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The Gesar of Ling Epic

Gesar of Ling by Nicholas Roerich

CONTENTS 1. The Birth Story 2. The Horse race

The Birth Story – I
The ruler, Senglon married Gyaza; The great hero Gyatsa Shelkar was born; The Ling people had a grand birth ceremony And the Chinese ruler offered three weapons.

Here is the account of the birth of Sengchen Norbu Dradul – the „Great Lion Gem that Subdues
enemies‟. In the lineage of the Mukpo Dong of four mothers, Choephen Nagpo had three wives – Serza, Lamza and Changza to whom were born three sons Lhayag Dharkar, Trichang Pagyeh and Dragyal Bumme respectively. The descendents of these three sons gave rise to the three lineages – the Great lineage, Middle lineage and Lesser lineage of Ling. Of the Lesser lineage, Dragyal Bumme had a son Thog Lha Bum. Thog Lha Bum had a son Choe Lha Bum. Choe Lha Bum welcomed three wives – Rongza, Gaza and Muza. Rongza gave birth to a son, the Common chieftain – Chipon Rongtsa Tragyen who was an incarnation or the human entity of the „Golden coloured Pandit‟. The Chipon‟s mind and intelligence was like dawn that has broken; his skilful methods and wisdom like the rising sun and his speech like a row of planted seeds. The integrity of his actions was like a split bamboo. He was a yoke oppressing the high and powerful and a parent to the humble poor below. He was the leader among all the brothers – young and old; the expert among those assembled at a discussion and the commander of bandits that subdued enemies. Though he was included among those of the Lesser lineage he was respected and esteemed as the Common chief or Chipon by all of Ling. Gaza gave birth to a son Yugyal who went to fight with the Hor and was killed by them. Muza had a son, Senglon who was an incarnation of the „Brahmin Legjin‟. He was outwardly gentle like white Chinese silk and inwardly soft like a ball of white butter. He was warm and mild like the sun in spring and always at ease like a knot of silk. Senglon possessed physical majesty like the rising sun; his pleasing voice was like a well-tuned piwang and his mind was powered by the vehicle of clear light. He was a castle fortress that gathers the dralha; a senkhar – temple for deities, where the werma reside and he was born as the laa stone for the oath bound deities. The Common chieftain – Chipon welcomed Boesa Metok Tso as his wife and she gave birth to four children – an elder son Yuphen Tagyal, a middle son Lenpa Choegyal, a younger son Nangchung Yutak and a daughter Lhamo Yudrol. Senglon took Gyaza Lhakar Drolma as his wife and in the „victorious‟ month of the Female ox year gave birth to a son whose countenance was like the moon. His mind was open and vast like the sky and his actions and behaviour were in accord with the Dharma. He was a poisonous nettle to foes and gentle and pure as white Chinese silk towards his relations. He had the courage of a raging tiger and the powerful ruthless skills of the pale Horpa hawk. Those within his family called him Shellu Nima Rangshar – which meant „Small face of the Selfrising Sun‟. Those outside his family offered him the name Bumpa Gyatsa Shelkar. When he was born, lamas invoked the deities and performed rituals for his life and fortune. His father and paternal uncles said aspirational prayers for him. His mother and maternal aunts sang songs and

danced the dro and so for a period of thirteen days a great birth ceremony and massive celebrations were held. Then the three governors – the governor of the Great lineage, the deity son Namkha Senge, the governor of the Middle lineage, Lingchen Tharwai Sonam and the governor of the Lesser lineage, Chipon Rongtsa Tragyen each offered a special ceremonial scarf on the neck of the hero Shellu and the Chipon said, “O great community of pure deity race; This is the first of the merits accrued within; It‟s an omen of the increase of our power; It‟s the start of auspicious interdependence. Do not let your ears be distracted by other things But listen to this song of mine” and then he chanted in this manner: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. This day, the stars in the sky are excellent; On earth, the time and sun are excellent; At the time of the three excellents assembled, We offer a birth ceremony to son Gyatsa Shellu. For the birth ceremony, from the Great lineage: Ten yellow pata patterns of gold; An armour of gold with fringes of silk; A gold helmet with yellow victory banners; A sword with silk covered hero‟s handles on hilt; On a tawny steed – a gold bird with soaring gait, Gold saddle, gold bit and gold tail-straps; All decorated with yellow silk of auspiciousness; These nine items of gold as ceremony offer; Keep these in mind, deity race of Ling. Following this, the Middle lineage of Ling made a birth offering of a set of nine items of white conch and then the Lesser lineage of Ling offered a set of nine items made of blue turquoise. They then offered many excellent aspirational prayers. After this Gyatsa Shelkar‟s physical form increased like the waxing moon and when he had grown fully to his complete potential Gyami Chen of China invited the three nephews as guests. The three princes – Prince Nyitri Karchen of Jang Sadam, Prince Lhabu Legpa of Aachen Horpa and Prince Gyatsa Shelkar of Bumpa Dong were each offered a horse, a sword and armour as

Was called the sword „Guzi – Dawn of the sky‟. a blue turquoise armour capable of a thousand. I gift the citadel of life-forces. One. Thala is the way of summoning speech. silver. mountains of rock are razed to dust. a black metal armour that blocks thunderbolts. not penetrated by grey blades. To you – Nyitri Karchen of Jang. Do not forget the goals but keep this in mind. Was beaten like boiling cast iron. To my three nephews I offer them as riding steeds. The one that threw up the metal dust. At the time of the break of dawn Was forged by the sinpo smith. Give ear to what I have to say: Three steeds – Phoenix. Castles of life-force. he chanted this song to the tune of the „Sweet voice of the cuckoo‟: Ala is the way of chanting songs. Three. If grasped attackers are by charisma overpowered. Such great breadth that can cover the sky. To the three heroes – Shellu. Was pounded like boiling tempered metal.principal gifts and a hundred items each of gold. silk and tea and many other articles that were unique and could not be found in the possession of other people. Radiant designs. Nyitri and Lhabum To banish physical harm. Two. do not be distracted by pleasant predictions but listen to this song. “O three nephews who will fulfil all wishes. I offer.” After these words. . The perfect speech has three words. From the auspicious throne entrance of eastern China Three shang-shang birds were on metal dust bred. Created by divine miracles and not human hands. a foundation for all-supporting earth. If you do not recognise this site. It‟s the miraculous palace of the Lord of China. Such mass. Of these I am the legal owner of China. Was hammered like flashing lightning. a fine wall of white conch armour. like ripples of water are present. At the presentation he said to them. Peacock and Water bird Are the horse fortunes of China in the east. If waved about.

Was forged by the theurang smith. When holding political power over Ling. Skilful methods and wisdom like the shining sun. Its edge is like overcast darkness. It‟s called the sword „Muzi – the dry miracle‟ Let it be your paternal sword. When slashed across the middle of rivers. Waved about it hungers to execute foes. Oppress the napes of the powerful And protect and support the humble poor. silver and silk And the various other items like tea. To you Lhabu Legpa of Hor. May you three brothers live long lives. Gyatsa of Bumpa Ling. Its black blade attracts the Lord of death. Avoid partiality to one‟s loved ones And never reflect on the size of gifts. that it attracts the dralha. Its tempering fluid was the blood of sinpos. Radiant designs like ripples of water are present.And then the metal dust that travelled downwards. Its pliable metal is like applying knots. from their scabbards . Its temper is like sinpos when angry. Its back is like the break of dawn. Its back so fine. It‟s a celebration of nephew and uncle meeting. All equal before the law and protecting without bias. At the rising of the great star of dawn. When present in the land of China below. I offer. Of the metal that remained within. Its patterns are like collected lakes. Bring out your swords together. Was by the smith of powerful Yamshuh Forged in the black darkness of the west. In actions be honest like a split bamboo. A hundred each for festive joy proffer. It‟s called „Wind sword that directs rivers upwards‟. Its hot cast iron was in a cauldron beaten. The dralha‟s radiant complexion is clearly present. The executioner‟s poison fumes surround it. Mind and intellect should be like dawn that‟s broken. The sections of gold. It‟s called the sword „Azi – Burning poisonous manes‟.

a brainless head and children’s actions. Though one keeps secret. Two. “O paternal uncle. you three brothers. Lu thala lamo thala len. Gog and Ling fought a war in which Gog lost eighteen paternal areas. At the time Gyatsa felt a strong regret as if an arrow had pierced his heart. went away happily.And tie your steeds together to their troughs. Three. From them he came to know of the battle between Gog and Ling and the fact that up to that day the death of the foolish Choegyal of Ling had not been avenged and had been set aside.’ And like this adage such are events”. After these words had been spoken. Keep these words in your minds. are talked of by all. Chapter II Choegyal. in a state of immeasurable joyousness. and then he chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. their ministers and retinue. each on his own way to his own country. the objects possessed by a habitual thief. the three princes. . He quickly went into the presence of the Chipon Rongtsa Tragen at the „Colourful castle – fortress of the sky‟ and said to him. In the end the foolish chipon Choegyal was killed by the Gog. One day while Gyatsa went hunting he came across a poor family of Ling consisting of a mother and son. But it was Senglon that Gogza won. Trothung Gyalpo dispatched a secret letter. a prince of Ling was killed by Gog. the Chipon and ruler. ‘One. their horses and mules etc. And then while Gyatsa Shelkar of Bumpa Ling was away from colourful upper Lingkar in the country of China. So Gyatsa Shelkar led an army to Gog. one’s own bad strategies opens disputes. This incident was kept secret from Gyatsa for a while.

to make nine rounds of avenging trips. Possessing a hero‟s „six skills‟ and well-endowed manes. Spoken thus. I will not stay. One. For Gyatsa who‟s like the ferocious tiger. Finally. Possessing „six smiles‟ and well-endowed stripes. For Shelkar who‟s like the white snowlion.And then. to again avenge by drinking their blood. it was of no use. Surely there‟s no need for the help of cowardly foxes. inform the chief. If. . a battle broke out. Since Gyatsa had decided to set off alone and there was no way at all to prevent him the Chipon thought. Last year. my heart winds rage. to transform Gog into an empty land. I. Gyatsa Shelkar am. But how can Shellu go off alone without any escorts?” Then he felt that he should speak of various things in the manner below and he sang this song of „Arranging escorts‟: O listen. but race above to the land of Gog. the foolish Choegyal. observe if it‟s overcast. Now on the enemy. Words of ridicule are reported by beggar’s mouths. matchless son. It‟s said. are the three ways to happiness. To violently consume the enemy beast. a wise mind is like. Three. Gyatsa will be his life‟s avenger. To drink the blood of the list of foes. Remembering him now. morning that has broken. we had a dispute with Gog over lands And though mediated. Two. Gyatsa Shelkar. My elder brother who was to the Gog lost. I do not stand by these words of mine. If something’s stolen. just like a corpse. between Gog and Ling. It is obvious Shellu cannot be dissuaded. to the observant tell. O respected Chipon Gyalpo. Before morning has broken. “It will be alright if I do not go to battle this time. Surely there‟s no need for the leopard‟s radiant designs. In the adages of the ancient people of the world: If a minister takes bribes. Let your mind be at ease and hear these words. If plans are released to the foe. to the hero speak. Though a male himself secrets away his faults. My elder brother.

raced off to the land of upper Gog. Nine rounds of avenging trips. then although the land of Gog is turned into dust. he is sure to plunder and snatch the princess of Lu Tsugna – the „Jewel headed naga‟ and all the wealth of the nagas and leave a legend in this highland of Tibet for all the future generations. At that time. it has been decided to send a force of seven divisions of ten thousand of the best men and the best horses of Ling with the hero Bumpa Gyatsa Shelkar in the lead. Not staying put. To the nearer ones messengers and to the far off ones letters were sent – of a call to arms and that in three days time at the break of dawn all the people would have to gather at the Ling assembly of Tagthang Tramo – the „Dappled Tiger Plains‟. though being a ferocious tiger can certainly grasp beasts at their collars. I do not have any more beneficial words than these. chief of Tagrong: To avenge the Chipon‟s son‟s death during the course of last year.” So after evil thoughts had arisen in the mind of Aku Trothung and he had lined up evil actions in his hands. He then took a notched gold arrow and recited the spell for flight and within the neck of the shaft was the message which essentially said: To Ralo Tonpa Gyaltsen of Gog wherever you may be. They returned after all male beings had been killed. The entire land of Gog fled immediately. If you wish to fight. he considered sending a secret signal to Gog. Ling did perform. he related the reason for the fight between Ling and Gog and the manner of the death of the foolish Choegyal of Ling. They returned after the foolish Ling Choegyal was killed. so do not forget me at that time. He counselled that even if it was time for revenge there was need to line up an escorting force of warriors. . The land of Gog into a plain of widows turned. the chief of Tagrong And the foolish chipon Choegyal – the two. In this way. The end result was not fine but of strategic faults. Otherwise it is better if you escape to a more secure place tonight. though a white snowlion has a powerful grasp. middle and lower Ling were informed. I have a request for you to fulfill. Aku Trothung thought. “This Bumpa Shelkar of Ling. Yours sincerely etc…… The shaft landed on the tent of Ralo Tonpa Gyaltsen of Gog and when Ralo read the message he was pleased with the contents. Denma Jangtra – that‟s three. If he goes to Gog with such a huge army. I have no interest. And maternal uncle. Eighteen paternal communities of Gog were defeated. The message of Trothung. The next day all the corners of upper.Zig-phen. At a later period.

Objects such as the turquoise tent and the naga‟s vase when saddled on to pack horses and mules could not be handled by them and so they were loaded onto the female dri „Horn of good fortune‟ and in this way they fled. While all the people of Gog fled northwards at night to the borders of the Hor tribal lands, the female dri which was a naga animal, returned fleeing back with all the naga articles that it carried. There was a naga girl who was a princess of the naga ruler Lu Tsugna Rinchen – the „Jewel headed‟ naga ruler. The naga animals and articles had accompanied her to Gog. How this had come about is another long story. The naga girl had seen the dri fleeing and so she had attempted to stop it several times but was unable to so. In whatever way the naga girl chased, she was unsuccessful. Then the naga female got off her horse and ran on foot but was not able to catch up with it. After losing her horse she went after the group and though she shouted in a very loud voice as a result of the power of past karma no one heard her. Then she chased the dri herself in the empty lands of Makhok. When she sat the dri too sat. When she ran fast the dri ran in a similar manner. Just when the naga princess was on the verge of catching the dri, she fainted, succumbing to the torture of hunger, thirst and misery. When she regained consciousness and looked around, the dri had disappeared from sight and was nowhere to be seen at all. Then the warriors of Ling arrived in the land of Gog. Since the secret signal of Trothung had been received in the land of Gog, the people of the three regions of upper, middle and lower Gog had fled and only the dust scattered by them remained. At the time people like Gyatsa Shelkar, Sengtak and Denma proposed that they should search for the Gog people. But some others said, “Now, since we do not know where they have gone, it would only be a lot of trouble for all the numerous warriors. It is better if we return.” Then the Chipon made Senglon cast a divination. Senglon divined in the Mongolian way and revealed the outcome saying, “Now if we go the distance of a cup of tea, there is a beauty, that‟s the ambrosia of eyes and the inexhaustible concentrated essence of nectar. There are treasure articles to be obtained like the gem that fulfils all desires. There is no need to fight, for they will come into our hands naturally. Do not unsheathe your swords. Though the notched divination shaft was not dug up, yet in the end it will be achieved through the power of majestic charisma. Such is the outcome of the divination.” After the divination, the Chipon ordered, “Now boil some tea. Let us perform an incense offering to the deities and then leave.” Incense was offered to the deities and the incense smoke covered the heavens and the Chipon remarked, “Today is an excellent day of auspicious interdependence. Since it is the first bandit‟s outing for the hero Gyatsa Shelkar and the chapel of the dralha of White Ling for heroes being Mikyong Karpo – the white protector of men, as soon as the song to call on the deities and for

the dralha to enter one‟s body is chanted the other fierce warriors should strap on the three types of weapons and sit with your spears and shafts in your hands.” The unrivalled hero, Sengtak Adom began, “White man, white steed and white dartru; White helmet, white armour and white silk for back; White spear, white banners and white deity lasso; Ornamented by the nine whites these are.” And then behaving as if coming from among the deities this was chanted to the tune of the „Song of the snowlion‟s haughtiness‟: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. If you do not recognise this site; It‟s an empty place where the black foe has left imprints; It‟s a site where white Ling‟s strategies have succeeded. If those like me do not recognise me; I am Sengtak Adom, the fox among men. This day of excellent auspicious stars, A first offering of incense pleasing to the deities; Three whites and three sweets as incense materials offer; An incense to attract the Dralha and victory in battle. On this day of excellent auspicious stars, Chief Gyatsa first set forth on bandit raids; The hated foes are unable to bear his majesty; Look! They‟ve gone into the womb of dark earth. After pressing down upon the land of the black foe, Whatever gifts desired, may our hands achieve them; The first good fortune – Dharma of the deities above, May we this day as prized gifts receive; The second good fortune – increase in humans in the middle, May we this day in Ling attain; The inexhaustible wealth and fortune of the nagas below, May we this day successfully achieve; Whatever wished, may they be spontaneously actualised. After these words had been spoken, they shouted, “Ki ki so so lha gyal lo” amidst a great commotion and then went up. Most felt that, in accord with the song of Sengtak Adom they should pursue Ralo Tonpa Gyeltsen.

During this time, although Gogza had run after the dri, she did not have a clue as to where it had gone. Then after abandoning the dri, she wanted to stay there, but because it was a barren, empty place she did not have the courage to remain there. Her mind was filled with sadness and tears came out of her eyes; she rested and fell asleep. At the time, in her dream a little boy dressed in silk garments gave her a turquoise pail filled with milk saying, “This has been sent from Aachen. Now you must run after the dri. Having wandered in human lands the time is ripe for working for sentient beings” and then she woke up. The little boy was nowhere in sight. The turquoise pail filled with milk was beside her. She knew that it was from her father to quench her thirst, so while drinking it she went in pursuit of the dri and arrived at the „Silk crossroad‟ of the land of Gog. It appeared as if she and the Ling warriors had arranged a meeting when they came across each other. The Ling warriors looked and saw a beautiful and attractive girl. Her small bright eyes were like a bee that has been attracted. Her perfect physique was like a bamboo that was growing. The smooth curves and lithe motions of her body were like white Chinese silk. Her hair braids were like a bunch of silk threads. In the eyes of everyone there appeared a girl who left all discontented and distracted with the view and hankering for more. At the time, the chief Trothung Gyalpo of the „Dong of four mothers‟ spoke, “Oh that brilliantly painted girl over there, if the way she has met the warriors of Ling were investigated, various are the many possibilities that exist. As it‟s said in the adage, you are: ‘The auspicious interdependence that was not arranged;
The good fortune of wealth that self-attracts without summons’

These warriors of our brothers of Lingkar, Will march over our enemy – the Gog; Do create skilful strategies that will obtain victory. Now dear girl, what is your account? Tell us the truth with your mouth and inner thoughts in accord.” Then the naga girl thought that she should speak without hiding anything as all that had happened was the direct result of past karma and she chanted this song to the tune of the „Fluent melody of the cuckoo‟: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. Pray to the Three jewels of refuge. If you do not recognise this site, It‟s the „Grove of silk‟ of the land of Gog; If those like me, you do not recognise, I am a princess of Lu Tsugna – the Jewel headed naga; I am an offering for the Lotus born deity of Orgyan;

Pleasant stories have been spread across the world. Senglon is right. I have as naga articles a female dri. The pack horses and mules were unable to carry. The female dri with the naga articles escaped. keep these in your mind. Not catching up. Since it appeared that she wanted to go after the dri from deep within her heart. I do not know.” Then Lhadar of Zuchen Werma said. only I have no clue. Yet I. The attainments of the deities above have been obtained through their generosity. “The final result of today is that Aku Trothung has presented me this. A naga vase with twelve volumes of scriptures.” At this Senglon remarked. This adage is very suitable for the occasion: . The female dri just managed to carry. Now it‟s permissible to return to Lingkar. “I was the first to see this girl. So I got off from my dhowa steed. on foot I ran after the dri. Except for me a girl. as a fee for divining and therefore she belongs to me. I wondered if I could catch the dri nearby. in the end it said to be decided on the basis of power. You Ling warriors. Among all those that left this morn. a girl have not lost my senses. that‟s two. Where gone or where going.I am a bride given to Ralotsang of Gog. into such wrong paths wandered. While the great community was travelling at night. from among the Ling warriors the Chipon said. “Since this is the inner wealth of Ralo Tonpa Gyeltsen. There is no final tradition for things found in empty places.” Trothung immediately countered. “White Ling came here for a bandit‟s raid and finally there‟s nothing more to achieve. Is no different from my own girl‟s heart. So I became a queen of Ralo Tonpa Gyeltsen. A naga tent of blue paper with nine centres. none did see. The hero Sengtak‟s „words of truth‟ are acquired through accomplishing them. Where the divisions have gone. Without horse. So I alone without help did give chase. Today. The gem granted from my father‟s forehead. in Gog territory I was sleeping late. that‟s one. The girl belongs to me. Heard they were going to the boundless Northern lands. that‟s three.

a little boy gave me a gold saddle with a turquoise bit and tail strap saying. “What‟s there to do?” At this the girl said.‘Words slipped from mouth. by hands not caught. in the future a divine child is sure to be born in Ling. marching in their proper order. Till then leave it here and I‟ll also guard it. There‟ll come a time when you‟ll need it. So he said. so there was no other way but to separate.” and they all were in agreement. After this incident. “Last summer when I came to relieve my sadness. “In answer to Gyaza‟s heart which is feeling congested. “I wonder if it is there?” and said she would go and look for it. Noticing the beauty of the naga girl and the auspicious signs that accompanied her Gyaza was convinced that from whichever angle she considered an oppressor from above would bear down upon her and so there arose a slight jealousy within her. Notched shaft escaping. “That‟s better. Since Aku has offered the girl and the dri as a gift for the divination. it became covered with light. Aku Trothung did not know what to do. if only she could stay together with this naga girl then according to the predictions of the deities and the lamas and in accord with the investigations of the dreams and omens of the dakinis. „Don‟t take this anywhere. He thought of saying. The warriors then left for the land of Ling. it came to pass that whenever the naga girl entered Gyaza‟s tent. When she went and looked. Immeasurable joy and happiness arose among the princess and the warriors of Ling. from that white rock over there.” All the brothers joined in and added. they belong to Senglon. Don‟t show it to anyone. all the brothers shouted. Aware of the events. “Ki ki so so lha gyal lo” which meant „May all the deities be victorious‟. If the child and Shelkar could remain together in one home then it would be a very auspicious sign for the completion of their life-spans. In Ling.” Then she added. I forgot it up till now. Finally.‟ So I left it in the cave at the corner of the rock.” So he left his hopes in the state of equanimity. by steeds not overtaken. for: ‘Thanksgiving rituals for victories yet to be won And naming ceremonies for sons yet to be born’ are meaningless. .’ But leave the naga vase with the twelve volumes of scriptures and the naga tent of blue paper with the nine centres as the common property of Ling. the saddle was there just as it had been left earlier. the Chipon Rongtsa Tragen thought. But one cannot speak of these things in this way. “Let the girl ride on the horse” but there was no saddle. Gyaza being more domineering said that she would not “remain together” with the naga girl.

Since the naga animal. Also with regard to other items like horses and cattle. no matter what was done to her she would continue to enjoy bliss and so he had decided things in this way. The Chipon felt that since she was a wisdom dakini. rather than continue his relations as earlier. The three ‘Black Bird’ brothers were subdued. The naga realms. Gyaza parted with a wild mare. Before the passage of a single day. Then the girl bride was named „Gogza Lhakar‟ – the „White deity wife of Gog‟. Then one day when the naga girl went to relieve her sadness at the lakeside. a female sheep. the female dri would not give milk to anyone except her. the enjoyments of the nagas. the mediator separated them. it was left to Gyaza herself to decide what she wanted to part with and so in this manner. he proclaimed that he had no right over the wealth and estates of Gyatsa Tsang. . The noise of the slow movements of garlands of waves and a variety of flowers radiating their beauty created a joyous mood. Lu thala lamo thala len. a female dri and female goat. the waters were cool and clear. Divine prince Joru was excellently born. she kept it for herself. Senglon too felt that. Some called her „Gogmo‟ or the „female from Gog‟. her parents and close relations arose in her mind and she chanted this song to the tune of the „Great river‟s leisurely descent‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. The naga girl‟s little tent got the name „Dreu-tser Adhom‟. The story concerning the celebration of the „Four gated grove of good fortune‟ when brides take over a household arose from this incident. She was not allowed to leave for any place from behind the tent of Gyatsa Tsang.Senglon provided an attractive little tent and gave whatever was requested of clean and pure objects of daily use. which meant the „Tiny tent of thorns of an arm span‟s size‟ Chapter III From Gogza – the princess of the naga king.

If not from this day after the sun has set. there is no guide. I am unfamiliar. I‟m without a human refuge. Backing of paternal name is an anchor in the ocean‟s depth. I. If without homeland and parents. . Without a chief above. “You three sisters are as dear to me as my heart”. Without owner on empty plains like a mongrel. The „Fine beauty of the nagas‟. my tears stream forth. Listen. “Girl. come whatever may. Said. for various events have come to pass.” Said. “Do not be disheartened my girl. Then with a heavy heart she sat with her eyes filled with tears. I roam. Of human lands above. a support of a dom‟s length. it‟s said. one‟s without an owner. I will come. I‟m a female naga without protector and refuge. so how could I have forgotten you. Whatever „Jewel headed‟ father said. Said. Wherever I a girl do stay and reside. “Without thought of distance. This body of mine. Immediately the Jewel headed naga king emanated a blue figure and blue horse and pushed himself to the surface of the lake and came forth in front of the girl and said. But events are such” and he chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. I too was sad at parting from you. It‟s three years since Bejewelled father has forgotten. The naga princess is attractive. I am called. For the path of liberation in future births. please provide help. Lu thala lamo thala len. Wonder if you hear this. It is not that I and the Lama do not have you in mind. It‟s three years since I‟ve not heard naga words. Yidam and Jewels three. Inseparably as ornament of my crown abide. The princess of the naga king below is in human lands. I will place you in happiness. is clear in my mind.” No stories are there of a father taking up a daughter.The refuges of the Lama. Thinking thus in anguish. If without a Father Lama. River king of golden waters? More words there are of various events like these. a girl will look after myself. The essence of this perfect story – If my parents at home know this. As share to fulfill sentient‟s welfare in high Tibet.

The youngest. Earlier prayers for initial sighting Ling had performed. To which home to go. the beginning of happiness will be upon you. It‟s the power of each girl‟s own past actions. I am the ruler on high. . Conception of a son – an incomparable lord. girl dear to my heart? The three princesses that are like my heart. That‟s just the foolish imaginings of a youthful maiden. I am Lu Tsugna – the naga king with bejewelled crown. Until you obtain a son with power to grasp it. do not let this separate from your body. By ministers. My daughter. „Norbu Samphel‟. princess that‟s like my heart. If the subjects. owner of the golden throne. When the power of the rulers above increase. Wonder if you understand this. Whatever acts performing is for sentients‟ benefit. is approaching. The father lama Khetsun Sangpo. the Lama said he would send for. Whatever enjoyments desired and every need provides. The other two must in homeland reside. Although the mother Gyaza does torment you. Within your „Jewel headed‟ father‟s heart joy arises. A maiden girl must leave her home for another. the lama has predicted. Thoughts of sadness and being oppressed is misery And wishing to flee to a happy place at the edges. Oh! This amazing play – it was just a joke! This powerful gem of mine. relations and citizens always respected. Before long. I was told. It was not I bejewelled father that requested these. Do not be confused. Till the. accomplish the Lama‟s commands. Whatever articles needed I gave from my crown. as if you were his own mother. Whatever verdicts passed are the affairs of commoners. Son Shellu cares for you. hold these words in your mind. In the centre of the limitless fine house– your precious body. Till then. One too has sufferings similar to unhappiness. dogs and beggars below are not happy.If you do not recognise me.

you fortunate girl. Listen. by Magyal Pomra should be. When time‟s ripe. you have never separated. he will be. The Lord of all the black heads. the nyen will put on. but hold them in your mind. No benefit is there for his mother to hurry. the girl experienced a blissful warmth in her body. physique and form will flourish. The supreme form of the son Jigme Dorje. mother will sing. In a blissful state of mind she slept and in her dream a white cloud approached from the south-west and came directly towards her. Counterforce for Hor. The Lotus born master from Orgyan placed a golden five-pointed vajra on her forehead and with the „Voice of Brahma‟ made predictions in this manner: Lu ala lamo ala len. Inseparably on the crown of your forehead hold high. The first ambrosial speech. At the time. not human but a divine son. Demons and Jang. The first clothes. cast it aside. his father will serve. Four great fortresses and eight lesser ones – The twelve territories on the borders. Whatever wished for. The Lama. such various events will occur: Although girl you have from your father departed. Not this year but the next year. And then. It will be time for him to enter your body. the Lama will longevity waters grant. Lu thala lamo thala len. will be fulfilled.After these words he gave the gem „Norbu Samphel‟ and went back into the water. So until that time comes. The first serving of food. Do not forget these words. The first mouthful. From me the Lama. Time when auspiciousness and excellence assembles. Next year. . As palate butter. The remedy to subdue the black forces he will be. A prince. at the start of the summer month. Her mind and awareness appeared clear and transparent and she seemed to be able to intimidate with her mind‟s power and charisma. he will be. If the time for his birth does not arrive. subdued from the sky will be. Will have a Common chief that‟s like a lion. The first foe. Yidam and dakinis three.

in an inseparable blaze of sun and light rays blessed the boundless mansion of the naga girl‟s body. Rainbows flashed. she dreamt of sleeping with the man. It was so heavy with flowers and fruits that it could not be shaken. I am . the Glorious protectors of the heavenly abode and such like guarded and protected Gogmo throughout the six sessions of day and night.’ This means that it is an omen that all the earlier evil plans of Aku Trothung would later lead to his befriending Joru. grasping a white spear with silk suddenly appeared saying. If making offerings. At the time. Some people could hear from Gogmo‟s little tent songs and dancing at night. “ Mother. Then on the fifteenth day of the „victorious‟ month in the year of the Tiger. In Shelkar‟s mind there appeared in Gogmo‟s tent a Dorje Woebar – „Shining vajra‟ that was consecrated by the Lama and such like. the Twelve Tenmas that protect Tibet. In general all the people like the Chipon of Ling experienced many amazing omens. a thousand petalled poisonous blossom bloomed and on it a shower of gems rained down and filled the upper. she dreamt of a man in an armour of gold who was good looking and attractive. the dralha and werma. I do not possess the coarse substantial form of sentient beings. In a state of inseparable affection for the man and together with such feelings as joy and bliss. Behind Trothong‟s place a tree arose. the nyen Gerzoh. Then she woke up. Gogza‟s body felt light like silk-cotton and transparent within and transparent without as if untouched by obscurations. In the home of Tagrong. The brilliant lustre and other such things dissolved into her forehead and her body was filled with a joy and bliss that had not been felt before. a vajra and light rays appeared on her forehead just like the Lama had placed. middle and lower Ling. she developed an immense reverence for the Lama which she had not felt earlier. heralded by a white light on the mother‟s forehead like that of a shining moon. Since the dream was so extraordinary. the three foods proffer. Such were the omens.After these words had been spoken. Then on the eighth day of the Sakadawa month when she slept at night with Senglon. I am the elder brother Dungkhyung Karpo – „White conch khyung‟. It illustrates: ‘Although earlier one’s mind is slightly uncomfortable. a white man with a khyung‟s head. As dawn broke. Then she remained in a state of one-pointed concentration in spontaneous great equanimity for a period of nine months and eight days. In the future it will be like the birth of Nyatsa Aten. the man in gold armour. the naga girl awoke from her sleep to find her body pervaded by bliss. At the time the Thirteen deities of the Gurlha. I am a guardian of the White helmeted one above. with Senge Norbu Dradul as the main figure. Some saw flashes of rainbows continually above and below the little tent and heard sounds of various musical instruments. I am your first share of sons. On the third day just as the sun rose.

a treasury of whatever enjoyments are required. relatives that will always support and look after. It‟s called „Ling – Sight that arose from prayers‟. a minister that can accomplish all tasks given. by the deities appointed. Listen deity child. these words in your mind hold. Lu thala lamo thala len. in a state of immeasurable joy. the divine child Nangwa Woeden or „Vision of light‟ in a blaze of rainbow light spoke for the first time in the intermediate human realms and chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. After hearing the self-sounded words of the unobstructed vajra . I am called „Deity child. Me a deity child. . but will come. a land for chief of widespread power to be attached to. No chance of being left without those in need. Lu thala lamo thala len. don‟t let your mind stray. the first doors of auspiciousness and enlightened activity were opened by Gogmo with this song chanted to the tune of the „Happy song of perfect grace‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. If these five joys have been assembled. The gem that provides whatever one desires Produces a shower of wealth and enjoyments. From the cold entrance of the mines of the nagas below. If not ornamented by strong and powerful ministers. Thought of conquering southern Zambuling.inseparable from the body of the being of Ling. Now listen to what I have to say. Will be bullied with “Beggar‟s child” and “Chief born alone”. If you do not recognise me.” He then remained in space in a flashing rainbow light. Three. Two. Immediately. Five. Four. community of subjects of the ten virtuous laws. Me a deity child will not remain. Me a deity child. Pray tell me all. If you do not recognise this site. whatever great or small gathered. Kind mother. pleasing to the ears‟. as chief of humans appointed: One.

Again after that. Then she said many excellent prayers for the future. the fierce warriors of Lingkar. Vajra armour that frees from physical fears was ordered. At the time the Lotus born master chanted this song of the „Prayer of Auspiciousness.On the treasury of the power of great chiefs. Lu thala lamo thala len. What‟s called the „quantity of ministers and subjects‟ Is but the size of the „extent of the chief‟s skill‟. “Kind mother I am the third of your share of sons. are Indistinguishable from the „Three Protector families‟. clothed him in coloured silks.” After saying these things. I am the dralha that guards dhowa steeds. serkyims of ambrosia proffer. Again from her umbilicus on the tips of light rays a white girl with a red radiance dressed in a coat of vulture feathers appeared saying. I possess innumerable naga attendants. The Jewel headed naga king served ambrosia. I am the younger brother Ludrul Woechung –„Naga snake. . spherical blue light appeared a little boy of human body but head like that of a snake who said. with the words of truth‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. Without a community who would be titled „chief‟. child of deities thus born among humans.” Immediately the Lotus born master granted an initiation and fed him longevity waters and palate butter. I am called „Singcham Thale Woekar. Little light‟. Representated by. Gerzoh. Subjects of the land naturally turn their thoughts. the mother replied to the son‟s song. “Mother. he flew off into the sky in a blaze of light. The inseparable clan deity of the Being. divine child of Gogmo? After singing this song. from within an egg like swirling. came from the mother‟s womb and sat on her lap saying. The shavings of the lamp that makes clear is the inseparable body deity of the Being” and then Singcham flew off into space. I am. I do not possess coarse substantial aggregates. I am the second of your share of sons. the size of the community of subjects.‟ If making offerings. A mirror – a house of light of existence And a five pointed crystal vajra – these three that have. a garland of jewels. Then she gave detailed accounts of the origin of the country. from her heart. The place of attraction should be the chipped pieces of the ear tips of the „All knowing lord of dhowa steeds‟. the reasons for relationships. “Kind mother. the three whites proffer. the treasury of wealth and enjoyments and so on. I do not possess coarse substantial form. a little child of about three years possessing three eyes which were large and bright. Then without any pain or trouble. lord of nyens. I am the guardian of the „one above with back of white armour‟. If you make offerings. You. Magyal Pomra offered food with a hundred tastes. I am your fourth share of offsprings. Wonder if you know this.

By humans with form. Six. Seven. Like the insides of a great lion is Makhok. Five. Is the deity of fire – Red tiger. a sword that will take the life of the enemy. the lasso „Black snake of nine doms‟. the deity chapel of ninety nine shafts. May the formless be vanquished and bound to oaths. Of the iron element. Three. May auspicious peace. May auspicious peace appear. the playmate – little crystal knife. With conduct of hiding and not displaying powers May the unclaimed lands be conquered. Two. May these be assembled in the Being‟s form. Of the iron element. laa stone to which oath bound deities are attached. the bow „Wild horn that swirls‟. appear in the world. May auspicious peace. Are nine mistakes of demons. Bags of wind and demon weapons – from the four Refuge be. areas will be held. Piercing open space below. After attaining seven years and more. appear in the world. In order for the Being to work for sentients. Nine. the result of evil prayers. the sling that rotates a thousand boulders. land of India enter. wind deity – Great lion And reincarnated werma – The White lion. that‟s one And reincarnated werma – Tigress snake. May these assemble in the Being of Ling. wind deity – Great lion And reincarnated werma – White kidneyed eagle.Spontaneously assembled as ornaments of the Being. Eight. By elements without form. wind deity – Turquoise dragon And reincarnated werma – Golden fish. Of the fire element not burned. One. land of China enter. Four. the axe that splits vajra rocks. wind deity – The eight wermas. In order to sever the life of the foe without loss Are the nine self-produced weapons of the Dralha. Of the water element. will be disowned. Crossing plains of fire and fordless rivers. Piercing the interiors above. a spear of three elements that subdues foes. . in the world.

What the eyes of ordinary beings could not see was that the dralha and werma of the white side had summoned and attracted them to intermediate space and so making them powerless caused them to soar in circles. had created their home in gaps and crevices of mount Sumeru. Many amazing omens like the setting up of a rainbow tent occurred. At this time. the Lotus born. In the meanwhile. Gesar of Ling knew that the time to subdue the demons had come. May auspicious peace. On the rock. None can in this manner differentiate.‟ That same day the female dri. the three metallic „Black Bird‟ brothers in whom were the laa or life-essence and life force of the entire family of demons. After these words were spoken. It is renowned as the „Site where the „Three Black Bird brothers‟ were subdued before becoming a day old. he emanated a bow and shot an arrow into the sky which brought down the dead bodies of three „Black Bird‟ brothers onto the ground. for on that day. At the time the Lotus born Vajra guru offered the deity child the name „Gesar Norbu Dradul – the Supreme Being of world‟. To voluntarily take up the suffering of sentients. The twelve entrances to the fortresses. That wasn‟t all. With prayers that whatever wished may be accomplished. I the Lotus born one have emanated. Each passing day they wandered the earth and were creating obstacles for the life-span and life-force of the dharma practitioners. May foe tribes to deity tribes be converted. This incarnation of me. appear in the world. the mare and the dzomo gave birth to a calf. May the miraculous Being open them. the deities created sounds of musical instruments. all the tips of the rainbow pierced the . brought down a shower of flowers and set up a tent of rainbow lights. So without being seen. During this incident. May their wealth finally to Tibet reach. from the heavens it thundered and it rained down on earth a shower of blossoms. he had sat naked on a rock.The four great fortresses and the eight lesser ones. a lamb. Moreover. the impressions of the thighs and buttocks of a three year old child can still be seen to this day. At times they appeared so massive as if able to shake the ground. the female sheep. Whatever there was of the amazing and extraordinary omens of excellence they remained temporarily hidden because of being pervaded by the secret sign. At times they appeared as small as a thumb and went about being the support peg of the demons of the dark side. a pony and a hybrid offspring respectively.

