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House rules before the meeting: 1. Every meeting must begin with a Prayer headed by Jeselle Caquista. 2.

Each member must have an assigned task and research pertaining to the feasibility study to accomplish before the meeting. 3. Each member must study their assigned tasks and research which they will present or explain during the meeting. 4. The team will build a fund for unexpected contribution enough to cover expenses to be incurred to accomplish the feasibility study. 5. Every member should be informed on where and when the meeting will be held. 6. Inform other members ahead of time, if they are not available in the given schedule of meeting (for time adjustments) 7. For late members there will be a 15 minutes grace period given to each member. Anyone who won’t be able to attend on time without valid reason will be given a penalty of shouldering the snacks for the group for that meeting. House rules during the meeting: 1. Everyone must have an idea on the topic to be discussed. Each member should not hesitate to give recommendations, comments, rebuttals, and solutions when necessary and most importantly when it benefits the study. 2. Being too serious during the meeting is not compulsory; everyone may throw jokes in the middle of the discussion but make sure the meeting will end up with a fruitful output. 3. In case an argument arises, members who are arguing must be open-minded to settle the issue. 4. When the team came up to a two bright ideas, voting must be conducted and each member must explain why they voted such idea instead of the other. After hearing every team members opinion final voting will be performed. 5. All the things conferred in the meeting must be approved by all the members

House rules after and outside the meeting: 1. kwentuhan etc. 4. 2. After the meeting it must be settled and agreed by all the members/ majority the date when will be the next meeting be held and the concrete plan/s that will be executed and done by each member. For the reason that it will lessen the output that can be done and the time as well. which will serve as the minutes of meeting 6. 9. All expenses incurred concerning the Feasibility Study must be monitored and listed down in every meeting or every event/s. Every meeting must be ended with a Prayer headed by Jeselle Caquista. All or each member that is/are given a task/s for Feasibility Study must do it. All the output that has been done must be keep safely.)  Playing indoor games  And other actions that will interrupt the activities for making Feasibility Study. precisely and honestly stated. After the meeting. 5. And submit before the deadline. And worst nothing at all. And also Feasibility Study is given only a short time to work on and finished it 10. 3. The group is not held liable if one or more member/s is/are having an agenda/s or activities aside from Feasibility Study or outside the meeting. . The member who is assigned to keep the output or materials for the Feasibility Study is liable for any losses and she/he should exercise the right diligence except in fortuitous event/s. all the activities or outputs that has been done must be listed down or recorded and kept by the team’s record keeper. 8. 7. All the related parties of each member of the group who inquire to know all the activities and related expenses pertaining only to Feasibility Study must be clearly.  Chatting (Chismisan. After the meeting all the members are given freedom to do the things that are not needed in making/ doing the Feasibility Study specifically stated the following reasons.