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Survey Questionnaire

1. What do you think about sensex (stock market)? O Quick money O Risky opportunity O Good investment forum O Part time income O Any other (please specify)

2. If you have surplus funds, where would you like to invest? O Sensex (stocks) O Real estate O Physical assets (gold or silver) O Fixed income-instruments (fixed deposit, bonds, etc.) O Any other (please specify)

3. Is the country’s progress directly proportional to the performance of the sensex (stock market)? O Yes O No O To an extent

4. Do you feel that investing in sensex is the only way to be inclusive in the financial dimension of the nation? O Yes O No O Can’t say

5. For trading, what would you follow? O Go by my gut O Listen to the broker’s advice O Do my own research before investing O Any other (please specify)

Is sensex only for the ones who seem well versed in it to deal with its complications? O Yes O No O Can’t say 10.6. Do you prefer online over the previous offline mode? O Yes O No O Can’t say 8. Do you feel you are equipped to prepare a good portfolio for yourself without a broker’s assistance? O Yes O No O To some extent 7. Are you aware that the sensex allows you to earn real returns (against inflation) unlike FDs and other conventional modes? O Yes O No 9. Do you feel certain incapable corporate employers make sensex a nonviable prospect? O Yes O no O maybe . Has the numerous stock market scams made sensex seem unreliable? O Yes O No O Maybe 11.

high patience O Moderate greed. high patience O Low greed.12. Do you think mutual funds play a key role in stabilizing the sensex? O Yes O No O Maybe 16. moderate patience . How do you look at the disinvestment spree of the government in the context of sensex? O Desirable O Undesirable O Does not matter 15. How well do you correlate the Index of Industrial Production numbers (production rate of the Indian economy) with the sensex (stocks) figures? O High O Average O Low 17. Which approach for sensex (stock market) will work? O High greed. Since sensex contains big blue-chip companies who have reached their growth saturation. what do you make of it? O A price paid for uninterrupted foreign inflows O A cheap strategy to wrongly finance India growth story O A collateral damage to moral ethics 14. Since a high proportion of FIIs are unidentifiable entities. do you feel more midcap companies with higher growth potential must be included in sensex to increase investor profitability? O Yes O No O Can’t say 13.

18. do you feel that the coming period will be more favorable for investing in sensex (stocks)? O Yes O No O Can’t say 19. What is most essential for sustenance of Sensex so that future generations trade as much and more? O Greater accountability and transparency from corporate O Increased funds (domestic and foreign) into market O Increased awareness for potential investor O More innovative stock options(schemes) 20. Since the fundamentals of the economy are getting corrected. What do you feel the change in power at the Centre after elections would impact the sensex (stock market)? . How do you think the 2013 finance budget would affect the sensex? 21.

Profession: Self Employed 6. Age group: 20-30 4. Qualification: Primary level 5. Period of Investment: Short term Long term . Name of the respondent: 2. Marital status: Married 7.Secondary Questionnaire 1. Personal Income: Upto 3 lac 8. Gender: Male 3. Entire household Income: Upto 5 lac Female 31-40 41-50 51-60 60 and Above Secondary level Graduate Post Graduate Public Service Private Service Unmarried 3-12 lac Above 12 lac 5-15 lac Above 15 lac 9. Investment in stock market (sensex): Yes No 10.