I do not know whether it will be beneficial or harmful. Certainly even my dreams have been excellent. Even you my girl have come to human lands with a great purpose. To her surprise. While there are there are many stages to the development of wings of the Thangkar vulture. Two mares in accord. Gyatsa remarked. dro dancing and other such activities which all the people of Ling must perform together. ‘Two brothers in accord. will be fruitful and additionally it is like the saying.” she took the boy in her lap and went off. in Gogmo‟s lap was sat a most beautiful and attractive boy that had been born. In the lineage of Mukpo Dong so far.” Shelkar took the boy in his lap and exclaimed. As soon as Gyatsa Shelkar saw the boy he was overcome with immeasurable joy and happiness and asked. we should not follow the routine local traditions. May all the enlightened activities of this younger brother of mine be swiftly accomplished. is a stimulant for the rich.’ Now he needs some clothes to wear and he needs clean food that is of the three whites. you must inform me” he told here and then left. . saying.roof of Gogmo‟s tent and so some doubts arose in Gyaza and she went to Gogmo to see for herself. my wish has been fulfilled. it appears that the khyung bird here has already attained the „Six skills‟ while in its egg. “Bring up this boy of yours in an excellent manner. Although Gyaza was hesitant as to whether all this would lead to joy or sorrow. To Gogmo he said. There are clear signs that no one will be able to create obstacles for him. is a hammer to pound foes. song chanting. “What is this?” Gyaza replied. “Last night this boy was born to Gogmo. Gogmo too went after her. Although born just this day he has already attained the size of a three year old. Therefore we must inform the Chipon and discuss as to the birth ceremony. There has never been an instance when a son born to the chiefs of the upper. “I will allow myself to temporarily name him Joru. If you have any special dreams which state that a certain thing is required. Since this is at a time and situation different from the others.” He touched his forehead on the baby‟s and then put him down. I have no doubts that whatever we two brothers do. not humans beings but deity children are born. “I will go and take this little boy to Shelkar. Feed him the milk of the white snowlioness. “O what joy! Now. Gyatsa Shelkar was filled with happiness which was reflected in the immeasurably joy in his demeanour while Joru just remained sitting still. middle or lower Ling has not had a birth ceremony celebrated.” He offered food consisting of the three whites and silk clothing that was smooth and comfortable and at the same time well-fitting and his heart remained at peace.

On the fifteenth an outstanding deity prince was born. . what ritual prayers are we to offer? Two. Trothung had a number of inauspicious dreams and hearing that Gogmo had given birth to a son he began to think and felt uncomfortable in his mind. One. No need for the added assistance of White Ling. I. when must he be presented before the people? Three. gave this account in song: Lu ala lamo ala len. Wondered if it was a deity child and prayed. Bumpa the chief. The size of three years. hold these words in your mind. Bumpa thought of a throne ceremony for him. Thought of bringing southern Zambuling under our power. Then Gyatsa Shelkar. Lu thala lamo thala len. More than that. he has attained. Shelkar have been among the ministers from the start. If Ling brothers are teased. Gyatsa Shelkar and his servant Midar Taklu went before the Chipon. Bumpa feels regret. was appointed by the deities above. This is the younger brother of me. Have not been appointed chipon but am self accomplished. This if recognised. Gyatsa Shelkar I am. among the brothers of the Lesser lineage. Though well endowed by wisdom through mind‟s skills. do not honour him. Brother Chipon. what special plans for body and livelihood? What was required I could not decide? Therefore regarding my thoughts about This little son of father Senglon and Gogza‟s prince. A certainly suitable private minister of Dong Bumpa Is the prince of Dentri. Consider if it is so and give thought Chipon. before he had spoken to anyone in Ling regarding the birth of Joru. This is the first one. The Lesser lineage greatly respects the governor. gifted to the naga mother. Are matchless warriors in fine formations of the tigress. The two. If you Lingkar in general. I. maternal uncle Jangtra.On the evening of the second day. This day I bring good tidings for you.

we must but follow on. No need for the shoulder support of father‟s elder brother. If brought forth by relatives in grand ceremony Will not be the esteem of unbiased beings. Lu thala lamo thala len. Have no fear in mind. This divine prince of Gogmo who hails from Dong. Four. Perfect plans will come after freedom is won. do listen to this Chipon‟s song. Hold fast onto mother Gogmo‟s divine prince that‟s been born. Though work postponed. Even if left alone without honouring him. No need for counsel on what needs to be done. Three. do not be afraid. Whatever he does. But in the adages of the ancient people. the predictions of the Lotus born deity of Orgyan. the Chipon of Dong – Rongtsa Tragen thought some more and then unravelled the „Predictions of the creation of reality‟ by chanting this song to Gyatsa Shelkar: Lu ala lamo ala len. One. Shelkar. Two. the arrangement of excellent auspicious signs.’ The prince appointed by the supreme deities above. the original texts of the world of Dong. . Though there‟s no thought that they cannot overcome foes.After these words had been offered in song. the Chipon. the mistaken dream of me. Through the power of merit. Unless sitting on the golden throne through miracles. the powerful will go ahead and assume. ministers and chiefs. divine prince came to be. Until the prince attains the age of twelve. ‘The clear fluid of molten yellow gold Will not stick on the horn of stone. it is not the teachings of Dharma Yet below I relate an accurate account. Though told to listen. Granted. Dong‟s Lesser lineage has not forgotten paternal Descent. This site is called the „Fortress armoured Chipon‟. His power. for I have obtained confidence. Else this grandstanding of the Lesser lineage And this collection of the best warriors.

Even now. Chief Shelkar and relations. hold these words in your mind. When the divine prince Joru was born in the lap of Gogmo amidst dreams of excellent omens Trothung thought. Happy Joru with the powerful strength of the pure. Chief Trothung nursed thoughts to harm. Defeated the deluded meditator – Gompa Ratsa. Middle and Lesser lineages. Such actions have been appointed from the past. Chapter IV With the birth of Joru in Ling. he has been afraid to go against whatever Bumpa has said. But since the birth of Bumpa Shelkar there the controls in the land have become much stricter and more oppressive. the elder brother will be the shepherd of minds. Moreover in Tagrong – the Tiger valley. “This year my own dreams and all the indications and signs in the high lands of Tibet have been questionable and these have been both good and bad in appearances. As for me the Chipon. no problems will come. I have no private plans for my own benefit. But the real truth is that as a result of not knowing one‟s strategies one becomes confused. since the golden son. Also Nyibum and Anu Pasang from the Middle lineage – these three relatives have been supporting each other from behind. Now it will not be long for the sun of happiness to rise. Gyatsa Shelkar returned in a very pleased state of mind. In the lineage of the Choephen Nagpo. my mind‟s at peace. . let your mind be at ease. Bumpa. sit on the golden throne. I.The tribes of enemy demons will certainly be defeated. Lhayag Dharkar there has been in the Great lineage nine sons. there has been only evil portents. Minister Denma will lead the forces in front and Ling‟s Fierce warriors will be arrayed in Tigress‟ face formations. And then after having detailed discussions and counsels regarding matters within and without. Though status exchanged. Chief Shelkar. apart from common plans for all the three – great. The Chipon Rongtsa Tragen being highly deceptive person and since his two relatives are still young in years.

Trothung came to realise that poison could not overcome the boy and he reflected. „Whatever hopes you have. rode on his horse and went to Gu Gu Rok fortress in the morning. The mother too can call on the deities and order the nagas and has paternal relations with the nyen. Now in the open valley of Chiphu Draknag – the Black Rock cave of Chiphu. Earlier the Amnye said. It‟s said on the maternal side. When we need him. “Except for this child. I did not hear of the event until today. Even adults cannot digest all this. Though he‟s only three days old he has attained the size of three years. clothes are weightless. food has no nutrition. “Since the mother is a naga he must be a bundle of poison. she related to Lama Orgyan Tadag. He has violated the teachings of Tonpa Sherab and has wrong views about the Dharma of the Lotus born. is a sorcerer of the Zhangzhung Bon cult called Amnye Gompa Ratsa who is meditating and developing his powers.‟ Now if I go there. Joru collected all the poison together on the tip of his finger and brought forth the black liquid out on to the ground. His aunt is Goecham Karmo – „the Wild lady in white‟. Uncle Trothung or Aku Trothung as he was referred to in the Tibetan language. there is nothing better for power. till there was no remainder left over. When hungry. He took a large and delicious bulu cookie of white butter and plenty of the items of the three whites like honey and jaggery. Even though I am the Uncle. Seeing this. “Oh how very joyful! This boy born to Gogmo is Uncle‟s nephew. At the crossroads of Chisug – „Heavy hooves‟ he went before both the mother Gogmo and her son. Practicing his dharma during the day he severs the thread of the life-forces of the Bonpos with his powers. Whatever happens there is no certainty that this boy will not turn to be like a half man and half spirit being.’ This seems to be true here. In the eatables he added the Chinese poison Yumo Dukgyel which he took to offer the deity prince instead of palate butter. If Uncle offers palate butter. Now what way could there be to cause a person‟s death?” While Aku was considering things in this way and sitting happily. where is this Chipon who‟s internally lethargic? In the worldly adages it‟s said. Again Aku Trothung thought.” he thought and . Therefore it seems poison is unable to harm poison. I have brought all this clean food from Tagrong to offer as palate butter.Now the father of this son of Gogmo is Senglon. none can digest this stuff. This son is a nephew of the „Jewel headed‟ naga king. Therefore it is better to destroy the fire when sparks are small. ‘When cold. Of course Dong Mukpo‟s lineage has to be like this. With negative aims he practices the path of the development stage in a mistaken way and has befriended the entire „Eight classes‟ of the black forces. At night engaging with the powerful demons like the mamos he robs beings of their laa or life-essence.” Before the third day. it will be easy. I can kill all in large numbers.” Then the boy ate all the stuff like butter and thue – a Tibetan cake made of dried cheese powder and sweeteners. if you entrust yourself totally to me.

Lamas and chiefs of Ling to suffering will be attached. Second. No need for swords. Though given black poison. that evening Amnye Gompa Ratsa was bringing out ritual cakes that had been constructed to repel opponent forces because he had been having disturbing dreams. its concerns the strategies of Tagrong. I myself will provide. It‟s the Black rock in the open valley of Chiphu. In the lands of the colourful community of Ling. To oppress from above. And then. If me the chief you do not recognise. I am a patron of the Swastika Bon. Enemies when small are easily subdued. When he went to invite the sorcerer at the Black Rock cave in the open valley of Chiphu. offered prostrations to Amnye and sang this song regarding the way to get rid of the boy Joru: Lu ala lamo ala len. Isn‟t it so. Have the „Bag of good fortune of nine breasts‟. I am the lead shepherd of the „Boiling lakes of poison‟. he‟s so curled up it‟s hard for earth to close upon. . It‟s the meditation cave of Amnye Gompa Ratsa. To be rid off him. powerful sorcerer Ratsa? The reasons for swiftly liberating Joru: First. The status of chief Trothung is higher than the sky. Now spread out a clean rug in this house” he ordered and then Aku Trothung was on his way. If this ground and site you do not recognise. Lu thala lamo thala len. he did not die. I am called Trothung of the „Four mothers‟of Tagrong. I have this request to make. Trothung of Tagrong – the Tiger valley. I have come to you for help. Among the many of deity lineage in Lingkar. If the disappearance of Joru is not performed. Such things like gift offerings. Since this boy has not so far received any Long life initiations and such like at he said to Gogmo. it concerns the life of the lama. “This boy is so pervasive that it‟s difficult for the sky to cover. Joru has been born. The fatherless demon child Joru has been born. the cherished wealth of Tagrong Tsang. I. with sling and stones and hands kill. It‟s certain chief Trothung will not be at peace. now let‟s invite a lama and request him to grant a Long life initiation.

If one can even bring down the southern turquoise dragon to the ground. But to acquire it. To you. This is the site of the Black Rock cave of Chiphu. Just listening you will not hear.It‟s not man-made. So chieftain of Tagrong – the Valley of tigers. My sorcery can reduce even diamond rocks to dust. if one does not talk of a fearful situation that is difficult overcome. Lu thala lamo thala len. the offerings to the deities and guardians are rather meagre” and then chanted this wrathful song to the tune of the „Wailing of the she-wolf‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. This is the meditation cave of Amnye Gompa Ratsa. The site where demons and theurangs are vanquished.’ For the task of getting rid of the demon child Joru. The thoughtless child stretches out his hand. “Whatever it was the signs and dreams of yesterday morning and night were not good. “O Trogyal la. It‟s the treasury that fulfils all desires. hold these words in your mind. but the work of spirits and deities.” So Amnye Gompa Ratsa began. But your thoughts are focussed on the Tagrong tribe. chief of Tagrong. You claim to have come for Amnye‟s sake. O lama I will make an offering. The lungta period has not exhausted. . For example it is like. Trogyal of Dong. If told to accomplish the task. it is difficult to accomplish. “I do not have the courage to reply or refuse you.” The Amnye continued. The site where true attainments are granted. In this way he offered this song of deception and lies. it will not be considered sufficient for that great wealth. The lama wondered about numerous things and thought. what is there that one cannot overcome? But what Tagrong offered is a great evil tantra and so I must obtain it. ‘Into the mouth of the brilliantly coated tigress. Listen for I have this to say. with gifts you‟ll know. According to your words. Chief Trollu. The powers of charisma have still not ripened. I will not consider your orders. Especially when one investigates last night‟s dream it seems undoubtedly to be a time for one‟s death. Bon Amnye. Therefore since it will not take more than three days to do the job whatever one does is suitable in the present circumstances.

Keep these words in your mind. After these words. “In between the two. Now go.” The chief of Tagrong said. the younger brother Ludrul Woechung.” The Amnye lama too agreed saying. today the time has come for me to subdue Amnye Gompa Ratsa. On top of that the „Poisonous boiling lake‟ of Tagrong will provide for your livelihood through summer and winter without break. the lord of nyen Gerzoh Chenpo. He said. At the same time.This nasty boy of mother Gogmo. „there will be an obstacle within three days‟. he set forth from his meditation cave and when he came to „Three Nooks‟ he produced a single “Phat” sound which caused all the deities in the sky to disappear. If he truly is. the infant Joru spoke to his mother Gogmo. my executioner. “Now I will go to accomplish the order of the chieftain of Tagrong. Focussing on his own retinue of support as if they were a pebble he became absorbed in them and remained in this way. in front and behind. . Do not forget to repay my kindness. No need is there to place naked life as a target. younger sister Thele Woekar. This night let‟s see if we can acquire the life-force of Joru. for life‟s end leads to sinpos. Without knowing the quantity of gift offerings. In the meanwhile. Kill Joru and of course I will offer you the bag of good fortune.” Trothung thinking that his plans would not take more than three days went away from the place in a hurry. I can even flee. I will not go. heaven and earth. As for Amnye Gompa Ratsa. there is none you are not capable of. Joru then took the four pebbles and placed them on the right. I came across Amnye on the road and he did a divination. Chieftain Trogyal. I requested a Long-life initiation from him. Now since he had much gratitude for Shelkar and Joru he said that he had to go to protect them. Tomorrow I will come directly to Tagrong. Aku Trothung went to Gogmo and lied to her saying. The elder brother Dungkyong Karpo surrounded by the nine hundred with white conch armour remained indistinguishable from the pebble and Joru remained unharmed. armour and weapons. the dralha and werma and the „Nine brothers‟ etc. hold these words in your mind. really assembled in the „tenkhar‟ – the deity chapel with their helmets. chief Trothung prostrated and said. so today you must go. Please bring me four pebbles. “Alright” and then left the place and went back. “Today I had planned to go to Lama Kunga but arriving at the Black Rock cave of the open valley of Chiphu. Me a solitary Amnye. Then the elder brother Dungkyong Karpo. “Mother. Your witness is father Bum. left.” She offered him four stones and placed them in his hands.

Outside there were meteors. “You nasty boy. at that very same moment Joru collected the four pebbles and flung them. At that moment Joru was meditating in a seamless framed room within a cave of meteoric rock. Listen with your ears and with your eyes look. Between the two. Again he took the ritual cake of a month‟s practice and flung it while invoking the deities to harm and to determine who was right. Meanwhile. Nyen Gerzoh and the retinue of three hundred and sixty remained and no harm was possible for the person of Joru. the violater of Bon. Younger brother Ludrul Woechung and his retinue of nine hundred remained. an emanation of Joru went into the meditation cave of the non-buddhist and destroyed his drinking water and other articles of livelihood. flung the ritual cake of a year‟s practice. The sword that‟s long and the needle that‟s short. the dralha came down like snow falling and falling. They appeared to Amnye‟s vision. the dharma protectors like blizzards swirling and swirling and the werma like lightning flashing and flashing. As a result the Bonpo and his assistant and supporters were placed in the metal framed room from which there was no escape. Amnye produced another “Phat” and all the nagas below disappeared. It caused a crack in the boulder. At the time Joru rose up in the appearance of the wrathful form of the Lotus born as Nangsi Zilnon – the „One that threatens all appearances and reality with charisma‟ and as a result he was not touched by the stain of faults. who fled a little faster and at a river‟s edge Amnye looked back and raised his hands violently and that place is to this day called „Violent water‟s edge‟. At that time. The non-buddhist who had violated the Bon said. When the non-buddhist. Amnye Gompa Ratsa arrived at the door. Joru immediately blocked the entrance of the cave by producing a boulder the size of a yak‟s corpse miraculously so there was no way to go anywhere. The deities and guardians came down upon the demons and the self-executioner turned on his own self and Amnye Gompa Ratsa disappeared like particles of atoms. . so no harm came to Joru. as nine hundred white beings with conch armour.Again when he came to another corner. The moment Amnye saw the tent he shouted “Phat” and all the nyen of intermediate space disappeared. Amnye seeing armies coming at him thought of sending his ritual cake supports to repel them. The boulder shook a bit. nine hundred blue beings with turquoise armour. Another emanation was outside and that emanation chased Amnye. Again Amnye. Joru called out to the deities through his mind and as in the past. three hundred and sixty yellow beings with gold armour and an army of nine hundred dakinis who chased him and he fled without looking back. thunder and lightning – all three of them flashing and sounding. demon son Joru. So he went towards his meditation cave.” He then took the large ritual cake of a day‟s practice and flung it. let‟s see which is more excellent.

It‟s said. If you do not recognise this site. “Today I have an important task. The demon child called Joru. Due to the kindness of Tagrong‟s charismatic power And me. Or else by none could have been overcome. Flung corpse in the middle of the river and came. Amnye with effective spells Have decisively severed. As for me. Amnye‟s effective spells did subdue. At Tagrong Dragor – the „Round tent of Tagrong valley‟. Lu thala lamo thala len. Amnye Gompa Ratsa‟s bodily aggregates Were split into particles like atoms. Early that day. After the third day he proclaimed to all. It‟s in the middle of Trothung‟s encampment. You being of Tagrong with merits great. Last evening in the middle session of the night. the thread of his life-force. he‟s the nephew of the Jewel headed naga. It‟s said. he‟s the messenger of the Lotus born. I am the meditator – Gompa Ratsa. only the Tagrong chief. Today I will go to collect the remains” and then he went. I went to peel off his skin and came. And me. Joru acting as if he was Amnye sang this song to Chief Trothung: Lu ala lamo ala len.” The next day Joru got up early and told his mother. I received the dedication offerings for the dead. Yesterday my elder brother and sister and the other deities had destroyed Amnye Gompa Ratsa. .Again another emanation of Joru remained beside Gogmo and seeing Gompa Ratsa fleeing kept asking what it was and what had happened. Joru went to the top of Tagrong and emanated himself into a form just like the real Amnye Gompa Ratsa. Now listen. “Amnye Gompa Ratsa has been subdued. there‟s none that can challenge him. to what I have to say. he‟s the lineage son of nyen Gerzoh. I am the executioner of the demon Joru. If me. It‟s said. It‟s said. Yet as owner I have.

O Unrivalled ruler of the tribe of Tagrong. kill hero Shelkar‟s younger brother” has said. An empty bag is but a beggar‟s purse. “Yes”. demon Joru‟s skin atop victory banners. So Chieftain of Tagrong – the valley of tigers. The gift offering of wealth is the empty bag.Place human skin on victory banners atop the castle. Is that this day is the constellation of Narma. it‟s the order of Tagrong Trogyal. To whatever is more agreeable. The beggar‟s purse and stick you may own. Trothung give thought. The bag of good fortune. That would be appropriate for me a beggar. give it to me now And the bag of fortune alone will not suffice. the accomplishment of chief Trollu‟s business. I‟ll fling the ritual cake of three days‟ practice. To keep tribe in place. The main point. Chief oppress from above. Tagrong chief. Two. Though mother Gogmo‟s nasty boy Joru possesses The strength of a thousand deities and demons. if you don‟t grant one. My beggar‟s bag needs the stick as a pair together. I said. Chief Tagrong who talks endlessly and recklessly. Is to place. This horse of a gift offering lacks upper teeth. One. my neck‟s blood will be milk. Amnye regrets. Though lacking upper teeth. If not for these three. What the hostile enemy cannot destroy or disappear. me the Amnye‟s thoughts that are pure. Three. The basis for giving such a command. Or else the rich lady – the flag of the Court of law And the stamp of authority of Dong Mukpo grant. Though regretting. “Go. To chief Shelkar I will relate events. And Saturn is with Narma in conjunction. Is the secure fortress of the „Raven‟s heart fortress‟. the two must assemble. to secure fortress and not shake. Having killed a man without a crime. you had them since you were little. Of the two choices. the kindness of paternal elders repaid. . A bag and a stick.

The Zhangzhung practitioners of Tagrong Tsang had been gifted a stick by the deity Namthel called „White willow stick‟ which was the inner wealth of deities and spirits and through the power of „words of truth‟ it possessed the ability to travel about as a result of having accomplished the „Siddha of swift feet‟. Later on as the Amnye lama is getting on in years. the oppressor of black demons. give them to me. Since I have already promised to give the bag there‟s nothing I can do about that. unlike in the past appears to be more oppressive and demanding. “Now Joru has been killed. What need is there for the Amnye lama of the object called the „Bon guru‟s stick‟? Since it is the phuglha – the inner deity. it is certain that it won‟t turn out well. But he is not totally at fault because between him and Joru I have had to tell a few lies. I have fulfilled. As you requested earlier.The emanated Amnye had worn a skin just like that of Joru on his shoulder. This Joru is the gem within Lingkar. Both the flag of the court of law and the stamp of authority. Instead whatever of gold and silver you require I will offer. Otherwise I will do what I choose.” In this way numerous thoughts went through his mind. the bag of nine breasts and whatever articles you need I will offer. the younger brother of chief Bumpa Shelkar. It was said that if the stick and a charmed ceremonial arrow were tied together to a sandalwood pillar nobody would have the power to even touch it. How could the payment for committing the sin of killing him be so little? . But as I have not given my word to give the stick I must create a way out. What need is there to mention that after he dies the wealth of Tagrong will come back to its proper owner. So for the time being there is no suitable way out but to give him all that he‟s asked for. Amnye.” Amnye who was Joru said. Till then. if held it will be bad for both priest and patron. of Tagrong – Tamdrin‟s support. it will not take long for him to go. Regarding the flags of the court and stamp of authority – how could I ever part with them? But it is as is said in the adage.’ Earlier the Chipon and Gyatsa Shelkar were not on friendly terms but if those like Denma and Aten hear of these things. Now if I give both the bag of good fortune and the stick it would be a great loss. ‘Power is in one’s own hands And the handle of a comb. After a little while Trothung said. Amnye himself is but a single person and so whatever he does. It seemed to Joru that the time for making use of its services had come. then it is certain that the wealth will not go into anyone else‟s hands. Trothung thought. if Tagrong behaved as if it and the priest-patron relationship were one and the same thing. in the past whatever you have requested. “Alright then. “Kind Gompa Ratsa la. it‟s easier and better to deal with him. keep both the bag and the stick for your own self.

At this Trothung got frightened. make sure that others don‟t see these special objects of mine. There is no need at all for angry minds between the lama and patron” he said and quickly offered the articles. I brought it along thinking it would be of benefit to you in the future.” Amnye who was Joru. Though of high birth. He stayed there for a few days. When observed. But considering the internal pollution and violence among the elder and younger brothers. sen and such like Have entered and reside in the chief of Tagrong‟s heart. Gyatsa Shelkar. also turned and left and after going up for a little while did not look to see where he had arrived. “Now Amnye lama. appears spiteful and malicious. But whatever he does. At the time. what need is there for you to kill Joru. give. Sengtak and others and to those of the great and Middle lineages of Dong. since you Tagrong are the owner of the corpse – the basis of Amnye‟s dispute. it will not take more than a day to finish off you and Tagrong so that no remants remain. paternal aunt Nam-ngon Karmo emanated herself into a turquoise bee and chanted this song to the bee‟s tune and made these predictions to Joru: Lu ala lamo ala len. yet powerful demons. Now it appears that the way you think is more important. I will offer. On top of that. into Joru‟s friend will turn. please return them to me” he requested and then Trothung added. Also in return I will definitely cast spells and sorcery” and he made preparations to go. “Do not do such things. I brought this victory banner with the skin of Joru for you. Once you have completed working for beings. If I disclose this account of events in detail to the Chipon. Mighty mamos. “Don‟t tell this to anyone as the people around us are certainly not good. I too thought of the distant future and long term consequences. except for thinking of the concerns of the Tagrong chief. One day Joru remarked to his mother. As for Trothung his mind was ill at ease and filled with doubts. I am certainly going. theurang. If not. Then Joru immediately went into the presence of his mother. “Today my awareness is much clearer than in the past and my mind is peaceful.In general. Omniscient Three Jewels – the unfailing refuge. Now if you want to give. Please go quickly. . I the paternal aunt have these predictions: The chieftain of Tagrong – Trothung. Lu thala lamo thala len.

Yet no need is there for fear of civil strife. Soldiers will fight internal battles in Lingkar. The pill that causes one loss of awareness. Son Joru. he began to have doubts. is required When opening the doors of the twelve fortresses. Therefore now. Therefore that day. When he looked through them secretly he saw a dead Amnye Gompa Ratsa inclined downwards on the ground with his long black hair all over. is about to leave. On the non-buddhist meditator. Emanating an illusory form. pretend to be a bat. Bless and prevent the removal of illusions. Trothung thought that since he had emanated the form of a little child. As he looked at the boulder in a more detailed manner he noticed there were two holes that seemed to have been pierced by a stick. maybe it was because the articles could not be seen by children‟s eyes. Trothung at present. Joru miraculously went to the cave of Chiphu and emanating a hawk landed on the surface of the rock. He saw the stick and fortune bag hanging from a side of the cave. Trothung was extremely happy and emanating the form of a little child he entered the cave to find that the stick and fortune bag were nowhere to be seen. The time has not come to bring it forth. . he noticed that except for the remains of burnt objects and evidence of water. to the cave go. so that now his head was his earlier normal head. he wanted to see what Amnye was doing at that time. Bodies of don. When he went to the entrance of the rock cave he noticed that the door to the cave had been cut off by a huge boulder so that a demarcation had been raised there. make him vomit from mouth. A golden hole that‟ll allow a field mouse is required. Fortune bag and stick. while his body was in the form of a child. When he looked on all the sides. He removed the illusory spell from his head. Trothung did not know who the earlier Amnye really had been and many thoughts came to his mind like. As soon as he had heard these words. whether Joru has any miraculous powers or not. beside your awareness keep. put on death‟s form. The devious tasks like the damaru. there was no corpse or other articles whatsoever.” So as a result of not knowing. For the unprepared battleground of colourful soldiers. in the centre of your mind. At the demarcation site. Pour the „water of vows‟ as commanded and drink. One has not heard. hold these words.If damsi bodies and don are not separated now. to Chiphu you must fly. “Amnye does not have miraculous powers.

Joru then explained. Today there is a horse here. not pass through upwards. Now you must one-pointedly prayer to the deity Tamdrin. even his child‟s body got stuck in the opening in the rock and he could not get in.” Then he took the „White willow stick‟ and circled it above Trothung‟s head. Trothung was frightened and out of his wits.At that moment. Unable to tolerate remaining still. my head cannot. it seems Uncle Tagrong has been talking to the enemy all this while. Now his body fit through the hole but his head could not go through it so he did not know what to do. If it can‟t be liberated. Otherwise how can a child‟s body that can pass through down. Aku Trothung thought of entering the cave. don‟t hold grudges. even though angry. Trothung now developed an unimaginable sense of fear and he began to scream.” Joru replied. Now it‟s better if I get out. where Amnye Gompa Ratsa has been subdued.” . He prayed to the deity Tamdrin and others but that did not help. come this side” Joru added. The three – deities. Joru applied the power that prevented the removal or breaking up of illusions. When Joru pulled him up. not only is there no need for humans but it‟s been made such that even spirits are unable to pass through. so whatever deity or spirit there is. it is sure to be inside” and then opening the entrance just enough to allow a child he went in and continued.’ Now. ‘Though possessing skills.” Trothung then applied the spell to transform his head into a child‟s head but his head did not change. I will voluntarily perform. I am Trothung of Tagrong. Like willow leaves chased by the wind he shook and trembled and pleaded. tigress roams the plains aimlessly. I have mistakenly emanated illusions. refuge. “The demon‟s flesh-eaters and dead enemies are all residing in your umbilicus. “Oh! There‟s a Gyalpo spirit in here with a man‟s head! I am sure this demon is a flesh eater. Joru Rinpoche ! Happy Joru is not a human being but a divine prince. Joru came to the entrance of the cave and remarked loudly. Although I have killed the demon. I cannot break the spell from my body. Body of brilliant coat is a target for stones of large tribes. lama and the yidam. Though my body goes through. Whatever you say. This nephew without his paternal uncle would have been like in the adage. Though I can transform my head. “It appears some ghost has taken me. there would have been no way for Uncle but to have died. That‟s a sign of Uncle‟s excellent merits. Please don‟t kill me. one must break the spell to free it. “In this cave. Had I had taken a little more time in coming. “Oh what happiness. Then along came Joru. grant refuge for my life-span and grant refuge for my life-force. Refuge. While in this state. “Alright Uncle.

middle and lesser Ling. Trothung was able get out from within the cave. from the bottom of your heart you must make a commitment not to indulge in secretive plans and evil deceptions and you must avoid creating internal pollution and violence among the brothers of Ling. Then knowing that Trothung himself would not be capable of challenging him till Joru reached the age of five years. The snake was quickly killed and his consciousness was liberated and guided to the pure lands. Now if you want the illusory spell broken.” Trothung readily agreed saying. The third witness was the „Thirteen Fathers of Bumpa‟. “Nephew Joru la. “Alright Uncle. then he must be a decent character. Trothung vomited from his mouth a double headed snake. The first witness to the oath was Tamdrin. Immediately. So if you cut off this and throw it away you be left with whatever is your own head. “Now the illusion has been broken. Joru pretended to think and said. Joru allowed Trothung‟s body to transform into its earlier form and then he swiftly went on his way again. He thought things over and the realisation dawned on him. I too am going” and he went down a little way. Joru then said.” He then went under the „White willow stick‟ and vowed three times not to cause internal disturbances among the great. your inability to remove the illusion is the result of impure thoughts regarding Lingkar.” Again Trothung felt that since the child‟s body was his own body. Uncle you can go. Immediately. The second witness was Taklha Mebar. “Although Joru knows all that‟s happened. Trothung now noticed the „White willow stick‟ in Joru‟s hand and came to realise that it was Joru‟s miracles that was responsible for the troubles he had to experience but he did not know who had caused Amnye‟s death. please remove this illusion of mine. Whatever you command. I will fulfil. But Trothung was frightened that his illusory spell couldn‟t be broken and so he called to Joru a number of times so Joru turned back. “I do not know about illusions but this child‟s corpse has got stuck onto your head. yet if he is like this. Instead he asked for some other way out. he remained without participating in deceptive or evil actions. He has not told the Chipon and Gyatsa Shelkar about the loss of my wealth” and so he remained in a happy frame of mind. Chapter V .” At this Joru replied. Aku Trothung pleaded.Then he placed his right hand on Trothung‟s head and called on the deities through his mind. “I can accept and take up both the oaths and the commitments. it should not be cut off. If you can do these the illusions may be removed.

Then at dawn. Is close to the mouth of the Yakla pass. The Cuckoo – great barren mountains of the east. This area is the supreme site of your birth. To have performed great miracles is meaningless.Trothung. . Kept Joru and mother in the land of Lower Ma. If you don‟t collect the world under your power. From below Ma influenced. Listen to various things such as these: When you deity child went forth to human lands. Lu thala lamo thala len. On the other side of the Sea-monster‟s river in the north. to India be attracted. to China be attracted. Is the encampment of the demons black. on the fifteenth day of the „victorious‟ month of the year of the Male horse. India is close to the Dharma lineages. Joru met the Lotus born master and a sea of assembled retinue and with one voice they chanted this song of predictions to him: Lu ala lamo ala len. Now Makhok is the site to reside in. Is the path travelled by the bandits of Yellow Hor. mixed visions of clear light appeared in a dream. As if in reality. From above Ma influenced. Has borders blended with the chieftain Adrak. Now then Joru – the divine prince. the journey to Yellow Hor. Makes comfortable. as ordered by the ruler. Is the paternal land of the Lumo – naga mother Atak. It‟s the alley junction where Lutsen moves. Miracles and attainment signs without difficulty displayed. Joru performed a variety of miracles And all the spirits and sinpos were vanquished. China the fortress of clothing is a short descent.

If these lands are not held by you. “Mother. First he went to the Seyu mountains. On top of Machu. The wealth of Tagzig. She entered the powerful state of concentration of non-delusions and remained in this way until one day Joru said to his mother. For the auspicious interdependence of the task we celebrate. During this time. boots on my feet and clothes on my back. Ordinary sons of Ling have not been destined a share.The white salt lakes of the centre. Is the junction where lands of the cross collect. wood monkey on the waxing phase. Is the private land of the Sadam Jang. she clearly heard the sounds of the excellent areas of the place called Lotus land. Hor and Mongolia. Finally in the middle of the night. After having spoken in this way the vision disappeared. He robbed the calf demons and the calamitous spirits of cattle and killed them. he went into Trothung‟s barn and stole foals from the horse demons and spotted deer too and killed them. that‟s like a swirling turquoise dragon. Of the lands of Dokham. the lotus areas of the land of Ma. one must feed oneself. It appears as if Horchu has been added. The local spirit Magyal Pomra. as the mother Gogmo was a wisdom dakini.” he added and then he left riding on the „White willow stick‟. He killed the three brothers – the serag spirits that prey on gazelles. On his feet he wore the unfriendly „Red hoofed . Excellent miraculous activities will direct. Excellent land. Is disputed areas quarrelled over by Jang and Ling. Is the local deity of Tibet – land of snows. On his body he wore the unfriendly tough „Stacked calves skins‟ and kept them together with leather tails. I want a hat on my head. If one can work. it is the main. Also unless they are in accord with my wishes they are of no use. he wore the unfriendly „Peaked Gazelle hat‟ in a way in which its top and bottom were not clear. Is the separated corner of Makhok lands. Excellent time. Excellent tribe of six communities will come naturally. On his head. ‘If a son is born. the mountains are full of wealth’ goes the adage. Fragrant scents arose and a shower of flowers descended. At night he went into the barn where the Chipon‟s calves were tethered. The Ati valleys and the boundless north. The turquoise mandala of the lands of Ma.

horse boots‟ on which he had stitched heels with drema grass.” After giving him a fire. “Let‟s go to Drulgo Dho – the „Open valley of Snake‟s head‟ where there‟s a warm hole in the ground and where the droma roots are sweeter. the male child eating Ogress was eating four or five dead bodies of children. I am familiar with the way. Joru complained that digging up marmots oppressed the spine of his back a little bit and instead let the sweeper dig. Joru. Since there is no tribe below me. in face saving embarrassments or try to become accustomed to others. Than obtaining the stamp of the chiefs above. doubtless there will be no problems trying to feed and support ourselves – mother and son” he concluded and in this way he had decided and made up his mind. even if the enemy took over this ground I will not be intimidated. “It has been said. The freedom that oneself has. “O hundred year old Ogress. give me a fire and I will teach you a skill. there‟s no need to persevere. is more secure. Since we have no relatives in the corners. Joru agreed to dig up the marmots for the rich lady of Menlung in Chi. Since we. Joru had been thinking of subduing an Ogress that ate male children and it lived on the other side of the Zachu river. She remarked. Since there are no chiefs above me. “If we are going to Makhok. The sweeper was exhausted and it resulted in the collapse of nine bones of his back. “What skill do you have that you can teach?” she asked. is more joyful Than the status of a thousand golden thrones’ Now there are no more descendants of the Bumpa chiefs. clothes and boots. At the time Joru proclaimed to his mother. So if we go wherever the sun is warmer and happier. When they arrived on the other side. Joru called out to her and said.” Joru then said. On another day. As a result of vanquishing these three groups of spirits he had acquired the three – hat. .” At the time. ‘To take decisions oneself. there is no need to force our minds to work on early thoughts and future repercussions. I shall not exchange ideas and discuss what is to be done and not done. Soon after. mother and son don‟t possess any plans.

