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Key factors for you

What is important for you? This chart helps you think about what factors are important to you in choosing a career. You are already studying a specific subject or subjects, but it's still worth thinking about what sort of factors will influence you in the future. Be honest - choose the importance level for each factor, and think why it ranks like that for you. Then compare notes with a friend or your tutor.

Important to me
Choose the importance level for each factor, and decide why it has that level for you: Very important, Important, Not important, Why?

1. Money 2. Hours 3. Place 4. Prospects 5. Working outdoors 6. Working with people 7. Working with practical things 8. Working with ideas and information 9. Responsibility 10. No / low risk 11. Variety 12. Learning new things 13. No pressure 14. Being challenged 15. People you get on with 16. Doing something useful 17. Other factors
Important considerations -> Keep a record.

What are key factors which may affect your choice?
Take account of the other people in your life: How can you work and still manage your other responsibilities?

Changes I might make
Factors: I can change this: I can't change this:

Childcare If you have young children you will need to be sure that you have made reliable arrangements for their care. .Your first language Where you live Partner's job Care for elderly relative Travel to work distance Childcare commitments What conditions really matter to me? Work Conditions More than one hour journey time each way Regular commuting by train or car Periods of foreign travel Unsocial hours/night work Sunday working Short-term contract What I think: any compensations? What is really important if I return to work? Essential Factors No more than 30 minutes from home No commuting At least every other weekend off Flexible work during school holidays Childcare close to work Opportunities for promotion People I like working with Good pay Why? Key factors -> Keep a record.

There are grants and subsidies which you should ask about to see if you qualify.Here are some of the possibilities. Some areas have childcare places run through a government scheme called "Sure Start". These places are usually free of charge. Visit or phone your local library or Education Authority and ask for contacts for the 'Early Years and Childcare Team' in your local authority.      Day Nursery care for 0-5 year old Pre-School setting for 3+ child Pre and post-school care for 5+ child Pre and post-school care for 11+ child Back-up care for illness/emergency What is available? Sometimes there are grandparents or friends who can help with childcare and with emergencies. Also many schools have breakfast and after-school clubs from 8. There are childcare facilities in most areas to meet your needs.30pm.5. They will tell you what is available in your local area and give you phone numbers and other details. The 'Working Family Tax Credit' can help you to meet childcare costs. Ask at your local library.00am . They are likely to be based at the Town Hall / Civic Centre. Some free places are available for children over 3. What will it cost? Childcare can cost from £100-£200 per week for full-time care. .