20 6.00 4.00 2.00 0.00 6.78 6.03

Ajanta Pharma GSK Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Lupin Pharma PFIZER Piramal Health Care PRIMAX Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Wockhardt Ltd. Retail Adidas Airtel Bose Corporation India Pvt.Ltd. Caf Coffee Day Comfy Shoemakers Pvt.Ltd. eOffice Planet India Pvt.Ltd. Future Group Giny & Jony Ltd. Liliput Kidswear Madura FL Reliance Retail Russel Tea Shoppers Stop Titan Industries The Mobile Store Trends In Vogue United Colours Benetton Zicom Retail Product Pvt.Ltd. Telecom Essar Telecom Matrix Cellular Reliance Communications TATA Communication Ltd. Tata Teleservices Verse Innovation Vodafone Spacetel Limited

Rupees in Lakh






Highest Salary (CTC)

6.00 4.92 5.00 4.21 4.00 3.75 2.90 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00

Rupees in Lakh





Average Salary (CTC)


No. of Participating Companies

100 80 60 40 20 0 58

98 75 52





No. of Participating Companies

60% 56% 45% 35%

Percentage of New Recruiters

50% 40% 32% 30% 20% 10% 0%





Percentage of New Recruiters

Life at IMIS

IMIS is perched on the bank of river Daya in a tranquil setting. The environment is serene and sublime verging on idyllic majesty. It augurs well for research, intellectual privacy and creative pursuits. The institute provides a host of opportunities in academic, sports, cultural and organizational activities for students to gain experience and pursue their interests. At IMIS, strong emphasis is laid on co-curricular and extracurricular activities to ensure an all round development of the student while providing multiple platforms for students to improve their soft skills, which are imperative for one to excel in his/ her work space.

There are also various initiatives like Finance Events, HR Events, Marketing Events, National Level B-School Meet, Blood Donation Camp, National and International Seminars and Workshops etc., which provide ample opportunities to students to showcase their organizational skills and talents. Various Clubs & Activities Markues Marketing Club FinVista Finance Club Panacea HR Club ShutterZ Photography Club Xpressus Cultural Club Retailgenic Retail Club Screen Movie Club Mark Ecstasy Umang Wincitore Yi (Young Indians) Banking Conclave Fin Trade Fin Elitism HR Geometry Talent Hunt Panel Discussion Wall of Fame Photo Exhibition Workshop Management Odyssey SPIC-MACAY IPL Food Fest Movie Festival

You learn the things only by doing it and we at IMIS are a firm believer of this. We involve and guide our students to organize events of various types under club activities which gives them a firsthand experience to management and leadership skills. S. P. Mohapatra Dean (Student Welfare)

Admission Information 2013

The minimum qualification for admission into any of these programs is Bachelors Degree in any discipline. The candidates pursuing final year graduation and expecting their result by August 31, 2013 can also apply.

Selection Procedure
The selection will be made on the basis of scores of CAT, conducted by IIM, Kozhikode Testing Window between 11th October 2012 and 6th November 2012; XAT, conducted by XLRI, Jamshedpur on January 2013; or MAT, conducted by AIMA on December 2012, February 2013 & May 2013 followed by G.D & P.I, which will be conducted at Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Raipur and other places. A candidate can appear for any one of the written tests, CAT, XAT or MAT to qualify for G.D. & P.I. CAT candidates have to apply to IMIS by 31st December 2012 and other candidates to opt in the Application Form of XAT/ MAT.

this website. Upon submission of the application form an Identification No (ID) will be allotted to the candidate. Please note this ID Number for further correspondence. For online applicant, on receipt of the DD of `600/- (in favour of IMIS, Bhubaneswar, payable at Bhubaneswar), IMIS will authenticate the payment details and will send a mail to confirm the acceptance of the application form for admission 2013. A candidate can also purchase the application form & Info-bulletin by sending the application fee of `600/(Cash/ DD in favour of IMIS, Bhubaneswar, payable at Bhubaneswar). The duly filled in application form can then be sent to IMIS by post.

Last Date to Apply

(a) For CAT Candidates : 31st Dec. 2012 (b) For XAT Candidates : 31st Jan. 2013 (c) For MAT Candidates : 31st Jan. 2013 (Dec. MAT) 31st Mar. 2013 (Feb. MAT) 31st May 2013 (May MAT)

Application Procedure
A candidate can apply online to IMIS by logging on to for all programs. Complete instruction for online application are available at

Documents Required
Attested photocopies in duplicate of the following

documents and photographs are to be submitted at the time of admission. The final year graduating students are required to submit the Class X pass certificate and photograph with an undertaking to submit the degree pass mark sheet/ certificate by August 31, 2013. Class X Pass Certificate Degree Certificates (Provisional acceptable) Degree/ PG Mark Sheet College Leaving Certificate Conduct Certificate from the institute last attended Recent coloured passport size photographs (10nos.) (To be submitted at the time of admission)

N.B. All original certificates and mark sheets will be verified and the original C.L.C. shall be submitted to the institute at the time of admission.

Course Fees
Payment Schedule
1st Installment at the time of Admission 2nd Installment on or Before 15th September 2013 3rd Installment on or Before 15th December 2013 4th Installment on or Before 30th April 2014



Total Course Fee



N.B. (i) Personal Computer (Laptop) is required for all these programs in the Wi-Fi campus of the institute which, students have to arrange of their own.

Hostel Fees
Payment Schedule
1st Year (At the time of Admission) 2nd Year (Payable on or before 30th April 2014) 1st Year Fooding Charges (Payable at the time of Reporting) 2nd Year Fooding Charges (Payable on or before 30th April 2014) (Common Bath) `30,000/`20,000/`35,000/`35,000/-

Non AC Room Non AC Room


(Attached Bath) (Attached Bath) `59,000/`35,000/`35,000/`35,000/-

AC Room





N.B. AC Room with attached bath and Non-AC Room with attached bath are subject to availability. Note: The fees can be paid in cash or draft in favour of IMIS, Bhubaneswar, payable at Bhubaneswar. All fees paid to the institute is non-refundable. In case of discontinuity/ removal, a candidate can not claim for the refund of fees paid to the institute. All legal disputes/ controversies are within Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.


Institute of Management & Information Science

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