Vultures were killed with stones and the white kyang were caught with lassoes.” “I will enable you to get there. so they had to stay at the base of Drulgo for a day or two.Joru replied. She said. Joru called on the deities through his mind and then tied a metal hook to the tip of a leather rope eighty doms long and threw it at the demon. The beasts above the pass were slaughtered and walls of flesh were built up.” Joru said and tied her neck with the tail of the twin foals and then added. the diviner. After this incident. So Joru said. you come on later. “If you stay here. The guests from the land above were imprisoned. He then made an offering of flesh and blood to the dralha and the consciousness of the spirit was immediately guided to the pure lands. “You come after me. Even the sinpo ogres were nauseated. If you go to the other side of the river. Human skins were spread out as mats and corpses were strewn all over. “Mother.that the time had come for taming the spirit that lived in the water. An encircling fence was made of heads and a lake of blood was dammed. As a result of these activities. on the path known as the „Narrow passages of the child‟s throat‟ where he came across a demon called Khase Rulu. . Joru also caused the routes passing through the area for travellers to be cut off. They frequently had dreams of hindrances caused by Joru.” He then went upwards through the middle of the river wherein the Ogress‟ neck broke and she drowned. “This divine child Joru has transformed into a demon. Next Joru continued on his way to the base of Drulgo. except for eating an occasional child there is nothing more that is palatable. Joru and his mother occupied the areas at the foot of Drulgo and remained there. “There is no way to go there. then there you will get whatever you want to eat” Joru told her. The hook caught the heart of the demon which was pulled out and it died. They were made to eat human flesh and forced to drink the blood of humans. I will go ahead and see how congested the path is” and he went on ahead while the demon had its mouth open at the time. He robs the peace and happiness of sentient beings and eats whatever he sees. It occurred to him. At the time the dralha and werma caused the lama of Ling. Although they remarked. even the deities and spirits were depressed and discouraged. Aku Trothung and the other brothers to have dreams with evil omens. were frustrated and felt intimidated. The legs of the stags of the pass were trapped and the horns of their head were requested. the astrologer. The beings of the „Eight classes‟ too. He is the „Red faced sinpo‟ in reality” yet no one had the courage to attack him.

it only appears as if he will most probably destroy the internal law of Lingkar. if it‟s not held by you. This also looks like the miraculous deed of some deity or demon. One night he considered things and reflected. “Joru has eaten them” but there was no one among them who was brave enough to go in front of Joru. Before they had killed any deer. For a deity child to be emanated in human form. Now I must ask Moma Kunsheh Thikpo – the „All knowing. Therefore in the realms between Zachu and Drichu. Chipon of Dong – Rongtsa Tragen.At the time. whatever one attempts to do. He continued thinking. At the break of dawn. . is of no benefit. Joru then created emanations so that it appeared that the seven hunters and their horses had been killed. then To hold onto Ling. Blessing them so that the men and horses did not die or get exhausted. They were from Tagrong. there is no doubt that this Joru will threaten and intimidate the „Four Demons‟ through the power of his charisma. During this time the Chipon of Dong gave more thought to these incidents. But I wonder if his acts are focussed on some other considerations?” and so the Chipon was not very certain. a dakini holding a ceremonial scarf and riding a white snowlion chanted this song of prediction: Lu ala lamo ala len. The site to vanquish the „Four Demons‟ – The land of Ma. The path where mighty elephant moves is congested. all the omens have been bad. he left them for this period and went away. A little later. Observing his activities at this moment. Joru is certain to destroy the legal system of Lingkar. your own land. seven hunters came to the area on a hunt in search of meat. If he is brought to the law one cannot be certain whether he will abide by the law or not. Especially since he is without doubt of deity lineage how can he be brought under legal jurisdiction? Now it seems that. Accurate diviner‟ to do a divination” and so with these thoughts he slept. there is nothing better than leaving things in a state of equanimity. “In whichever of the predictions of the deities and dakinis one investigates. The human corpses and the horses‟ dead bodies were left lined up. Lu thala lamo thala len. Joru immediately summoned the black men and black horses of Gotsang before him and commanded them not to allow the Tagrong hunters to leave for a period of three months. those who came to investigate the lost Tagrong hunters while passing through the mountain recognised the men and horses and said. they entered Gotsang forest and stopped for the night. No one has the ability to decide whether a thing is good or bad. Although the land of the birthplace is excellent. “If left to himself. Since this year. Listen.

were Enlightened acts of the local deities of the white side. He thought that if he analysed the painting of words created by the prediction. The Hor demon to be subdued is a far way off. With nagas. Although the friendly path of giving and taking can circle anyone. After that they ate up the seven hunters. The man who lifts Sumeru on his shoulders. then although a hero‟s fearless heart of stone can circle anyone the person who can subdue him and who possesses the signs of attainment and skills is none other than Aku Trothung. therefore except for Aku Trothung no one is destined to subdue the demon. Must possess a stomach like the sky. With demons. ‘Ruler and horse’s mouth. The Chipon remarked. But it is said. one should not throw dice. since there‟s only one demon to be subdued. Then signals and messengers were . The Chipon woke up after these words. The way the weapons of humans and the heads of the horses appeared at the foot of Drulgo. Must possess strength like the earth. should not be close. “There‟s no way but to call the six communities of Ling to assemble. do not be neighbours. beaten by whips of thorns and had been chased by Joru” and he gave detailed accounts of what the two – mistress Sengcham of Kyalo and her servant had seen.” He then sent him off. At this time. he could understand most of the meaning and so he remained in a joyous state. Now as has been ordered by Tagrong. The inauspiciousness and evil portents. Having earlier tamed the sinpo Keseh Relwa he possesses the virtuous path.Knowing one. But if the boy Joru and his mother are sinpos. the nephew of the Jewel headed naga and is of the royal lineage of Mukpo Dong. the stream of action is a short distance. in the adages of the ancient people it‟s said.’ Also. ‘The man who can gulp down the oceans. It‟s as if a ghost of a sinpo has entered the hearts of the mother Gogmo and her son. If he is as black as some have spoken of him. In the past they stole and killed the horses of Tagrong Tsang.’ So I think it is better to leave things alone. all the people of the six communities of Ling irrespective of being great or tiny will assemble. of course they may be allowed to talk. the scene witnessed by the people who went to investigate the lost hunters of Tagrong and additionally the talk of all the people that the hunters had been tied by ropes. the chief of Tagrong – Aku Trothung ordered Akhoh Tharwai Zorna to go to the Chipon with the saying. “I wonder if such black deeds can possibly be true? This Joru is hero Gyatsa Shelkar‟s younger brother.

“The six communities of colourful Ling which was earlier settled like curds. Then pretending to do an astrological divination. The Chipon. To accord with the orders of Aku Trothung. Medical examination to benefit illnesses‟ – whatever he requires we must discuss. “Elder brother Chipon and all the others like my dear nephew Gyatsa Shelkar. Gyatsa Shelkar‟s mind did not agree with most of this. the special loyalty of Bumpa and additionally the strategies of Joru – I have thought over these many times. He sat quietly and still with his ‘mind more gentle than Chinese silk. just as the sun rays hit the peak tops all the people were assembled – all those below Tagrong above. I do not feel at ease in my mind. Earlier from Tagrong‟s side seven hunters had gone on a hunt. beside the mother and son Joru there are human heads that can be identified. What past internal or external hostility do you have with Gogmo‟s son Joru?” Aku Trothung spoke. I have this to relate. Yet no matter what. Then on the eighth. Lingkar will not have peace and happiness” and so a lie was offered. with regard to the religion and politics of Lingkar. now listen pure race of deities. Between Joru and the people of Ling there has been no talk of hostility whatsoever” and in this way he narrated the exaggerated talk as if it was the truth. Trothung thought that he would be told to go to subdue Joru. At the time.’ The Chipon remarked. Since this year even the omens have been evil. if this Joru is not destroyed. there was no way but to assemble. to all those above Guru below. he is afflicted with a disease of the mind. in general. the divination was pronounced. Although this Joru does not have any physical or painful illness. Gyatsa Shelkar and some of the others gave their assent to have a divination done. So the Chipon said. At the „Yangzom Gyaje‟ pass Joru had taken them all.sent separately to each place for the colourful tribe‟s six communities to assemble at the assembly of Tagthang – the plain of tigers. „Rituals to benefit don. “Alright. “The divination says that. So he was frightened and felt intimidated. The Chipon himself went before Gyatsa Shelkar and had a discussion and told him how he had received the predictions and all the accounts – internal and external in detail and asked him to keep it secret. has been churned up like blood. body more at ease than silk-cotton. Additionally one hears information that at the foot of Drulgo. I the Chipon have such an account and he chanted this song: . all those below the great Chipon on high to all those above the „Little low-esteemed one‟ who kept wailing. Both Kyalo Sengcham Drugmo and a reliable servant Pelgye said they had really seen this. I wonder if it isn‟t something like a greedy don that has got him. According to me – the Chief of Tagrong‟s way of thinking.

If Joru is innocent of the crime. Durability of the river of words.Lu ala lamo ala len. The fourteen men and horses of Tagrong. It‟s just that Ling‟s merits have exhausted. If eaten excessively. If he stays wherever pleasant. there‟s more happiness. The more enemies there are. Listen to this song of Chipon Rongtsa. there‟s no tradition of punishment. For Paternal uncle like mount Sumeru. Evil diviner. Drugmo must confess. butter and jaggery. The short path of secret mantra of the profound Dharma. The shaft pursuit of a hundred young bloods And the chase of a hundred young maidens there‟ll be. As punishment for breaking these laws. six communities of Ling. In the case of the fourteen men and horses of Tagrong. The prince granted by the supreme deities above – Joru the boy. In order for the nephew boy to assemble heroic skills. Let‟s expel the boy Joru from Ling. even if a hindrance to Ling. The three tasty foods – meat. The bad dream omens of all the brothers. . The conch pursuit of a hundred father lamas. Wonder if you comprehend this. Even if the boy Joru does harm Ling. it‟s like a short cut to hell. then When all is finally clear. Regarding the quality of commonly agreed actions If outcome‟s poor. that‟s two. The heroes of descendants of the Mukpo clans. more stability be. should not be too short. Wonder if you comprehend. Let‟s assume their murderer. becomes the cause of illnesses. Joru was. Lu thala lamo thala len. If differences in strategies arise. If without faith. If foes suddenly appear – it‟s another wild adventure. Let Drugmo be the witness under oath. should not be too small within. it‟s but grants of paternal fields. Loyalty to the law. that‟s one.

send him out down to the barren black mountains which is the land of the serag. Gyatsa Shelkar. give us your word. I too want to go together with him. Yet at the moment there is nothing I can do. Occasionally. Aku Trothung said. Everyone agreed to this and joined in. no one gave his word in agreement. This Joru – descendent of the Mukpo clan. the Minister Denma Jangtra thought. a welcoming party arrived from Magyal Pomra and all the articles were escorted by them to Mayul – the land of Ma. Now listen.” . as it is the order of all the brothers in general and especially the elder brother Chipon. she began to have doubts about her son and as a result developed a slightly wrong view. everyone decided to do things in that way. “Now if you brothers are not prepared to go. Sometimes she thought it was all an emanation and miracle. „Messages. Even though there is no difference in the quality of place that one is expelled to he should be ordered above „Yangzom‟ pass from where the sun rose” he said. After he had spoken in this manner. As a messenger to call the boy Joru. when she saw the food and drinks associated with flesh and blood. Mother Gogmo being from a naga family did not eat anything that had been churned or boiled with blood and although not pleased. The six communities of Ling. “If he is expelled. Golden throne the servant should hold onto‟ as in this case. there‟s tradition of returning. there‟s no need to be frightened.” At this. Whatever articles are needed. for I can go. At that time. get them together. Among the brothers of Ling. “Since I have been appointed Minister of white Ling due to my past actions. “Now if we expel him. “That‟s right” and it was decided. So Gyatsa Shelkar volunteered.” At this Gyatsa Shelkar was overwhelmed with remorse and regret for his good looking younger brother and he said. To banish the evil diviner – he‟s of our own descent too. keep this in mind. who will go? Who will give us his word to go? If there is a person. To impose crimes on him when he‟s innocent is not right. the chief should carry. Joru continued to reside at Drulgo as he had done earlier. When the people of Ling asked who would go to call Joru. where is there a situation which says.The dirty words of the maiden of evil birth If not acceptable. she remained without saying anything. From the assembly yard of colourful Tiger‟s plain. To banish younger brother to the border lands.

Those words too do not possess the truth. So when he signalled with the dartru of the white helmet Joru. “Where is there a tradition of such a person being born as a descendent of Choephen Nagpo of Dong?” and he felt saddened. Therefore there is no certainty for anyone to say that all this has been produced from the fourteen men and horses of Tagrong. Denma thought of sending Joru a signal to come towards him. He got down from his horse and sat for a little while. the red handled sword that drinks. “O maternal uncle Denma.So he said. Since it is to be waved at enemies only. “Even if all the people living in Ling now. Then after thinking for a while in the intervening period. “Of course. At first maternal uncle Denma thought. he thought that waving it would not be an affront. when Joru shouted. then there is no reason for some of us to be left. Coming together is an auspicious arrangement. quickly came out and said. Now since the dartru on top of the helmet was a support for lamas and chiefs. it’s like fleeing’ seems to be a suitable saying” . Then he thought of waving his whip about but then a whip was only to encourage horses and not suitable material for calling chiefs. Walls of human corpses and animal bodies had been built up. there still would not be so many skins and flesh. he went off like a flash of lightning. “Precious Shelkar of Bumpa Ling. He considered taking out a sword from his side and waving it about. Then as a result of the power of past prayers and karmic relationships an irresistible thought of faith and reverence arose in him that was unalterable. There were tent ropes of stretched intestines. He noticed that Joru had been staying in a place more frightening than the land of sinpos – Lankapuru. pushed one out of the tent. The people of Ling have remarked „he has eaten all‟ but if he has eaten all. ‘Tasks of great import and a valuable man.” He was certain that it was not anything else. he reasoned in this way. it’s like a debt. there‟s no reason for there to be no owners for them. Regarding these human and horse corpses – if they are so. I am the person who should be going” and then getting on his horse Ngultruk Dempa – „Graceful silver child‟. For a superior male. how can you display it on the boy Joru?” He put the sword back in its scabbard. For an inferior male. you should not go and instead be an ornament for the golden throne. were eaten together at one time. There is no doubt that this is an illusory emanation. For a middle male. it’s like an attraction. Maternal uncle Denma Jangtra arrived at the foot of Drulgo and when he looked up he saw that tents had been set up with human skins. At the time Joru appeared to be eating a human arm. you have come.

Next Denma was served many delicacies and dishes of the deities that were not known in human lands. It‟s said. It was rich and homely. He was shown a glimpse of the being‟s objects. Joru – divine prince. It‟s said. the rain stopping tantric. With your perceptions pervade all with yellow. For the white paper flowers of the six Ling communities. Don‟t stay meadow flowers. Lu thala lamo thala len. That day Chief and Minister had come together and an auspicious event had come about. to your home go. to the western mountains go. Not a lifetime but only a day‟s rain is prevented. darkness from behind chases. He was told of the origins of Dong and based on Joru‟s own situation he was told of many predictions that were required. It was enjoyable and one‟s senses cleared. The three western lands are happy and pleased. Denma too offered apirational prayers that the Lord and Minister would not separate for all their lifetimes to come and he offered a song in this manner: Lu ala lamo ala len. “It is not proper to place the armour and weapons beside the door. for frost will give chase. When Denma entered the home. greatly cruel is the cold. Flaunt the radiant smile of glittering lotuses.He quickly took the horse‟s rein and they went up. body and behaviour – wherever he looked had only appearances of purity and the illusory emanations of impure actions had disappeared. the Chipon is. The light drizzle of summer rains will be your guide. And then. Don‟t be slow. Admiration and respect arose from deep within and he remained in this manner. Since this is a tenkhar – chapel of the dralha. Joru‟s dharma. in the tradition of peace and joy. Listen. At the time Denma had taken off all his armour and weapons and left them near the door. for I have this to say: Southern Zambuling loves to sleep. Don‟t stay sun of the sky. Three winter months. the boy Joru‟s rain does much harm. . Three summer months. Joru said. a fragrance of sweet smells arose. When Denma went into the tent the human corpses and dead horses that he had seen earlier had vanished like a mirage. Don‟t delay. Don‟t be late. each them has a deity above them” and he took and placed them inside his home. for dawn will welcome you.

would be difficult. who was a true buddha chanted to Minister Denma this account to the tune of „Nine swirling whites‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. Human corpses that were emanated here. Wherever going. for I have this to relate. Have come to open the mines of illusory emanations. divine prince? If one can think. The divine prince Joru of the intermediate human realms. Happy Joru. In a short while. they are held as true. hold these thoughts in your mind. Lu thala lamo thala len. If one can see. amazing visions have glimpsed. there is Denma the cabinet minister. If told to summon. No way for the Ling communities‟ crops ripening. they had a detailed conversation. On the excellent land – grassy plains of Mayul. Whatever doing. Therefore signs and dreams and suchlike. If that can be prevented. It was Tsangpa guidance that said. Joru is a blossom in bloom with a thousand petals. the boy Joru Was appointed. Listen. maternal uncle Denma la. Divine prince. Whatever envisioned are deities‟ miracles. If understood. there my homeland be. will not do. Not knowing and mistakenly.If for a lifetime rain does not permanently come down. After offering this song. “Go. Six communities of Ling – flower ornaments of meadows.” Invoking spells was Gerzoh‟s enlightened acts. I. snow may be allowed to oppress. Wonder if you comprehend my words. As a counterforce for the Demons. If the boy Joru did not wish to leave. . If me. Joru together with the deities go forth. it‟s like a worldly account. there is no benefit or harm. The Ling community‟s chase. he‟s the best of the tantrics. by the supreme deities above. To stay wherever it‟s warm. Joru‟s rain has brought you harm. And then. strategies for sentients beings be.

Minister Denma prayed that he would be able to serve Chief Joru until those to be subdued by him had been exhausted. Then Joru wore on his head. Secondly. I will not remain. Between the two of us Joru and me. to the bottom of Mayul must go. After hearing these words. Although one couldn‟t say about eating one or two of the people. give chase with a hundred handfuls of tsampa. as being a nephew of Lu Tsugna – the Jewel headed naga there is no doubt. Then there was the excessive chase by the hundred girls which even I found a bit unsuitable. I don‟t know what to do?” Thinking in this way he shouted.” Everyone agreed and found this suitable. In order not to break the law of Lingkar. Some of those who were there said. that‟s been passed on between the two of us. “Minister Denma. Will not be long. the descent lineage of Mukpo Dong is without error. . “For a force this size there will be no problem. In Tagrong. for punishment and atonement there is nothing worse than being expelled. The Chipon sang a song giving the reasons. Firstly. you have arrived intact – safe and sound” and there was immeasurable joy. on his body the unfriendly and tough „Stacked calf skins‟ and on his feet the unfriendly „Red hoofed horse boots‟ with the heel sewn by drema grass and tied with laces of small horse tails.” Denma then went on his way and returned. When Denma entered the Ling encampment he spoke as he had been told to. you go on ahead and say. will certainly meet. Joru said. there is a little hostility and since I myself am the cause of the dispute. “Denma. For the deity Being‟s company were the nyen. “It‟s not necessary to do such things. Then after they had talked about leaving. Therefore if we pursue this excessively.Six communities of Ling. maternal uncle Denma Jangtra developed faith and respect from deep within his heart. Everybody remarked. „I did not have the courage to go near him and instead I was called by him. The Jewel headed naga‟s escorts too were there.” Trothung was a little frightened and thought. Chief and Minister.” Some others said. “Even he cannot eat all of us. The deity Magyal Pomra as welcoming escort did come. and as tsampa is the powder of wheat. the unfriendly „Gobo chok‟ hat. “We thought Joru would eat us today.‟ It is important that no one hears about all the information – whether to do with external or internal events. Thirdly. it will harm the dralha‟s appreciation and so is improper. “Everyone hold onto your weapons and be ready as if in a battle.” Gyatsa Shelkar calmly said. I Shellu was the first to provide a share for the mother of my younger brother who is like my heart. an excellent retinue of bees.

. The Chipon of Dong. So the moment the people saw the two. the time had arrived for attracting and gathering the power of the laa or life-force of Lingkar. I assumed. there‟s no other way but for it to become the cause for one‟s pure commitments to deteriorate. So it is certain that the time has come to speak out without being intimidated. one became distracted. If one looked at Joru without closing one‟s eyes. The visitors from beyond the pass as prisoners held. The flesh of humans has eaten and drunk human blood. divine prince Joru. I am the ruler – elder brother Chipon of Dong.” So he said. The unchanging meaning. The unchanging song. So the three – divination. mother Gogmo and son Joru they became powerless and their minds were transformed. Here. as in the predictions. It‟s Tagthang – the assembly yard of Ling. That day. Rongtsa Tragen thought. Therefore Joru must answer to the law. “O listen to me.He rode on the „White willow stick‟. “You aren‟t a human being. Lu thala lamo thala len. there is no doubt that one should go about opening the doors of auspicious and enlightened activities. If me. you do not recognise. The boy Joru is Lu Tsugna – the naga ruler‟s nephew. Having done these deeds. Ling deities have been annoyed. More than that. If one uttered legal words that one really meant. She led Thoru Kyangmuk – „Thoru the brown kyang‟ behind her and in her hand she held a white ceremonial arrow. the great community of pure deity race and the king of deities – Joru. In this way they came in the midst of the people of Ling. If you do not recognise the ground of this site. She placed a saddle and accessories that were like a „Shining sun‟ on top of the mare Drolo Thong-kya – the „Pale yoke of wheat crops‟ and then she rode it. Joru too appeared better looking and Gogmo‟s face was more beautiful. into foe was transformed. Ornament for Ling‟s golden throne. accounts like these I have. for the crime an offering of boots. If spoken of as excellent. An unfortunate incident – killed the Tagrong hunters And stole horses. prophecy and astrology are amiss. Punishment for these deeds that were done: The slaughter of beasts above the pass. I the Chipon have received signs of predictions like these” and he chanted this song to the tune of „The long and leisurely melody‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. he‟s the younger brother of Gyatsa. long and leisurely. Even mother Gogmo appeared more dignified than in the past.

Uncle will wait till the completion of all your tasks. For the magical illusions of false appearances. As a result. do not stay but to the north go forth. the tribe of the six communities of Ling. Gyatsa Shelkar had made arrangements for whatever articles were required such as pack animals and necessities for travelling and so they were ready. Listen. And then. Then Joru spoke to Shelkar without anyone else hearing. A welcoming escort of the deities of the white side with Magyal Pomra as the main one arrived since yesterday. Against me Joru who is innocent. There is no need for provisions for the journey and escorts. Praying for good fortune and prosperity. It‟s hard for internal and externals to be equal. Joru leaned his body onto „White willow stick‟ and remarked: “Great throng of white deities. . Once I have gone don‟t keep on longing for me. when the deity paths are spacious. During this time. the powers of the laa of Ling were attracted and gathered there. Joru dear? For the task whose time has come. Moreover there are various things such as these: In the universally acclaimed human land of Ling. such an account be” and he sang this song: Ala is the way of chanting songs. Though outwardly fine. The throne parasol sun‟s mandala is clear. After he had spoken these words. From „Yangzom‟ where the sunrise is fine. go on your way. all the people were frightened and all the things that Joru had done earlier were forgotten and most of them became attached to Joru and they looked on with their eyes filled with tears and sadness. Here assemble the two – mother Gogmo and son.” After that. A single verdict I the Chipon have decided. Thala is the way of summoning speech. Son Joru. Wonder if you comprehend this. there is no avoiding. This desire for painting a penalty.To the base of Mayul will be expelled. On the fifteenth. are three false forms. If meaning examined. for I have such an account to relate to you. Today in the month of the Minduk constellation. “My going is because the time has come for the prophecy of the deities.

As paternal elder brother‟s powerful mouth is too stern. . and come after the two of us – mother and son. If Ling is happy. After he had spoken. This expulsion of me – innocent Joru. Though improper. To me Joru – heaven without directions. like foals attracted to horses. “Lotus born Master of Orgyan. Joru will go. one must clear up first. To mother Gogmo – the treasury of wealth. wealth and enjoyments of Lingkar collect like tiny waters going to the oceans. paternal aunt Nene Nammen Karmo and all the others. like sons following their mothers. The final truth of actions. there is no other way. then in happiness remain. dakini Yeshi Tsogyel. In the absence of skilled turquoise manes – Joru Whether the Ling communities will be happy. The penalty of the judgement. Come naturally snowlions – the Ling heroes. Come naturally Southern cloud of Ling communities. Outside. organs full of impure poison. To the boy Joru – the white mountain Sumeru. Fistfuls of tsampa that pursued them like the unintentional falling of snow with equanimity over Gogmo and her son symbolised the appearance of their pure white path. tutelary deity Wangchen Rolwa.Externally. At the time. the beautiful face of the fashionable female. I pray” and she waved the ceremonial shaft three times. is Uncle‟s order and prophecy. a treasury of lies that are false. he rode on the „White willow stick‟ and went upwards after passing through the open valley of Chiphu cave. Internally. fine radiance of the peacock‟s feathers. The young bloods went after them with shafts which created an auspicious arrangement of the two – mother and son receiving the blessings of the dralha and werma. one knows not. It‟s the result of past actions. Without. mother Gogmo waved the ceremonial shaft and invoked the deities. Within. The Lamas chased them with conches whose blaring sounds appeared as if they were welcoming the mother and son. be the refuge protector and close friend of us two – mother and son. the heartless disposition of the fox. the fine weapons of the coward. May all the food. Inside. Brother white snowlions of Lingkar. will appear later. Come naturally the fortunes of white Ling. Now I will not stay.

drink your tea. So Gogmo went along alone and in time it became dark. Serag ‘Aduh’ the demon was decimated.All the water-fronts of the Thirteen Chi-nyin Siblung and the main local deity Chigyel Tagrih turned upwards in the direction the mother and son were heading towards and even if observed now. They were requested to stay for a long time but they only remained there for just over a month. She awoke from her sleep to clear sounds saying “Mother. nagas and nyen. She ate the tsampa dough and slept peacefully. Chapter VI Joru flung a sling shot with spells. the two Gogmo and her son. they only accepted a hoe from their landlord. from the west droma the size of dri‟s head and from the north droma the size of a sheep‟s head burst upon them from the underground treasuries and was offered in the manner of attainments. passed through Chiphu and arrived at the encampment of Kyalo where the herds of the grand Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen had descended. “It‟s better to stay here” she thought and got down from her horse and sat in a corner. Following this. Gogmo invoked the deities once and with the hoe she dug up earth in the four directions. While they were on their way. In the corner of Madro. Sometime later. They gained control over the three doors – mind.” At the Triangular crossroad of Yulung Gehra in Lower Ma they set up their tent and hearth in an area that looked like the heart of the Black demon. Gogmo swiftly raced after them but they had disappeared and could not be found. the shape is very clear. Having been expelled. . At the beginning of the „victorious‟ month they proceeded from Makhok. The foal fled into a secret place in a projection of the landscape. When one looked at their firewood and so forth everything seemed so well arranged as if they had been staying there for a number of years. Joru suddenly hit the foal with the „White willow stick‟. Joru too riding the „White willow stick‟ went behind the projection. body and speech of Sengcham Drugmo and created an auspicious arrangement of method and wisdom. from the east droma the size of a horse‟s head. To symbolise the serving of tea by the local spirits. All at once she noticed some warm tsampa dough which seemed not to have vanished. Joru served some tea and they remained there in good health and in peace. The gathering of deities. She assumed that Joru had left it there. from the south droma the size of a yak‟s head. the brown kyang‟ had a small load of provisions. The foal „Thoru. Although Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen offered them whatever they desired. a palace built.

In the past too. These serag beings destroyed and obliterated the black soil of the peak tops. he flung the sling shot and a “Trob” sound like a mountain cracking was heard. it was the first time that they had occupied Ma. May the deities and protectors proffer guidance. Has plundered grains and flowers from fields of offering. The big-mouthed king of Ab. this sling shot of Joru Hit the field mouse don. When animals went about there. After he had prayed in this way. To break the continuum of the ripening of these deeds. Other than these. At the time. Has robbed grass and fruits – the food of animals. Such were the state of affairs there. It’s the liar that always breaks up a tribe. They ate up the vegetation of the vast plains below. Great pasture‟s flower petals scattered about. It’s the marmot that always breaks up soil. Great plain of vegetation from depths destroyed. So he took his sling Drul Trazi Goh – the „Dzi headed Colourful snake‟ and placed three laa stones of the deities and spirits that looked like the kidneys of sheep and chanted this song that intimidates powerful demons by charisma to the tune of „The Hero‟s distant roar of laughter‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. Has snatched the peace and happiness of men and plants. Has thought of destroying the great tribe of communities. the serag Aduh had encamped in the mountainous region of the Khenlung Ritrug area of Lower Ma. May Joru‟s words of truth be accomplished. it’s the serag with form of field mouse.During the period from the fifteenth of the „victorious‟ month in the latter part of the Water sheep year till the beginning of the Wood monkey year. Black soil of peak tops with dust refilled And green jakma grass into pieces cut off. In the adages of the ancient people of Tibet. It’s the evil woman that always breaks up a home. Joru felt that the time had come to liberate the serag Aduh. Lu thala lamo thala len. They broke off the jakma grass from the middle regions. evil intentions endlessly practiced. the many-eyed field mouse and the field . When people travelled. So serag with the form of a field mouse. they died of hunger. on his forehead‟s crown. May the birth-continuum of evil deeds be severed. Now have seen evil machinations at work. when Gogmo and her son held Mayul. they were enveloped in dust storms. This time today.

he placed a stone the size of a sheep‟s corpse on the colourful sling. Joru was aware of this misfortune and in a flash arrived beside the merchants from Ngari and said. This frequent. Joru am. On top of that you must do whatever I order.” Joru then said. Landlord of the area. from that day onwards. “This mandala of the landscape of Ma. To me chief Joru. Namchag Norzang and Ladhaki Choega had just over a hundred servants who helped take care of the pack animals. silver and fine silk materials. none are allowed. The bandits were Shenpa Meru. the three merchants of Ladakh offered prostrations saying. the land of deities. If wanting to weep. While on their way from Nawa Traleb in Achen they were robbed by Hor Ayen bandits. Tongshong Dukdra and Chonglha Mukpo. As for mocking laughs. . make confessions And to deity Magyal Pomra – make offerings. Is held by the two – deity Magyal Pomra and me. We are Ladakhi traders and were robbed by Yellow Hor bandits. the four bandits were going off in a group together. Observe if brain-blood is not spilled with sling. “Divine prince Joru Rinpoche. Having plundered. All the other field mice.mouse with blue ears – Abdron. They possessed much wealth and merchandise in the form of gold. meaningless movement of humans. Refusing these. there were some traders from Upper Ladakh travelling to China with about two thousand horses and mules. The three businessmen Palden Jigme. Why should one be frightened of a few Hor bandits? I will recover your wealth and merchandise without leaving anything as remainder. “Please kindly help us with a little bit of provisions for our return journey to our homeland. to your homelands go. “Yes” but actually thought that there was no way to get back their goods and so they remained. Following this incident. as a result of the prayers and the sound of the sling shot had burst their ears and in one accord died together and their consciousnesses were guided to liberation. “Oh. I will go as a recovery patrol in pursuit of the Yellow Hor bandits. I.” After he said these words. No reason for it to fill Ma valley with great noise. the three of them were hit and they died.” The merchants replied. Lakmo Trabar.” They related in detail the manner in which they were robbed and finally requested. you Ladakhi merchants must give me your initial business offerings and a ceremonial scarf. Seeing this. what a pity! Since this land is Joru‟s not even the „Lord of death‟ is allowed to rob. From now onwards.

“You evil bandits of the Yellow Hor country. Also at that time. display your own strength and flee” and all of them fled. beside the „Nine peaked Vajra‟ of Hor. Joru am just like a dead corpse.” Shenpa Meru screamed. I can escort you on the guest routes of the Yellow Hor bandits. . Excellent Moon and Endeavouring for a Thousand Kalpas – who had many helpers assisting with the pack animals – were travelling towards Toh – the Upper region in Tibet taking along with them a variety of different types of tea. If having committed these deeds. I do not obtain victory in the end. The goods of the Ladakhi merchants too were collected without any objects being scattered. In the meantime. Meanwhile I have a little task to complete. they were travelling in fear and dread of the Yellow Hor bandits. When they arrived in Gehpa Tratsang in Yulung they made a camp and settled down. “Oh no! There‟s no hope of overcoming this. the king „Long haired Thok Thok‟. At the time Joru flung his sling shot three times. the boxes of gold and other such items that they had robbed. At the „Grassy groves of the thousand lotuses‟ in Hor. armour. mules. Joru. helmet and swords and other such articles were acquired with the help of the support forces of the dralha and werma. from the Womishen region of the country of China the three merchants – Great Flat Sun. Then Joru returned the horses and mules and the objects and materials of the merchants. The nine peaked Thokral Barwa. “It seems he is Magyal Pomra” and they remained in this manner. Then Joru told them. Till then carry along my articles like armour and helmets” and after that Joru went on to Lower Ma. The merchants were overcome with immeasurable joy and offered most of the articles to Joru who did not accept them. Every one. The armour. Thokphub Zankar Khyilyag. the „White willow stick‟ started a new horse route and divided their party into two and returned. “This is an extraordinary man” while some others remarked.The bandits in the meanwhile had arrived at the Four cornered lands of the Achen plains. they were at ease and carefree. Then after the Makhok border ends. his ninety nine queens and a hundred chiefs and servants were observing the mountains in an amazing game. Joru riding „White willow stick‟ arrived beside them in a flash. helmets and swords were put on pack animals and he came to the corner of Dro Dro Lugu of Ma with the traders. Since the Ma lands were empty northern stretches. there was no reason for robbing the merchants under me. Thinking that they were the owners of the horses. Some among the traders said. He challenged them. I. While they were in a state of joy and happiness and preoccupied with their games the three sling shots pulled down the barren mountain and killed over two hundred men and horses. “Now you all can proceed leisurely to the Triangular crossroad of Yulung Gehra in Lower Ma without any fear or worries about robbers.

that could open the great highways of open valleys. one could pay any price that is asked. as price for the four fine hoofs.” There was a magician among them who was an expert in investigating magic. a hundred boxes of gold. He then went to the encampment of the traders. the Hor bandits are afraid. some said. This is for the confessional ritual of the miraculous Chinese ruler of Tong-khun” a Chinese said. “This steed is certainly an illusory magical emanation. for the fine hair tips. Not trading with pure wishes. those with the merit of traders. He was asked to examine the steed and he remarked. “If this horse is truly going to be sold. Thinking of grasping it. “There is no essence of magical illusion here. on top of these a belt for mother: a remembrance foal for the mare. . “I. that had the feathers of the vulture at its ear tips and on its four hoofs were wheels. Now it would be fine if we killed this man.” Joru replied. snatched his horse and then sent it to China along with the magician” saying this.” “We will not return this horse to you. a hundred boxes of silk. “It‟s certain that this man has stolen this horse. Even if I gave everything I possessed it would not make up a hundred boxes of gold. a hundred boxes of silver. I can sell this intelligent steed.” One of them said. “This horse appears a little better than the „Turquoise bird‟ that I sold to Tagrong Tsang. for fine hair at the bases. As price for the fine head. Then the merchant „Ten thousand Kalpas‟ said to Joru. a stallion‟s halter that has been removed and a banquet for me. Thinking of selling it. except for a hundred measures of gold and a hundred silver pieces the size of horse‟s hoofs. for fine hair in the middle. their discussion came to a friendly agreement to get rid of Joru. It is certain he is not a Yellow Hor. “This intelligent steed of mine is one among two related flying steeds that I possess. it is a steed that one is unable to examine. a hundred sheep. But you have teased the traders of China in the east with unutterable speech. suffering returns to oneself.” The trader Excellent Moon said. “As your horse‟s price even if we gave all our articles and the pack animals it still wouldn‟t cover your price. Gogmo‟s son Joru of solitary birth. Since this is a horse that is not present among the horses of the Chinese Lord. If wishing to buy. The trader Great Flat Sun mentioned. I cannot even arrange boxes of gold and silver that can be counted. in an empty land there are no customers. a hundred mules. This man does not seem to know the value of horses and gold. So therefore.” The traders discussed secretly among themselves.” The moment he had said these words. While the merchants were distracted by the horse Joru said. a hundred female dzos. As for me.Joru emanated the foal Brown Kyang into a dhowa steed that could excel the flight of the birds. as price for the fine ears. Have this clever dhowa steed of solitary birth.

Sometime ago some Ladakhi merchants were robbed of their wealth by bandits of Hor Ayen. You vagrant Chinese may go wherever you wish. Now we promise to offer a confessional of whatever you demand. When they requested him to save their lives. five loads of boxes of silver on multi-coloured pack mules and seven loads of boxes of silk on kyang coloured pack mules. When two were killed four appeared. I will provide you with food and drinks. as a result of having killed so many Jorus.Then Joru said. “Now. Joru gave them a grand banquet. Also I will not take your wealth. you must build a palace for me at the kidney shaped hole in Dro Dro Lugu in Lower Ma. the tiny Joru said. You must do whatever I order” and he then untied their bindings and sent them away. although you have all your goods back. Some chased the mules. But when one Joru was killed two arose.” The Chinese traders remained astounded. Some tied and beat the traders. From now onwards all Chinese traders must sign a pact requiring you to give me a scarf and the initial tea offering. Joru miraculously served them a banquet of food. As a combined offering of ceremonial scarves and initial business offering. Joru told them. the traders were frightened and had given up all hope of survival.” The traders developed hostility and killed Joru by ganging up and throwing stones. I want all the objects and articles of your camp as a confessional ritual. “Leave the horse on my land. at which the traders were extremely happy. You too must give me the initial tea offering. Some of them packed up the camp. There they found their encampment set up just as they had done earlier and each of them had their own articles and goods returned to them.” The little Joru took them up to the Triangular crossroad of the deity land. They then said. Then the Chinese traders presented a batch of a thousand bricks of tea as an initial business offering and ceremonial scarves. “In the family line of Joru. the Ladakhi merchants offered a total of fifteen animals loaded with packs which consisted of three loads of boxes of gold on tan coloured pack mules. I Joru went as a recovery patrol. we are wrathful yet we do not hold onto hostility and grudges. they are of a smaller size. They tied the traders like balls of yarn and left them. Every object and camp article down to a needle was taken and the animals were chased to the Triangular crossroad of Lower Ma. “You are truly an incarnation. in the same way they multiplied so that in the end the mountain and valley was filled with Joru warriors. After this. We traders did not know. “I will not take away your goods and merchandise” he added. However many of them were killed. There was a tiny Joru left with them. They will also have to build a place for me. As a penalty. From now onwards whenever you go up or down I will protect you from the Yellow Hor bandits. took revenge on the bandits and returned their belongings. They too will be coming today. By this time. . That evening the Ladakhi merchants arrived with their mules and horses and other stuff and set up a camp on one side.

Then the next day a proposal for building a palace at the kidney shaped hole in Dro Dro Lugu was shown to the Ladakhi and Chinese merchants by Joru saying, “There should be a four storeyed structure in the centre and smaller fortresses in each of the four directions should be built. But if the structures are not completed by the time all the provisions I supply are exhausted, then we can stop for the time being and continue with the construction later on.” He then supplied every hundred of the men with a bag of tsampa, a load of butter, a load of tea, meat and plenty of droma. As work supervisors he appointed two Jorus. The Chinese tea merchants were to build the three smaller fortresses in the east, west and north and these were to be called the „Long tea castle‟, „Rich tea castle‟ and „Maroon tea castle‟. In the central structure the first storey would be called the „White one that can fit a thousand‟. The second storey would be „Arrangement of nine maroons‟. The third level would be „Tiger fortress that fulfils wishes‟. The fourth level would be the „Wild, white lady‟ and when the fifth level appeared it was to be left alone without humans building it. The Ladakhi merchants were to build the small fortress in the southern direction and it was called the „Castle of nine combined‟. Even when the castles had been built, no matter however much of the provisions the men ate, the food never diminished even a little bit. But as payment for the construction of the castles, the merchants were given a banquet and presented gifts and having already received back whatever goods they had possessed, they all returned back to their homes in a joyful state of mind. Then regarding the fifth level of the main central structure, the nyen Gerzoh and Magyal Pomra built it. Many snowlion cubs carried stones. The roof was covered by deities like Nyentak. The rich queen of Siblung forest brought tigresses loaded with wood to cover the structure and so it was renowned as Sengtruk Taktse or the „Peak of lion cubs and tigers‟. After the completion of the structure – externally and internally, for a while it remained protected by the three – deities, nagas and nyen. Also, it is said that the floor of the first level was laid by the deities; the second by kinsmen and the third by the nagas from below.

Chapter VII
Lingkar to the landscape of Mayul proceeded; Joru divided the land and had a free discussion; As in Nene – the paternal aunt queen’s prophecy, Entrance to Crystal Rock’s treasury was opened.

