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Musical Terms Glossary

General Terms
Al Fine – to the end Coda – The Ending Passage Con Sordino – With Mute Da Capo – To the Beginning (The Head) Dal Sengo – From the Sign Dim – dimuendo, softer Divisi – Divided Fermata – Hold or Pause Fine – The End Mosso – Motion Poco a Poco – Little By Little; gradually Senza Sordino – Without Mute Seque – Continue Without Pause Soli – A passage featuring a Section Solo – A passage featuring 1 performer Subito – Suddenly Tacet – Resting during a section Timbre – Characteristic Sound Tutti – All, Everyone Style & Articulation Legato – Smooth Leggiero – Lightly Maracato – Marked with Emphasis Peasante – Heavy Sostenuto – Sustained Staccato – Detached, short no accent Tenuto – held slightly longer Tempo – Indicators Adagio – Slow, at easy Allegro – Lively Andante – Walking Tempo Andantino – little faster than Andante Grave – Slow and Solemn Largo – Very slow Moderato – Moderate Tempo Presto – Fast Prestissimo – Very Fast, superlative Vivace – Vivacious, Lively Tempo Changes Accelerando – gradually Faster Affretando – Hurrying Allargando – Slowing and Broadening Calando – Gradually Slower and Subdued Meno Mosso – Less Motion Molto Meno Mosso – Much Less Motion Morendo – Dying Away Piu Mosso – More Motion Rallentando – Gradually Slower and Slower Ritardando – Gradually Slower Ritenuto – Suddenly Slower, for a short Time Rubato – Varying Tempo Smorzando – Rapidly Dim. Tempo and Volume Strigendo – Pressing Onward, Speeding Up Veloce – Increaing Speed Velocissimo-with the utmost velocity

Modifiers – Auxiliaries
A – with, in, at Assai – very Ben – Well Con – With Di/d’/da – of In-in La/Lo/Le/ - the L’istesso - the same Ma – but Meno – less Molto – Much Non – not Pui’ – more Poco – little Primo – First Quasi – Almost, as if, like Sempre – always Senza – without Simile – continue in like manner Stesso – same Tanto – same Troppo – too much Expression Affettuoso – Tenderly Animato – Animated Appassionato – Passionate Bravura – Skill, brilliance, powerful Brilliant – Brilliantly Brio - Spirit, life Calmato – Calm Calore – Warmth, animation Canatbilie – in a swinging style Dolce – Sweet, mild Doloroso – Sad Expressivo – Expressive Forza – Force, strength Fuoco – Fire Furioso – Furious Giocoso – Playfully, joking Grazioso – Graceful Maestoso – Majestic Marcia – March like Maziale – Martial, military Misterioso – Mysterious Pomposo – Pompous Ponderoso – Heavy Preciso – Precise, exact Scherzando – Joking Scherzo – Joke Semplice – Simple Spirituoso – Spirited Tranquillo – Tranquil

usually followed by a dynamic change Like Sforzando but without a following crescendo or decresendo Arti cul ati ons Sforzando sf sfz fz Forzando De High Hard Less Day Da Pitch Tongue Accent Doe Do Low Soft More Be a Dum Dit Player! Long Notes Articulate with the syllable “Dum” And Short Notes Articulate with the syllable “Dit” .Tem po Mark in gs Slowest Larghissimo Largo Larghetto Grave Lento Adagio Adagietto Andante Andantion Moderato Allegretto Allegro Vivace (Allegro Vivace) Veloce Presto Prestissimo Very Slow to Slow Medium Fast to Very Fast Fastest Pianissimo Piano Mezzo Piano Mezzo Forte Forte Fortissimo Fun d ame nta l D yna m ic Mark in gs pp Very Soft p Soft m Medium Soft Medium Loud mf Loud f Very Loud ff Dynamic Modifiers One note or chord played with stress of force.