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AP Payments

Payment Window does not show the Payment Process Profile

The default "Check Recoding" with "Standard Check Format" has USD Currency

Create a copy of the "Check Recoding" with "Standard Check Format" Default & change the Currency to All currency Attach the Encumbrance Accounting Method in the ledger To implement the solution, please execute the following steps: 1-Please regenerate APXRICAD form using Adadmin utility. Use example from Note:216225.1 - How to Regenerate a Single .pll File Via Adadmin 2.Manually recompile packages apetaxps.pls and apetaxpb.pls Locate files under directory AP_TOP/patch/115/sql SQL>@apetaxps.pls SQL>@apetaxpb.pls Compile any invalid objects. 3. Retest issue. 4. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments. Solution 1. Include the function POS_HT_SP_EMP_SUPPLIER with the grant flag checked in the menu of the esponsibility which the customer plans to have access to both standard and employee vendors. 2. Check the grant flag for the function POS_HT_SP_EMP_SUPPLIER in the menu POS_HT_SP_FULL_ACCESS_MENU. However then all users that can create standard supplier will also be able to create employee supplier. Afterwards you need to bounce the Apache server. If applied patch 9597109:R12.AP.B:



Budget Checking in AP

There was an error while creation of accounting and budgetary control cannot be performed

Encumbrance Accrual Method was not attached



Recurring Invoice

ERROR APP-SQLAP-10000 ORA-04062 signature of package "APPS.AP_ETAX_PKG" has been changed occurred in GET_Quote<Calculate_Tax<-Post-Query<CREATE_REC_INV with parameters while performing the following operations Calling Payables eBTAX API


Doc ID: 457033.1 & Note 216225.1


Supplier Creation

While craeting a Employee as a supplier , noticed that the option 'Supplier used to process expense payments to internal employees' is not available to create a employee as a supplier.

Cause The issue is caused by the following setup: Function POS_HT_SP_EMP_SUPPLIER has not been added to the responsibility

Create a Supplier from an Employee Option Not Available in R12 [ID 433596.1]


Payment Workbench Supplier Sites LOV Shows Same Site Attached to all Countries [ID 1138626.1] 9828295


Payment Workbench Supplier Sites LOV Shows Same Site Attached to all Countries

Lower Form version version should be 120.223.12010000.170 or above

$AP_TOP/forms/US/APXPAWKB.fmb 120.223.12010000.170 If applied patch 9828295:R12.AP.B: $AP_TOP/forms/US/APXPAWKB.fmb 120.223.12010000.180

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