Then in the year when the Space-soaring queen enjoyed calculating and Joru was eight years
old, he was aware the time had come for Lingkar to settle in Mayul. He requested rain from the Jewel headed naga ruler and ordered the help of the „Eight classes‟ of harmful spirits to bring down snow. From the first day of the first month of winter snow fell. When it was measured with an arrow on the top of the mountains of the land of Ling, only the notch was visible above the snow. When estimated with a spear in the main body of the land, only the silk banners were visible. Almost all of the three – grass, trees and other vegetation went under the snow. As a result all the cattle were at the point of death due to starvation and the cold. At this point all the people of Ling – from the upper, middle and lower regions discussed the situation. They decided, “We must go in search of an area that is without snow” and they sent from each of the three regions of upper, middle and lower Ling four heroes who would go in search of a place bereft of snow. When the observation party initially looked at the upper, middle and lower Ma regions they did not see any place where there was even a tiny bit less snow than their own region. But as they went further, they noticed in the interior „Great lion‟s innards‟ of Ma; in the „Lamb‟s play pen‟ of the slopes of Ma; in the „Triangular crossroad‟ of lower Ma and in all the areas above Yulung Gehra there was no snow. Not even the size of a bird‟s head. All the mountains and valleys were completely covered with mist. The thought occurred to the observers that the amount of grass in the mountains and plains there was so much that even if all the three kinds of animals – horses, yaks and cattle of Lingkar ate that grass for three years without a break, the grass would still remain inexhaustible. During this time there were many Tibetan and Chinese traders who presented gifts and trade taxes to Joru. As a result there was not much risk of bandits and thieves. Since there were many people going about and staying in the area, the heroes of the search group asked the visiting traders, “Who is the owner of this place at the present time? From whom can we lease land for staying here?” The traders replied, “In the past this was an empty land. The Yellow Hor bandits used to rob and steal, so obviously it was a difficult place for traders. But at the present time there is a ruler called Joru at the Triangular crossroad of the deity land of Ma. He is not a human being but a lord of deities and spirits. He churns earth and heaven with his emanations. He is one who has complete power over the three realms of existence. If you all want to be tenants you must seek his permission.”

The four groups of heroes did not have the courage to go to Joru and so they returned home. When the search party arrived back in Ling, they gave a detailed account of their trip. The people of Ling discussed the situation. Those of whom made up the big people of Ling like the Chipon of Ling, maternal uncle Denma and others like Gyatsa Shelkar knew that the time had arrived for the occupation of Mayul as had been prophesied. But they continued to remain and behaved as if they were not aware of this. Gyatsa said, “Now since the Makhok area is without snow and it is owned by Joru, as a common authority of the six communities I Bumpa can go. This Joru‟s behaviour is not in accord with causality. His thoughts are not in accord with other people. His merits are not in accord with the times. Since I alone cannot make a decision, I cannot go alone but some other heroes should come. I can act to intercede in the matter.” Then these five people – maternal uncle Denma Jangtra, Trothung the chief of Tagrong, the Chinese chief Bendhe Marlu, Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen and Drigab Dechoekyong Bernak gave their word to go. The five set out for Makhok. When they reached the Triangular crossroad of Lower Ma, Joru was aware of their whereabouts. In order to rid the heroes of their arrogance, Joru devised a plan. When he saw that all the elder and younger brothers were hale and hearty in colourful Yulung Gehra, he suddenly arrived there that evening. He was stood up erect and placed three stones for kinsmen that were the size of a sheep‟s stomach onto his sling – the „Dzi headed Colourful snake‟. Then from a distance beyond the range of an archer, he chanted this song to the tune of the „Song of the soaring great khyung‟: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. If you do not recognise this site; It‟s the „Triangular crossroad‟ of Yulung. If me, you do not recognise; I am the little chief – the ruler Joru. Listen leisurely, you bandits six; As landlords that occupy this site For deities, there is Magyal Pomra; For humans, there is the ruler Joru. In particular, at the „Triangular crossroad‟ Since I the ruler Joru, have come, In daytime no bandits wander about; In night time no spirits and deities roam.

all the goods of Upper Ladakhi merchants. When flung. I. silk and other stuff. it is the support castle of the dralha. This sling that I grasp in my hand. Will strike White rocks as if by lightning.Once. but watch the show with your eyes. Imposed a collection on traders going down. Then with majestic lightning sparks swirling. Swift it is. Today these six men who bandits be. . Once there were a thousand Chinese traders. silver. Will shatter the physical aggregates of the six And successfully acquire the six steeds. The „thud‟ sound filled the entire valley. If released. Forcibly snatched the little foal – „Brown kyang‟. Raced above Joru‟s roof and have met face to face. On the rock behind the six men I‟ll fling. he shot the sling and shattered the white rock. And then this stone that I will shoot. Trothung and one or two of the other heroes were stupefied and became unconscious. it hits the target. Don‟t die. Recovered the merchandise of the Ladakhi traders Boxes of gold. Is the Laa stone of a thousand deity-spirits. it excels the birds in flight. As gifts received a thousand tea and silk scarves. Joru pursued them as recovery patrol. Is the support stone of the dralha Nyentak. Has resulted from indifference and desire to tease. Then between them and me. Wherever aimed. As penalty castle palace was constructed. a dispute arose And all the traders were imprisoned. being a relative of lightning. This black stone looking like a sheep‟s stomach. If its good qualities are related. That was the second of Joru‟s victories. Were snatched by the five sons of Scorpion Hor. With sling completely uprooted the Hor ruler – Thok. That was my first tax barrier. it‟s endless: First. it sounds like thunder.

Listen. for three years we request. In this empty. Joru whose thoughts equal the deities. In between – „Clever kyang‟ and „Valley of horses‟ And the foothills – the „Happy town of sheep‟. Now listen. the intermediate castle fortress of Bumpa. It‟s not that we don‟t want or have no need of them. the interiors of nomadic encampments. Two. The interiors nomads with dri and dzo. If you do not recognise this man that‟s me. If excessively long. Don‟t return our cruelty with the same. I am the unfamiliar man Gyatsa Shelkar. Cattle and animals risk death from famine. Are each from one of the six communities of Ling. Shouldn‟t have been welcomed. We‟ve come to lease land from you in Ma. White Ling being bound by snow. unfamiliar land of Ma. With me are five important and knowledgeable men. Joru the prince of deities. To the boy Joru of the descent lineage of Bumpa. I am Gyatsa Shelkar Bumpa. Towards me.” After these words he chanted this song to the tune of the „Perfect white melody‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. dear Prince of deities. Joru dear. Gyatsa Shelkar took out of his pocket a special ceremonial scarf and said. The residents of these. . Thought of settling. These five companion heroes with me. with round stones. Now then. for I have these words to relate. herds of yak and cattle in Mayul. for six months grant us your permission. Lu thala lamo thala len. If short. the foothills of chequered fields.At the time. wish to come to Makhok. “Oh what happiness! Happy Joru Rinpoche. In our colourful homeland of Ling: One. your elder brother Gyatsa Shelkar And the five heroes well settled in Ling. Three. The knowledgeable heroes of Lingkar And your elder brother Gyatsa Shelkar.

Is an omen of one’s strategies failing. it‟s just that I did not recognise you. human minds satisfied there are. In the depths of grass. In the body of the great lion of Makhok. Bumpa Shelkar who is within. These were like the sweetmeats of the deities and possessed a hundred tastes and so forth. Don‟t castaway the snow. Is an omen of not accomplishing sentient’s welfare. mother and son in order to avoid being harmed by enemy bandits. In past years. “Elder brother Shelkar and all the other brothers of Ling. it was just a joke. Except for cattle. The bride that separates brothers and relations. Now please come up and we may discuss matters. At the end of a detailed discussion of the situation. We two. Joru was the harmful don. so there will be miracles by deities and spirits” and in this way Joru welcomed the chief and ministers into his home. gold and silver. The ruler expelling the poor from the land. Listen. Although the tent looked small from the outside. heroes of pure Ling. There will be no end to Lingkar‟s dons. The heroes were amazed and sat in a state of extraordinary awe. within there was a good cover on top and it was open and spacious. Amazing play. Now hear me. This year. Lu thala lamo thala len. He then chanted this song of auspiciousness to the tune of the „Long summons of the deities‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. Joru offered a special ceremonial scarf and a gold coin to each of the warriors with Gyatsa Shelkar as the main one. the snow is harmful. In the adages of the ancient people: The lama’s talk of attachment and hatred. Dew settled on grass heads there are. but use it as first offering. Radiant green plants and flowers there are. I beg your pardon. There was a display of boxes of tea. oils collected there are. Don‟t be astounded. Then tea and other drinks and eatables were served. Is an omen of lacking wide knowledge. You have permission to crowd in after Joru. Joru immediately ran and took hold of the reins of Gyatsa‟s horse and said. .After he had said these words. stayed in the „Tasty groves‟ of the powerful demon.

So now Trothung was slightly afraid and presented a pathetic appearance and he felt guilty about the situation.” The brothers quickly went back to Ling. That which was built by visitors from China and U-tsang. The thirty families of the brothers possessed approximately thirty nomadic herds that proceeded on to Makhok through the most comfortable paths. . “Yes. All his earlier enemies having lost face sat sulking. They made preparations and planned to meet at Dilyak Tagthang of Ma on the tenth of the „victorious‟ month. Don‟t stay on six communities. Payment for land and grass. Earlier. And then on top of all the above. The palace „Sengtruk Taktse‟ and others. various sweet delicacies. the countenance of Gyatsa. who acted as temporary chiefs. Staying for three years. All of them wondered. “How will Joru divide up the land?” All those whose minds earlier were in accord with Joru‟s were overjoyed. Trothung has spread evil news saying Joru had killed the hunters of Tagrong. elder and younger brothers were all able to assemble together at colourful Dilyak Tagthang of Ma. Ga-nyi and similar places and then they proceeded on to Mayul like the summer rain clouds. they agreed together saying. do as you wish. On the tenth of the „victorious‟ month the paternal uncles. As banquet hall for common Lingkar I offer. If staying for a life time. the hunters had returned to their own homes. The six communities of Ling were gathered at the assembly grove and it was decided by the Chipon to go to Makhok. Hold these in your minds. They observed Makhok and the nearby ranges from Gakhok. In the lower entrance of the Crystal rock treasury There are seven pairs of treasured gems. For me Joru there is no need of them. you will be allowed. Trothung now thought it was better to appear pleasant to Joru. the ribs of lamb and other such items. they appointed and left in place dzongpons. I will not take Considering the common face of Lingkar brothers And in particular. When Joru had sung these words. At the time since each of the brothers had their own castles in the upper and lower regions. As a result Joru had been expelled. He invited Joru to his tent and made amends by serving dri milk. but come forth. brothers of Ling. come on here.Don‟t stay in White Ling. But a few days later.

I will give you a place to stay that is quite different from all the others. “Elder brother dear. speech and mind of the enlightened. Turquoise dragon cymbals sounded and the flags of the law and support spears of the dralha were raised.” At the time Trothung of Tagrong did not agree fully with the division of land that he was offered but he lacked the courage to open his mouth. Aten and Dongtsen received rather exceptional shares. middle and lower sat there and remarked. Then Joru got on the „White willow stick‟ and rode off. All the people of the three regions of Ling – upper. So in the end everyone remained in a happy state of mind. They were kept in the great being‟s castle Sentruk Taktse or the „Peak of lion cubs and tiger‟ as support and granted to the six communities of Ling as common property. An auspicious arrangement had thus been created for the ownership of Drugmo‟s hair and Kyalo‟s wealth. From the earth fragrances of sweet scents arose and there were other omens in a limitless variety. it seemed that what Tagrong got was narrow and congested yet the interiors were spacious and could later be the summer and winter camp of nine hundred cows.He sweetly requested. . You don‟t need to worry about that. Joru proclaimed from the lower entrance to the treasury of Magyal that he would open the doors to the treasure mines. The seven pairs of gems – the articles of the treasury were allowed to be escorted and welcomed by warriors of whom Tagrong of the Great lineage was the main one.” Then. In reply Joru said. In a flash he arrived at the Triangular crossroad of Yulung in Lower Ma. middle and lower Ling. The keeper of the mines offered the key to the lower entrance to the treasury of Crystal rock. Initially the two Joru‟s father Senglon and Kyalo Tonpa Gyeltsen were appointed as the authority. Joru the ruler wearing the „Gobo Chok‟ hat of auspiciousness on his head chanted the „Song of the division of Ma‟ to the tune of „Intimidating the great gathering by the power of charisma‟. The people of Ling were in a state of inconceivable joy and from every group they volunteered and appointed one person to serve Joru. So Trothung appeared pretty annoyed. Then on the fifteenth. in the midst of the gathering of the upper. “Nephew who fulfils all wishes. So the people were assembled. From intermediate space tents of rainbow lights appeared. “This Joru is truly a son of the descent lineage of Ling Mukpo Dong. White conches of the law were broadcast. But the essential point was that although at first glance. The lower door to the treasury was opened and there were representations of the body. The clear drum of the law shone. It became renowned from that time onwards as the „Silk knot‟. From the heavens there was a shower of flowers. I request you to grant me an excellent share of land” which was just like a hungry cat that rubs its tail and circles the window. From then onwards the people of Ling were protected by the main local deity of Mayul so that the poor became rich and the humble became powerful.

One. Three. She sang this song of predictions to the divine prince Joru: Lu ala lamo ala len. the chief of Tagrong And the need for a horse race predicted. property and retinue of Kyalo to be handed over to the divine prince Joru. I am paternal aunt Nene – Nammen Karmo. property and retinue And the task-instruments – the seven gems and so forth. Therefore a prediction regarding the need for a horse race was now required to be put into action. divine prince Joru. an offering of song. an offering of song to the omniscient „Lord of Three families. . Dear nephew. It‟s time to wear the white armour on your body. It‟s time to ride astride on the steed Kyang Goe.The Horse Race – I As commanded by the gongmen Queen. it‟s time to receive them as gifts. Do not be distracted. Kyalo of Ling‟s men. It‟s time to wear the white helmet on your head. it occurred in the thoughts of the Lotus born master from Orgyan that the time had approached for the men. And then after sometime had passed. but to Ling proceed. This year. Gazelle hat. Listen for I have these predictions for you: Now do not remain.‟ If me a maiden you do not recognise. Joru disguised as a raven did go Before Trothung. an offering of song to omniscient Green Tara. calf skin dress and the horse boots And the lucky charmed stick – it‟s time to leave them. to omniscient White Tara. It‟s time to wear blue leather boots on your feet. Two. So he sent paternal aunt Nene – Nammen Karmo as the messenger. but to me direct your awareness. Lu thala lamo thala len.

no one high or low trusts you. the Nene – Nammen Karmo. create an emotional effect on the ruler Trothung and get him to start the Horse race. Like a shadow that follows a body. Like a clothes collar. you relied on abra and droma for sustenance. What else required with your thoughts examine. Even I your mother was accused of being polluted by the sin of killing abra and it was broadcast throughout the realm.It‟s time to experience the contents of turquoise tent. You must prophecy the need for a horse race. we are inseparable. There my boy. The essential and real meaning is that. Son of deities. Sometimes you almost killed the abra and at other times the abra almost killed you. “Now I will go to Ling. there is no hope for you to have the widespread regard that a chief of Ling requires. Hold on to these words. He felt that the dream of the night had been extremely amazing and so he related an account of the dream in detail to his mother Gogmo. I will always protect. In the manner of the essence of Red Tamdrin And the emanated form of a Black raven. Son. my boy. “I wonder if you remember boy. After she had spoken these words she went forth like a rainbow disappearing in the sky. Say that Aku will win and acquire his place. that in the recent past the great and middle lineages of Ling rendered the two of us mother and son powerless to remain and pushed us. do not have any doubts. He finally said. the birth horoscope of attracting Drugmo. Then the „Wish fulfilling gem‟ – the divine prince awoke from his sleep and got up. from the high grounds of Ling into the land of Lower Ma. Gogmo replied. As regards me. Then after winning over the seat of the ruler I must defeat the „Four enemies‟ in the four directions. Like mouth and hands. the . Moreover although you were the son of Senglon no one had compassion. It‟s time to occupy the lands of the ruler And it‟s time to sit on the golden throne. in your mind Joru dear. To the ruler who is Aku Trothung. Since you have been cut off from Mukpo Dong.” In answer. Although you were Gyatsa‟s younger brother. I follow you. Now it depresses me to hear of you talking about subduing the enemies and hindrances of the four directions. the merits of gobbling up Kyalo‟s property. you were excluded.

On the roof of the castle landed a raven. Joru chanted this song as if it was a prophecy: Lu ala lamo ala len. yet as a result of the ignorance of sentient beings I appear to them as a harmful spirit. For I have important predictions for you. Now it seems there is no use in giving credibility to what you say. even if you tie me with a rope I will not be stopped. I will not stay but set forth to upper Lingkar.emanations to subdue Lutsen and the strength and power to obliterate and destroy the Hor family. “Alright. At the feet of the ocean of conquerors I bow. From beyond the pure expanse of phenomena. In truth. That evening. Welcoming party in front are Guardian protectors. If you do not recognise who I am. The lama dreams of a rich man’s death. O Chief Trogyal. Although even the instruments for the tasks of this worldly planet seem presently to be owned by Kyalo. Now. although I have descended as the clear light emanation of the „Lords of the three families‟. Its perfect brown wings were the result of practicing jumps and dives and its black claws were made of iron. mother.’ Isn‟t it so. The girl dreams of wearing turquoise and corals. a real buddha arrived in upper Ling at a place called Sipa Khokmo Rokdzong – the „Dark fortress of Worldly entrails‟ that was the palace of the chief Trothung Gyalpo or Trogyal in short. Lu thala lamo thala len. Is the form of the Wrathful compassionate one - . Its lower body was white and created from silver. Song‟s opening. I don‟t know if the predictions of last night‟s dream are true. Happy Joru. Emanating this creature. What‟s there to investigate in a dream? In the adages of the ancient people it‟s said: ‘The poor dream of eating tasty meals. The state of emptiness and compassion itself. mother and son. For you it means that you should please stop telling meaningless stories that will not bear fruit. As for me.” he added confidently and then he left for the land of Ling. listen towards me. Last night‟s predictions of paternal aunt Nene are unmistaken. mother dear. guided by the Five conqueror families And escorted by dakas and dakinis.” Joru was exasperated and uttered. the real owners are the two of us. There is no need to have any doubts whatsoever regarding this. whose upper body was yellow and produced from gold. as twilight descended. they have been placed in his care only temporarily.

A lama with a mind of pretence. The mistaken karma and ignorance of the morning. The distance of the contest. the prized pennant will be in Aku‟s hands. wondering about a horse race. A tantric without mantra and power is miserable. If you aim. The day after. when dawn clears the darkness. This day. your own wealth for others. chief Trogyal must cut. the others will be left bereft of a claim. It‟s been three years. black dogs not in decline. Cook grains for chang. that’s one. Kyalo‟s men. Perfectly emanated in a Black raven‟s body. between the two of us in secret I say. A disciple whose is hesitant. For the white deity race of Lingkar. without talk of a horse race. A yidam without worship and praise is miserable. Proclaim. The work of beings will be gradually accomplished. Proclaim. The wealth of others will be in your palms. Hard it is for them to work for sentient beings. the swiftest will claim the prize. race course of Ling be. Into certainty has descended by the evening. The Race ribbons. Wonder if you know these sayings. It‟s been three years. Invite as guests. Hold this in mind: don‟t forget worship and praise. that’s two. of the barren mountains below. Invite Lingkar and explain the need for the Horse race. that are not black rum.In essence the Red form of Tamdrin. all of deity race Ling without remainder. In reality. the common property of Ling. property and attendants And the tools for task – the seven pairs of gems. Chief Trogyal. All those below the Chipon ruler on high And all those above the flat-mouthed being. In the adages of the ancient people of Tibet: A lama without meditation and Dharma is miserable. . Now this year. Send down for slaughter. make sure that you have a race. It‟s three years I have missed prayers for protectors. As gift place. Now no need for hesitancy of two minds.

you do not recognise me. Among the words. Listen to this song of Trogyal. Trogyal of Dong. I was told. Do not sleep. Glorious Tamdrin‟s prophecy are unmistaken. After these words were spoken. From this day henceforth. From the precious heap of his treasury he took gold of about the size of the sun. If you do not recognise this site. Said it‟s time to acquire Drugmo – the new one. Except for Turquoise bird. Then he flung all the gold and silver on top of his castle which made a crackling sound and offered them to the glorious Red Tamdrin and his chorus of deities. Said it‟s time to get rid of old wife from Den. For I have received Red Tamdrin‟s prophecy. except for chief Trogyal. I have some important matters like these” and then he chanted this song to the tune of the „Short and hurried‟ melody: Lu ala lamo ala len. Sertso Kharak my wife.Owner of these. hold these in your mind. there is none. Now be quick and swiftly perform your task. In the meanwhile chief Trothung got down from his golden throne and attracted by his wife Sertso Kharak – the „Golden lake of Kharak‟. “Oh my wife. It‟s the site – „Fortress of Dark Worldly Entrails‟. He then straightened the right sleeve of his large wide cloak dress followed by the left one. Said it‟s time to throw leftovers of old foods. a dre measure of gold powder and two dre measures of silver powder. Listen to me. don‟t let your ears be distracted. Shortly thereafter. no need for any hesitancy of mind. silver of about the size of the moon. chief Trothung of the „Four mothers‟ developed a firm belief in the prophecy and was convinced from deep within. Prepare to invite Lingkar as guests. . capable are none. but quickly get up. Said it‟s time to serve with new plates. If me. Joru broke the spell of his emanation and picked up all the gold and silver with his hands and then went away. Son of a father. I am the chief. Lu thala lamo thala len. He confessed that he had not made offerings in the past and took an oath giving his word that from that day onwards he would not forget his worship. Chief Trogyal. that which was emphasised. Sertso Kharak. told her.

you must watch over. If I a maiden were to relate my roots. I am not from close by but from a distance. The princess of the ruler of Trikar. silver and delicate silks. This introduction to my story You shall not forget. With white. It is really the evil portents of Joru. “This is not a prophecy from Tamdrin. red and green zahog brocades And various silks. wife of Den heed my words. Sertso of Kharak thought. imaginable kind. Whether things are right or amiss. Arrange butter and thue like stone heaps on passes. To gain the admiration of the market‟s populace. I am. Pleased must be the lord lamas with the offerings. After these words were spoken. set up a camp of tents. you may not remain. Offer delicately arranged piles of sweets and fruits. Lu thala lamo thala len. Invite all deity race Ling as guests without remainder. Serve tasty parts of flesh of sheep and yaks. satiated with the rich enjoyments. Tomorrow.In the right corner of the golden throne. Tea and chang aplenty like water channels brew. Contented with the generosity should be dogs and beggars. To those above the vagrant beggars below. Unless I ask Trogyal to delay and postpone the proceedings. With gold. Overjoyed must be the chiefs with the wealth. when the sun is fully overhead. Close relations too. Far away from the middle of Den I am. All below the world conquerors on high. Pile on chemar offerings like mountains peaks. A sparkling stationary tea maiden. it will be a cause for regret later and at that time it will be too late. From the immeasurable winds above the pass. Exhibit entertainments of every.” So she took a ceremonial scarf as a gift for making a request and offered it to the deities and chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. yellow. Swiftly spread out layered cushions on the throne. Be a shepherd that‟s ready with sling at waist. .

In reality. You cannot recognise the law of Cause and Effect. Your self-esteem seems to be above the goats on mountain tops. you want the planet. Was addressed as Sertso of Kharak then. When you have the planet. O chief Trogyal. For them to listen to whatever is said. to please her is difficult. You talk about being happier in your own place. if there is a happier and more lovable place. Now. To win as prize for the swiftest horse is difficult. sustaining and maintaining it. The day old mother was full of youth. Do not waste them. The fine physique and birth of Sengcham Dugmo. Your perceptions are higher than the heavens. O ruler Trothung. there‟s no one whatsoever grasping at you and holding you back. The property and possessions of father Kyalo. Then I was the cherished child of two parents.The day I was ushered into happiness. When you have a home. you aren‟t satiated by a khel of tsampa. You refuse to nourish the desires of your life partner. So with your own share your large intestines are not full. Chief Trogyal. you want a place for yourself. hold these words in your mind. That was the way things were. You may have the liberty to go wherever it is more blissful and more enjoyable for yourself. For your son Aten‟s sustenance. Was the high female chief of a large tribe. The recent predictions that you have received. Being in a desperate situation. better to let things be.” . When you are in her presence. O Trogyal la. “Ignorant wife from Den with a yellow belly. The foodstuffs and wealth of your parents Trogyal. The thirty courageous brothers of Ling. How could they be from the deity Tamdrin? They truly are the evil omens of the boy Joru. is difficult. You don‟t trust the Jewels of refuge. The day both my parents were present together. Though it‟s not appropriate for me to talk to you. To regret later after it‟s done – there‟s no point in it. The sword of meteor metal – paternal dharma of Ling. is difficult. Your large stomach‟s similar to a village pig. After she had spoken these words Trothung was annoyed and disgusted from deep within and remarked at her. there was no other way. Do not have a grand banquet. are required. please do not have a horse race.

If one were to investigate them. “I won‟t let the tongue move food that‟s beside my mouth. in the middle a “Ho”. He produced a „personal piece‟ for the chief of Tagrong and then added a „separate section‟ for Gyatsa Shelkar of Bumpa. They were Gyatsa Shelkar. Darphen. Now. I won‟t hesitate when about to acquire attainments. Then the chief of Tagrong. At Lungrih Drukhar – the „Landscape of six castles. I won‟t tremble in the calves when about to gain the gem. He raised the mouth of the scabbard of his grey sword. down in the opposite direction “So”. Next he was about to cross his heel over the great stirrup and he was about to break the gold saddle with his massive thighs when they arrived like boulders rolling down a precipice. “Alright.” Denma then simultaneously placed a saddle and put on the bridle of his dhowa steed „Graceful attainments‟. shaking his fists and posturing his upper back like a lion at play and saying. With their apprehensive expressions they appeared.” So having made up his mind he ranted on and on and there was no way in which he could be corrected. Gade. He began by going to „Arrangement of nine‟ in the Upper Ma region and beat the Great drum that sounded like the simultaneous roar of a thousand thunders. He blew the White conch of the law that broadcasts like the sounds of a mad elephant. Nyibum and others like the Chipon. Sengtak. The wife from Den thought. a round of sounds from the Cymbals and a round of White conch of the law has been blown. it is certain that of these two one must have occurred – either the water head of disputes has burst open or else the sleeping foe has awoken. sweeping over the landscape like shooting stars. Then up in the direction of upper Ling he yelled “Ki”. She got all the kitchen articles.Then he went about rolling up his nose and raising his shoulders. He played the Pleasant sounding cymbals like the musical piece of five sections. She managed well the thirty serf-servants such as the most reliable servant Tagyal and most efficient maid Numril or „Spic and span‟ and so in this manner she got all the preparations in excellent order and with complete authority. “Oh! A round of beats from the Drum of the law. Middle and Lesser lineages of Ling. The other fearless braves too had their armours on and carried their weapons. Trogyal ordered Zorna of Akhoh Tharwa to be the messenger to convey the message to all the three – great. He put down the flap of his white helmet. . Tagrong. He pulled on the lace strings of his coat of mail. She laid out the mats and rugs.‟ maternal uncle Denma heard the summons and said. On the throne she put on layers of cushions. tea and chang completely prepared without a hitch. I guess it is better to fulfil the task that chases a person who has been destined by fate for there is no way out and it must eventually be done at some period of time” so she went about setting up the tents.

Leave alone you servants playing them. there is little need for such intimidation and threats. even the fearless heroes of Ling have not touched it with their bare hands. Let alone you servants blowing on it. even the lord lama is not allowed an audience. what is the use of attaching such names to them? I was told by the chief Trogyal. it‟s like this. if I were to relate how Zorna was attached to my name. The White conch of the law that broadcasts. who guards the northern gate. Regarding me Zorna of Akhoh Tharwa. All those lower than the Chipon on high And all those above the goatherd below. That is the way Zorna or „Sickle Nose‟ was attached to my name. this morning you took up the task-instruments of Ling and did the three with them – blew. The men. He is the accomplished one. is the nephew of the Chen ruler of the Chinese. The Pleasant sounding cymbals have been the support charms of good fortune since the time the Ling divisions came into being. I did not cut it with my knife but with my sickle. he doesn‟t even give audiences for white ceremonial scarves. If big people are not called by their names. Denma Jangtra la.‟ . let alone calling out to him „Tagrong‟. property and retinue of Kyalo And those such as Sengcham Drugmo Are to be placed as a wager for the brothers of Ling. so I blew on it. I refused to place the flesh on the ground but attached it to the sky. beat and played them. This Zigphen – The chief of Tagrong. so I played them. he spoke up. Great minister. “Alright Akhoh. Akhoh too. In the bottom of the sands hills that follow Ling. I thought they were objects to be played. I did not grasp it with my hands but held it with my teeth. „Men ordered about and shafts that are shot. The Pleasant sounding cymbals. What cause was there to call him with a „Ki‟? What words have you to say for all of this?” and in this way he intimidated and threatened. The Drum of the law with light that makes clear. was not happy with Denma‟s words and in reply answered. This fair Shellu of Bumpa Dong. “Alright. even the yellow bendhe monk‟s mouth vapours have not been near it. Now come to the banquet of chief Trogyal. I thought it was an object to be blown. The sickle missed the flesh and it hit my nose.The first on the scene being maternal uncle Denma. I thought it was an object to be drummed so I beat it. The White conch of the law that broadcasts is the Dharma conch of the Buddha Sakyamuni. Let alone a hopeless servant beating it. The swiftest horse will acquire the prize. What may we know is the reason for your calling on Tagrong and Gyatsa Shelkar from such a distance? The Drum of the law with light that makes clear is the accomplishment drum of the Lotus Born one.

. A Horse race and its venue and timing decided. We should call Joru to Ling. A feast to discuss the Horse race. “If the common property of Ling is left in place. Therefore as suggested by our own older generation of Aku and the Chipon. All Ling – upper. To line up the fearless braves in the Race etc. tomorrow we should gather at the banquet of Trothung and take part in the Race. We must have the Lesser lineage at the starting point. middle and lower assembled. there is no certainty that it will not one day change into a cause for delusions. “There‟s no need for Minister Denma to be annoyed at this little disturbance” they said and smiled at each other. do examine with your minds which is better. This contest was just the boastful words to show others that one possessed the horse „Turquoise Bird‟. Chapter – II The chief of Tagrong. is in general part of the teachings of the Buddha and it is for the welfare of sentient beings. it is for the overall considerations of the Ling people to clarify by means of melting with red charcoal fire the difference between lead and white silver. What do you say about searching for Kyang Goe and placing the steed among the deity horses for the race? The two of you – Lhadar of Zuwa Werma and Wangchen Darlu give some thought to this. “Tomorrow at the break of dawn let‟s gather at the banquet of Aku Trothung” and then that evening each of them went his own way.” At this Zuwa Werma replied.” All of them agreed to this and proclaimed.That‟s about all” Zorna explained. But shouldn‟t we call Joru from Lower Ma and place the Lesser lineage in the line up. was the fact that it was the lucky charm of good fortune for the existence of the world and not for contesting and offering it as the private property of the most capable warrior or as the silk trophy for the swiftest steed. We should catch Kyang Goe from the mountains. They continued and said. Trogyal did prepare. Specifically. “The reason for not dividing the common property of Ling and leaving it as it was. Fearless heroes. “Now what‟s there to go to or to stay here for?” the members of the Ling divisions thought.

Zorna returned and gave a detailed account of all that had happened to chief Trothung. Paternal elder brothers like trunks of sandalwood. he aimed his charge there and came rushing. The numerous people like the stars in the sky. “Who has tied a donkey in front of a stallion‟ and cut the attachment of that horse with his sword and chased it away towards the encampment. Look on compassionately and be my helper. He stopped at the demarcation and chanted this song of the „Dispute about Seats‟: Lu ala thala lamo len. It‟s certain that whoever has suggested this is an old satiated seyu” and he developed a slight doubt regarding the prophecy and he remained disturbed in his mind. He noticed that the Tagrong steed that could soar over mountains was placed at the head of thirty supreme steeds that were tethered together on a rope. The ears of fine crops of deity families. Next the chiefs on high like mount Sumeru. The dharmakaya. The next day. His eyes were flashing like lightning and his teeth made sounds of chewing popped wheat. with the great. “Oh no! The yidam in his predictions did not mention to me that Joru should be summoned. The great community was like mount Sumeru. Trothung did not agree to the talk of calling Joru to Ling and remarked. Those outside the tribe were like the vegetation on the passes and those bereft of tribes were countless. Middle and Lesser lineages of Ling as the main guests the families within the community appeared like the constellations in the heavens. There was the lord lama. While each of them sat on the seats assigned to them on the basis of their status and power. each went to the tents that had been set up for themselves. there came from the „Unchanging castle of Ngulchu Trodzong‟. Vajradhara and others. he excelled all humans in the three realms. Since he had actualised the „six skills‟ physically. came as if they were clouds gathering over the crops of Aku Trothung. Gyatsa Shelkar. Then the young bloods of Taktsang like fine pelt. His face was ruddy like a maddened black bear. Mothers and aunts like icy lakes and young maidens like summer blossoms. just as dawn became clear at the top of the mountains. Buddhas with compassion toward sentient beings. . the laa and life-force of enemies and hindrances cringed in fear. There were sons and nephews like pieces of bamboo shafts. In its stead he tied his steed Phoenix. With the dignity of having shaken the three realms with his physique of „six forms‟ he came charging. Lu thala lamo thala len. As he possessed the qualities of the „six beauties‟. the sun and moon in the sky. Seeing that Trogyal of Tagrong was at the head of the row of the fearless heroes. Offended he raged. From the blissful palace of the expanse of phenomena.Soon after that.

Have invited a hundred important guests And me – the unimportant Bumpa. this white Mongolian „Phoenix‟. Is needed. that‟s clear to all. My dhowa. Though not considered a rival to Ling. To fulfil one‟s desires through deceit and lies. The thirty brothers of Lingkar. Are foals of a single mother mare. It‟s hard to fool me – Gyatsa Shelkar. You of the Great lineage of Ling and carnivorous wolves. it is thus. It‟s hard to guide a yellow faced drong by its nose. The three – the Phoenix. Within. The three – Gyatsa.If me. If a task‟s done with integrity. for it‟s destined from the past. Shenpa and Northern child. every one is pleased. I am the unchanging hero called Gyatsa Shelkar. Don‟t possess compassion. Though not considered a rival to Ling. If words are truthful. In reality. do give ear. The nature of reality. each mother has her own son. Therefore chief Tagrong. It‟s hard to guide a ferocious tiger to a meal. have cast behind. This invitation to the fearless braves of Ling. these two – father and son of Tagrong. Mazi and Guzi. This sword. for it‟s destined from the past. „Little star Yazi‟. every one will listen. Is needed. I am the nephew of the great Chinese chief. Were beaten and forged by a single blacksmith. From the unchanging castle of Ngulchu Trodzong. Peacock and Water bird. . The three – Yazi. For the brothers – a bunch of feathers of a spear. you do not recognise. they are a single flock of sheep. Outside. Are three brothers from closely related mothers.

why do you place your life-force as a target while claiming to own the life-forces of others? What is this great suffering that is needed to pollute and cause internal violence among the brothers?” he queried sarcastically and then he chanted this song of „The rage of the tigress‟: Lu ala thala lamo len. the deity of wealth. The two – Middle and Lesser lineages are left bullied And the humble boy‟s share is cut off. In reply the Tagrong chief Zikphen said. Mega commander Shellu will take the centre seat. I will protect. the chiefs and lamas. For this occasion have come the fearless heroes. Of the fearless braves of Ling. Internal deity families. If I were to relate my own story. After he had spoken these words. This day. For helmet. I answer to Tagrong Zikphen.Father guest sits at the head with those invited. Wondered if it‟s true. you dead son of Gyaza! A fool with his mouth locked up. True buddhas who are unfailing refuges. If external enemies appear. If called. Tagrong? Keep these in your mind. he acted as if he was flinging the „Powerful Red One‟ onto the ground and then remained there. Lu thala lamo thala len. For white armour. I am the great head. Ignorant people should not sit at the head. . The buddhas of the three times and ten directions And host of the conqueror‟s children – the bodhisattvas. It‟s as high as Mount Sumeru – the king of mountains. If the anxious swift horse is rode excessively. with displeasure from your heart. the banquet of the great lineage‟s Aku is the inexhaustible mine of Namsey. “Gadeh. When their faces are full of smiles and the sun of happiness shines in the sky. come and assist me. it will break. used tigers for lower parts And so became known as Tagrong. Today. It‟s the innumerable stars of the sky. If you bend your tough bow excessively. Its profound depth is equal to the great oceans. They‟ve come with expressions of being pleased. groves of leopards used And for reason was called Zikphen. I will subdue. Without a rightful share. All the subjects have come as guests to enjoy the tea and chang. one may not sit. it will collapse. Weak horses should not be tethered at the head.

he got up and came rushing. Sengtak. Darphen. My sitting in the centre at the head of the row. It‟s the rights upheld by the true male son. After he had spoken these words.Of Ling‟s armies. Then Sertso of Kharak chanted this song of „The seating arrangements‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. The cherished and spoilt one. Contesting horses for speed. Gade. But the greed for that which one is not destined. it is difficult. Chief was attached. Now don‟t flash about Gadeh. you certainly will not get. son of a father. If you ignorant ones were assigned to the head. If you think it‟s true. It‟s the rights left by my paternal forebears. it is difficult. Though wanting to rob. families of Ling divisions. two divisions commanded And for this reason. from among the group. The two were like a tiger and a yak charging to touch their foreheads together. Denma and some others of the great. Power to cleave with grey blades. Risk of harm to the Ling clan brothers be. I was not evaluating your fears. This feast presented today by Trogyal. For the task destined. equal we are. penniless on the poor side. equal we are. None except a fool behaves that way. For the paternal practices of Ling to begin. control your own self. Consider if there‟s truth. At that very moment. You of Lesser lineage. the Chipon. Middle and Lesser lineages intervened and withdrew them and they were separated. one cannot avoid. Nyatsa. Nyibum. Son Gadeh and myself – the two of us. Better to sit face to face with men of import. . Though you all crowd into the fray. Rongtsa. No cause for you to be so critical. You are the evil arisen from within the home. The reality of these was of such variety. Lu thala lamo thala len.

The inner power and sheen of such a tent Is that it‟s ready for those of the golden thrones. And then are elders and below them younger ones. Look on with wisdom minds and protect with compassion. This day. Is seated the Dharma practitioner Zhonnu Lodro. It‟s the throne of the lord lamas. And then are seated elders and youth on the edges. At the start of two auspicious tasks. Is seated White Shellu – chief of ten thousand. Omniscient Jetsun Drolma. It‟s the throne of the great chiefs. At the head of the chiefs on high Is seated the golden Nyibum Daryak. This day as Denza‟s friend come forth. The red tent that‟s like a vermilion Sumeru. The inner power and sheen of such a tent Are the shimmering rainbow framed brocade seats. Is seated Wangchen ruling over ten thousand. At the head of all the lamas Is seated the very clear scriptures.Of the host of a hundred thousand dakinis. but place it in equanimity. But for the Dharma and doctrines of the Three Jewels. The inner power and sheen of such a tent Is that it‟s ready for those of the silver thrones. do not let Your mind be anxious. Regarding the real meaning – the essence of the words: The yellow tent that‟s like a great golden mountain. At the head of the important chiefs Is seated Lhadar of Zuchen Werma. Omniscient Dorje Phagmo – the only mother. For plans for the existence of highland Tibet And for the common strategies of colourful Ling. the source of the Dharma. The white tent that‟s like a great snow mountain. Is seated Darphen of the son of Choelu. Of the heavenly realms arrayed with turquoise leaves. lady sublime. It‟s the throne of the supreme chiefs. this great banquet of Trothung Is not to fulfil one‟s desires with deceit and lies. Is seated others on the edge and together. .

