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Confirmation of Student Representation in the BOR
It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform the student body of our guaranteed representation to the highest policy-making body in our university with my confirmation as your new Student Regent. I would like to thank the students for the successful transfer of representation from former SR Cleve Robert Arguelles. This would not have happened without the full confidence of our student body through our student councils. Our representation has been guaranteed by virtue of our collective effort and I hope that we will extend the same amount of vigour and enthusiasm when our democratic rights are to be defended. The Office therefore vows to be as engaging and empowering as possible, especially during these times when the student body faces a number of issues not just on the university level, but also on a national scale.

On the Kristel Tejada Incident
UP President Alfredo Pascual presented the executive summary of the report from the fact finding mission on the case of Ms. Kristel Tejada. The Fact Finding Committee1 reported that the incident occurred because of “cumulative stress” and the “poor coping skills” of Ms. Tejada. The committee also suggests to expand UP’s counselling program and to review programs like STFAP and to explore a study now pay later program. The Board asked for a copy of the full report of the committee. We have yet to receive the full copy of the report but I would like to immediately express my concern with regard to the apparent victim-blaming tone of the report. Rest assured that this would be addressed and forwarded to the committee once we get the official report. In line with this issue, we asked the Board on how the resolution that reads: “No qualified UP student shall be denied access to education due to financial incapacity” is being operationalized in the university. The President replied that he passed an executive order that allows students to avail of a 100% loan, the review of the STFAP and articles 330, 430 and 431 of the UP System Code.


The committee who was tasked to perform the fact finding mission was composed of Dr. Ascunsion K. Raymundo, Dean Aura C. Matias, Atty. Eduardo A. Labitag and Dr. Lourdes M. Portus.

As we can observe, there have been no concrete changes in policies after the Kristel Tejada incident. Tuition rates remain high and the repressive policies like UP Diliman’s ineligibility system have not been repealed or suspended. The President claims that there is no reason to suspend these policies as they’ve existed even before the incident. The Office would like to assure the student body that we hold a different opinion with regards to these repressive policies. Our previous position, with regard to policies that bar students from enrolling based on their financial capacity, still stands --- suspend and/or scrap such policies and have the university ensure the democratization and accessibility of UP education.

On the Renaming of the UP Diliman CBA to Cesario EA Virata School of Business
The issue on the renaming of the College of Business Administration was included from the matters arising from the previous minutes. Staff Regent Ramirez raised that there have been negative reactions coming from the mainstream media and some UP alumni and it has become a matter of concern. Regent Puno mentioned that the Board should look at the legal and moral implications of the renaming. Although it has been approved by the Board on its last meeting, the Board is still open for discussion on this matter. The office would pass a position paper alongside the other sectoral regents and the organic sector of the CBA.

Appointment of New Deans and Director
Four (4) nominees for deanship and one (1) for the position of Institute director were confirmed by the BOR: UP Diliman Dr. Eduardo T. Gonzales Prof. Nestor O. Rañeses Dr. Aurora T. Roldan UP Manila Dr. Imelda G. Peña Engr. Romeo Quizon Dean for the College of Pharmacy. Dean for the College of Public Health. Dean for Asian Center Director for the Institute for Small Scale Industries. Dean for the College of Home Economics.

The Office registered its concern about the democratization of the selection process for some of the nominees but the board deemed the appointment immediate and effective, rendering the appeal for a possible extension for additional nominees futile.

On the UP Arboretum Conservation Project
UP Diliman Chancellor Ceasar Saloma was present to speak about the project and said that they are yet to create the master plan. The Memorandum of Agreement for the UP Arboretum Conservation Project has been approved by the Board. The Chancellor ensured the Board that they will be holding consultations with the members of the community with regard to this project. The lack of a master plan alongside the existence of a MOA is very alarming. Thus, the office would like to urge the members of the community to remain vigilant and assert their involvement in the creation of this “master plan.” The Office would also assure its participation in informing the student body about this issue.

On Prof. Raquiza’s Tenure
Included in the addenda was the tenure of Prof. Ma. Victoria Raquiza of the NCPAG. It was clear that she had met all the requirements for tenure. However, Chancellor Saloma raised that the tenure was not approved as the simple majority on the votes of the tenured faculty was not met. The Board made a resolution to create a Regent’s committee to look into this issue. The Office would monitor the progress of the committee and would do everything in its power to ensure fairness and rationality behind any decision that would be made on this issue.

For the students and the people,


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