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Q1. Are you aware of the following investment avenues?
Safe /low risk avenues: Savings account Bank fixed deposits Public provident fund National saving certificate Post office savings Government securities High risk avenues: Equity share market Commodity market FOREX market Emerging avenues: Virtual real estate Hedge funds/private equity investments Art and passion Moderate risk avenues: Mutual funds Life insurance Debentures Bonds

Traditional avenues: Real estate Gold/silver Chit funds

Q2.What do you think are the best options for investing your money?
(Choose from the above list) (Any 5)

1. 2. 3. Q3. Mention the reasons for selecting these options.

4. 5.

Q4. In past you have invested in?

Q5. In which sector you prefer to invest your money? Private Sector Government Sector Public Sector Foreign Sector Q6.What is the important factors guiding your investment decisions?

Q7.What are your savings objectives? Children’s education Retirement Health care

Home purchase Marriage others

2.000- No What best describes your investment experience? Beginning (no investment experience) Moderate (comfortable with fixed deposits. What is the time period you prefer to invest? Short-term medium-term Long-term Q14. What percentage of your salary do you invest? 0-15% 15-30% 30-50% Q13. Do you invest in Share market? Yes No If yes: Imagine that stock market drops after you invest in it then what will you do? Withdraw your money wait to increase Invest more in it Q12.00. 2.Q8. Do you have a formal budget for family expenditure? Yes No Q10.00. chit fund. Do you have a savings and investment target amount you aim for each year? Yes No Amount_________ Q11.000 Above Rs. What is your source of investment advice? Newspapers News channels Family or Friends Books Internets Magazines Advisors Financial planners Personal details: Name_________________________________ Designation___________________________ Organization________________________________ Age Group: Below 20 Between 20-30 Between 30-40 Above 40 Qualification: Under Graduate Graduate Other: ___________________________ Occupation: Salaried Business Student Professional Others____________________________ Annual Income: Below Rs. 4.00.00. What are your investment objectives? Income and Capital Preservation Long-term Growth Growth and Income Short-term Growth Others_________________________________________ Q9.000 Rs. 6.000 Do you have financial adviser? Yes Post Graduate House Wife Retired Rs. post office) .

commodities.Knowledgeable (has bought or sold in individual shares of stock or bonds) Experienced (frequently trade in stocks. options and futures) .