It‟s the carpeted seat of the younger brother ministers. May it oppress the nape of the dark side. Then are seated elders and youth on the edges. At the head of the younger brothers Is seated the great minister Denma Jangtra. May it raise the esteem of the white side. At the head of the paternal elder brothers Is seated Chipon the ruler. May the wishes of Lingkar be fulfilled. The inner power and sheen of such a tent Are tiger seats with shimmering designs. do not dispute the order of seats.The brilliant coloured tent that‟s like slate mountains. Deity families of Ling. Each has been offered his appropriate place. The distance of the northern tracks to be raced. At the head of the mothers and aunts Is seated the great mother Gyaza Lhakyi. The inner power and sheen of the blue silk tent Are nine woollen seats with rainbow colours arranged. And then deity families of the six communities. Lingkar brothers. It‟s the carpeted seats of the mothers and aunts. Size of paternal property to be placed as wager. May it place the world on the path of Dharma. It‟s the carpeted seat of the paternal elders. This day. Without jealousy must duly be discussed. this horse race of Ling. Covering all including the great market with none remaining. This year. Is seated the clan father – the ruler Senglon. chiefs. Is seated Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. the lamas. mothers and aunts and others. the seats were divided accordingly and a veritable feast was served. Elder and younger brothers. Then are seated elders and youth on the edges. Is seated Choekyong Bernak of Gade. . After these words. and paternal uncles. Is seated the capable Sengtak Adom. hold these in your minds. Is seated the ruler chief Trogyal. The inner power and sheen of the maroon silk tent Are nine seats of spotted leopard that have been arranged. Is seated Rakza Getso of the great father.

At that moment.Then while the white deity families were seated and sat smiling. yet you‟re of the descent lineage of Mukpo Dong. If the capable male warriors. Don‟t be distracted but focus your awareness towards me. the divine prince Joru had transformed his entire body into an object like a grey metallic stone that displayed only his white teeth and a red tongue. The faces of the Lesser lineage beamed with smiles while all the others sat with faces completely dark. She said. My mother told me. yesterday while I was in Lower Ma I heard from the talk of the winged creatures and the messages carried by the winds that Chief Trothung was arranging a feast of all the good things for the thirty elder and younger brothers of Lingkar. It cannot go down due to the ropes on its calves. If you are not able to reduce his powers today much harm and violence will befall the southern continent of Zambuling. Not taking into account what was happening here or there he arrived in the midst of the row of seats. “I am Nene. Moreover there‟s a danger of the Ling divisions disappearing. The shot hit the forehead of the black wolf that had a light the size of a melong – a mirror and a little blood the size of a flea oozed out. White Nene emanated herself into a tiny golden bee that proceeded from the within Joru‟s hair into his ear tube. “The local deity Magyal Pomra had emanated in the form of a black wolf and had come to join in the Ling gathering. Joru had hit the black calf thief on the forehead with his sling shot and it had disappeared. the White Nammen lady. Joru. Though Joru you‟re small. They remarked it was a pure case of: It cannot get up due to the yoke on the nape. There will be more predictions in the future” she remarked and then left in the way a rainbow disappears in the sky. Of the eighteen lifeforces that it had attracted. you have been destined to subdue him. The Ling people thought that his mother Gogmo was following behind him. though your mound is small it was a piece of the mountain. Paternal aunt. Today the essential message is that the ruler of the Upper Northern areas Lutsen has emanated into a carnivorous black wolf. He took from his waist. The black wolf rolled below the mountain and the Ling people thought. why shouldn‟t the humble ones not have the same shares? You must go‟ she had ordered and so I have come” and then he sat without paying attention to what was happening around him. „Joru. He will be arriving after some time. There‟s a great danger of the Demon inhaling the human lives of the thirty fearless heroes of the six communities. all except one of them had been severed. Joru said. his weapon – the sling „that rotates a thousand boulders‟ and calling for the assistance of the Dralha and Werma he shot it with a whirring and „tsa khob‟ sound. Then divine prince Joru stood up from the midst of the group and looked towards the north. Six communities of white deity race. have rightful shares.” . “Alright. a black wolf like overcast darkness with its mouth ablaze with flames and its body a swirling mass of black wind was approaching.

I have accomplished the doctrines of the Lotus Born one and I have raised the victory banners of the Three Jewels and the Teachings. From above the throne glittering with gold leaves. of gold and silver necklaces. Tea and chang were served like irrigation channels of water. Kyalo Sengcham Drugmo of Ga appeared. Do not be distracted but for a moment focus. . There was among them the exceptional brocade called „Lotus and Garuda wings‟. “Today I have lured the life-forces of the thirty fearless heroes. She wore pretty „Yuga‟ boots of blue leather with laces called „rainbow lines that swirl naturally‟. She had on a fine selection. Silver trays were spread out all over. To think that I have killed Magyal Pomra with a sling shot is due to the obscurations present in the confused minds of ignorant people. Meat and butter were cut up with axes. O compassionate mother Drolkar – deity of long life. It is not befitting and appropriate to give them a reply” he felt and so he kept quiet and remained in a state of equanimity. Golden plates were present in orderly arrangements. At the time. the servers like Sertso of Kharag were numerous like a flock of startled birds. Lu thala lamo thala len. From above the seat of brilliant conch leaves. Her head was ornamented with a variety of precious stones like turquoise and corals. for I have these to relate. This day. O six communities of deity race of white Ling. There was one of medium length – that made it nineteen pieces of clothing in all. From the pure realms arrayed with turquoise leaves. She appeared as if she was competing with the beautiful youthful maidens of the heavenly realms. As soon as the guests had been pleased with the inexhaustible dishes of delicacies that had been arranged and displayed like a cycle of ritual offerings. Butter thue were like stone cairns on slate mountains. At the time Joru thought. On her body she wore eighteen long and short dresses. If you cannot recognise this maiden that‟s me. kindly come and assist this nun.So the people were full of regret. She stood in the centre of the gathering and chanted this song of „Selecting one‟s home‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. In a hand she held a ceremonial shaft with white feathers and decorated with precious stones and silk at its end. she zigzagged along gracefully. Chemar heaps were piled high like mountains. I make request to your form of compassion. Giving an askance glance. I am Sengcham Drugmo of Ga Kyalo. Listen to me.

From among those below the Indian ruler. Today in the general meeting of Lingkar. Today this shaft that is a deity shaft. It‟s the shaft possessing the ten perfections. We pray for assistance that accomplishes his intentions. To benefit the Teachings and beings. . it has been said. The eighteen territories of the four directions Have disputed – it‟s clearly known by all. For the exorcising commands of the awareness holders. On the right corner of the fearless heroic deity children Was born the beautiful maiden Sengcham Drugmo. Their minds grasping at whatever‟s required And proclaiming of wanting this. The host of Ling heroes rule absolutely And I have not left but held myself in control. Into the midst of the glad heroes of Lingkar. Who thinking that. The position of Lord who guides Ling‟s common strategies Will be gifted to the swiftest rider.In the deity mandala of Lingkar of the east. How could there be opposition to this command? But the Chieftain of Ling must be A guide to liberate the six realms of beings And an antidote for the Hor and Demon‟s poisons. The thirty fearless heroes at this time. Is the offering for initiation of the Lotus Born master. rather than holding onto existence Better it is to lasso the beautiful mind of beasts. what need is there? This ornamented deity shaft of mine. The austerities of those skilled in speech. May it raise the stature of the white side. And the thorough dedication of prayers of concern By the conquerors sons – the bodhisattvas. How could they be a condition in opposition? For the unexcelled absorption of method and wisdom Of the swift path of the profound secret mantra Of the person who actualises the welfare of beings. Was destined by the supreme deities on high. It‟s the life-shaft of the queen of accomplished beings.

Although it is certain that the lord of father Kyalo‟s wealth. he will be the cause for teasing and bullying by the gathering of chiefs that would lead to obstacles for all sentient beings and the hostility of the heroes for myself. Everyone thought that although the shaft had landed on Joru he lacked any joy and was attached to the bones. In Drugmo‟s mind the thought arose. the lamas thought. he signalled and looked up. All the thoughts of the heroes were only due to greed. The shaft soared upwards a wee bit and then as in accord with his thoughts it descended towards him. He placed the shaft a little away from himself and continued. the enlightened activities of Orgyan Rinpoche and the thoughts of all the buddhas. collected together into a single entity and destined for the welfare of beings has but only one owner which is Joru” and in this manner they remained in a state of one-pointed concentration. supported by mother lineage dakinis. The heroes wondered for whom among them the shaft was for. They all felt that they were the only leaders of Ling and remained unaware of what was happening. the owner of my hair and the chief of the divisions of the Ling tribe is none other than the divine prince Joru. “If this isn‟t really a case of „a beggar‟s lineage of not having food to eat yet possessing a son who‟s ignorant‟ then what was?” and everybody remained in a state of pity and compassion. May a being that accomplishes tasks commanded from above Be the unmistaken choice. After having spoken these words. she released the shaft after aiming it towards the side of Tagrong of the great lineage. “The words of truth of the prayers of Drugmo.May it subdue the demon races of the dark side. Everybody concluded. “Wonder if it‟s going to descend on me?” Joru felt that although Drugmo‟s prayers calling on the deities was good. He felt in his mind that the predictions of the deity Tamdrin were unmistaken. Joru seemed oblivious to the shaft and appeared as if there was nothing more enjoyable than eating meat. “There‟s nothing that this shaft doesn‟t know. yet the way she released the shaft was not proper. At the time. . May it accomplish the Dharma of the Jewels and deities. They thought and hoped. Since Trothung had no shame. When he was close to holding onto the shaft it again ascended higher and then landed in a colourful heap on Joru. yet since Joru‟s physical appearance is not pretty if I do not pretend that I am not happy deep within and have immeasurable suffering because of not agreeing to this. Also all the people will spread rumours of me as a black female without a good family background and will be hostile” she pondered to herself.

. this has been a good opportunity for all the people to develop faith. The great gathering roared with jeers. But Tharwa felt that Drugmo‟s recital had been unsuitable and so one could not appreciate people who had no faith in the Three Jewels and performed such ignorant actions. please confer with the Chipon and Denma and do whatever is necessary. chanted this song in which he related the reason for the banquet and the need for having a horse race: Lu ala lamo ala len.” At the time Joru remarked to his elder brother. Lu thala lamo thala len. It then went and swirled around Joru‟s neck and descended on him. It‟s the basis of harm. Drugmo thought that it would have to be a remarkable omen such as if she presented one of the gems of the task-instruments to Tharwa – the highest person in the gathering.” The life-span knotted shaft was again aimed at the Great lineage families and cast. Joru should not be selected as a chief. Trogyal the „Chief with Four mothers‟. “This shaft is of no use. Moreover it tied a life-span knot on him and then remained. Then while Drugmo was getting up. the welfare of sentient beings and so that obstacles do not arise for divine prince Joru‟s actions for the welfare of beings. “Now the assembly of Ling. So she cut through the middle of the rows towards Tharwa. she thought. This will not be accepted. The gem too came out of her hands and fell into the Joru‟s lap. Uncle‟s feast and Drugmo‟s choice of a home have all been excellent.” he said and then put the left over meat and thue in a goat skin bag which he carried on his back and left.So she said aloud. “Although this has been such an embarrassing situation. My embarrassment is just a temporary phenomenon. So when the shaft came down near him he stretched out his hands but only a finger touched it and the shaft then flew upwards and away. yet in general for the sake of the teachings of the white side. She began to shake and tremble involuntarily and reached the back of the rows and fell in front of Joru as if she was prostrating to him. The people let out a roar of jeering laughter greater than before. Regarding future activities. His face was like overcast clouds above barren slate mountains. Again it descended from directly above Trothung. It seems to be about time to summon Abkya Yuma and Ngo Yuma in lower Ma. When Drugmo arrived near the front of Tharwa. I have to go to before my mother in Lower Ma. Now cast the colourful life-span knot again. After this. therefore he should grasp the shaft emphatically. In order to acquire the trust of the ignorant beings. a great gust of wind suddenly appeared and she was powerlessly thrown backwards. He will not become the life partner of Drugmo. Trothung felt that earlier there had been no doubts about the predictions.

the brave heroes sat without saying anything. I was breast fed by dzomos. Hearken to me. This feast for the gathering of deity race Ling. Now after his father Trothung has given such a massive banquet if „Turquoise Bird‟ turned out to be ineffective it would be a cause for other . I was breast fed by goats. For us – the tribal divisions of Ling. My mother not rearing me. is ambrosia for the eyes. The swift steed and the skilful son‟s Renown spreads across the entire world. Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born. After these words had been sung. Let the swiftest steed claim the prize. If observed. Before it‟s squandered away meaninglessly. place our paternal property. May it raise the prestige of the Jewels and deities. Are but the empty echoes of speech.Omniscient dharmakaya – Boundless Light. Let the Ling divisions discuss the distance to race. This horse race of the deity race of white Ling. Omniscient sambhogkaya – the Great compassionate one. But Dongtsen Apen reflected that earlier when „Turquoise Bird‟ had been bought for gold that would have filled the three realms. I am Chief Trogyal of „Four mothers‟. is smooth and leisurely. And thus. for I have some words for you. With the glorious lama as the principal being. O six communities of deity race of Lingkar. The fame of one not displayed in a race. you do not recognise me. May it oppress the nape of the Hor and Demon foes. there had been no regret. If me. May it fulfil the aims and wishes of white Ling. The royal song has energy. Pray. She-goat not rearing me. Therefore it is better to discuss a Horse race And as prize and wager. is ornament for the ears. If listened to. it occurred to me. be a friend that looks after me. This paternal wealth of Upper Lingkar. I was breast fed by a bitch That‟s the way „Four mothers‟ was acquired. Let the brothers examine the best race course. Dzomos not rearing me.

then I have the tan coloured steed that knows flight. intrigues and violence within. Some have thought of honest concoctions. “This day. He remained with his face like overcast rain clouds above a barren slate mountain. Do you think it‟s so. Elder brother. If the Race be too short. for I have some words to offer. So he felt that he should relate a story of „whatever one wishes‟. the heads of the steeds should be directed towards India. one must not lose sight of impartiality and at the same time possess the great mind of bodhicitta that thinks of the welfare of others. Chipon felt that the speech was just to show off the fact that the families of the Great lineageof Ling possessed the steed „Turquoise Bird‟. observe. Listen to me. some males have flaunted their wealth. Some others have let loose their perceptions and spoken of „whatever one wishes‟. The future effects of the pollution could certainly land on Drugmo. The hind parts of the steeds should be directed towards China. The spectacle from the intermediate realms of space. Many have spoken but few have listened. Direct the horse‟s head towards the blue heavens. it will be cause for derision. . Renowned all over the continent of Southern Zambuling a tale lineage should be left for future Tibetans. This year‟s Horse race of Ling. Tharwa said. is now renowned all over the world. In order to be the head chief of a great community. great pure community of the tribes of deity race. courageous heroes of Ling?” It did not appeal to the minds of all those present and created a froth of bubbles of embarrassment. So he got up in the middle of those seated and spoke. He was so emotionally affected from the depths of his heart and his balanced state of mind wavered about so much that no words could come forth from him and he remained silent. everyone will be hostile. Me. Or else. The steed‟s hind parts towards the congested earth direct.people‟s hostility and great embarrassment for himself. So now he felt that he should say something that would create peace. “Alright. So he spoke.” After he had spoken. The authoritative powerful being – Wangchen. the Ling divisions should discuss where we should race. From high Tibet we should observe the spectacle. If the standard of the racing is of a poor quality. white communities of deity race. The supreme being Tharwa concluded that it was certain that Dongtsen‟s speech would lead to internal rivalry among the brave heroes that evening. “Alright. As regards the thoughts of me Dongtsen. the Gyatsa Shelkar said. In particular it did not appeal to the families of the Lesser lineage of Ling. Gyatsa Shelkar thought that if things were left in the manner suggested by Dongtsen. from the high assembly grounds of the Ling brothers. the supreme being Tharwa‟s thoughts are these. will be able to decide with his authority. then there would be internal wrangling. As mediator let‟s have Werma to mediate. If you want a Horse with renown that will excel the rumours of the three realms.

by all – high and low. I am the mediator – Lhadar of Werma. If the tribes wish to have a Race the steed‟s heads should be directed towards the barren mountains of Gura Dza . The one that places good beings above. today. it has been said that Trothung has decided to have the Race and that the task. all ye of the white deity race. Omniscient Shakyamuni – the Buddha. May the Direct and Vajra guru‟s doctrines be actualised. From the glorious copper coloured Zangdok Palri. The one that pulls evil ones below. Are you in agreement. The one that speaks of truth and integrity. The one that unties the knot of truth and falsity. Although the words of Apen of Dongtsen are beautiful. Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born. The amazing speech of Dongtsen.instruments of the common religion and politics of Ling will be awarded as a trophy to the swiftest steed. Therefore. Omniscient Nene Nammen Karmo. Should not be confused. Therefore these are Gyatsa Shelkar‟s views. great community of deity families?” After Gyatsa Shelkar had spoken. The incense worship to be offered at Lu Dilgo – or the Naga Dil‟s head. The steed‟s hind parts directed towards hornless Ayu Dil. The men. May the nape of the Demons and jungpos be oppressed.Regarding the Horse race in Lingkar this year. the mediator Lhadar of Zuchen Werma chanted this song of mediation: Lu ala lamo ala len. they are only evil thoughts reflecting doubts that the property might be lost to others. The pure words of truth of the mediator. From the palace of bliss of my crown. This day come and assist the mediator. The one that mediates between good and evil. Lu thala lamo thala len. The spectacle should be observed from the Lha Dilgo – the Deity Dil‟s head. If me. you do not recognise. This Horse race of Ling this year – May there be no jealousy from the blue heavens. From above the fearless throne of lions. property and attendants of Kyalo will be offered as a prize for the victorious dhowa steed. May there be no „Egoes‟ on congested earth. . India and China mentioned – are far away.

put on a jala as a helmet top-piece. from the mountains capture. The steed Kyang Goe. The words of hero Gyatsa were attractive. even a hand guard should not be worn. Then after stroking his goatee three times he chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. Have achieved the iron life-force of immortality. Weapons. . Not appealing to the ears. Armour. On heads. On feet. No reason to place gems in border lands. If I were to relate my story. Put on ornaments of precious stones. Omniscient Buddha – Boundless Light. drape on cloaks of fine silk. To colourful Ling must be invited. the ruler and head Chipon of Dong threw back his long mane of hair that were as long as a yak‟s tail. That Joru – the divine prince of Gogmo. except for three people who had secret faults. May the wishes of self and others be accomplished. Like the head adornments of the deity from Orgyan. On bodies. On waists. one cannot race. May you guide sentient beings on their paths. I am the elder of three generations. After these words had been chanted. There are thirteen stations when grazing dzos.Between heaven and earth. For distance to be raced. wear soles of great turquoise rainbows. joy and delight arose in all the others. Following this the people of Ling then discussed the counting of days and the day on which the Horse race would be held. From the western palace of bliss. Have achieved the deity‟s form that never ages. Gura Dza and Ayu Dilgo. let‟s cast them aside. this would be suitable. hold on with five coloured silks. On the day of the Horse race. Have achieved the life and phug deities that care for me. I am called „Chipon Rongtsa Tragen‟. From among the elder brothers of the Lesser lineage of Ling. even a needle tip should not be worn. Lu thala lamo thala len.

The day after on Monday.” All the people went away with huge smiles across their faces. It‟s the stars of the conqueror Shakyamuni‟s birth. Transformed into an emanation to test her. Then the mediator spoke. It‟s the right day for the Horse race of the tribal divisions of Ling. The day after the next one and the day after that which is the white deity day – on that day all the brave heroes should assemble at the palace of the „Gem of Supreme bliss‟. Chapter – III In accordance with the instructions of fair Shellu. As soon as these words had been spoken. Trothung said. we must invite. It‟s inauspicious. “Except for you of the Lesser lineage none have the responsibility of calling him. Ling divisions do discuss. for the head suitable. for the third month suitable.This elder that‟s gone past his youth. It‟s the birthday of Joru – the divine prince. Tomorrow is two.” All the others remained as if they had nothing more to say in the matter. Though without holy merit possess brave skills. “Alright then. Joru the divine prince. Therefore. Drugmo set off to summon Joru. who must go as messengers. Today is one. It‟s better if Senglon went. better it is to postpone. To colourful Ling. this Joru. So as the senior‟s verbal instructions: This day. Arrange the eighteen golden thrones in their proper order. After that every one may return to their own lands. . the little shepherd meets. for hands suitable. The day after is the conjunction of „victorious‟ Thursday. The day after that is Tuesday. Aware of this. Till then work at Gura Dza and set up the tent „Intimidating the three realms by charisma‟. Tomorrow on Sunday. the divine prince. The day after is three and the next one is four. The next day is Wednesday. the constellation of Minduk And Saturday do come together. Also accomplish the rituals of worship for the local deities like the incense chants and incense banner offerings.

among a thousand dakinis. Body straight like the notched shaft. From the eastern pure lands arrayed with turquoise leaves. were to relate my story: I am the cherished girl of Kyalo Tsang. I am a chief of the great community of Ling. O fair Shellu. Movements excellent like refined gold. Complexion fair like the snow. And then. you will know from her. What reason. From above thrones sparkling with gold leaves. She held on to the reins of the steed Phoenix and chanted this song of welcome while at the same time enquiring the reason for his coming: Lu ala lamo ala len. O fair deity prince of Bumpa. He placed the saddle paraphernalia and tail knot on his steed – „Phoenix‟ all done at the same time in one go and then went forth and arrived at the encampment of Kyalo Tsang.At the time. Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. The ruler. If I. I am the main one. a maiden. the families of the Lesser lineage discussed among themselves as to the best way in which to invite Joru back. Tell Drugmo that since the root cause for Joru being sent to the land of Ma rested with her. the fair Shellu of Dong Bumpa put on his armour and fastened on his weapons as he had done earlier. . appeared in an extremely frightened state and carried in one hand a white silk greeting scarf of a dom‟s length. From above cushions of glittering conch leaves. The face that‟s like the moon of the fifteenth. to be overcast with clouds? For eyes like the starry ornaments of the sky. The uncle and nephew‟s thoughts being in accord. Whether we will get him back. if they could not invite him now. Mind ever sharp like a missile. This day come and befriend your daughter. she would be held responsible. Lu thala lamo thala len. Act and display an intimidating expression and emphasize her responsibility in such ways. elder brother Chipon said to Gyatsa Shelkar. I am the incarnate of the White Tara. “You go to the encampment of Kyalo. Is the compassionate mother White Tara – deity of longevity. Even if he is not brought back she will have something to say” in this way he spoke his mind. These are not self praises but various attributes. Flesh and veins red like vermillion.

harbinger of war that attracts polluting spirits. Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. Feeding on coloured popped barley. Red and wet female.What reason. . arise numerous disorders. From female dons. Drugmo is the person that obstructs its turquoise manes. Though Trothung was the guide and leader. pretending to possess a complete set of qualities. Over related Drugmo is rather excessive. That year at the time when the sun was present. If those like me do not recognise me. Therefore listen to this song” he said and chanted: Lu ala lamo ala len. Over the dog Dali. Gorging goat‟s flesh. “Alright. The canines of the carnivorous tiger that feeds on humans. A ruler should not from his throne separate. If it were Kurkar of Hor. for not being loving and kind? The flaunting of turquoise manes by the white snowlion. Young Joru to the Lower Ma was expelled. You stupid female called Drugmo. You sent Joru off to Mayul and on top of that you chant. that gorges on raw flesh. your teeth are colourful. Though you talk of four appealing qualities within your heart resides four spirits. What cause brings you here to this site? After she had spoken these words. Drugmo is the person that confuses „six smiles‟. is a bit too much. Lu thala lamo thala len. it‟s correctly needed. You. Gyatsa uttered with vehemence. Pale and wet female that drinks fresh milk. The basis of dispute that disturbs brothers internally. Creating Internal intrigues that attract warmongers. What reason. to radiate fiery sparks? Towards humble Drugmo bereft of faults. The flaunting of force and power by hero Gyatsa. From the high castle of Ngulchu Trodzong. If it were the Black demon. Yet long term plans lead to you – female spirit. Drugmo is the person that breaks horns at their base. I have no idea of these things that you speak of. The five-faced lion that‟s mighty and strong. I am the fair Shellu of Bumpa Dong. it‟s truly suitable. many people who poison. The horn of the yellow faced drong.

The female blocks the path to happy realms above; The female guides on paths to suffering realms below. Two female birds have no ears; Two female lice have no bones; Two female goats have no brains; Two female dogs have no voice boxes; Two female snakes have no sense of love; The contents of the adage are complete in you. This Joru, the deity prince of white Ling; If not brought before me Gyatsa, I will be The mountain unable to resist the upper jaw of father Kyalo; Mountain unable to fasten up tents on its top; Mountain unable to resist the lower jaw of mother peacock; Mountain unable to fasten down tents on its top; Mountain unable to sever the arms of loaded thunder; Mountain unable to fasten trees above on its top. You, Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo; Mountain unable to command smoothly, razors that shine; Now do not stay, but go to summon Joru; You, Drugmo hold these words in your mind. After he had spoken these words, Drugmo felt in her heart, “It is exactly as quoted in the adage, ‘Not responding to drums, is the great monastery’s gong; Not responding to hats, is the meditator’s bearskin shade; Not responding to words, is the hero’s strict orders’ or else how could I, Drugmo be held to answer for sending away Joru to Mayul. When the great and middle lineages listened to Trothung‟s talk and expelled him to Mayul, then the adage that applies says, ‘Behind a younger brother is the elder one; Behind flesh and stomach is the spleen.’ At the time, you Gyatsa were nowhere to be seen. But now, I cannot compete with his power. If I spoke he will not respond and so I have no option but to agree and be responsible” she thought. She then said, “Alright, fair Shellu. I will go and see if I can invite the divine prince Joru Rinpoche. Would you yourself kindly enter the turquoise tent as a guest.” Gyatsa replied, “If you do get Joru to me, from then onwards I will not require any tea or chang” and then left in the direction from which he had come.

Then while Drugmo herself began preparing for the trip to Lower Ma the dakinis of the mother lineage convinced her mind regarding the need for a full and complete set of ornaments, clothes and various necessities. So she dressed up the braids on her head with a variety of precious stones like turquoise and corals. She wore her gau with the nine pieces that went around. She fastened on her neck a statue of Tara that was her inner support. She wore on eighteen dresses that were either short or long. The one that was in between made it nineteen in all. On her feet she had on charming little Yuga boots and in this way she was decorated with all the ornaments at her disposal. In the task-instrument turquoise wine jar she poured in the tsechang – the blessed chang of longevity, consecrated by the queen of accomplished beings. She put on the jar‟s cover of pearls and took the drink as provisions for the journey. She stuffed a pocketful of meat and thue for Joru. “In the adages of worldly ways, it is said, ‘Supreme males are deceived by speech; Intermediate males are lured by wealth; Inferior males are tricked by food.’ So therefore, I will bring him through this means” she thought and went forth on her dhowa steed – „Brown wheat Khyung‟ to Lower Ma following Joru. Now Joru was aware that Gyatsa had sent Drugmo as a messenger. He felt that since she had earlier unknowingly defamed and reviled him on numerous occasions, he needed to treat her with an unimagined frightful experience that would serve as a purification rite for her. So he told his mother Gogmo, “Drugmo is coming as a consoler for me. So I have to go to welcome her” and making use of the „Channels and energy‟ vehicle he journeyed. Drugmo was at the time in the land of Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. From the land, going upwards to Ling there was a penalty. Going down towards Ma there was a penalty. She had arrived in a northern land without humans. While she was going in an extremely frightened state wondering if there were bandits, Joru had emanated himself into a black man on a black horse with a black helmet top. He carried in his hand a long spear with black streamers that filled the skies. He said to Drugmo, “You, maiden of the other mountain, with elevated perceptions. If you do not know my story, I am Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. I, the bandit without wealth who roams unfamiliar places, have met you with wealth but without power or forces. Sensing wealth, I don‟t respect the „Law of cause and effect‟. Me, the son of a bandit and from the caste of liars. You, a solitary woman without refuge, without protector and without a single friend. Ha! Ha! Ha! To have come across me is the result of past karmic actions. What is your father‟s name and who do are your near relatives? From

what distance do you come from? Not to feel compassion for sheep is the quality of the grey mountain wolf. This day while the sun abides, first I will rob you of your turquoise. Then I will remove the clothes off your back. Finally I will snatch the stallion under your legs. Then I will gradually see what else I require. If I don‟t act out whatever I desire, it‟s a sign that I‟m not Nyima Gyaltsen” he said and exhibited an immeasurable amount of terror. Drugmo was frightened. Her body trembled and her braids shook. Her lungs and heart almost came out of her mouth. Drops of condensation in her maroon hair were disturbed. From the jaws of her face she raged within and from her head vapours of perspiration arose and swirled. Then turning her head towards her homeland, she chanted this „Song of Distant summons‟: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. In the eastern pure realms arrayed in turquoise leaves Is the sublime Jetsun Drolma – noble and holy Tara; A retinue of a hundred thousand dakinis surround her; This day, come and befriend your daughter. Look after me a maiden with evil karma. If you have compassion, it‟s time to display it; Not only time, it‟s a little overdue. This day and in the evening To be in this land of despair and in dire straits of mind; It‟s like casting my mind‟s physical basis into a water channel; From my eyes flow tears directly on; The blue paper turquoise tent in my homeland, I recollect it clearly in my mind; Wonder if the tent remembers the girl? My father with a great family lineage; My mother with great love and protection; With great hopes and aspirations Drugmo flourished; I recollect these three distinctly in my mind; Wonder if the kind parents remember their girl? The thirty courageous heroes of white Ling And the planet‟s supreme land – the land of Ling; I, Drugmo recollect them clearly in my mind; Wonder if you people remember Drugmo?

Don‟t hit or beat me. no need for death. my heart is powerless. being a woman lack in strength. With speech and talk like a raging tiger. fangs and claws that appear to be raised. He is a man who possesses the complete set of evil omens. “I am going after Joru. he still needed to display an immeasurable suffering upon her. she did not provide a separate bad name about him. she uttered in a tiny voice.From the border land of foes. for a massive man. Is the foolish dead son of Gadeh. he asked. there was none to each of whom. she got down by herself from her horse. The one that harms me in this way. With weapons. you with evil karma. much gossip there‟ll be. Wanting to flee. Not observed. I request your pardon – do not kill me a girl. If observed. Actually he happens to be a man. Already caught by the laws of Yama. intolerable for the eyes. No need to plunder. With courage.” At that. You great man. “Who is this person called Joru? Is it a goat? Or is it a rabbit?” She replied. As soon as these words had been uttered. Then Joru without breaking his spell. A black horse-like a soaring khyung. a maiden possess. hold these words in your mind. to you will offer. “It‟s not a goat or a beast. Have mercy upon me.” Since she had defamed him further. where are you from and where are you going?” Her body trembling. It‟s a commander marching over me – a woman. as massive as a mountain. “So. Have met a black man. . Joru thought that no matter whom she met internally or externally. my steed lacks vigour and stamina. Where could there be a maiden worse than me? It‟s an axe competing on a tiny louse. skill and strength like a lion. Wishing to fight. So since that was the case. without humans. The wealth and objects that I. In the end. while still in his emanated form came near her and said.

Girl on the other side with high self esteem. Again on the other side. Not straightening or bending her body and with her eyes not closing but staring wide opened she remained stupefied. At that point. While she continued in this state. At the end of ten days I will definitely come to Upper Ma to welcome. So do not say such things and please have mercy on me. “Today. the turquoise tent. “I cannot go after you. he said.” Then forgetting all – her homeland. who else could it be? To have met this being today is truly fortunate and of great merit. Abiding separately in each one‟s supreme site.“Alright. During this time. Both of us. “If this isn‟t a person that has descended from the Clear light deities above. come and grant me assistance. the being on the other side chanted this „Song of evaluation‟ on „One‟s own subtle melody‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. When this scene appeared before her eyes and she thought. The brave heroes of Lingkar are like hot lightning on enemies. you must come after me today. if that is the case. This day. Drugmo got rid off her fears and breathed long and smoothly and journeyed down till she arrived at the „Three snowy peaks‟ in Lower Ma. her wealth and property. As retinue six white beings had been emanated around the white person. She was so frightened that she took off her gold necklace and agreed to go along after him. you need not come after me. Go after Joru to Lower Ma. Looking on and looking after the welfare of beings. At this Drugmo said. parents. . birth and death.” he said. the refuge of White Tara. As a symbol of not changing your mind. Lu thala lamo thala len. on the seven passes of the sand mountains were attractive emanations of Joru that distracted one‟s eyes. If me. The supreme refuge – Lords of the three families. Body without stains – Manjushri. There was a white man on a white horse with a white helmet toppiece. you do not recognise.” He then took out his sword and readied to hit her. joy and suffering and such things. give me the gold necklace – the „Self arising sun‟. Speech without obstructions – Chenresi. You must come there bringing along with you the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo” and then he pretended to move towards the other side. Then in dependence on the „Channels and energy‟ vehicle he went to the „Seven sand mountains‟ of Lower Ma and remained there. Mind without faults – Vajrapani. her mind remained distracted by the white person. you and me will be certainly defeated.

without hiding. Where in white Ling – upper or lower is she? Without hiding your words. Drugmo is greatly renowned and acclaimed. Self esteem so high. The palace of „Lion. Then with her own eyes closed. I am called the „Indian minister Berkar‟. crossed the water and went in front of the leader and servants.I am not from near but from far away. like a goat. So I have cast away my kind parents and home and come. familiarity I have not gained. So I have abandoned my homeland and come. I do not know. This Drugmo the emanation of White Tara. You with your head like a snake‟s. Whichever path you take. it is near. To the retinue she offered each a scarf of three doms in length with five silver lanza attached to the ends. speak truthfully. it is comfortable. Within the land of colourful Ling. Whichever pass you start from. Now. So I have left behind life-long partner and come. dragon and tiger‟s peak‟. Though analysed. In which direction the land lies. Where it is. like a pig. The castle of „Lion and dragon‟ is renowned and famous. I have no idea whatsoever. Of all these. The land of Ling is greatly renowned and celebrated. As soon as he had chanted this. Drugmo with the power of a mind extremely satisfied and without paying attention to all the evil talk. Wonder whether I‟ll arrive today or tomorrow? This Drugmo the incarnation of White Tara. This pure Ling – „Whatever seen from prayers resulted‟. tell me your true story. my maiden. I am from the far off land of India. her nape lowered and her waist bent. I cannot mistake your jealousy. She offered to the main one a white silk ceremonial scarf of five doms in length with thirteen gold lanzas attached to its end. Are all complete within you. Stomach so huge. she flashed a glance from the corner of her eyes and was so flabbergasted by the . You without ears are like a bird. whichever you prefer. Have arrived in this singular and unfamiliar area.

With maiden‟s physique like an immortal beauty And renown that‟s spread all over the realm. Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born. Among the great lands of Southern Zambuling. are not mistaken to have left your land. To have come to white Ling. you have not erred. Distance not far. Lu thala lamo thala len. This area of the land of the pure deity race. I am called Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. “Meeting you today is a most fortunate occurrence” and then chanted this song to the perfect melody of the „Nine tinkles‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. I am the dear girl of a father called Kyalo. From the centre of the waters that sustains fish.good omen that she just did not know what to do. Her display was an example of the inexpressible expression of joy that a dog meeting his master after a long time shows. The White snowlion rules in courage and skills. I am the incarnation of the White Tara. From the supreme site of Mount Potalaka. Though numerous are plants and flowers. Paths not misleading – straight as the indents on horse tails. Omniscient Yidam deity – the great compassionate one. In the adages of the ancient people of Tibet: Though numerous are carnivorous beasts. If those like me you do not recognise. And then. From the unchanging great bliss of the pure realms. come and assist this nun. She remarked. This day. This quoted adage appears to be true. Omniscient Buddha of Boundless Light. hearken to me. Greater than the tribal divisions of Ling. The Udumwara blossom is rarer than gold. dear man. you will arrive soon after. I am not from close by but from a distance. You male. none there be. . Passes not high but smooth as a Chinese lady‟s silk. From the Glorious copper coloured palace of Zandok Palri.

the white silver vase of China. There‟s only one called Ling of deity race. listen to me. Their places of birth different and separate they are. The emanation of Joru said. Their origins different and separate they are. The Southern turquoise dragon is dressed in southern clouds. yet she was unable and remained so. Two. in the presence of the Lama be. noble being. all of them. If it is true that the one called Drugmo happens to be you. hold these words in your mind. The one called Drugmo. you Indian minister called Berkar. But meeting place. she could not raise her head but said. Though the entire realm is with maidens filled. Sengcham Drugmo of Ga Kyalo. I lack the confidence to express. heard. These are the remnants of past karmic acts.” At this. But meeting place in the Upper regions of Mayul be. I am Drugmo. I am the only one. And then. Kindly. recollected and touched onto the grounds of the three Buddha bodies. leader and servants had a hearty laugh. . although she felt duty bound to go near him. the feather crest of the Indian peacock. Possessed the ability to place all she saw. After chanting these words. Are surrounded by the likes of glittering constellations And my maiden‟s mind blooms like a hundred lotus petals. Two. You with the form of the moon of the fifteenth. Not formed from flesh and blood but really had attained the jaluh – rainbow body. How could you ever be Drugmo?” As a result of her feeling embarrassed. One. Was farsighted and manifested omniscience of whatever knowledge there is to be known.Though numerous are little lands of the four continents. “Oh my! I thought the one called Drugmo was not polluted by the five poisons but was of the essence of the deities of the five lineages. Its melodious voice is pleasing like the peacock‟s. “Divine ruler. who is the root cause of internal intrigues and violence in the divisions of the Ling tribes and one who has collected the delusions of her permanent lifepartner. Beyond this. then she appears to be a person who has sold the clan of her ancestors. One.

