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Is Your Life a Series of

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General opinion is no proof of truth; for the generality of men are ignorant.

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Does Every National or Local Change In Affairs Reflect In Your Personal L ife?




O E C O N O M IC and social alterations find you enjoying fa ir w ea th er one week, m onth, or year, and the next fa c ­ ing a storm y period of troublesom e, worrisome days? T h e man or woman who h asn’t been able to find bed rock— who h asn’t anchored fast to certain fundam ental attributes of his own m ental self is blown off his course in the first storm. I f your fam ily and friends can always tell by you— by your unem ploym ent, by your per­ sonal com plications— th at times are not so good, it is proof o f the fa ct th at you are d e p e n d e n t upon circum stances. T h e Success in Life is not the one who gets to the top but the one who, because he is versatile, can rem ain under pres­ sure. M illion s th o u g h t they were made until the stock m arket crash, and then they foun­ dered. M illions more felt secure until they lost th eir jo bs— then they found themselves the vic­ tims of having harnessed their minds to o n e trade, occupation, or profession. E du cation is N O T sufficient. It casts th in k­ ing into a mould. It doesn’t state what to do when crises and catastrophes shatter that mould. In telligence created education and all the essential factors of our modern civilization. It was the intuitive ideas of the natural inner intelligence th a t inspired the conceptions and the plans o f the things the world now enjoys. It is intelligence that thinks out the new, the needed, the unknow n— the things that ca n ’t be found in a text book or library.


T h e Fords, Edisons, M arcon is, and the host o f other contributors to the w orld’s accom plish­ m ents b eg a n w ith m in d as their only tool or

guide, and it requires the use of the same mind and m ental faculties, to hold fast to what they have established and acquired.

T h a t there are vital sources of power within oneself, by which m astery and happiness in life can be m e n ta lly c r e a te d , has been privately taught for centuries by secret brotherhoods of learning that inherited th e w isd om o f th e a n ­ cien ts. Science scoffed at their claim s— and yet, it now admits that horm ones, infinitesim al ele­ ments, control the sex of hum ans; that chrom o­ somes, when affected by environm ent, can alter the race; that the endocrine glands control per­ sonality and tem peram ent; that the ganglia of the sym pathetic nervous system can be stim u­ lated to affect the m ental processes— im a g in a ­ tion , m e m o ry , and rea so n in g . M ental creating is sound, p ractical; it is the ancient art and science of applying the in tel­ ligence o f the Life Force, which im pregnates every cell of your being, to the problem s of the day. T h a t mind which governs the circulation of your blood, your rhythm ic breathing, and all of the involuntary actions of your body can be employed to do o th e r ta sk s — tasks which will give you new aptitudes and talents and a new c o n fid e n c e in yourself.

ing independence and self-sufficiency in life through know ledge, have preserved, studied, and used these secret teachings of mind influence taught by the ancients, casting aside and d ecry­ ing superstitions, fads, and fancies. T h e y have invaded and m astered those realms o f natural phenom ena, which religion once sought to sup­ press, and at which science scoffed, but which all now seek to understand.




F o r th e s in c e r e — for the man or woman who is searching for some means o f conquering in an intelligent way the obstacles and adversities of life, this invitation is offered. Y ou are invited to use the g ift coupon below to receive the fr e e fascinating book, “T h e Secret H erita g e,” which tells o f the startling work of the Rosicrucians and how you can be taught to use the indwelling facu lties of your mind.

The R O S I C R U C I A N S
S A N JO S E |----------------I ( A M O R C ) C A L IF O R N IA U SE T H IS G IF T C O U P O N S c r ib e R . C . T . T h e R o sic ru c ia n O r d e r , A M O R C R o sic ru c ia n P a rk , S a n Jo s e . C a lifo rn ia , U . S . A . P le a se sen d m e a free co p y o f “ T h e S e cre t H e r ita g e .” I am sin ce re in w ish in g to lea rn how I m ay c o m e to u n d e rstan d an d use m y n atu ral pow ers an d a b ilitie s.


A ll o f this is not idle talk or philosophical speculation, but established fact. For decades in A m erica, and fo r centuries in Europe and the O rient, the R osicrucians ( N O T a religious or­ gan ization), a fratern ity of men and women seek­

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Y o u r N a m e ........................................ ......... ..... ......... Y o u r A d d re s s .......................................................

I f you h av e frie n d s w ho are in tereste d in th ese su b ­ je c ts , sen d th e ir n am es an d ad d resses and we will send th em lite r a tu r e as w ell — w e w ill n o t m e n tio n y o u r n a m e , u n les s y o u w ish it. ( T h e R o sicru c ia n s a re N O T a re lig io u s o rg a n iz a tio n .)

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