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Michaella Butler CV

I am an enthusiastic and creative individual looking to take the next steps within my career. I have a range of experience which has enabled me to develop my retail, customer service, creative and artistic skills which I use to drive both my personal and professional life. I am dedicated, incredibly passionate, hard working and put a great deal of energy and commitment in what ever role I take on.


May 20th 2013 – June 24th Guess ltd Leicester Supervisor. My role here was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing down. It was an Assistant Manager role and carried with it the duty’s the title involved. • I would have been responsible for the selling floor leadership with overseeing the customer experience, training and development of the store staff, leading by example on the selling floor and maintaining the store standards on the selling floor and stockroom, and acts as second in command assisting the store manager in the overall running of an individual store. Controls company assets by meeting all loss prevention measures (consistent management of inventory, in- and out-bound stock movements, sales, returns, exchange, store maintenance, etc.) Ensures an excellent level of customer service is a priority at all times by executing and achieving the Customer Experience consistently through regular assessment, coaching and follow-up with team. Maintains all visual merchandising standards, directives, promotions, and overall cleanliness and organization of the sales floor and stockroom. Maintains visibility and leads by example on the selling floor to answer customer questions and supports all selling functions. And of course knowing my market. Being fashion forward and knowing trends.

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Sept 20th 2010 – May 11th 2013 Body Shop Assistant Store Manager / Colour Coach.


My Management role includes:• Maximizes store contribution through exploiting every opportunity to drive sales. • Reduce stock loss and maintain cost controls. Assists in delivering the highest levels of motivation and development of team members and individual. • Maximises Sales and exceeds store budget. Trains and Promotes high customer service standards. Applies and maintains guidelines and standards for visual presentation and store appearance. Implements stockloss controls, recommends areas of focus. • Evaluates staff performance and development needs. Maintains consistent and uncompromising high standards of: • House keeping. • Presentation. • Point of sale material and promotions. • Company property and assets. • Ensure all layouts and events are launched and maintained according to the current event guidelines. • Deliver operational excellence. • Ensure all administration is compliant with Company policies and procedures. • Control payroll within budget. • Utilize payroll planning tools to accurately forecast staffing needs in line with payroll budgets. • Manage controllable costs to maximize store profit • Control shrinkage within store budgets and report any security issues/threats to staff safety through the Company incident reporting systems. My other role’s include:• Skin Consultations:- I need to have a very in depth knowledge of the skin. Types, issues that could arise, how to treat those issues, daily routines, treatments etc. I would have to determine what skin type my customer has, what, if any specific problems they may have and then advise them what products of the BodyShop would suit them best. I need to also know the ingredients to our products, this includes the Community Fair Traded products, such as brazil nut oil and where it is farmed from, for example Peru. Iam required to have an extensive knowledge in many area’s in order to do my job to a high standard, of which I do. • Colour Coach:- I am the head of the make-up section of my store. I am responsible for maintaining both the look and the hygiene of the counter. I am in charge of making sure that the staff are fully trained and up to date with our products, new and old. Ordering stock if we are running low. Booking customer’s in for make-over’s. Over seeing make-over’s and implementing 90% of them. • I also get sent to other store’s for events, such as Warehouse and G-Star. In these events I perform make-over’s and skin consultations on customer’s and sell our products from across the mall. I have also taken part in an event with Topshop raising money for charity. I was head make-up artist for my team. • Deliveries:- Processing them in a quick and efficient manor. • Manning the tills. • KPI control:- This is basically keeping a track on my performance and making sure that I am maintaining a good level in my figures. • Lease lining:- This involves me standing at the front door, greeting people who come inside and attracting other’s to come into the store. • Merchandising and ensuring the store is at a high aesthetic level at all times. Oct 2009-Feb 2010 Watersone’s Leicester

Book Seller My role included:• Customer service: - Ascertaining what their need’s were. Looking on the store system to check if we had it or the store closest to us. • Ordering Books: - I had the opportunity to order books I thought would sell, bringing in new series for trends I could see coming. I also ordered singular books for customer’s if we were out of stock or simply didn’t hold the title’s they were looking for. • Manning the till. • Putting away deliveries in a quick and efficient manner. • Merchandising products on tables in my section. • House keeping and general upkeep of the store. • Returns: - Publishing houses or other such companies often called back whole ranges of books, either for re-print or if there was an error found. I was responsible for sorting the returns out on my department and taking them to Goods In to be sent away.

June 2007-Jan 2009 Paperchase Products, House of FraserLeicester Concession Manager. Although my role was Sales Assistant, I was the sole employee within the Concession during the week. This means I had responsibility for overseeing the day to day running and communicating with the Area Manager over any issues to do with the site. My responsibilities were:• • • • • • • • • • • Customer Service: - delivering high levels of service at all times, ensuring I am representing the brand. Having intensive product knowledge to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with their purchase Merchandising new products and ranges Prioritizing stock according to what sells Driving sales and achieving sales targets Processing deliveries and insuring the store is fully replenished at all times Maintaining store standards at all times including house keeping Actioning recalls, stock transfers, write-offs Writing and actioning daily floor walks Opening/Closing and Manning the till during trade All stock and finance paperwork (inc admin)

Oct 2006- Feb 2007 Lush Ltd Leicester Sales Advisor • Helping customers with queries. This, again, involved me having intensive product knowledge of all we sold. • • Merchandising and Optimizing sales Demonstrating how to correctly use products and advise of any risks i.e. for

customers with allergies • • Stock Replenishment Store standards including housekeeping

2006 Tommy Hilfiger The Clothes Show Live Sales Advisor • Actively selling the product to browsing customers and encouraging them to return to the stall • • • Mingle with potential customers who came to see the Clothes Show and encouraging them to view our products Maintaining high visual standards Reaching individual sales targets given – I was awarded with highest sales average prize for that period

Dec 2005- Feb 2006 Dior - Fenwick’s Ltd Make-Up Artist and Sales Advisor • Advising customers on products and ranges • Performing mini makeovers on customers – this would not only enable me to sell product but would benefit the customers as it demonstrated how best to use them and the results they could achieve Re-merchandising to optimize sales General Upkeep of Dior Counter

• •

Sept 2005- Feb 2006 Sales Advisor • Cutting fabrics • • •

Dress Fabrics – Fenwick’s Ltd

Assisting customers with measurements Helping customers with design and style choices Standards including house keeping


2005-2007 • •

Leicester College Freeman’s Campus, Leicester

Level 3 Diploma in Special Effects and Artistic Make-Up Level 3 Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards Soar Valley College

2000-2005 GCSE’s in:-

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Textiles - Grade A* Art, English and Religious Education - Grade A Math, IT, Science, Health and Social and Business Studies – Grade C


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One of my loves is writing books, poems and short stories. I always have a notebook on me! Inspiration is everywhere. Shopping and helping others to shop – I am often called upon for help and advice. Self Defence – I took classes last year and I am now trained in basic personal safety Drawing and Art – this is a passion of mine and something I would love to take further Arts and Crafts - I am constantly working on something new, whether it be a range of handbags, cushions, curtains furnishing, anything. I don’t feel right unless I have my creative juices flowing and I’m designing. Getting lost in the written word. Novels are a wondrous thing, my life wouldn’t be the same if book’s were not involved. Gymnastics and Trampoline Classes Reading, music and socializing

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