When she arrived at the horse-like boulder in Sib. this Drugmo was the one who had brought disgrace to Mukpo Dong. In turn Drugmo offered him her bracelet with a thousand lotuses. The leader and servants got off from their horses. In his thoughts he felt that in general. Drugmo too came down. Then Joru broke his spell on the emanation and went to Lower Ma. Joru gave her the white scarf with the thirteen knots. The thought occurred to her. the area appeared to be full of Jorus throughout the day. “If that‟s the case. “Oh! If that is the case. the mind of women could never be trusted. Drugmo having developed faith in Joru. then there is no basis for our coming here. therefore they should drink it. evening and in the hours that intervened. I wonder if you all will accept partake of it?” Joru thought since it was highly auspicious. he left after making plans to meet at the Rich queen‟s forested mountain of Sib. Now this spirit child has spread everywhere in Ma. It was better to regard it as the result of „Cause and effect‟. Chapter – IV To clear the sins and obscurations of Drugmo. So it is better to return” he remarked and made preparations to go. how does one call and who to cast away. In particular.Then Joru again said. to Upper Lingkar. Drugmo then requested. But now there was no use in regretting. Drugmo then served the chang. I have longevity chang consecrated by the queen of accomplished beings. Taking with him the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo. Then they appeared to go their separate ways. Joru exhibited a variety of miracles. Joru was now extremely happy since he felt they had now obtained the freedom of immortal lives and also created an auspicious occasion and connection. created an auspicious praise and offered them – the leader and servants the ambrosial chang of immortality. Then as a symbol that the two of them would remain unchanging during this life time. Returned together with him. “Earlier when he was expelled to Lower Ma there were only three Jorus. So if one calls for Joru. .

If all of them come, should one talk to one of them or two of them” she wondered and remained in a state of confusion. Once it happened that all the others were nowhere to be seen. Only one pale white Joru was around and she thought of calling out to him. But he too went and entered a abra hole. Now she felt that, since she would not be able to hand him over to Gyatsa Shelkar, her parents, elder brother and all the others would certainly suffer misery. After a long time, Joru himself came out of the burrow with the king of abras – the „Big mouthed abra‟ who was of the same length as him. They were of the same strength. Sometimes Joru pressed it from above. At other times the abra overpowered Joru from above. They threw and pulled each other for a long time at the end of which the abra appeared more capable. Joru seemed to be in a desperate situation and was at the point of death. Drugmo‟s heart could not tolerate this state of affairs. So she took a stone and flung it at the abra. It hit him at the base of its nose and killed it. Drugmo‟s dark boil and her footsteps startled the abra „Red eyes‟ which severed the summonsrope, disturbed the summons-stones and broke the summons-pole and resulted in the abra escaping to the mountains. The prince of deities, Joru acted as if he did not know what had happened and said, “In the past, there was a female spirit beside the horse-like boulder of Sib. It seems it is still spreading around in these parts. It has got carried away and killed the abra I was considering rearing. The abra I considered killing, it has let is escape. The root cause of all this rests with you – female spirit” he scolded, and then unfastened the sling „that rotates a thousand boulders‟ from his waist. He placed the abra flesh, abra head, abra lungs, abra intestines and abra hairs at the bottom of the sling. By acting as if he mistook Drugmo for the female spirit in order to subdue the smell eating spirit, he chanted this song to the tune of „The leisurely descent of the great river‟: Lu ala lamo ala len; Lu thala lamo thala len. On cushions of lotus and moon on my crown, Omniscient lama – the Vajra Holder; From the infinite expanse of the invisible, Omniscient host of conquerors – peaceful and wrathful deities; This day, come forth and assist the divine prince. If you do not recognise this site; The areas that I Joru have not come to, The ruler of upper India has occupied; Those not occupied, „Plains of layman‟s dharma‟ termed;

The ruler of low China has occupied; Those not occupied, „Plains of layman‟s dharma‟ termed. It‟s the passages of the two – spirits and sinpos; It‟s the gathering groves of mamos and tsen; Human heads scream and crackling sounds abound; Horses‟ neighs clearly tinkle aloud And dogs yelp and howl distinctly. Since I, Joru have arrived here; Above, have set up rainbow tents; Below, plants and forests have flourished; In between, a shower of blossoms have brought down; It‟s called the „Triangular crossroad‟ of Lower Ma. In the groves of good fortune of the land of Ma; If me, you do not recognise; Appointed by the supreme deities I am; Born in upper white Ling I am; Procreated by my mother Gogmo I am; Located in the land of Ma I am; I am called „the divine prince of Gogmo‟. This sling shot in my hands; It‟s the earliest one among armaments; It‟s a weapon that is swift of speed; Its “tsak” sounds subdue demons of the dark side; Its “khob” sounds spirits and sinpos decimate. So female spirit, hearken to me; From the horse-like boulder of Sib, This solitary female spirit that I was incapable of, In the past, did Joru great harm; Now too, does Joru great harm; This day, if it‟s not overcome and vanquished, Will harm all future generations of the world. The abra I thought to rear, killed by excessive acts; The abra I thought to kill, let loose by excessive acts; Summons-stone of slate, disturbed by excessive acts; Summons-pole in pieces, smashed by excessive acts And summons-rope of horse tail, broken by excessive acts. Oh! The great cause of all this harm; Its root basis, rests with you female spirit. I, who accomplish the task of the supreme ones,

With plans for the peaceful existence of future generations, Do perform an exorcism rite over you female spirit; Your life-force not severed, henceforth control yourself. He chanted in this way and as he completed the song he let fly the sling shot with a “tsak khob” sound and it hit Dugmo. The hair on her head was destroyed. Her teeth were flung about. The splendour and dazzle of her body deteriorated. Without going anywhere, she held onto her horse – Brown Wheat Khyung and kept crying. Joru fastened his sling to his waist and went into the little tent „Just Adequate‟ and said, “Mother, while I was chasing the abra in Khenlung area of the Abs, beside the horse-like boulder of Sib I noticed someone like Drugmo crying away with a humming noise. But I was not able to go to her.” The mother thought, “What reason could have brought Drugmo here? But one never knows since this son of mine is rather unusual? This year‟s feast given by Trothung and such events as the Horse race of the Ling divisions, are a result of his miracles…so one never knows. Wonder what could have happened to Drugmo?” She quickly went to see for herself. Drugmo appeared to be in a state of great fear and helplessness and unrecognisable. So she queried, “Who are you? Where are you going?” Drugmo replied, “Earlier, at the gathering of the Ling divisions, it was decided to summon Joru to Ling at the time of the Horse race. Kyang Goe was to be captured from the mountains. He was to be placed among those of the Lesser lineage participants. So obviously, Gyatsa Shelkar sent me as a messenger to call Joru. Now look at the evidence of what he has done to me a person who is like a mother without food who has a son without knowledge and badly behaved. Now, you just keep watching, for I will avenge myself until he is dead. I will talk about him, not only to the father and son of Kyalo and the divisions of Ling, but also to the two – the capable Nyima Gyaltsen of Beru and the handsome minister Berkar. I will make sure of him so that you, his mother will see when you look and hear when you listen. Do you understand me?” Gogmo was extremely frightened and felt that though she did not know about Nyima Gyaltsen of Beru and the minister Berkar as she had not heard of them. But as events now had come to such a situation, it was as if her live heart would definitely be taken out of her back. Oh what a pitiful situation it had come to she thought. So she said, “Now, you come into the little tent. This Joru is the lord of emanations. I can request him to correct your appearance and produce a greater dazzle and radiance than you possessed earlier.”

Moreover. there‟s great risk of being polluted by defilements. Gogmo said. She thought. black and coloured patches that had been set up wrongly stitched up by white thread. The red patch is an auspicious sign that Drugmo will give birth to a son of mine. With the wind. Let her come in” he finally said. lightning struck and rain descended. the thirty two holy pilgrimage sites and the eight great cemeteries. “Come into the home” and before she had time to hear what was being said Drugmo entered. with the great rain as blessed cleaning water. “I wonder if we should call this Sengcham inside?” Joru replied. “It is not that the two of us – mother and son have not invited her in. teeth and body. Drugmo was overcome with intolerable fear and cold. he turned looked towards the heavens and gazed. her stains have been cleared and everything is excellent now. It is she who does not want to come in. As a penalty for this I will have to create a severe storm of wind and rain. hoping for treatment went and followed her. “If I go into this. “This tent of mine has the essential characteristics of the twenty four countries. The blue patch auspiciously signifies that a commander of forces with banners on the helmet top-piece will be born who will in future generations resist the forces from the borders. I have cleansed the three – her hair. But all the same. She felt not going inside now was like causing trouble for oneself. he summoned the „Eight classes‟ of harmful beings to come to his aid. . But since this female corpse has shied away fearing pollution by defilements it has created some inauspiciousness. Joru reflected. With his mind in a state of emptiness and compassion. She saw that inside a fire was burning furiously. Gogmo enquired of Joru.” Thinking in this way. The self arisen power of this load of pieces of patched cloth renders it immune to harm from non-material beings like evil spirits and deities. thunder boomed. a pure lama like molten refined gold who will uphold the lineage of Dharma and turn the three realms towards the Dharma.” so she did not go inside. To Drugmo‟s eyes it seemed that the little tent „Just Adequate‟ consisted of white. Its top had been brought down by black thread and it looked like the bark of dead wood. it has within it the entire construction and articles of the palace of Khorlo Demchog. The white patch is an auspicious omen that from the ruler will be born one of great merit who will hold the royal dynasty of Tibet. then on top of all this misery. suddenly the sky became overcast with clouds.Drugmo too. Then after placing his mind in equanimity for a short while. How wonderful it would be if someone now called her inside she thought.

If me. The Dralha protector of the realms of Tibet I am. From the throne of the White snowlion. Omniscient elder brother – Dungkhyung Karpo. Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus Born. Bow your head. Stay with an attitude of admiration and respect” he ordered and then chanted this song to the tune of “Summoning the white deities”: Lu ala lamo ala len. Now you. Omniscient Dorje Phagmo. I represent. Please do not counter this request of your mother. The antidote to the black demons I am. so it is difficult for blessings to enter her. From the Glorious copper coloured palace. Omniscient younger brother – Ludrul Woechung. Omniscient Singcham Thale Woetro.” Joru said. . Omniscient Queen of accomplishments. If the ground of this site. she related a detailed account of what Gyatsa Shelkar had ordered and the need for Joru to come for the Horse race. For the sake of the Teachings and sentient‟s welfare. From the pure lands that enjoy space. But she has mistaken views regarding me. It‟s not self praise but various beings I am. From the colourful castle of the Dralha above. put your palms together. It‟s the deity land Triangular crossroad of Lower Ma. Grant her ten times her earlier splendour and radiance. The Lotus Born of Orgyan.Joru said. “Sit here and warm yourself” and then gave her a hard slap on her hairless head without hair that hurt her but she did not say anything due to her hopes for a cure. Omniscient Nene Nammen Karmo. the one mother. you do not recognise. Lu thala lamo thala len. From the realms of the primordial expanse of phenomena. From within the eastern castle of Dungri. kindly grant Drugmo the „true attainments‟ of her hair and teeth. After that the mother began the request and pleaded. come to Joru‟s assistance. All of you. these can be done. you do not recognise. the one mother. From the supreme sites of those with braids. Obviously if she has faith in me and protects her commitments. Then after she had warmed herself and her stomach had been filled. From the naga palaces without warmth. “Alright mother. “Since you are the prince of deities and lord of miracles. The ruler of the tsen spirits – Metak Marpo.

Teeth whose laughter obstructs don and hindrances. Dorje Phagmo Surrounded by a hundred thousand dakinis. After these words were chanted. she was overjoyed. print a letter Om. She blurted. The water deity – the mother that cleanses. Hair that fulfils the wishes of one‟s spouse. you have been so kind. print a letter Hum. Grant Drugmo the attainment of her teeth. the deities on high descended down like a shower of rain. Deity child Dungkhyung Karpo and others.The one mother. The one mother. Teeth whose smile brings joy to the entire kingdom. Her mouth acquired teeth and the teeth produced ringsel. Tsangpa. Teeth that transforms all words into Dharma. Waters that are a complete set of enjoyments And qualities like beauty and youthfulness. Gyejin and the „Four great guardian deities‟. Surrounded by a hundred thousand deity emanations. Singcham Thale Woetro and others.” . Hold the vase filled with ambrosia. Waters that clear the darkness of ignorance. Grant the attainment of Drugmo‟s hair. On each hair‟s waist. Waters that cleanse the predispositions of defilements. “O holy. Naga females enveloped the surroundings like vapours from the sea. Her splendour radiated greater than conch. On each hair‟s end. Queen of accomplishments. Hair with various areas flourishing in front. Hairs arose on Drugmo‟s head and on the hairs were letters. The four lineage mothers and the principal dakinis. Since her body became so charmingly beautiful as the result of the clearing of obscurations of generations. print a letter Ah. Grant these with the enlightened acts of the dakinis. Teeth that brings forth pleasing and excellent language. Teeth that has given up unpleasant and rough speech. Happy Joru. Hair with teachings and paternity established at the back. Grant these with the enlightened acts of the deities. On each hair‟s base. Her physique became youthful. The dakinis appeared like overcast clouds. She received braids that were decorated with gold and turquoise. May maiden Drugmo enjoy peace and happiness.

It has been said: ‘A son going early to work receives the praise of all. Now set about going to upper Lingkar. is teased by all. Restraining oneself is being truly wise. “You have used up in one session all the provisions of support that would have lasted a lifetime for me and mother. After the stuff had boiled he served her in a knotted bowl with hairs. Then Drugmo said to Joru. Next he added a suitable amount of water and said to his mother. the wealth and property of the rich Kyalo will be given as a prize to the swiftest steed. It has been decided that in this year‟s Horse race in Ling. Nothing can harm mother‟s mouth.” Drugmo thought that now she would have to eat all these various things and would have to experience an immeasurable amount of misery. So he was pleased in his mind.’ I lack the courage to give a speech but there are various things you must consider.” . leased butter. do so. Now if you can throw up the residues. sheep meat and barley.” She too found the food tasty and fearing Jorus orders ate until there was no remaining food. Now since my mother has no food I will have to go hunting after abras and digging out droma.’ She filled herself fully with water to guide the residues out and then vomited. The residues filled up the entire tent and and Joru considered it as an auspicious sign that the area would acquire great enjoyments and attainments. Seeing this.” He then took a great quantity of the dung of an old dri that was trembling and put it into a copper cauldron. He threw in several akar the size of sheep‟s head too. ‘Leave well alone those too full and vomited residues. “Now do not stay divine prince but go to Ling. Now sit down and be our guest. “Eat and drink until there are no leftovers. It won’t look good to later have to request an invitation. I now have no free time to go for the horse race in Ling. “You must have experienced a lot of hardships in coming to welcome me from Upper Lingkar. Badly behaved at home. “I have arranged the stove so add fuel to the fire. I will offer you loads of items such as brick tea.” Joru remarked.” Drugmo was nauseated and lost all appetite for the adage that said. “Do not say such things. “I have no preference for stuff that has been miserly accumulated.Joru also added.’ When a son doesn’t go the day invited. Joru gave a great jeering laugh and remarked. He placed on the right and left several pieces of abra meat the size of lamb and droma the size of horse‟s head and said.” Hearing this Drugmo anxiously said.

Trothung wanted it so badly that he‟d come in the early morning with the intent to snatch it. “Well. The willow has been carried by the wind. “In general. Please keep this secret and I shall request from my father Kyalo‟s stable whichever horse you desire. Have you been sent to hunt by your father Kyalo? On top of that you talk of being the incarnation of a dakini! Shame on you! I will certainly proclaim in upper India. So until it is vanquished there is no way in which I can go for the horse race. “Alright. I regret that it was an accidental mistake and I did not at all intend to kill them.” He said.Joru said. He‟d come at night with the intent to steal it.” Joru answered. He‟d come in the evening with the intent to chase it. In the meanwhile Drugmo released the dog from the base of the mountain. I a maiden have suffered from an illusion” Joru threw the lasso and it caught on the neck of the musk deer. “It is not a musk deer. I thought that you yourself had been killed by the abra and musk deer. You take this dog and come from the base of the mountain. “I need to do a divination tonight to see whether I should go to Ling” and at the same time he waved his hand showing the centre and surroundings of the Sib forest of Ma and then continued. It had a coat of skin that was yellow like gold. She thought that Joru had died so she twisted the neck of the musk deer and killed it. the musk deer is called the „Small dark ruinous Musk of Sib‟. “Alright. “Alright. mother and son could not look after it we separated the mare and its offspring and . Come here Sengcham. It has severed the silk thread of the Dharma of India. At that moment Joru abruptly stood up and said. we can do things in that manner. Female companion. you killed the abra earlier. broken the yoke of the land of China and cut the mu rope of life line of highland Tibet. lower China.” After observing in detail she replied. colourful Ling and to others like father Kyalo and mother Peacock regarding your behaviour that causes internal intrigue and violence. Its mane and tail were grey and it had the powerful wings of the birds.” Drugmo pleaded and bargained. “There is a musk deer. I shall take the lasso „that naturally summons the three realms‟ and go up the land‟s edge from the right side and fling the lasso. Look and see what‟s in that forest of Sib. highland Tibet. Earlier while I was in Ling. I wish to help you in your teachings and your work for the welfare of sentient beings.” Then although Drugmo remarked. Now you‟ve killed the musk deer. we had a wild mare „Dro Jo‟ or „Wheat Goddess‟ that had an offspring. Joru had his neck doubly bent and his head had gone below his body. The dog and the musk deer fought and struggled. Since we. It is a willow. The musk came bouncing down towards the bottom of the mountain and initially got its head mixed up and then its tail mixed up with Joru and dragged him along.

I don‟t have any hopes of winning but since I desire to watch the show. although he had displayed various emanations to her yesterday. Gyatsa Shelkar‟s penalty would surely be harsh. it did not respond and move. On his feet he wore the red riding boots and tied the laces of jakma grass. you pull on its mouth. It‟s traditional for those walking to carry loads. Lift your buttocks and then apply the whip. The black metal stick. trained with the stick. Drugmo thought that if Joru was not able to reach Ling. then you need not have to borrow from the stable and I too shall not tell your story to anyone. So she said. “This is me Joru‟s Dharma support and mother‟s support for strategies” he lifted it onto Drugmo‟s back. “When you ride this horse it is like a bird. he took along for enjoyment. On his back he took the goat skin bag with an assortment of odds and ends. Powerless to go. place the reins on its head. I think it is better to go now. Powerless to remain. She was coming up and unable to carry the laa stone of Gerzoh. “You blind beggar.” She fearing that all would hear the story of her activities. Joru then rode on „Brown Wheat Khyung‟ and though he pulled strongly on its mouth and whipped it. If you can capture it. . you whip it. In this way he went and while on the road. consented and gave her word. Later. For eating he put the knotted bowl with hairs into his pocket. my stick cannot keep up with your horse. Tied the top firmly and then sealed it and saying. There was a precipitous pass and the horse went flying towards the other side and it was nowhere to be seen. “In that case. why is it not moving at all?” She replied. yet the stupid woman still did not have faith in him and so she had gone riding on ahead of him. was sweating so profusely that every strand of her hair had each a drop of sweat. Joru said. When I ride it. So you go on ahead and I will definitely come after you” he said. you ride and I will walk on foot. Bend your body. But he felt she still needed to face some more hardships. he reflected that. “O female companion. Even though she was getting stuck he thought it would be more suitable for him to stay behind. “O female companion. “Alright. that‟s okay.” On his head he wore the „Peaked Gazelle‟ hat and stuck the weasel‟s flexible top-piece on it. So he remarked. Now it doesn‟t appear appropriate for me the rider to carry this load. On his body he wore the calf skin dress with the rough edges and fastened it with rope of drema grass.” He put the Laa stone of the deity Gerzoh into the goat skin bag. You don‟t know how to ride horses.” He said. Otherwise I shall proclaim it to all.released it into the mountains. He rode the White willow stick under his legs.” Joru added. Stretch forward on the stirrups. “Alright” and gave the horse a sound whip that produced a “tsak” noise. If you do such things how can it ever move? If you want to ride swiftly.

Joru quickly broke his spell and emanations and clung onto a single strand of Brown Wheat Khyung‟s tail. if that‟s the way. If I am asked why you have been tied up. Joru said to her. She felt in her heart. there would be a day when a person would request these articles that belonged to the nagas. When it came to pass she was to hand them over. While frightened. she went forth without hesitation directing herself towards the edge of the lake of doom. pray. Let‟s see which is swifter between your „Brown Wheat Khyung‟ and my „Willow stick‟?” . she came upon all the internal organs and intestines that had been scattered about in an elongated manner. Now I will have to tie you up and take you along to Ling. Give me such articles as the gold saddle that has nine rounds of designs on it. Whatever you require of saddle and horse tacks I shall borrow for you.When she arrived at the pass she wondered if Joru had been thrown to the ground by the horse.” It occurred in her mind that according to the prophecy of the Lotus Born one. Please don‟t relate this incident and keep it a secret. I could relate the incident of your trying to commit suicide” he said and he was on the verge of tying her up.” With these thoughts she went ahead on her horse „Brown Wheat Khyung‟. With his heel against a sheep‟s droppings he pulled back the horse so that it could not move forward. she came down a bit and noticed Joru‟s head cut off which caused her immeasurable regret. The bit handles should be „Guidance of deities‟ and the whip called „Fulfilment of all wishes‟. Gyatsa Shelkar is certain to extract from me a thousand fold penalty for murdering Joru. helpless being like me. She went off abruptly and again saw a single arm with its sleeve attached that had been severed. When she proceeded further down. Drugmo turned around and looked and saw Joru. The reins should be „Long term merits‟. Then covering her head with the nine-pleated dress. please don‟t make me suffer. Have compassion on a humble. If you don‟t provide me these articles I will certainly relate these stories from the centre of Lingkar. Again when she went down. In the mouth should be the „Self arising sun‟. “Why are you unnecessarily trying to get rid off yourself? You seem to have gone mad and it is better to tie up crazy people. So rather than that. The tongue knot should be „Accomplishing all wishes‟. I have seen such a range of life situations. Drugmo was frightened as well as embarrassed and said. “Since yesterday and until this moment. The gold bit „Wish fulfilling gem‟. “O Happy Joru – a truly holy buddha. Then Joru himself said. So she agreed to obtain them. it is better that me the helpless calf commits suicide in the lake of poison. How will I ever be able to tolerate the cares of an entire life time? If I return home. “Well. then all other saddles and bits will not do. she came across a foot with its shoe on that had been detached. “Now before taking part in the Horse race of the divisions of the Ling tribe. I need to give an illustration of my „Spinning race‟.” Joru said.

He felt that both Drugmo and her horse had suffered such an enormous amount of misery so now most of her obscurations had cleared. He then continued. sharp ears and it was as large as a sheep. Now why don‟t we race one more time?” She replied.” Then to the creature he said. red mouth and nose. “So. In the meanwhile you and the horse can take some rest” and then he raised the „White willow stick‟ upright. Joru was at a triangular crossroad of an area. It uttered. I came across him when I arrived in Lower Ma. When Drugmo arrived there. from these parts these days a hundred go up. she circumambulated him. “Alright Drugmo. coarse mannered maiden in these parts?” The abra made the “tsik tsik” sound a number of times. from an abra hole there appeared an abra with grey skin. “tsik tsik” and came out of the hole. Oka y. a white forehead. Then Joru went riding into space on his stick in a flash like lightning and was soon nowhere to be seen. So he remained there laughing loud and clearly. “Yes.“Yes” she replied. Then Joru said. It‟s certain that I will have the coveted seat in my hands. Joru said. Next he kept a strand of jakma grass on it horizontally and then emanating himself into the size of a louse he sat on the grass in the vajra posture of crossed legs. “Well. Glancing in the eastern direction. then.” He said. Have you seen or heard of any solitary. you came across Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong Beru. prostrated and prayed to him so that almost all her faults and defilements were purified. he remarked. it is better if we go slowly. ha. Some take salt. I have a friend to whom I need to ask a question.” and clapped his hands together loudly. I will not run. A thousand go down. Above the head of the needle he placed an animal dropping. look at this abra. Amazed at this. It is called Abthong Gawa Lima. with the four channels like pale coral. So wasn‟t Nyima Gyaltsen given the gold necklace „Self arisen sun‟? So wasn‟t it Minister Berkar that you came across after that? Wasn‟t he too offered the crystal bracelet „Precious vase‟? Weren‟t the two of them supposed to meet . Although she whipped her horse‟s head and whipped her horse‟s behind yet except for sweat pouring from the horse‟s hide and turning it black she could not catch up with him. “So Abthong Gawa. “Now please. They started off together and close to each other. Then Joru called out “Abthong Gawa Lima” three times. He was sitting on a field that appeared like one of lotuses and his stick lay on the ground. “Ha. others take barley and groups of bandits trot about. Our status has not been mistaken by the auspicious omens. Now. On its top he stuck a needle. that‟s how fast we two can travel.

You yourself are. O precious divine prince. Go and catch Kyang Goe. Not to see haughty snowlion is being carried away. Not to see ferocious tiger‟s stripes is being carried away. the fine.her when she brought with her the seven pairs of gems of Kyalo within a period of five and seven days?” Again the abra made “tsik tsik” noises. divine prince. I don‟t want any other thing except these. deity prince. Divine prince. that was the account of what you did and where you‟ve been.” Drugmo again requested. Oh! What joy is in the mind! Though one sees the fine coloured slate mountains. I have understood” and then to her. I confess. I am obscured by the confusion of Ignorance. the white faced drong. Not to see white faced drong is being carried away.” The divine prince said. You yourself are the ferocious tiger. Lu thala lamo thala len. Though one sees the forests of sandalwood. You must open the sutra of the „Great Secret‟ and seal it with virtuous prayers. I myself a girl. I make request to grant us blessings. “Alright. Joru again said. Give me the gold saddle. To the Three Jewels of refuge. I myself a girl. I have been obscured by my sins of Ignorance. Oh! What happiness is in the mind! . And then.” Drugmo felt that the events of the earlier days and today were the acts of Joru‟s emanations. From the supreme site that is naturally pure. Keep them secret and I will offer you a gift of whatever you desire. am the excellent striped coat. am the horns on its head. “Don‟t talk of all these incidents in Ling. In your presence divine prince. May I and other sentients attain enlightenment. Though one sees the fine snow mountains. “Alright. slate mountains are unchanging. “Drugmo. So she sang this song of her faith and awareness of events: Lu ala lamo ala len. There is no way left but to relate it in Ling.

Then Gyatsa Shelkar and his brother came together face to face. The next day. Joru said. The gold necklace has not been offered in vain. “There is no benefit in wiping one‟s dirt on others. The physical appearance of Minister Berkar. Whatever adversities I Drugmo have experienced. May they benefit the mind of the future. some efficient servants like Pel Yutak Gyal went to invite and welcome Gogmo. There was no question of who should hold the fort – obviously Gyatsa would hold. There was a small tent below. The two brothers discussed events. The bracelet has not been offered in vain. One shouldn‟t talk too much.‟ Chapter – V Assisted by the deities on high. The suitable refuge that Sengcham Drugmo was. the interior bumpkin behaves as equals. How powerful one is. So they reached the centre of the pure tribes of Ling – in the excellent land where „whatever seen is the result of the prayers of all‟. depends on one’s past karma. Now let‟s go to Ling quickly” he added and they set off at a swift pace. On the Demon and Hor forces do flaunt. They arrived at the excellent castle of „Ngulchu Trodzong‟ where there were distinctly clear dragon designs on the carpet of gems. . After this song.The threatening display of force by layman. May they clear the obscurations collected in the past. Then they set up the tent as the saying goes: ‘How wealthy one is. On me a kind-hearted girl do flaunt. There was no question of who should race – obviously Joru would race. The supreme steed Kyang Goe was caught. Drugmo too. with her mind at peace returned to her home. There was no question too of who would speak – obviously Aku Trothung would elaborate and give reasons. her people and property. At the base of the Turquoise tent was planned „Just Adequate‟ the little tent. in front of the „Lion. From this side and that side of the land of Ma. dragon and tiger peak‟ castle.

She repeatedly offered auspicious prayers.” Then from the bottom of her heart she prayed and requested three times saying. Neuchung of Ngolo Kyi and the kind-hearted mother Gogmo and their lasso that „Naturally summons the three realms‟ went in search of the steed Kyang Goe. while it appeared hesitant. With clarity they closely observed lower China. With the light that‟s clear on peak tops. The wild horse has been reared and looked after by the spirits and deities. Again it appeared as if attracted to its mother and remained listening with its ears and observing them. . Lu thala lamo thala len. all the kyang were startled like dust scattered by the wind. They even roughed up the Nepalese mountains. from the excellent ground of the „Pass of Prayers‟ Gogmo looked across and observed Kyang Goe. one cannot be certain it wouldn‟t run away? But if one relies on the „Three jewels‟ one will not be deceived. deities and lamas are omniscient” and then called out “Come. Kyang Goe came forwards. mother Gogmo sang this song to the tune of „The Unchanging Life-span song‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. Kyang Goe come. Its skin is of yellow gold and its four hooves have wheels of wind. the four – Rakza Getso of Dong‟s great father. Like a son hearing a mother‟s voice. Now it‟s been eight years since it was released into the mountains. so now if I shout and call it. Omniscient Dorje Phagmo. the only mother. “The qualities of this dhowa steed are that its tail and manes are turquoise blue. They circled the Chinese mountains from the left. it looked back and raced after the herd of kyang as far as the distance covered by an arrow shot from a bow. On its back. Yet they did not see Kyang Goe. It‟s been protected from a distance by the local deity. From the pure land realms that enjoy space. When it was on the verge of being caught. This day come and befriend this mother. She thought. it has not experienced any other thing save rain water. From the sacred site arrayed in turquoise leaves. come. fly here. Kyang Goe was in the midst of a large herd of kyang.” At this. Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. come. They all circled the Indian mountains from the right. Then with clarity they closely observed upper India. “The Three Jewels. It did not go after its mother and it did not go after the kyang herd. Omniscient White and Green Jetsun Drolma. fly here. The next day onwards. At that point.

horse talk do hear. After these words had been sung. These are words of desperation. property and attendants and The seven pairs of gems – the instrumental articles. the steed. come flying to the lineage of the gold bit. The sword of meteor for Ling‟s paternal plans. the deity steed Kyang Goe felt. Kyalo‟s men and property be. Joru will come out among the human‟s lined up. others will miss the share. The Bejewelled Lu Tsugna‟s daughter be. If I were I to relate the root cause of my coming. the mother. come flying to the lineage of turquoise halter. You. she pretends to offer me feeds. Kyang Goe must come out among steeds lined up. The ruler Senglon‟s tea-maker be And the mother of divine prince Joru I am. Will be the share of the swiftest steed. Time to show off „six skills‟ this year be. Round white feeds of thue to offer I have. Initiatory gift for the Lotus Born master be. Kyalo‟s people. human language you understand. Being a deity horse. The prize. as a form of purification and penalty for not rearing and feeding me when I was little. Meeting place in Dokham Ling will be. Gog Ralotsang‟s favourite one be. it‟s said. Come. it‟s said. hold these words. If I were to relate and recount my reality. I will act as if I have not been caught. This year as wager has been placed. Whatever the matter. I being a deity that‟s human. “At the time I was a little foal drinking milk.The very capable „Lord of dhowa‟ – Kyang Goe. Your goal the Dark Demon must be. The two – you and Joru the divine prince. will follow you. Come.” Then it chanted this song to the tune of „The Long neighing song‟: . Now when it appears that only I possess the skill to obtain the paternal property. The naga-human White Protector‟s relative be. Lacking speed. I. White butter bulu delicacies I have. From the supreme deities have been appointed. Gogmo did not take care of me or give me palate butter. In the deity steed‟s mind.

to expect a consoler is difficult. it flew like a great khyung soaring in space and went off to the „Five Peaked mountain‟ in China. a steed below is difficult. Other than that. Although Ling is troubled by the Demon and Hor. To accomplish the welfare of others is hard. For me a little foal. see for yourself where you should go. If not reared and looked after while little. Gogmo thought that though she had been severely blamed for not rearing and looking after the supreme steed while it was young. At the turn of events. When you were responsible for me a foal. When I a fool. I‟ll fly the great feather. I have no hopes. cannot care for myself. Never saw a white butter bulu. From the deities on high. I‟ll excel the skies. Externally. From the body hair lineage. a fool is difficult. I am a real bodhisattva. For me a dhowa steed. the rest of the chant. Mother Gogmo. Huhu that was repeated three times. I appear like an idiotic animal. But O my dear mother Gogmo. what .E huhu la hudo hu. I have no quarrel to dispute. My mouth. Never saw a round white thue. capable supreme steed Kyang Goe – the two. but to China set forth. yet if she couldn‟t get hold of it. From the great root lineage. Is the language of precious human forms. Within my mental continuum. Is the paternal language of dhowa steeds. together appointed. When grown up. After chanting this song. No need to rear me. I will not remain. Now. In Ling of Dokham. With the middle way lineage. With swift feathers raised up to the sky. mother Gogmo‟s Joru of Ling And me. No need for feeds. by myself did always feed. have together been born. Though great the prize of paternal property. I‟ll fly the little flock.

The lasso – miracle of the sun. Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso‟s end. This day. Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe‟s neck. Omniscient Dungkhyung Karpo – elder brother. Lu thala lamo thala len. Surrounded by a retinue of deities and dakinis. From the umbilical wheel of emanation. . this is the time they are needed. come and befriend a mother.would she tell Joru. come and befriend Gogmo. “You‟ve said your personal deities are the Lotus Born One from Orgyan. the White son that sprung forth from the crown. Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso‟s end. Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe‟s neck. Omniscient kind-hearted lord – the root lama. She kept beating her chest like a great drum and she shed tears that kept descending like rain showers. If what you‟ve said has any truth. Omniscient Singcham Thale Woetro. come and befriend a mother. Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe‟s neck. From the crown‟s palace of great bliss. From the sacred palace of Zangdok Palri. The lasso – miracle of the stars. This day. If they cannot be of help to us at this time I don‟t think there is any truth in them. Kindly help and give me the lasso‟s end. This day. Gogmo‟s awareness became extremely clear. the Blue son that sprung forth from the heart and the Dakini that sprung forth from the umbilicus. The two Rakza and Neuchung looked on in astonishment. This day. The lasso – miracle of the moon. Drugmo remarked. She felt she should summon them as reinforcements to assist them and so she chanted this song of „Summoning the deities‟: Lu ala lamo ala len.” All of a sudden. come and befriend a mother. From the heart‟s palace of Dharma. Omniscient Ludrul Woechung – younger brother.

Rakza and Neuchung remarked about hearing these auspicious signs. Orgyan Rinpoche and his entire retinue chanted this song for the mother Gogmo: From the palace of the expanse of phenomenon in Ogmin. Steering the six realms of beings to the Dharma. After this request had been made. Omniscient Eight great nagas from below. Omniscient Donyoe Drupa of the north. Although the two. “I did not hear anything at all” and did not believe them. Looks on compassionately on all sentient beings. From the infinite winds of space. Clear sounds of thunder roared. A shower of blossoms descended. there was a great roar of „ki‟ and „so‟ sounds.Hold the silk scarf of the dakinis in your hands. Omniscient Rinchen Jungne of the south. Each of them appeared with their complete attire and articles associated with them. The lamas voice of Dharma was distinct. At that moment all the deities appeared in front of them in space in a colourful heap in a reduced form like fodder that has been eaten by the dark brown vulture. Whether the boy Joru attains the ruler‟s throne. a rainbow tent was set up. On his right was Dungkhyung Karpo. Hold these words. In front was Thale Woetro and so on. Omniscient great deity Tsangpa from above. Omniscient buddha – the great Dorje Chang. Guides the six classes of beings from samsara. for a while each of the deities in their own way stood up from their abodes and came forth to assist in catching Kyang Goe. Omniscient Dorje Sempa of the east. Omniscient Nangwa Thaye of the west. yet Gogmo said. On his left was Ludrul Woechung. Kindly help catch Kyang Goe from the mountains. The main figure was one of Orgyan Rinpoche – the Lotus Born one who appeared white with a red radiance and he looked down with a smile of his face. Pleasing tunes of the cuckoo sounded. in a corner on the right side of the sun on a carpet of white overcast clouds. They were at distance of an arrow shot in a swirl of rainbow lights. Depends at present. Kindly help and give me a mother the lasso‟s end. on the supreme deities on high. All come and befriend Gogmo. Do assist and cast it on Kyang Goe‟s neck. Petals of light rain came tinkling down. in the supreme ones‟ minds. After the beats of the dro dance had been completed. The distant chirping of dakinis song sounded. Tinkling sounds of Kyang Goe‟s neighing song appeared. .

Is the nephew of Gog – the divine prince Joru. Its chest is to open the entrance to the deities. Its smaller ribs are like a smaller tent set up. May the status and prestige of the white forces be raised. to you Gogmo will be given. the mother felt that since Drugmo did not believe that she possessed the deities. Gogmo felt that she should present an explanatory praise of the qualities of the steed. May whatever prayed for be actualised. Elder brother – Dungkhyung Karpo. be accomplished. May you never let go of it. After chanting these words. So she turned around and began. A deity person must always be inseparable with it. “O lady Sengcham. Its upper lip is a fine wall of stacked scriptures. Now let‟s go and introduce the steed. May the Dark forces that harm be subjugated. Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of moon. I the kind-hearted root guru. With the capable supreme steed – Kyang Goe. Its large ribs are like a great tent set up.” Gogmo thought that was true. I wonder if you can believe that I really met the Lotus born lama and others in the sky in front of me? Am I telling the truth?” Drugmo appeared embarrassed and looked down at the ground and said. for deity prince to come out to work. Younger brother – Ludrul Woechung. but there was a specific time at which the steed was to be handed over to Joru. Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of stars. Its eyes are the decorations of passes. we need to seal it with virtuous prayers. May you happily hold the stallion‟s reins. After they had come to a certain point. Younger sister – Singcham Thale Woetro Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of rainbow lights. Lasso‟s end. once it‟s held. Its four hooves . she should create an embarrassing situation for her. The time is ripe. Will catch it with the lasso – miracle of sun‟s rays. May the plans for highland Tibet‟s existence succeed.The one that will guard the Buddha‟s teachings. So she said. each of the deities gave their lasso ends to the mother and they went off to their own abodes like the disappearance of a rainbow. May the Buddha‟s doctrine in general. this steed of me and my son – its ear tips are the demon‟s spy. Now that Kyang Goe had come into her hands. “O dear children. Its ear holes the secret den of bandits. In order to open the great secret of the dhowa. “You are telling the truth.

