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Tabla the ancient and traditional musical instrument of India

Music has influenced out life from the ancient days and the tradition still follows us. Our day to day life is surrounded with music, and without it, no colors will be added to our soul. Music adds flavor to our life. From the ancient period we have seen that without music we will be surrounded with an environment of grief and bitterness. Music is always supported and backed by the musical instruments. In India, music has been spread in such a scattered way that it is generating more and more talented people entertaining the world indeed. The Indian musical instrument is always coming up with several varieties which are endowed with the ability to emit pleasant sound which is easy on the eyes. A huge variety of musical instruments in India has been made from the older days. Among those instruments, Tabla is one of the traditional cultural musical instruments made in India which is still dominating this musical world. It is said to be originated about 300 years ago. It emits a pleasant drum sound with splendid rhythm, and that is why it is used in several cultural programs and functions. It comes with a pair of drums. A smaller, wooden drum is placed in the right side of the drummer or player called the “dayan”, and the left side is placed with a larger drum of metal body called the “bayan” in the Indian term. The size of both the drums is almost the same but is used for different beats emission. The head of both the drums is made of goat hide called the “puri”. An additional ring is also laid over the head as well as on its bottom. Those rings will hold the lacings or “tasma” on its sides. Such will control the tension and also the pitch of the drums through the wooden cylindrical blocks which, in Indian terms, is known as “ghatta”. The black circles in the middle parts of the drums called “syahi” are made of gum, iron fillings, and soot.

Another musical instrument of India which is quite popular though is Harmonium. It tends to be a pipe-organ like instrument which has been a part of Indian tradition and culture. It is comprised of free reeds, and a note which is being produced by air which is being blown through the reeds emits a sound that is similar to the sound of accordion. This musical instrument is made up of numerous keys with different tunes. Each key emits different tunes, and thus, the combination

will bring out a pleasant music indeed. It is much familiar to the regular pianos but is far lighter and transportable than that. Furthermore, each key which is being played will control the air through those reeds within a compartment. When those drones are engaged, it will come up with a melody and harmony, and the note will be easy on the ears. Such instruments are not much expensive, and are mostly played in the cultural programs in India.