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21st J une 2013
Term 3 N ew sletter 9

Item s this w eek :
P rizes and Certificates Artist of the W eek Science into Schools Certificate Sports Day Team Colours N ext W eek ’s M enu Year 2+ M ural R em inders

Dear Parents
The Summer Fete is gathering momentum and it looks like it’s going to be the best ever! Next week is Parents Consultation wee k and I hope by now you have signed up a time to meet your child’s class teacher. Your child’s report will be email ed to you before the meeting giving you plenty of time to read through it. A paper copy will be available on the day of your meeting too. Thank you to the 45 parents who completed the survey. Once numbers are crunched, we will share some our findings with you. Nick Smedley will be at the Head teacher’s Report evening and will speak about the statistics in more detail then. I look for ward to seeing you on Sports Day next Tuesday (starting at approximately 2pm). Please note – if the weather is atrocious we will cancel the event, but that’s not going to happen is it!?

P rizes and Certificates
Certificates (Table M anners) Sage Marika Reception Aina Freya Year 1 Ollie Year 3 Estela Certificates (Scientist of the W eek ) Year 1 Josef There were many certificates this week. The focus was to see which children were putting extraspecial effort into practising for our summer show, and in addition there were some children who impressed us with their table manners at lunch times. Next week the focus is good sportspersonship. Certificates (Stars of the W eek ) Taddeus Nursery Simon Reception Sam Year 1 Eva Year 2 Andreas Certificates (Artist of the W eek ) Year 2 Obi Obi created a fab book called Mr Daft Gets a Job which we loved and duly gave him the Artist of the Week accolade. Here’s the front cover and do check out the blog to see the whole book. P rizes Rafi Evan Alfie Thomas Olive

Nursery Reception Year 2

Artist of the Week – Obi - Year 2

Science into Schools Certificate of Achievem ent
Thank you to everyone who brought in their old textiles in May for collection. We collected 78 k ilogram s which gives us 3,120 points so far that goes towards science equipment. Please visit the website to see the shop and what we could purchase. There’s a kid’s club area on their site which is great fun for the children to explore too. We’re aiming for 10,000 points by the end of next academic year so that we can get a range of great stuff! The next collection will be towards the end of September (details will follow nearer the time).

Sports Day is next Tuesday at 2pm on Shoreditch P ark . Below is the list of children participating and the colour team they are in. Could you please ensure that they have the relevant coloured clothes for the afternoon to change into? (Nursery Class can remain in their colours all day). Children will need a water bottle and you will need a picnic blanket as you will be sitting on the bank watching the races and field events. It should be a lot of fun.




Oliver Anjali Alexander Niko Sebastian Ellie Mae Oscar Freddie Isabella Simon Layan

Soirse Yvie Evan Gabriel Grace Buster Taddeus Hugo Thomas Leena Willas

Dylan Joseph Edith Milo Victor Rafi Ike Romi Casper Jude




Mabel Rohan Tilly Alex Theo Sam Sage

Iris Alexander Sasha Mark Jimmy Thomas Freya

Seb Xavi Marika Misha Aina Alfie Seby




Josef Holly Arif Lily Gowan Matilda Cosmo

Zaia Baylie Lily-Mae Louis Oliver Eva Oscar

Jorge Ernie Theo Reuben Dolly Ollie

Year 1


Year 2+


Obi Gabriel

Andreas Louis Estela Declan

Isabella Astrid Huw

N ext W eek ’s M enu
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Jacket Potato with cheese & beans Thursday Friday

R em inders
N EXT W EEK - Parent/Teacher Consultation Week (Reports) Tuesday 25th J une (at 2pm on Shoreditch P ark ) - Sports Day. W ednesday 3rd J uly (at 6pm ) - Head Teacher’s Report (all parents welcome) Tuesday 9th & W ednesday 10th J uly (at 3pm ) - Summer Show. Tickets available at the end of June. Thursday 11th J uly - Transition morning for children to spend an hour with their new teacher. Friday 12th J uly - Last Day of Term – Picnic in the Park (all welcome – details to follow).


Quorn Curry

Macaroni Cheese

Pesto Pasta


*Vegetarian option available


Tomato Pasta

Beans on Toast

Tomato Pasta


Cheese Sandwiches

Year 2+ M ural
Year 2 have been working with different media and have produced this impressive display using photographs of them to create a mural. Press here to see it on the blog and look forward to next week where we will be adding the ‘making of’ photos so that you can see the process behind this great work.