The others kept silent and did not give a reply. “Dongtsen‟s steed „Turquoise Bird that knows flight‟. she gave a passing glance behind her and said. Its manes are like the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities on a heap of fine clouds. Except for Kyang Goe. Then Gogmo turned around and spoke of the three higher attributes of the steed at which the ladies remarked. Its hair bases are a flash of naga art work. Gogmo too held onto the steed‟s neck like a sacred protection thread and so she too was taken four short standing pillars. Now let‟s go” and as earlier they went down for a short distance. Internally it‟s a bodhisattva. Denma‟s steed „Graceful accomplishments‟. Gogmo again turned around and said. Sengtak‟s steed „Smooth Silk over a thousand mountains‟. Its four joints like something to be given separately.” “Oh. Its back is a well-arranged servant. Again after moving down a little bit. these steeds are well known all over the kingdom as fine dhowa steeds. none can pick up the prized silk trophy. Does this sound truthful?” The ladies said. So unseen he let out a very loud and completely meaningless shrill sound and at the same time gave a hard whack to the steed with his „White willow stick‟. Tagrong‟s steed „That can soar over mountains‟. Chipon‟s steed „Gathering of a hundred deers‟ and Senglon‟s steed „Collection of mature shoots‟ – although compared to this horse of ours. The middle part of its hairs. Darphen‟s steed „Great wheat. Turquoise manes‟. “The steed‟s figure and the praise are in accord. The tips of its hair are a flash of paintings by deities. Gade‟s „Stormy dark wind‟. Its tail is like water sprinkling down precipitous rocks. . Externally it‟s a foolish beast. it has a fine physique and if raced it has vigour and stamina. The supreme steed flew away into the sky like a soaring great khyung. Its tselu is like a host of deities swirling on ambrosia and light rains. when observed. That‟s right” the ladies added. Except for Joru. it is called the „One that‟s neither bird nor horse‟ and the „Swift gem that knows flight‟. It is not possible to come across such an exceptional steed on this earth. none other can be the owner of Kyalo‟s men and property. When they had reached a certain point. was present along with them and seeing his mother‟s behaviour Joru felt that it was necessary to bring down the pride of his mother and offer a „Purification rite‟ or else there was a risk of her descending into the lower realms of suffering. “This horse of ours – mother and son. Trothung‟s steed „Black tailed Jackal‟. are a glimpse of nyen‟s drawings. “How can any other horse compare with one that‟s an incarnation of divinity? Now let‟s go swiftly or else we risk being scolded by the chiefs” they said and went below. Serpa‟s steed „Goose with golden eggs‟. Its hind parts are like a fine round Chinese cauldron. Since it is so swift that between dawn and sun rise it can circle the four continents. Its four prints are like round white helmets. yes. Now Joru‟s emanation which was inseparable from his own body. yet none of them can truly rival this supreme steed of ours.

miserliness. mother dear. To the lama and the Three Jewels Make requests from the depths of your heart And always.” The Lord of dhowas – Kyang Goe. She chanted this „Purification rite‟ song to the kind-hearted mother Gogmo: E huhu la E huhu. Therefore. The foe Lord of death is like lightning of the sky. When human life has been obtained this time – now. It‟s the „Fragrant incense mountain‟ of India. Now hearken to me mother Gogmo. One experiences the intolerable hot and cold sufferings. If one perseveres in non-virtuous negativities. I will not order you. they are difficult to repel. descended on the „Fragrant incense mountain‟ of India like the reduction in size of foodstuff when a dark brown vulture feeds. In case I die. Was to purify your obscurations. all the places below the Stone pillar of Lhasa in the Central province. So now you decide what‟s best for yourself. Great renown is like the sound of winds in Jangthang. Jealousy. Taking her to all these places he circumambulated once in the right direction and then later moved upwards near the edges of the sun. make offerings and prostrations. Although the sun‟s rays served them some heat Gogmo remarked to Kyang Goe. My encircling the edges of the world. ignorance and suchlike. I have only you on whom to place the burden of my sins and defilements. work hard at the Dharma of deities And acquire the fruits of perfect virtuous practices. When conditions suddenly arise. “Until my body and consciousness do not separate. to the sacred sites of the nomads – the five relations and to the sites of the thirteen local Gurlha deities. .Then Kyang Goe took Gogmo along to all the places above the Stupa in China. The body‟s youthfulness is like rainbows in the sky. Do not relax. If you cannot distinguish this site from others. Life‟s impermanent like water falling off steep rocks. Wealth and enjoyments are like dew drops on grass. Ehu is the language of steeds. Powerlessly led by the butcher of the hells. at all times and in every situation.

No need for doubts. Most fortunate Aku. hold these words. The Lotus Born lama of Orgyan. In your mother‟s mind. commanded us.Don‟t let your mouth relax but recite the six syllables. Avoid ill feelings but on bodhicitta meditate. That are of demon tribes and race will be defeated. this is not all there is. The three – Hor. Now too he will not give any food. After Kyang Goe has chanted these words. property and attendants. Jang and Demon. Mon and others. My windpipe has dried up and is unbearable. My stomach is hungry and my throat shakes. “O Aku Trothung. Into the perfect and pure great bliss realms One enters disguised and certainly will be reborn there. Divine prince. Kyang Goe. They are but lands for the divine prince to subdue. China. From now onwards if negativities are not accumulated. The two – the divine prince and me. be seated on the golden throne. kind-hearted mother. “Oh! Oh! Dear son of mother. My mother has gone after the horse and I the motherless little son have no place to go to. With Kyang Goe‟s skilled feats will obtain as prize. the precious divine prince sat beside the entrance of Elder brother Aku Trothung‟s residence and requested. From Ogmin – supreme realms of the expanse of phenomena. For the welfare of sentient beings. engulfed in prosperity. The day one‟s illusory body is cast away. Countries like India. Nepal and others The treasuries of the wealth of the earth. It is better to . won‟t you grant me a sip to drink and a mouthful to eat?” He called out in such a manner that even the deity Tsangpa would have been overcome with sadness and the dakinis too would have shed tears. For sentient beings that have been your past parents. Gogmo too was filled with faith and joy and the two of them – the horse and human being returned together. No place to put up. The divine prince through miraculous power will acquire. His mother heard his distressed appeal and became extremely concerned and said. The sword of meteor the paternal plans of Ling And Kyalo‟s men. Aku Trothung never gave us refuge. Moreover. Even in the past when the two of us – mother and son were hungry and famished. At the time.

” Joru did not get up from the front of the entrance and just muttered. his mind was disturbed. “Oh! This is the wild mare Wheat Goddess‟s foal – a steed that possesses all the qualities. It immediately pulled and dragged Gogmo in that direction. As a result of the deities and lamas having actualised their enlightened activities. It was really the evil omen of Joru. Then it turned over on its back once and rattled its hair. Since it had been a long time while since they had met it went about sniffing Joru‟s body and tears glistened in its eyes. Now with the combined effort of humans and deities it has been captured.” It went to the place where Joru was and presented itself before him in the manner one pay respects to lineage masters. Medium males are by wealth lured And inferior males are by food tricked. “Kyang Goe. had been her doing. Now come quickly to welcome the steed. It‟s the horse that has remained in the wild for eight years Sir. the steed has been caught. come and fly here” which the steed heard. If not kill your mother. The moment they met. So she said. Send it along. There‟s even a risk of losing the steed.ask the Three Jewels to look after us. The mother also became saddened when she recollected that earlier they had not been suitable for each other. So she prostrated and said prayers.” At this. At that moment hearing the commotion Trothung enquired.’ So he said. “Oh no! Oh no! Now that earlier incident was not the prophecy of Tamdrin. who else would I give to? From where have you acquired this horse?” he asked. Joru remarked. “Was it Joru who yelled out in anguish and was squeaking this morning? What‟s this roar of drums and cymbals now?” and then when he looked and saw that the mother Gogmo and her son had got hold of the supreme steed and that Gogmo appeared to be prostrating to it. Seeing how they were on such favourable terms and joyous. Joru too embraced the neck of the steed and shed tears from his eyes. since the mother with ideas and the steed with knowledge have come together there‟ll be no problems. Gogmo thought that she would hold on to the horse resolutely even at the cost of her own life until she was able to hand it over to Joru. If I don‟t offer you food and drinks. Now I must devise a means as illustrated by the adage: ‘Supreme males are by speech deceived. dear me! This morning when I heard the noise I did not know it was you my nephew. come. So I don‟t have to go on foot from now on. “O Mother. Sir” Joru related to him. “Now come here quickly. . “Dear nephew of Uncle. she thought that should make a confession as the root cause for the steed and human beings having separated earlier. Oh. it went down and huddled up. He thought.

fodder and the hind parts of fully grown animals – in short whatever we desire to eat of sweet and tasty delicacies. chang. their senses clear. Finally. His mental continuum became clearer than the moon. So now the two of us – Uncle and nephew should get together. the effects hit his mind.Aku Trothung remarked. “Yes the horses can get together. Hidden eatables.’ So now I will drink the chang and mother will drink the tea. First give us some food to eat. let‟s cast away the evil residues and join the good ends. Uncle enjoys and loves horses. That elevated the status of his head and he felt higher than the sky. Until today. . a hundred loads of tsampa whose strings have not been untied.” Aku Trothung went into his house with a large smile on his face. Secret words.” Joru added. Won‟t you provide us such fare?” Aku Trothung then made a lavish offer. let‟s share with each other. Late at night we‟ve been like the sun and eyes. He brought and offered them a complete and excellent set of tea. a hundred butter items whose leather packing has not been sealed. With minds not in accord we‟ve been foes with hatred towards each other. Next the drink‟s power hit his tongue. The continuum of his stories stretched longer than a river. Nephew enjoys and loves food.” At this Joru said. “Alright. To make up for the difference in horses. thue and tsampa powder is to celebrate the meeting of Uncle and nephew. From this day onwards. The profit from having the horses together will be given to you.” Joru added. Something. Now: „When males drink chang. Something that‟s fat and has plenty to eat. Just to celebrate nephew‟s coming to my doorstep I can offer whatever you desire of food. We should get our horses together. let‟s do things that way. This tea. that‟ll have leftovers after we‟ve had our fill.” He then imbibed the chang. the two of us – Uncle and nephew have been from early morn at odds like iron and tongue‟s tip. meat and butter and said. I can offer you a hundred boxes of tea whose batches have not been broken. Uncles‟s nephew. We can talk of getting the horses together later on. This little kyang without a pilot – if a beggar rides it. “Now Aku let‟s go up. When elders drink tea. “Oh! Humble and poverty stricken nephew! What a sad and pitiable story you have. To make up for the difference you must offer the two of us – mother and son. Alright. “To say whatever you desire to eat is infant‟s talk. a hundred animals whose body parts have not been divided and a hundred loads of wheat that have been measured with a dre. Let each one‟s mind rely and trust the other. one’s mind opens up. “Alright. meat. let‟s offer each other. meat. it‟s risky for one‟s life. chang. which first hit his head.

The three – dharmakaya. their minds are attached to foods. Come all to Joru‟s assistance. If not going forth together and inseparably. A business deal does not appear apparent to me. this morning I dreamt. You. desiring to collect. who‟s worse than whom? If observed now.He displayed a little bit of drunken behaviour and looked up at Aku Trothung. You. I. Joru the businessman have an ingenious mind. the Hor and Demon enemies. The two – me. to this song of Joru. sambhogkaya and nirmankaya. you have all sufferings complete. Dreamt of a person with food. I will set forth. five and a hundred families of deities. you scorned Cause and Effect. The three. This morning I was not as I am now. Hard to vanquish. Hard to accomplish commands of supreme ones. the hells are even worse. Now when you die. When little. it appears to be Aku. Host of dakas. Aku keep these words in your mind. Dreamt of a male without property acquiring it. Having eaten. . When aged. hiding it. Dreamt of tasty food being kept as entry fodder. Faults of self and others. you severed your parent‟s affection. Having a full stomach. dakinis and guardian protectors. my partner Aku have a heart pulse that‟s coarse. He then looked down at Kyang Goe and with a smile on his face he chanted this song to the tune of „The leisurely descent of the river‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. The rich are blameless. When I. When young. Listen Aku. Hard to hold onto. highland Tibet‟s plans for existence. Joru and the supreme steed. Now without mating steed. At dawn. Lu thala lamo thala len. The poor are blameless. steed‟s value too has increased. love goods. Your life story is truly depressing. For you love business. Joru‟s mind do examine these. my pride has grown in stature. games and the good life three.

“I have a steed „White Mongolian phoenix‟ and its helper „White assembled‟. On top of that he wanted me to be his serf for a lifetime. chang and eatables until there was nothing left over. To still others he claimed it was borrowed. excused himself from his meditative activities. “I don‟t know about something called Kyang Goe. He then picked up five or six stone markers and threw them at Joru. It really is” he added and called out to it three times. “Oh dear! Oh dear! Isn‟t this Kyang Goe?” Joru replied. It made a loud “shak” sound and Joru remarked “Oh! What a pitiable sight” in a derisive manner. They got up and just as they were about to go Joru gave Aku a hard pat that he did not appreciate. Denma and Elder brother the Chipon and others. The father is responsible for killing him’ and have no regrets about it whatsoever. This is the foal of the wild mare „Wheat Goddess‟. They took their steed and then beaming with a broad and clear smile on his face Joru and his mother left. I will do as in the saying: ‘If a son turns into an enemy.” Gyatsa Shelkar‟s mind became extremely disturbed and he said. “Oh! You dead son of Gadeh. Joru shouted in jest. To others he said it was something he found. you are sitting in retreat. Denma has „Graceful attainments‟ and its helper „Little Peach vajra‟. We have all these steeds and you could ride any of these.” Gyatsa Shelkar abruptly got up from his retreat. The people of Ling asked Joru about his horse. Come and have a look at this steed. I bought this off the hands of Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. I don‟t even know this person called Beru of Dong. you‟re reciting your mantras. . before it‟s time to die. the mother and son both finished off the tea. Gyatsa Shelkar also known as fair Shellu of Bumpa was meditating on the „Great compassionate one‟ when Joru threw a stone on the glassed balcony on the eastern side that broke the glass making a “trob” sound. “Oh! It‟s not like that. before you‟ve even aged. Chipon has „Assembly of a hundred deers‟ and its helper „Wheatish crystal egg‟. who gave you the power to hand things over to others? Who is the owner of this horse and if you don‟t return it. Before you‟ve obtained your own wealth in your own hands. Joru stopped playing the fool and said. ran down the larger steps and jumped the smaller steps and enquired. In payment I have agreed to hand over the accumulated wealth of you Gyatsa. How can it be true when it is said that the divine race of Ling surrendered to the demon. Then there were people to whom he said he had stolen it and finally they arrived at the castle fortress of Ngulchu Trodzong.After having sung these words. To some he remarked that it was bought.

There‟s no need to relate the story of my life. Sengcham gave Kyang Goe the golden saddle and offered the whip to Joru. dakas and dakinis encircled. From the pure realms arrayed by turquoise leaves. Is a ceremonial scarf for meeting you. Dorje Phagmo.Gyatsa Shelkar too relaxed in his mind and smiled. hearken to me. Today at the start of the auspicious occasion. Then on the morrow which was the propitious day. Joru took Kyang Goe to the door of Kyalo Tsang and spoke. “O Sengcham Drugmo. This day. The two brothers went inside and discussed how to win the paternal property for the Lesser lineage. The front strap is of zahog brocade and gold thread. He was offered a ceremonial scarf and served chang and a feast of whatever he desired. the only mother Is by a retinue of a hundred thousand dakinis encircled. The whip handle was decorated with silk. divine prince. The stirrups of white silver with pata designs. So. divine prince Joru. since it‟s the time to put into practice in colourful Ling what you have promised in Lower Ma. From the palace of Zandok Palri. look down on me with love. Lu thala lamo thala len. It‟s the treasure article of the Lu Migon Karpo. The refuge of all of humanity And the pilot guiding beings. This complete roll of white Chinese silk. Is by a host of conqueror‟s son bodhisattvas encircled. May you achieve. This is the first prayer of mine. kindly give me the saddle and accessories and offer some aspirational prayers.” Kyalo Tsang welcomed him in as a guest and placed him on a seat. From the sacred western site of Orgyan. And then the second prayer of mine: This gold saddle with nine rounds of designs. The white and green Jetsun Drolma. Is a saddle of red sandal wood. The life-supporting axle of the Buddha‟s doctrine. . The Lotus Born deity of Orgyan Is by awareness holders. She then chanted this song to the melody of the „Five deities of perfect grace‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. When called I am Sengcham Drugmo.

it‟s just right. four continents encircled And foes of the four directions tamed. May you achieve.It‟s the gift for initiation of the Lotus Born one. If applied on other horses. May they bear fruit. And then the fourth prayer of mine: This gold bridle „Wish fulfilling gem‟. May you oppress. The whip of three knotted cane and ends of silk. too great it would be. And then the sixth prayer of mine: This whip that „Achieves all wishes‟. I offer it to you – divine prince. May you be. with whip hasten the divine steed. Great power to speak to people. May you have. Its head piece – embroidery of five kinds of zahog. And then the third prayer of mine: The gold saddle. The Dharma teaching of high Tibet. This day on this divine steed will put on. And then the seventh prayer of mine. it‟s just right. This day. Put on other horses. With you on the saddle. The reins „Long term merits‟ be And rein handles „Guidance of deities‟ be. This day. Mighty person waving whips on heads. too massive it would be. Its tongue knot of silver white. turquoise halter and suchlike. For Kyang Goe here. too large it would be. Its mouth piece of yellow gold. This day. The hero that protects a hundred males And places bridles on a hundred steeds. On this Kyang Goe. May you be. It‟s the lucky charm of wealthy Kyalo. I place on the steed Kyang Goe. square woollen rug and such items. May peace reign. The enemies – Hor and Demons. it‟s just right. On this Kyang Goe. And then the fifth prayer of mine: Gold bridle. The lord of four cornered earth and powerful ruler Of the four continents. May you achieve. In order for the Being to work for sentient‟s welfare. The enlightened acts of the dakinis. The handle of the „Wish fulfilling gem‟ And whip tail of dakinis silk strings be. Placed on other horses. .

Your status higher than the blue sky. this day reveal. If possessing speed. Unhindered by barren mountains. May your victory banners be stable. this day race. it‟s truly amazing. You. If possessing the Great secret. this day race. Roar the profound secret Dharma with your Tsangpa‟s voice And the borderland barbarians. Without sinking. May you enjoy them. You. your sheen flaunt.And then the eighth prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. your sheen flaunt. this day reveal. You. all objects of knowledge without remainder. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. this day reveal. your sheen flaunt. . The status of omniscience. Is like a great khyung. it‟s truly amazing. this day reveal. it‟s truly amazing. May you swiftly attain. this day race. Unobstructed by forests. Unobstructed in the heavens. this day race. it‟s truly amazing. your sheen flaunt. If possessing speed. Is like a yellow faced drong. If possessing the Great secret. your sheen flaunt. Unhindered in the meadows. If possessing the Great secret. May you to Dharma turn. If possessing speed. Is like a great stag. If possessing the Great secret. If possessing speed. If possessing speed. And then the ninth prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. You. Unhindered by snow. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. this day reveal. And then the twelfth prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. If possessing the Great secret. The treasure mines of the eighteen great fortresses – Open them and flourishing. this day race. In your mind. And then the eleventh prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. And then the tenth prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. Is like a white snowlion. it‟s truly amazing. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. Is like a ferocious tiger.

A ruler that protects sentient beings And a guide for the future. May the steed with kyang‟s form. Drugmo praised the riders and steeds from above. Chapter – VI Ling divisions assembled and in Race took part. disclose the Great secret. this day reveal. Like the eyeballs of slightly skilled abra Unhindered by earth. it‟s truly amazing. spread across the realm. Do not lag behind Kyang Goe. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. She offered excellent prayers and presented into the hands of the divine prince the white silk without stains. May the divine prince. All sentient beings from their sufferings Liberating them. . hold these words in your mind.You. Divine prince. win the prize. Like wheels of wind that your four hooves are. And then the thirteenth prayer of mine: This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe. If possessing speed. Unhindered by water. be placed on the throne. You. May the good tidings. Unobstructed over passes. Joru the divine prince of Gogmo. This capable divine steed – Kyang Goe Like fish that reside in the water. Do not load paternal property on others. Joru was pleased in his mind and with a radiant smile gave Drugmo a pale drukar turquoise decorated by white silk and then proceeded forth to the assembly yard of the Horse race. Do not lose to the blue „Turquoise Bird‟. If possessing the Great secret. as a side incident. disclose the Great secret. May you their refuge become. Ki cho cho cho la lha-ta cho. Encircling the four continents. Joru while racing along. May you become. After chanting these words. your sheen flaunt. she offered the saddle and accessories and disclosed the Great secret. this day race. Is like a gazelle. disclose the Great secret.

their heart pulses would tremble. nine hundred yellow tents with golden top pieces. The objects of refuge of the Ling people like the lamas and other officials built up an offering torma of incense. They appeared in such a manner. those of the families living outside were like vegetation on passes and then there were the countless isolated and scattered families like mice. there were nine hundred young bloods wanting to race and thirty fearless heroes who possessed real chances and were disputing the prize. tiger skin rugs. On the tall flag „Fulfilment of wishes‟ the victory banner „Realisation of all desires‟ was placed. kept high the lance-support of Nyenchen and the Lesser lineage. They had heaped on flour like mountains of snow and smoke pervaded intermediate space. The flag of authority „Colourful blazing dzi‟ was raised. The Middle lineage. They all were like brilliant flowers of the three summer months. All the people of the upper. that if seen by their hostile enemies. raised the lance-support of Lugyel Tsugna – the Jewel headed naga ruler. the initiation gift for the Lotus Born of Orgyan. From among all these. Like starry constellations that had been transported to earth. their hearts would be joyous and if observed by highland Tibet. nine hundred blue tents with turquoise top pieces and nine hundred multicoloured tents with dzi top pieces. guided by the lu or nagas. At the time the girls of Ling like Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. Having made offerings of worship to the Three Jewels they were pleased and having presented gifts to the local deities for their assistance they then sat down. middle and lower Ling gathered – those of the families within were numerous like the stars in the heavens. Moreover there were nine hundred white tents with silver top pieces. maternal uncle‟s daughter Zedron.Transformed the likes of Ayu Dil into his retinue. A walled enclosure was created with long silk fringes and there were many such items that it seemed as if they were in competition with the celebrations of the deities. Yatha‟s . guided by the nyen. Neuchung of Ngolo Kyi. The golden throne that „Intimidates the three realms with powerful charisma‟ was erected. the task-instruments of the formation of the universe and the gems of the world. On the right and left sides were erected two silver thrones with three cushions of silk each. the Chipon‟s Lhamo Yudron. In the remaining area were laid out silk rugs. On the golden throne that „Intimidates the three realms with powerful charisma‟ was placed five cushions of zahog brocade. Those of the Great lineage. Well displayed were the treasure articles of the naga Lu Migon Karpo. On them was laid the rug of the „Eight auspicious symbols‟. all rumours would subside and everyone would rush making a beeline for Ayu Dil. who were guided by the deities. leopard skin rugs and long woollen rugs. if noticed by close relations. they each went about getting their riders ready for the occasion. raised aloft the lance-support of the great deity Tsangpa. Then on the higher pale slate mountain of Gura the tent „Meaning to behold – Dawn‟ was set up. Pekar Lhanze of Drolo.

Next they presented praises to the thirteen castles of heroes and performed thirteen ritual incense offerings. The courageous heroes when ascending were like a hailstorm directed upwards. These two held the ends of a silk string. Tise the ruler with crystals. Then the thirty fearless heroes – divine ministers were lined up close to each other at the starting point like a row of pearls on a string with their steeds turned up towards Gura Dza – the slate mountain of Gura. It was a spectacle that could have brought all gossip in the three realms to a standstill. the ruler of Trimar of the North and the ruler of Den Trikar. Additionally. Trothung‟s daughter Trotso and others came dressed up in their best clothes and decorated with all their finery and ornaments. They flashed askance and oblique glances and moved about in the most graceful manner. Thale the ruler with arrows. the ruler with wealth from Tagzig. they each held a ceremonial arrow decorated with silk and at Lha Dilgo. Then they erected thirteen incense tents. They were all dressed up in clothes and accessories that were in conformity with their own local traditions and they all had set up their own tents and encampments. were blown. Aase the ruler with armour. Some from unfamiliar countries asked the people of Ling. beaten and sounded. the Nepalese ruler with sheep.” . Many people from all the numerous countries under the sun like the three – China. Khasha the ruler with shields. They were so fairly placed that not one of the ears of the dhowa steeds could be said to be ahead or behind. On the vast fields the steeds took large steps and on the smaller areas they took smaller steps. Each rider raced after another rider and in this manner they were connected and presented a spectacle that enveloped and mesmerised the entire kingdom. there was an audience that had come from other lands. the Khache ruler with goats. Chagmo the ruler with dri. Finally they sat down and watched the spectacle from Lu Dilgo. “What have you kept as the trophy? I was on a night stop at Ayu Dil and Gura Dza. There was the ruler from upper India. Just as the two – the Chipon and the mediator placed the silk string on the ground. they offered thirteen incense silk scarfs. the ruler from lower China. Li and Nepal had assembled. at that very moment all the dhowa steeds raced off together in a flash. the lamas like Ka Rabsel Choekyi Jungne waved the silk flag. On the extreme right was the Chipon and on the left was the mediator Lhadar. From Gura Dza. They wore gold and silver bangles and bracelets that made tinkling sounds. Jang and Mon and the Khache. Mutri the ruler with steeds.daughter Sertso. The three – the White conch of the law that broadcasts. the Drum of the law that is clear and shining and the large cymbals „Sunshine and thunder‟. the ruler of Batahor. when descending they were like boulders rolling down and on the straight they were like the soaring Thangkar vulture. With a beautiful and attractive presence.

yet since all – within and without. A servant with little holdings‟ Neuchung I am. “Oh. “Wow! So big! Such a great wager and such a long race!” they all remarked. the two – Joru and his steed appeared pale and erect and people enquired of them. you do not recognise. the charismatic power to overpower the eighteen fortresses or to be the hope of the people to protect the realm of Tibet. property and attendants and the pasture areas in Ayu Dil and Gura Dza that cover thirteen night stations. So she sang it to the tune of the „Pleasing melody of the skylark‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. If me. This day come and assist Neuchung. “He is the fellow known as the Abra catcher. a small box of instruments for the task. Although my dream could not be mistaken.” It seemed that all the praises were lavished on Dongtsen and his steed and all the criticisms were of Joru and his horse. “Last night in my dream Joru arrived at the throne and Kyang Goe took the silk trophy for the swiftest steed. the birth year to welcome Dugmo. At the time. But the mother dakinis transformed her mind and she could not resist relating her dream. . Neuchung with the fine lambskin I‟m called. so she let things be. “The wager that has been kept are items such as our paternal property of seven pairs of gems. At the time. among the seven girls at Lha Dilgo who were related. “Who is that?” Insiders remarked. Lu thala lamo thala len. Kyalo‟s men.” Everyone said.Those from Ling answered. From the pure realms that are not manifest. Omniscient Dorje Phagmo – the only mother. The higher authorities would scold me. he does not have it in him – the merits to possess the property of Kyalo. Those from other nations and the Ling people enquired. “This time „Turquoise Bird‟ is certain to achieve it. As highland Tibet is filled with dislike and hostility. Neuchung of Ngolo Kyi reflected. high and low are praising Dongtsen and critical of Joru. There is no worthy owner except for Dongtsen” and in this way they appeared to be unanimous in their choice and beliefs. “Who will be the great man who will win this big wager?” Most replied.” The newcomers were amazed. it‟s better to leave it aside”. it would not be appropriate to relate the dream.

Dreamt of a vulture watching over those behind the tiger. they are three related girls. four cornered grassy field. Dreamt of snow on the barren mountain. The white helmet‟s acquired the life essence of snow. The left leopard shaft case‟s acquired the life essence of the leopard. . Is the supreme white bow that‟s acquired the life essence of the yak. Kyang Goe‟s acquired the life essence of a kyang. the girls are just master and servants. the yak that watches over. If possessing wealth. I dreamt of a vast. the vulture that watches over. Last night‟s dream was truly excellent. The woollen rug‟s acquired the life essence of wool. The right tiger skin quiver‟s acquired the life essence of the tiger. The gold saddle‟s acquired the life essence of gold. If possessing wealth. The essence of true reality is this: That in the dream that I dreamt last night. Behind the tiger. If examined various conclusions there are. Dreamt of a tiger on the right. it was just a joke.The three – Kyalo. Ngolo and Drolo. Girls isn‟t this our reality? Forgive me. Dreamt first of there being a kyang. Dreamt of a vulture on the snow. Dreamt of wool on top of the kyang. The silk dartru‟s acquired the life essence of the vulture. Dreamt of a leopard on the left. then father and uncle – master and servant be. The great lion‟s acquired the life essence of the lion. Dreamt of a barren mountain on the lion. The white armour‟s acquired the life essence of the barren mountain. If not. Dreamt of gold on top of the wool. Dreamt of a lion on top of the gold. If not. Behind the leopard. Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. they are father and uncles three. Dreamt of a yak watching over those behind the leopard. Pekar Lhanze of Drolo And Neuchung of Ngolo Kyi. Is the notched shaft that‟s acquired the life essence of the vulture.

In the towns. In the mountains. May the teachings and supreme ones remain revered. not only Joru‟s miracles. But Trothung‟s daughter Trotso‟s sore points had been aggravated by the narration of the dream. Kyang Goe‟s skill in racing and Neuchung‟s dream but also the amazing events at the time Kyang Goe was captured. So she slithered her dark snake like form and raised her nostrils. yet is a radiant being. An omen of happy auspiciousness for joyous Tibet. Of course beggar females praise beggar males. Drugmo thought. “Among us women. the blue banner that appears as if being carried by the wind is the steed of Dongtsen „Turquoise Bird that knows flight‟. May the enemy Hor and Demon‟s nape be oppressed. This day as the sun sets at eventide. May the doctrines of pure Ling flourish. If you think he‟s a shining being. it is said of the counsel of relatives and parents: . “If one looks at. My father. that‟s a blue wrapping cloth. property and attendants‟ it is said. Above on the deity plains of Kala of Ma. you can wait for him. You wench whose father roams the path of beggars. “Hey! You daughter of Ngolo. Joru will ascend the throne. unbecoming females fighting with nails. the chief Trothung while receiving the prophecy of the Red deity Tamdrin was told. Until Joru appears on the throne I must remain humble and keep my mouth silent” she felt and sat without taking any notice of the situation. hold yourself in esteem higher than the blue sky. This Joru of the wicked mother Gogmo is a radiant being of small proportions. then the rumour mills among the three thousand families would spread so wildly that we would not be able to have any answers for them.” She listened to what Neuchung related as the likely outcome and remained quiet. A girl whose mother has died of famine. Her face was a black cloud that was brewing a storm.” Then she spat and scowled at Neuchung and sat down. It‟s certain that he will win the prize. At this.’ If the two of us bring disgrace upon the top leaders of Mugpo Dong. unseemly black birds fighting with claws. ill-suited stags fighting with horns. waves her forelocks in space. „You will be the owner of father Kyalo‟s men. After these words had been chanted. Then Sengcham Drugmo wanting to calm the two girls said. Neuchung thought.The divine prince – Gogmo‟s Joru Though small in build. “This seems to be a case of: ‘In the sky. then only Joru can be the owner.

So listen. It‟s an unusual rider. Omniscient White and Green Taras. you people. The two – Trotso and Neuchung. Look up to the interiors at the spectacle there. Don‟t quarrel and dispute. It‟s traversed great passes and shades. Yet it helps to look good in the eyes of the thousands of families. Are the roots of quarrels within and without. better it is to sit down. Lu thala lamo thala len. for I have such words to relate: The three – biases. look. applying pressure and verbal disputes. The person that goes forth first. It‟s Apen the son of chief Trothung of Dongtsen On the dhowa „Turquoise Bird that knows flight‟. For though there’s no need to worry of the ground giving way under us. . It‟s crossed and covered great waters and horse tails.’ Now. all you who have been playmates. Even if congested earth is hard. Omniscient Dorje Phagmo – the form that accomplishes And others like Namsey – the deity of wealth. On the shoulders of the slate mountain of Gura On the right corner and on the left corner. The two – the deity‟s prophecy of Trothung And the experiences perceived by Neuchung. Who‟s right will now clearly come to pass. looks like he‟s flying. What need for these to be the basis of a dispute. I‟ll provide a „Praise of their gaits‟. It‟s a steed bought from the land of China. Hearken to me. master and servant. yet be relaxed. I‟ll provide for you all an account of the riders and an account of the steeds. This day come and assist your daughter.” she said and chanted this song to the tune of the „Pleasing melody that selects all‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. please keep quiet. For though there’s no need to worry of knocking our heads. Yet it helps to keep the colourful tribe’s rumour mills propitious and lucky. For each male rider I‟ll offer a „Praise‟ and for every steed there is. It‟s equalled the speed of feathered birds. This day when the sun of happiness smiles. It‟s rolled up white pages of vast plains.‘Even if expectations are high as the blue sky yet bend down to them. O companions.

The person that goes forth after them. For a little foal reared on jakma grass. The person that goes forth after him It‟s Nyatsa Aten of Trothung. On the dhowa „Friendly male of a thousand dances‟. . It‟s the great minister – Guru Gyaltsen On the dhowa „Little Brown. Blue weapon‟s being used as a stirrup stone. These are the Great lineage‟s four riders and steeds. smooth as silk‟. Its manes can summon the nyen. It‟s Lhundup of Michen Gyelwa On the dhowa „Matchless white forehead‟. For such a male to be born – it‟s extraordinary. The person that goes forth after him. This day as the sun sets at eventide. It‟s the nephew of the Chinese ruler Chen. It‟s Nyibum Daryag of Serwa On the dhowa „Goose with golden eggs‟. These are the Middle lineage‟s four riders and steeds. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s Shellu Karpo of Dong Bumpa On the dhowa „White Mongolian phoenix‟. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after them. The person that goes forth after him. He‟s called the „Lion bear‟s son – the wolf among men‟. Its forelock can summon the deities. The person that sets forth after him. The steed‟s called the „Treasury of wealth‟. To possess such vigour and stamina is truly amazing.It‟s as if he‟s going forth to another rebirth. It‟s Zikphen – the chief of Tagrong On the dhowa „That can soar over mountains‟. It‟s the capable Sengtak Adom On the dhowa „Smooth silk over a thousand mountains‟. Blue armour is hidden behind the cloak. It‟s Choekyong Bernak of Gadhe On the dhowa „Stormy dark wind‟.

. The elder of three generations of humans. The person that goes forth first. The elder of three generations of deities. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s the Chipon – Shawa Tragen On the dhowa „Assembly of a hundred deers‟. He‟s the great drum beater that destroys insiders. It‟s the chief with dynasty intact – Senglon On the dhowa „Vermillion red‟ These are the three related father uncles of Ling. It‟s Bendhe Marpo – the commander of a hundred On the dhowa „Peacock that knows flight‟. At the „Thirteen peak deities‟ at the waist of Ma. mothers and dakinis do know. The person that goes forth after them. It‟s younger brother Rongtsa Lhadar On the dhowa „Peacock with Patterns‟. The person that goes forth after him. What has been done. He‟s Uncle – Aku Trothung Gyalpo On the dhowa „Black tailed Jackal‟. It‟s the river with uninterrupted flow – River of Ma. It‟s the mountain with mu thread intact – Mount Gerzoh. It‟s certain roots of pollution on Drugmo will be blamed. It‟s the son possessing perfect skills of archery. It‟s Pabo Shechen – commander of a thousand On the dhowa „Runs thousands leisurely‟.There‟s risk of internal violence among the brothers. He‟s the damaru rattler that destroys outsiders. It‟s maternal uncle Jangtra Denma On the dhowa „Little Peach Vajra‟. These are the Lesser lineage‟s four riders and steeds. It‟s Darphen – the great trunk of poison On the dhowa „Little Brown that can soar‟. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him.

The person that goes forth after them. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after them. It‟s Lhadar of Zuchen Werma. . It‟s Tragyal of Gungwa Bu On the dhowa „Black Stripes that knows flight‟.The person that goes forth after him. On the dhowa „Blue turquoise egg‟. It‟s the lucky charm since white Ling formed. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s Nyima Gyaltsen of Guru On the dhowa „Matchless among Ten thousand‟. These are the three related chiefs of Ling. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s Darlu – the lord that judges On the dhowa „Cuckoo that knows flight‟. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s Abar Phentak of Khepa. It‟s the Chipon Nang-ngu Yutag. Possesses the dralha of ears when listening. It‟s Tharwa Gyaltsen of Nagru On the dhowa „Black with Drong‟s trot‟. On the dhowa „Golden fish that transforms greatly‟. These are the three related wise men of Ling. The person that goes forth after them. Possesses the dralha of eyes when observing. It‟s Pasar Dawa of Choenga On the dhowa „Vermillion Tiger that knows dance‟. These are the three related dear children of Ling. It‟s Chagnak Gonpo Sing Sing On the dhowa „Soaring Black Khyung‟. It‟s Rinchen Darlu of Muwa On the dhowa „Red painting of lightning‟. On the dhowa „Wheatish with Turquoise manes‟.

He‟s a have-not pretending to have. The person that goes forth after them. His father is the ruler Senglon. It‟s Guru. These are the two related excellent sons of Ling. He carries loads that cannot be lifted. The person that goes forth after him. It‟s the reliable hero Yutag Gyel On the dhowa „Nine hundred with horns‟.The person that goes forth after him. It‟s the „Little man with Big mouth‟ of Ling On the dhowa „Buzz that knows flight‟. He‟s on the dhowa „Aase Guru‟. son of Khishi – the dead dog. These are the four mediators of Ling. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. The person that goes forth after him. The remaining person that goes forth. The person that goes forth first. It‟s Mamo Kunsheh – the „All knowing Accurate Diviner‟ On the dhowa „Black Raven that dances‟. . These are the two knowledgeable ones of Ling. It‟s Anu Paseng of Wombu On the dhowa „Wheatish crystal egg‟. These are the three related serfs of Ling. It‟s the sheep faced Ngolug of Buyag Tsang On the dhowa „White silk over a thousand continents‟. It‟s the supreme Kechok Tharwa of Yatha On the dhowa „Pale yellow that knows flight‟. The person that goes forth after them. The person that goes forth after them. At the lowest point in Ma – the silk crossroad. It‟s Kunga Nyima the physician On the dhowa „Excellent gathering of Geese‟. It‟s sickle-nosed Zorna of Akhoh Tharwa On the dhowa „White mouthed Little gazelle‟.

Akin to ferocious tigers with well-endowed stripes they are. So in this way. racing down the slope. purify their negativities and obscurations and obtain their share of Dharma. Its middle – a stormy nyen‟s painting. Upwards ascended the race horses of the thousands of families. O friendly sister maidens. repay the kindness of their parents. tonight it will be clear. Blazing like fire are the blessings of the Jewels and deities. To the sandalwood forest the Middle lineage has arrived. She developed an excellent vast mind of bodhicitta by praying that all ordinary beings would make use of the ritual services of the lamas. Hind parts – a destructive naga‟s painting. there was a variety of thoughts and feelings. It‟s paternity – „White steed of the sky‟. That‟s either an omen of great evil Or else the beginning of auspicious portents. Collected like a lake. is the gift offering of the Jewel headed naga. Akin to yellow faced drongs with well-endowed horns they are. He‟s the one that with four hoofed legs circles the four continents. Without names and from various countries raced. He‟s the one that vanquishes the harmful deity spirits. But Neuchung felt that since all these riders were accomplished beings who had actualised attainments. To the fine white snows the Great lineage has arrived. Then some of the girls developed an attachment to the smarter and more handsome males and others became arrogant and conceited about the swifter steeds.His mother is Gogza Lhamo. In this manner she chanted. Isn‟t it so. Its upper body – flashes of a deity‟s painting. All the others – the countless mice. To the fine slate mountain the Lesser lineage has arrived. Stormy like winds are the assistance of the lu and nyen. The prince himself is the divine prince Joru. Akin to great lions rattling turquoise manes they are. Whether excellent or evil. . The dhowa being ridden under his legs. He‟s the one that defeats the four foes. It‟s the capable steed „Kyang Goe‟. It‟s mother – „Wheat steed of the earth‟. The boy Joru descended. just to have caught a glimpse of their physical appearance was a fortunate opportunity.

The corpse son Gade spoke up and said that the steeds should direct their heads to the Gura mountains and their hind parts towards me Ayu Dil. This day. There have been none among the hundreds going up who have not offered incense and none among the thousands going down who have not offered tea. the chieftain with white helmet. But today if I do not cause a catastrophic misfortune on the rider and steed of the house the Lesser lineage I am not Ayu Dil. Happy Joru the true buddha. From the great bliss palace of my crown. “Last time. Nyenchen. Omniscient dharmakakya – Buddha Boundless Light. the Sakya requesting land. the house of the Lesser lineage. When offerings are made to me. the local spirit – the great Ayu Dil Chen – one with the tiger‟s head. Ayu Dil it‟s not as if one is not looked after and when not worshipped it‟s not that there is no jealousy. This gradually got larger to the size of a goat‟s corpse and then a yak‟s corpse and then it still increased and covered half of the sky. with the confidence of snakes. turned his face backwards and chanted this song to the tune of the dro dance of Ayu Dil Chen of Ma that‟s called „Great grace and minor restrictions‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. the Red hat togden.” So she summoned the „Eight classes‟ of harmful spirits to assist her and immediately from the top of Ayu Dil of Ma a dark cloud the size of a bird‟s corpse arose. Omniscient nirmankaya – the Lotus born one. Omniscient sambhogkaya – the Great compassionate one. Tsangpa. the meditator requesting dharma. Light flashes filled the heavens. This day come forth and assist Joru. Elder brother Dungkhyung Karpo. the dented area of the calves and the protruding area of the fleshy buttocks. Lugyel. Help and hold the Tiger‟s head with your lasso. the leopard‟s head and bear‟s head.At the time. Today. Grasp in your hand the White deity lasso. come forth and assist Joru. I have been shown the dark area of the occiput. one with a top knot of conch. thought. with a great tiger‟s head. . the Kargyupa with colourful hat and others and also whoever it was – they have always offered me Ayu Dil the first offering of hat. Earlier all these people – the lamas with yellow hats. Hail and thunderbolts descended simultaneously. the chief with turban. Omniscient kind-hearted root master. did not listen to the Great and Middle lineage. Lu thala lamo thala len.

Help and hold the Bear‟s head with your lasso. The tarnished sky was cleansed. If not seen. If nearby. As soon as the sun‟s rays shone brightly. As for the divine prince he struck three times with the sleeve of his garments and roared. “ From this moment onwards you must give up eating the flesh of beings. Help and hold the Leopard‟s head with your lasso. If this day. We will be your subjects and do whatever tasks commanded by the speech of your enlightened activities.Younger brother Ludrul Woeden. is but a barren mountain with head chopped off. We will protect the teachings of the Buddha. The seas almost turned upside down. Ki cho ya cho ya Ayu Dil As soon as the words of the song had been chanted the lord of dhowa steeds – the capable Kyang Goe danced the arm movements of the dro with its forelegs and the leg movements of the dro with its hind legs. Grasp in your hand the Blue lu lasso. The clouds were scattered and destroyed by the winds. leopard and bear‟s head. If seen. It‟s a sign of not being a close disciple of the supreme ones. Work hard and volunteer to spread goodness among all sentient beings and hinder negativities and I will not vanquish you completely. We will offer you the rich treasures of good fortune of Ma. Dancing with all its four limbs together caused the middle of the mountain to collapse and the top of the mountain broke off. “O Have mercy. Ludrul and Metak each carrying their own lassoes flashed about like lightning and hooked the necks of the three Ayu Dil heads. If at a distance. From among the dralha – Metak Marpo. is greatly renowned at a distance. The roar of the turquoise dragon – thunder decreased. quickly come and serve your tea. killing them and taking away their breaths. “Ho ya. We will spread peace and happiness among sentient beings. Or else. The three – Dungkhyung.” . She brought forth the „Wish fulfilling gem‟ desired by all and the ninety nine gold keys and offered them to the divine prince Joru.” They displayed respect and offered prostrations. Grasp in your hand the Red nyen lasso. The power of the demonic planet deteriorated. The „Eight classes‟ of harmful spirits fled the scene and escaped to the safety of their own homes. Please don‟t pound and completely decimate the local deities. Ayu Dil of Ma with tiger. She pleaded. drinking their blood. the owner of the treasures of good fortune of Ma emanated into the form of a sixteen year old grown up maiden. Ho ya” and then continued. if you do abide by your vows. I do not vanquish and bind you to oath. swiftly bring your ceremonial scarf.

We will not give up our oaths. the enlightened activities of Nene and the result of one‟s past actions. Saw Joru ascend the throne in grandeur. Even Guru. the pale erect figure of Joru went forwards and enquired of the hunchback. The three chiefs were at Thonpo Gudrig – the „Arrangement of Nine elevations‟ while the father uncles were at Tselha Chusum – the „Thirteen peak deities‟. then he can act as a counterforce to the Hor and the Demon. Thinking of other’s welfare. He created a vehicle through the uma channels and raced. The end of the contest for the greatest race horse. The Middle lineage riders were at the deity paths of Kali Lhalam and the Lesser lineage were at the pass of Tshal Li of Ma. “O bent form like a deity bowing. one errs in one’s own task. Do not destroy us” and thus was transformed into a guardian protector of the white side. The riders of the Great lineage were closed by the mountain of Gura Dza. “We will not forsake your commands.‟ Now I should go on speedily” he thought. If the supreme ones grant victory to Dongtsen. I must examine and evaluate this hunchback Guru. But if I am granted the prize. having fastened everything they . I will not race but go on slowly. property and attendants are obtained by the power of the Lama‟s blessings.She too vowed. At this Joru felt dismayed. The supreme sun of peace and benefit. Then the thought arose in him. arose With powerful clarity from the top of Sumeru. “Unless Kyalo‟s men.” Then with a clearly sounded “ki”. the hunchback was ahead by eighteen corners. I will accomplish the task. Then Joru put the „Wish fulfilling gem‟ into his pocket and attached the gold keys to his waist and looked upwards. „Turquoise Bird‟ is a difficult rival to beat as the two – „Turquoise Bird‟ and Kyang Goe are equally fast and have been close together. he had caught up right behind Guru the hunchback. “Oh no! It‟s like the adage: ‘Picking up stones from the plains and casting away provisions from pocket. The others had arrived at Gangkar Tsesum – the „Three peaked snow mountain‟ and Khenlung Ritrug. what is this commotion today among the brave heroes of Ling dressed up in everything that can be stitched. Then he guided the upper white winds down and the lower reddish brown winds up. Within the span of a moment itself.

But looking at my own standard of living it‟s truthful to say none in Ling would desire it. not having time to think but racing as they wish. the Middle lineage have „Pearls strung on silk‟ and the Lesser lineage has the capable „Khyung‟s wings‟. he then raced after Kyang Goe with his body bending and bowing. Rather than thoughts. Therefore the two of us – the have-nots. His . So let‟s each of us go to our own shady side of the mountain” he added and as he has done earlier. You calf thief. it is difficult to succeed. we can do it that way. what do you have to avoid?” Thinking in this way. His inner intestines had not come out. Where are they all going to? Do you know what the point of all this is?” The hunchback Guru knew that a few days earlier Drugmo had been sent as a messenger.” Joru replied. “The Great lineage has Taktsang – the „Tiger‟s lair‟ with fine sheens. where are you going to? I was wondering if I could become the owner of Kyalo‟s men. the hunched misery of Yada and she the hunched famine of Mada and the two of you I thought were hunched beggars and so I considered joining backs and improving your sheen. Whoever wins the prize. So this pretence of his not knowing was certainly the speech of a liar or else what could it have been he wondered. “I don‟t know where we are going. I won‟t be part of a group. I will go separately and directly. let‟s join our naked backs together against each other and smoothen our hairs to obtain a better sheen. can go to the side of the sunshine and when it‟s sunny can go to the side of the shade. he set off making use of the vehicle of „Channels and winds‟.the instruments for the task are more fearsome. we‟re quite different. Kyang Goe gave him a kick with his hind legs and flung him down three corners. who‟s been stuck in Lower Ma and me. property and attendants with this Horse race. up passes and down hills. when in the dark. You. Now the rivals to our thoughts – the Ling divisions are more capable. Since the two thinkers – Guru and Joru are a miserable sight. let‟s share it together. It was just that I didn‟t know that you the hunched back of Yadatsang of Ling and your mother the hunched body of Madatsang of Ling and the two of you were hunched friends. Let each one go his separate way and as individuals. Then Guru the son of Khyishi thought. I will not smoothen hides or hairs with you. So therefore Joru must have been told of the event.have on the cinch strap.” Hearing this. snort dribbling abra hunter with your raised and dented neck of spirits. But you. his outer skin was not peeled. so they need not avoid anything. Except for that what else could I think of? Now move aside and don‟t obstruct my path. “Oh! I too thought of the same thing. “What are you saying? You son of spirits. So he said. All of them possessing powers. “Well. Protected by Joru‟s compassion. Guru the hunchback became superstitious and said.” Joru said.

what is? Greater than the distance that I have come up. I pray. Whenever I show my face a sheep disappears. the precious divine prince caught up with the sheep faced Ngolug of Buyag Tsang and remarked to him. Today I have obtained an excellent sign that the teachings of the Buddha will spread in the world. Ngolug Buyag thought that since this Joru was the incarnation of a thousand buddhas and a close disciple of the Lotus Born one from Orgyan. Like mount Sumeru do not change your form. Speech like the sixty sections of Tsangpa‟s voice. . this „Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan‟ was granted by the Lotus Born one. when a counterforce against the Hor and Demon is required.” Joru then thought. he took out the „Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan‟ and enclosing it in a roll of white silk. Then from his portable chapel box „Wheel of gold‟. When it approaches the end of time. “Hey! Whenever you show your face a sheep appears. he should request of him unmistaken instructions on the refuge and bodhicitta and other such practices. The difference in the birth of our bodies. Between the two of us that are related. alas they aren‟t the same. this hat‟s time will come for benefitting beings. if this is not a miracle. He covered his „Peaked gazelle hat‟ in a silk ceremonial scarf and gave it in return and chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. The two of us descended from the same paternal clan. you snatched away my share of goodness and your share of nastiness you gave to me. May it unerringly accomplish the welfare of beings. I‟m going” he thought and having come to a decision he returned to his home. why should there be such a difference in the quality of our purity and excellence? That‟s because earlier while I lacked the ability. how joyful I‟d be! I lack courage to say. “His offering the „Little multicoloured hat of the meditator of Orgyan‟ together with aspirational prayers is extremely auspicious. offered it to Joru saying. Lu thala lamo thala len. Today you shall heal me” he added and raised his whip and stopped in front of him. “O precious divine prince Joru. “Now. that sentient beings will achieve peace and happiness and that all the tasks of the supreme ones will be accomplished like the waxing moon” and he was pleased in his mind. Without wavering. Mind of primordial wisdom of undifferentiated bliss and emptiness. May it roar the Dharma unobstructed. The difference in the qualities of our minds And the limitless merits for the welfare of beings – If only these were equal. After this incident. He got down from his steed and prostrated himself.bones too had escaped injury and the man and steed both stood up and he concluded. remain eternally. I have no need to acquire the paternal property and I don‟t want to watch this spectacle of Ling. This day I offer it to you – divine prince. I have been flung down.

sambhogkaya and nirmankaya. From the unmanifested palace of the expanse of phenomena. O you Ngolug of Buyag Tsang. Are the thirty „Wisdom sutra‟ collections that were not written. The hosts of dakas. Taking the mountain as an illustration of one‟s own mind. Abides the mandala of tutelary and host of deities. To you fortunate one. Abides the Root lama of the lineage. Abides countless buddhas and bodhisattvas. dakinis and guardian protectors. Do not be distracted but focus your Awareness on me. Leave it at ease in the state free of agitation. On each strand of hair on the head. I. On the crown‟s palace of great bliss.The three – dharmakaya. I have shown. Come forth all of you and assist Joru. the divine prince Joru. On the secret site‟s wheel of bliss protection. From the belt and waist downwards. Abides host of Dharma guardian protector deities. Lord of three and five families. . If the dharmakaya of the mind is explained: Taking the ocean as an illustration of one‟s own mind. The Lotus Born one of Orgyan has commanded And sent me for the welfare of sentient beings. son of Gogmo. From the belt and waist upwards. If desiring to meet the physical body of deity form. The waves are a miracle of the mind. Is the temple of eight pillars that was not built. On the umbilical wheel of emanation. Abides a hundred billion buddhas. The plants are a miracle of the mind. Without hiding anything. I speak from my heart. On the heart‟s wheel of Dharma. Moreover the other host of deities of body. wrathful and peaceful deities. Leave them in the state free of transplantation.

The sharp pains are like those when a weapon has been flung. When abiding in the state of empty clarity – That itself is the nature of emptiness. it would even get rid of the four hundred and forty four diseases collected together. “Hey! Doctor Kunga Nyima la. so I did not bring them along. In this life. Additionally. Again. then in the manner of a vulture that surpasses all in flight. My memory‟s not well and my nerves flash about. hold it in the mind‟s centre. The colours of the rainbow are a miracle of the mind. . My upper body burning like fire with a fever. Without forgetting. I cannot tolerate the smell. enlightenment.Taking the sky as an illustration of one‟s own mind. firstly my mother‟s feeds of ice tea. In the future. The cold and hot illness of the middle parts would be separated like a married couple that have broken off. My middle is swirling like a wind with the cold and heat. Leave it in equanimity in the state of non-duality. My lower body‟s disturbed like water with the cold. what‟s best for me. thirdly my poor physique when I was a kid and fourthly the terribly cold and bad weather have produced a disease in me. The dharmakaya – the unchanging Awareness. this morning. In both this and future lives. would have been discharged upwards to the sky. My limbs are not well and my strength has deteriorated. you will certainly gain. I thought that the medicine bag and prescription papers would be an excessive burden for my steed in this Horse race. I will be your refuge and protector. My eyes are not well and my eyelashes have come off. Do not be distracted. My upper body‟s not well and my lungs are bursting. My lower body slithers like a snake. The cold illness from the lower body would have rolled downwards like a great boulder on a steep mountain face. as if driving away a flock of birds with a sling stone. Gaze at it in its naked emptiness and clarity. he complained. Now. If we had the „pill that destroys all illnesses‟. After having chanted these words he left like a capable bird in a roaring swirl. When one‟s own mind looks back at oneself. secondly the excessive holes in my calf skin dress. he caught up with the physician Kunga Nyima and acting as if he was ill. “Alright. My head‟s not well and my hair burns. I will not fail you. Recollection and Awareness are miracles of the mind. O omniscient physician?” The physician replied. the hot disease from your upper body. but fix your Awareness.

The three main ones – Uma. This unopened one. buddhas and medicine deity. This one with an excessive pausing and being joined. From the palace of lapis lazuli.But since the pill is not here. Joru took a high quality ceremonial scarf and placed it on the neck of the physician and again went like a swirling rush of startled birds and caught up with Moma Kunsheh – the „All knowing Accurate Diviner‟. renown will spread across the realm. Your paternal pulse – the king of mountains. whose pulse elements are disturbed. Is the pulse that subjugates the forces of the dark side. Pulse proclaiming. So therefore Joru. it will be alright if I examine your pulse and see if you will die or recover. the prize will be won if one races. This opened one. This day come and assist this physician. Are pulses. with a fine pulse movement. As soon as he had chanted this. Pulse claiming. throne will be ascended if one sits. sambhogkaya and nirmankaya. whose mental continuums have been from deities severed.” He then held onto Joru‟s hand and while smiling a little he chanted this song to the tune of the „Graceful white silk‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. This one which has been welcomed for a long time. Are pulses whose pulse realms are with dakinis filled. Who are surrounded by a host of medicinal deities. This one that swirls like wind for a short time. that sends tasks flying along. Sumeru Is the pulse. race and friend your recognition is near. Kyang and Ro pulses Are the dharmakaya. The tutelary deity. Is the pulse that enhances the prestige of the white side. Lu thala lamo thala len. Pulse predicting. . Is pulse that symbolises the world will be placed in peace. listen to me. Now do not stay. This Laa pulse that‟s slightly serious. Is pulse predicting many disputes with the host of demons. Is the pulse that leads to changes among the brothers. Is the pulse of wife raising the status of the home.

The Nyen diviner with powers of prediction. come forth and assist Moma.Approaching him Joru remarked. “Oh! I had doubts and felt that if I brought along my divining articles. Body attired in a dress of blue silk. From the nyen palace in intermediate space. From the Naga palace bereft of warmth. come forth and assist Moma. For this divination that shows up this day. The Lu diviner with powers of prediction. Neck with turquoise garlanded. Hand grasping a yellow divinatory Juthig thread. I will have to divine with this rein – „Auspicious angled knot‟ and then he chanted this song: Lu ala lamo ala len. Hand grasping a white divinatory Juthig thread. Since you are the one who speaks of what has gone before and paints a picture of what is yet to come. come forth and assist Moma. The deity diviner with powers of prediction. From the palace of the deities above. so I left them behind. This day. This day. The diviner of China that can lasso water. This day. The diviner of Hor with a head of conch. . they would slow down my skilled Northern steed. Body attired in a dress of white silk. please conduct a divination for me. tell me who‟s been appointed to preside over pure Ling‟s paternal strategy of disputes? Is it better for me – Joru the abra hunter to race or not to race? If I race. Lu thala lamo thala len. Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants. This day. The good and bad influences of the amazing divination. Assist and create a variety of similar outcomes. Hand grasping a blue divinatory Juthig thread. It‟s yielded a divination of a white faced deity on snow. Neck with conches garlanded. Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants. will Kyang Goe be swift enough? If he wins the race will the prized silk be granted?” Moma Kunsheh the diviner said. “O Moma la. Body attired in a dress of yellow silk. The diviner of Jang with powers of prophecy. come forth and assist Moma. Now. Surrounded by three hundred divining assistants. Neck with gold garlanded.

A picture. for you possess the face of joy. Showing foes and hindrances being threatened by charisma. Showing skill and courage greater than a tiger‟s. A divination of rain clouds hovering over the mountains. A divination of tigress being attracted to forest. A divination of yellow faced drongs being attracted to it. he felt that he should evaluate Aku Trothung‟s immeasurable sense of joy at that time. turning to the right and turning to the left. A picture. Now race on. A picture. Then he proceeded ahead and in a corner of the path. It‟s yielded a divination of one‟s own site on fine. of being cared for from the sky. of Clear light having descended from the deities. A reality. of numerous dralha and reinforcements. A divination of tiger‟s striped coat being well endowed. He placed a ceremonial scarf „Possessing a thousand lotuses‟ around the neck of the diviner and set off again as earlier until he caught up with Aku Trothung. he broke his spell and transformed back into his . A divination of a haughty snowlion added on. Greater than this. no divination can yield. Joru was pleased in his heart. of maternal lineage breaking off in the mountains. colourful slate mountains. It‟s yielded a divination and yielded again the blue sky. of divine lineage‟s radiance glittering. Showing that treasures will be obtained from the four directions. A reality. Showing all your brothers‟ radiance being assembled. A divination of turquoise manes flourishing. And then it yielded the blue lake. that the kingdom will be turned to Dharma. of deity families expanding breath-wise. A picture. A reality. of the world being gathered under your power. Showing karmic consequences and tasks collecting like a lake. A divination of sun appearing on snow.A reality. A divination of drong‟s horns being well endowed. After Moma Kunsheh the diviner had predicted in this way. A divination of leaves and petals in full bloom. So Joru emanated his body into a jaluh or rainbow body and thus became invisible. His belt was the „Nine knots of rainbow colours‟. Showing possession of courage greater than a yak‟s. Aku Trothung had worn his hat that had a top piece called the „Legal knot of the chief‟ and the hat brim was the „Lama‟s Dharma knot‟. It‟s yielded a divination of external sites in sandalwood forests. That day. Showing method and wisdom being assembled. And then it yielded a congested earth. When the divine prince noticed him racing in front.

“O Uncle. I regretted not having brought along all the sweets and delicacies for you. That Dongtsen is still whipping the head and whipping the tail of „Turquoise Bird‟ his steed. Joru enquired. “Oh! What evil deity could this be?” but then an immeasurable sense of regret arose in him after which he started banging haughtily on his own chest. I have much to relate to you like the „Three varieties of possible existences‟ and the „Three types of impossible existences‟. Joru thought. held the sun at eighteen hours and lengthened the distance of twenty five corners. At the time Lopon Rinpoche or the Lotus Born one. When I was going on ahead. one’s ears are uneasy as if beaten with iron. Now if I arrive there once more. this morning when you left. Trothung thought. He tied four invisible lead millstones around the steed „Turquoise Bird‟ and made it wait. so I have not got stuck to the throne. Aku Trothung thought he had been summoned by the Red deity Tamdrin and that this was a sign that if he now could delay the proceedings for a while Dongtsen was certain to be victorious in the race.” So he continued talking back and forth and chanted many songs and it took a very long time. the Ling divisions will become superstitious. “O Uncle. now let‟s not race but go on slowly. This morning you returned back to Ayu Dil. “My good nephew. Uncle will be angry and Drugmo will be consumed by hatred. “As in the saying: .earlier body but this time with his radiance and splendour greatly increased. this morning you beat the grand drum with a great „thiiing‟ sound and now you are drumming a cycle of beats on your chest. Now what makes you return to the Gura mountains? Is it because you‟ve decided that you will not be able to ascend the throne?” Joru remarked. the „Three kinds of peaks of the mother blacksmiths‟ and the „Three kinds of peaks of the blacksmith‟. May I know what all this is about?” Trothung replied. the „Eighteen great stripes of the tiger‟ and many others. It‟s like in the saying: If each day a story is not heard. “Oh! My famished nephew.” Hearing this. one will attain the form of a fish in water. I noticed you were spurring on with great joy which I cannot fathom. I fear that if I get stuck on the throne. I have been to the top of the throne twice. So Aku Trothung said. it will be three times. with a great “Ki” sound he suddenly appeared right in front of Aku Trothung. Next. If each year a dress is not stitched. the „Internal song of worldly existences‟.

don‟t use it. I should chant a song”. is an oppressive order. Now if Uncle‟s talk has no end. Yidam and the Jewels. Wonder if I should be one with oppressive power? Having roamed the realm without food. Wonder if I should look for a maiden with sparkling eyes. it’s a thief. is an oppressive order. is an oppressive order. Lu thala lamo thala len.Nine times if a male changes direction. Congested earth has been a home to all. Wonder if I should touch a saddle and bit? Having been hated and hated by humble people. Uncle do not be distracted. it‟s a small reward. The wealth and property of Ga Kyalo. Wonder if I should touch a cloak with sleeves? Having feet with yuga horse boots that are tired out. You. A frightened female’s scared speech. don‟t race now. starts straight away. don‟t go on them. a calf skin dress that‟s been eaten by lice. Displayed before you Uncle. he’s a liar. son of Gogmo. A thief’s nasal whistles. To say. For me the abra hunter Joru. The Horse race was by chief Trothung decided. don‟t stay there. A liar’s tale of deception. Having a gazelle hat that‟s been denounced by gossip. but listen to me: The blue sky has been a head covering for all. To say. Inseparably on the crown of my head abide. Nine times if a dog changes direction. But shown to beggar Joru. Wonder if I should touch a helmet with dartru? Having on my back. Wonder if I should wear a great man‟s rainbow boots? Having a stick in hand and subjugated dogs. Nine times if a female changes direction. . The pale paths are travel routes for beings all. is an oppressive order. Abiding. Wonder if I should become a rich father‟s son? Having failed and failed to find a spouse. To say. come bubbling forth. he considered and chanted this song to the tune of „Intimidating the great gathering with charisma‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. it‟s a great prize. grant me your blessings. I request. is whispered. she’s scared. The refuges three – Lama. To say.

I could even give the great prize of paternal property to Dongtsen. Racing with rage because Dongtsen was in the lead. Not going upwards. “It appears there‟s no other owner for the throne except you. Joru without breaking out of his spell and while still in his emanated form. Joru once again proceeded speedily like the swirling rush of startled birds. I will not stay. “Oh! Little nephew. Shellu‟s body gave off flickering sparks of fire as he sped on. Evil Uncle with abundant jealousy. since when have you had that hat? What‟s the story behind that?” Joru then related the story of the hat in detail and the Chipon who was pleased in his heart remarked. „Turquoise Bird‟ is a rival that‟s hard to beat. Nene‟s enlightened activities and the consequences of one‟s past karma.” Hearing this. I do not have. he should see how he reacted when he suddenly came across enemy outsiders. immediately encouraged him on with his words. asked of him. property and attendants in dependence on the grace of the Lama‟s compassion.Time to listen to long talks. Joru again set off in a hurry. Do as you please. On the outside was his dark brown cloak. “Nephew. Evil brothers with dark thoughts. but swiftly set forth. Joru noticing him wondered. if Shellu raged so much at insiders like his younger and older brothers. Look at „Turquoise Bird‟. now race on. race on. After these words. sang this song to instil fear: . The mouth of the scabbard of his sword „Little star Yazi‟ was raised. Shellu thought. If I did not have to subdue the demons of the dark side. who had never fled in his entire life. So he emanated himself in a form of a black man on a black horse that had alighted on the ground like the Demon planet and then went towards fair Shellu‟s side. unless one obtains Kyalo‟s men. fled three steps backwards at the end of which he remained like a lion displaying its power and strength. like the rush of a startled flock of birds and in a moment had caught up with the fair Shellu or Gyatsa Shelkar. The Chipon seeing him. Soon he had caught up with the Chipon. if it‟s not a demon of the Lord of death. “O uncle. what else could it be?” Then Gyatsa Shelkar.” The Chipon noticing the hat on his head. Fair Shellu had worn his blue armour underneath on his naked body. otherwise as far as winning it by racing is concerned. “This form that I see. Now. where is it going?” Joru replied.

whoever wins the prize For the swiftest steed”. Ling brothers are decorated in silk and jewels. Though not appearing to fight enemies. This day come forth and befriend me. With weights gifted. Bernag of Gade is. Consider it a sign of not being Beru of Dong. don‟t flee son of a father. in Dong Bumpa‟s race. Choelu Darphen is. no escape is possible. As friend who welcomed. it is said. Joru was packed off to Lower Ma. Will be won by the swiftest steed in a race. Lu thala lamo thala len. The greatly valued paternal estates of pure Ling. maternal uncle Denma is. while the sun did shine. With lances an adept. For the local deity that depends on „Red Rocks‟. . Yet you have on the white armour inside. Stand up on top if you a capable hero be. Earlier on. With swords capable. Was ordered to go and kill these four people. evoking compassion! This day just before nightfall. paternal property not obtained. The real reason for my coming is just that. With shafts an expert. it was I that served And the thoughts of the two of us. I am the one called „Beru Nyima Gyaltsen of Dong. One like you. From castle made of the two – iron and copper. said friend Joru. Omniscient Red Begtse – the reinforcements. “No difference will it make. If you do not recognise me. Though cowards flee. Now don‟t flee. were in accord. in the Horse race of Ling.Lu ala lamo ala len. Iron mountain over there and copper one here. Within the distance that one hears with one‟s ears. Sharp weapon below the stirrup placed. This day. Gyatsa Shelkar is. What a pitiable sight. “Other than these none to fear in Ling” said Joru. if with The power of force.

A father with much merit has acquired such a son. What a disgraceful person I have been while Dong Bumpa is still alive! Oh. So Gyatsa said. sat down in his nakedness and began to pick out fleas and continued in this way. He lost his sense of balance and his face turned entirely towards Joru. with your evil talk you‟ve got rid of all inner affection. Now he wondered if Joru would listen to his talk. is an irritant for the eyes of the onlooker. Elder brother at one’s back. Gyatsa felt that Joru was trying to put him to the test at every occasion and that with his evil talk he had destroyed his deep affection for him. Joru pleaded. On top of that I was thinking of internal violence by the younger and elder brothers. Even now there appears to be nothing more suitable. “Alright. I am Joru. is an irritant for younger brother. fair Shellu of Bumpa thought. that‟s responsibly taking up his task. Either way. My steed Phoenix‟s vigour and speed are greater than the wind. just look at Dongtsen. But since you have blabbered your heroics and shown-off your strength. I am Joru. “Oh! Companion. I. Had it been any other person except Joru. The notched shaft‟s pain is equal to that of lightning. We had discussed that you Gyatsa would be the warrior and the Chipon was to be the speaker among us. spread it out on the ground. at least he could say later that he had tried.After Joru had uttered these words. he was about to fling it when the divine prince Joru quickly broke the spell of his emanation and presented his real form. I emanated myself into a black man on a black horse. The sword Yazi‟s edge is greater than fire. It‟s like the saying: ‘A horn sprouting ahlong earrings. how can it ever be entrusted to a foe like this that comes directly at you. we are now sure to obtain the throne. no! Oh. do invite you to the rage of Yazi. Gyatsa Shelkar who possesses all these skills complete. Just wait and watch!” he said and after taking aim with the swirling „Little star Yazi‟.’ He then took off his lambskin dress. how pitiable to be frightened by a boy like you. That‟s tremendous! This morning in the earlier part of the day when a hundred horses were going upwards why were you directing your steed downhill? What were you looking for that you and your mother have not found so far? An ignorant mother possessing a senseless son like you! What a pity!” Joru said. “Now companion. I‟m not too sure whether Drugmo would be pleased if she looked at these three – my facial complexion. “If the eighteen tasks regarding the paternal property cannot be entrusted within to the Great and Middle lineage. place of birth and monies in lieu of my deficits. I lived in lower Ma feeding myself on abra and droma. Earlier. no!” He was so disturbed that his life-essence pulse shuddered. there certainly would be internal pollution and violence. If I were to relate my story. now I refuse to go a step from this place. If you exhibit such fearsomeness I don‟t know what to do? Now. hero Bumpa‟s renown is greater than thunder. His shoulder muscles moved up. “Oh! Dear companion. Since all the younger and elder brothers have fled out of fright. the rider representing the two of us brothers. you black man on a black horse from the other mountain. . Then grasping the hilt of his sword Yazi he said.

Some of these forms beat the „Drum of the law‟ and created sounds like the roar of thunder. speech. If Denma let loose his lightning shafts he could not be rivalled. Next the lamas and those who assisted with the offerings and worship offered ceremonial silk scarves and he emanated thirteen different forms that represented the body. The Great and Middle lineages wondered what they should do in the future. Other than these the house of the Lesser lineage possessed many more people who . Some blew the „White conch of the law that broadcasts‟ till it seemed to cover the three realms of existence. Some even took the ceremonial scarf from the hands of Dongtsen and in this way a variety of amazing and unimagined emanations were exhibited. enlightened activities and other such characteristics. The precious refuge of the protector himself sat on the golden throne that fulfils the needs and desires of all and he displayed a radiance and splendour that was ten times his earlier state. Although the back of the excellent steed can endure. Joru raced away while summoning the deities and left the other riders behind one after the other. Then as in the saying: ‘If the son turns into an enemy. sitting and picking fleas off his dress. you can be sure. mind.Ever since my birth. he could not be challenged. “Now are you certain you will not race? If this evening when the sun sets. All the people who were there beside the throne took the reins of his steed. I‟ll guide you to the sword‟s sharp edge.” The divine prince got up swiftly. Still others raised the flag of authority „Blazing Dzi‟ like the flash of lightning from the heavens. grasped his sword of meteoric metal. Others played the „Large cymbals‟ as if its sounds pervaded the billion worlds. The fearless heroes of Ling enquired. “Who is this brother who has been destined by past karma and whose renown has spread to the heavens from Gura Dza?” and reining in their steeds looked up to meet Joru sitting on the throne. don‟t be angry. if the eighteen tasks of the paternal property and Kyalo‟s men. spiritual qualities. All of a sudden Gyatsa felt angry and he raged. “O my companion. the buttocks of an evil man like me cannot tolerate. If the Chipon who was an ocean of disputes spoke. I‟ve never experienced more hardship than today. The father is responsible for killing him’.” he remarked and continued as before. he was unbeatable. property and attendants have been given to those like Dongtsen. put on his dress and while tying the belt of his cloak made amends saying. If Gyatsa Shelkar.” He then went off in front with his steed in a swirling rush. Then by the grace of the enlightened activities of the supreme deities and the skilled vigour and energy of Kyang Goe. The paternal property is in our own hands. he left Dongtsen behind within the span of a moment itself and arrived near the golden throne. I said these things because I am just a fatherless orphan who‟s habituated to sitting on top of his mother due to not having anyone disciplining him.

Gyapon Bendhe Marpo – the commander of a hundred. Then the Elder brother. I have some matters to relate.” Then four men of the Great lineage – Apen of Dongtsen. After that the three related father uncles – Elder brother Chipon. In general. I even ordered Dongtsen to rein in his steed „Turquoise Bird‟ and allow Joru to go on ahead. I wonder if you of the Great and Middle lineages plan to accept him as the Chief that gives refuge to all and the Lama that guides one in future lifetimes? Would you surrender to him? Would you seek refuge in him? If not. I‟ve done all this work today. which pleased the house of the Lesser lineage whose countenances were covered with broad smiles. Since when have you had such thoughts. lama and relations of the Middle lineages consisting of Nyibum of Serwa. the four relations of the Lesser lineage – Tripon Gyatsa Shelkar. the Chipon threw back his yak tail like mane of long hair that arose from the back of his head and patted his grey and soft goatee three times. you had a tale to avoid losing face. Especially. wondering if I could not place him in a higher and greater position. the grand minister Denma Jangtra. Next the five. the other two lineages felt. Nyatsa Aten and Choekyong Bernak came forward and offered ceremonial silk scarves to Joru and silk trophies to Kyang Goe. Of course he‟ll be the Chief of all and the Lama for our future rebirths. was it that? It has no basis.were like needles that could poke holes. At the time . Actually. the chief Aku Trothung and the great father Senglon proceeded forward and offered their silk scarves and silk prizes. Tripon Rinchen Darlu – the commander of ten thousand. “Alright. the prince Nang-ngu Yutak and Rupon Rongtsa Marleb came and offered congratulatory scarves to Joru and silk prizes to the steed – Kyang Goe. since the status of the Lesser lineage is higher than the heavens. Then from among the others.” Everyone agreed with his words with “Yes. I have always held Joru most affectionately since I‟ve considered him to be without food and wealth. among all the brothers of pure Ling. So they had a discussion and came to a cordial accord. “Alright. Zigphen of Tagrong. Lhundrup of Michen Gyal and Abar Phentak of Kheypa came forward and they too offered ceremonial silk scarves to Joru and the prized silk to Kyang Goe. you of the house of the Lesser lineage? How can it be allowed that those in the know. do not relate these meaningless words in the beginning and just sit quietly?” At this the Chipon said. the precious one who will spread the teachings of the Buddha in the world and be a source of peace and happiness for all sentient beings has ascended the golden throne. So now it seemed as if it were better to submit to them. The Chipon began. “Alright Aku. There is no reason for me now. Yes.” Aku Trothung butted in. to discuss whether I of the Lesser lineage have had such thoughts or not and also to mouth such sweet words while keeping one‟s thoughts locked up within. It was not that I was striving for Kyalo‟s men and property for myself.

” Then he continued. “How wonderful it would be. of whatever existed in Tibet and of whatever was present in the wide world. Aku said brightly. today Aku naming me Ge sar is an excellent auspicious moment. the two good brothers and the three serfs each offered Joru a ceremonial silk scarf and Kyang Goe a silk racing trophy. dhowa steeds.” At the age of eight years. variegated dzi. maroon agate and articles of good fortune and prosperity which included the massive elephant. the four mediators. were full of praise of Joru and his steed. personal blessings of touch with his hands and to those further away he blessed them by scattering consecrated barley. wools and cloth – of whatever was fashionable in China. This presentation of materials was lead by an offering of ceremonial white silk scarves engraved with the thousand lotuses. in colourful Ling achieves. with none remaining brought gifts of precious metals and valuable gems such as yellow gold.” Hearing this Joru remarked. yet his face presented a pretty external appearance like that of the moon of the fifteenth. he was brimful with all his miseries and suffering. little brown mules. the four knowledgeable ones. blue turquoise. They also brought offerings of the three – wheat. today such ge sar duk” – which means “today such ge are on the ground. barley and lentils and various varieties of grains such as rice. Then in their respective orders. Following this. Sengcham Drugmo of Ga Kyalo thought. Then Joru granted to the ones close by. if in front of such a vast crowd of people the form of the Minister Berkar were displayed!” . Repeatedly accomplishing goals. white silver. cross breed dzos. representatives from all the eighteen countries like upper India and lower China. they made offerings of silks. While the gathering was in such a mood. “Heh! Heh! My dear nephew. “Gesar hostile to the ground. He favoured the gathering by offering prayers from the depths of his heart and mind so that all the people – those from within and those who‟d come from outside.Aku Trothung placed a white ceremonial silk scarf free of stains and though internally. Of materials. white sheep of prosperity and goats. “Oh! Since I was never given a personal name by the deities above or the nagas below. he was ceremonially offered the name „Gesar Kyebu Dondup‟ or the „Great being Gesar who Accomplishes‟ – and he was enthroned the „Great Lord‟ of the entire realm of Tibet. the four capable men. places foes on it.

May the obscurations of my mind be purified. With body straight and erect. repeated occasions to serve. May the obscurations of my body be purified. to you divine prince I serve. It‟s the salute of naga girls. Reddish yellow radiance and fragrance possesses. Omniscient White Tara – compassionate mother. I offer three prostrations. From the pure lands arrayed in turquoise leaves. This vessel of tea served on my right. And then. If me. I am. The common deity of all of humankind. From the white milk of the snowlion . The personal deity of me a girl attached to humans. Sengcham Drugmo of Kyalo. I offer three prostrations. From above the throne blazing with conch leaves. This day. May auspiciousness create. Added to it are eighteen varieties of special tea. If this site.Joru as if hearing her. May the obscurations of my speech be purified. It‟s the salute of myself a nun. became a hundred times more radiant and dazzling and she herself in a state of extreme joyousness went about arranging the place and décor marvellously and served tea and chang. With body half bent. It‟s the pale and high mountain of Gura Dza. This day. Mouth‟s décor with yellow dri butter have made. It‟s the salute of deity girls. This vessel of tea served on my left. Churned with milk‟s whiteness created a first offering. deity of longevity. you do not recognise. Lu thala lamo thala len. you do not recognise. O precious divine prince Joru. She then went with the other ladies – her mother and aunts and chanted this song to the tune of the „Excellent melody chosen from amongst all‟: Lu ala lamo ala len. With body bent over. I offer three prostrations. From the top of cushions ablaze with leaves of gold. come forth and befriend Drugmo.

May your life span be longer than the great river‟s water. May whatever wished be actualised by your waist‟s sparkling sword. the highest status. I confess and request forgiveness. . It‟s the month long chang. brewed for a year. This day. I request your tolerance. brewed for a month. May your life force be harder than diamond. Divine prince. It‟s the hero‟s chang that pleases the dralha. the longest life. Added was the rice liquor of China. to you divine prince I serve. The barley chang of highland Tibet And suchlike as the grape wine of Hor. If I have raved and ranted on. From among the white helmeted.Mixed with the turquoise dragon‟s spittle made. hold these words in your mind. May you achieve all your goals in highland Tibet. In this way. she offered her words and so ended the story of „The Horse race with a kingdom as wager‟. If my song has erred. May you subdue the four demons thru‟ your form body‟s basis. repeated occasions to serve. May you circle the four continents atop four wooden saddles. May auspiciousness create. From among the white armoured. It‟s the year long chang.

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