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Scanpump Solutions for Process Industry.

High Flow Propeller 3SHP18 Double acting High Flow propeller 2SHPD . Through research and theoretical calculations we have developed a correlation between the liquid’s surface velocity and what we call Degree of Agitation . Cooling of cream. Many factors affect the process and mechanical aspects of the design procedure. Soap. our knowledge of the processes and the ability to use this knowledge in our own design programme have given even more effective agitators for all kinds of mixing. type of liquid.1 milj. Wastewater. Paint. Cream. Glue. less vibrations. they can be classified into three groups: liquid/liquid. Chemicals. . liquid/particles and liquid/gas. mPas or up to paste consistency. ethanol.. Juice.DA.Paint. minimises forces and power consumption Sealing: Maintenance work without emptying the tank Modular system: Same Modular System for all agitators No bottom bearing: Minimises maintenance Design Criteria Depending on the medias involved. Plastics. pH-adjustment.Keeping liquid homogeneous . Oils. Further development of the original 3SHP1 has given 3SHP18 mainly used in low viscosity medias and 2SHPD for high viscosity.Heat transfer Heating or cooling Viscosity 1-5000 mPas Heating of Fats.. Oils. Latex. The suitable impeller is the patented SCABA High flow Propeller type 3SHP. Veg. Benefits Process guarantee: Desired mixing result obtained Cost effective: Minimum power needed Easy service: Designed for minimised downtime and maintenance Support: Our specialists will ensure best mixing result Technical Features High Flow Propellers: Better mixing.Blending Viscosity 1-10 000 mPas.. Lime slurry. This and the choice of impeller is the foundation to decide the demand of the mixing for different processes.SCANPUMP SCABA agitators System DA . Lime. Sugar. Milk. Our long experience.Keeping liquid homogeneous / Blending Viscosity 1-5000 mPas. Youghurt. Glue.. Grease. volume. Important considerations are type of process. the shape of the tank etc. Sugar solutions. 2 . Choosing and designing agitators is related to the process in which they will operate. High Flow Propeller 3SHP1 . In some applications the density. The demand to acheive a perfect result is to get an optimal liquid motion for the specific process. .. Liquid / Liquid Miscible liquids For the liquid/liquid processes the design criteria is a certain amount of Liquid Motion. oil & food. It revolutionised the market by its ability to lower the power need drastically. Latex.Keeping liquid homogeneous Viscosity 10 000 .. It suits both to side and top entry agitators. viscosity and solid content are the dominant factors. Other kinds of application are also available but not presented here.Degree of Agitation Application Know-how for Optimal Mixing What is the aim of agitation? For Scanpump it is ”To attain the customers’ wanted process result by the most costeffective solution”.

H2 in veg. Starch..SCANPUMP SCABA agitators SCABA Degree of Agitation . oil. Gypsum. Polymers. Iron ore. Dressed ore.Crystallisation and polymerisation ... Bentonite. The patented special turbine SRGT with its unique properties is the optimal impeller. . Basic chemicals. CMC.10 000 mPas Basic chemicals. Soda ash.10 000 mPas Lime. . Gas Dispersing Turbine SRGT High Flow Propeller 3SHP1 High Flow Propeller 3SHP18 .Powder draw down Viscosity 1 . Aluminium sulphate..Fermentation . Urea.3-phase system Viscosity of liquids 1 . Sugar and other crystals. Magnesium sulphate. 3 .Leaching Viscosity 1 . Lime. Copper ore.. This turbine disperses more gas before flooding which generates higher masstransfer. Degree of suspension 1 2 3 Description Most particles off bottom All particles off bottom Full suspension Homogeneity ~ 30% ~ 50% ~ 90% Liquid / Gas Design criteria in these processes are Shear forces and Liquid Motion. Furthermore.Dissolving .Gas dispersion .Solids suspension and slurries . Mash solution.5000 mPas CO2 in CaCO3 slurry.DA Degree of Agitation 1 Mild Weak Flocculation Keeping liquid homogeneous Flotation 2 3 Medium Visible Keeping liquid homogeneous Blending 4 Good Good Blending Heat transfer 6 Strong Strong Blending Heat transfer Solids suspension Dissolving Leaching Polymerisation Crystallisation 8 Very strong Very strong Blending Solids suspension Dissolving Leaching Poymerisation Dispersion Fermentation 10 Violent Violent Solids suspension Dissolving Leaching Description Very mild Surface velocity Process Invisible Flocculation Flotation Liquid / Particles Suspensions of particles For the liquid/particles processes the design criteria is a certain amount of Liquid Motion. The suitable impeller is the patented SCABA High flow Propeller type 3SHP. no power drop occurs when gased..

+49 6257 9317 0 Fax +49 6257 9317 99 Group head office ABS Group South and North America Brazil Tel. Main office Sweden ABS Scanpump AB Great Britain ABS Scanpump AB Tel. The guarantee is based on mutually understood and agreed upon terms in accordance with design USA www.absgroup. Scanpump will be there to get it up and running again. Maintenance and Local Support Process Guarantee Every agitator sold by Scanpump comes with a process www. The benefit to our customers is total satisfaction with absolutely no risk! Service Scanpump has an extensive service network so when your agitator requires service. Scanpump's factory trained service representatives can keep your agitator running like Scanpump reserves the right to alter specifications due to technical www. +46 31 83 63 00 Fax +46 31 16 79 14 Norway France ABS Scanpump AB Tel. +43 2236 642 61 Fax +43 2236 642 66 www. +86 21 68882900 Netherlands Tel.absgroup. ABS Group Austria www.SCANPUMP SCABA agitators Process Guarantee. +358 7 5324 0300 Fax +358 9 55 80 53 www. Local Support All Scanpump's products are sold through a world-class sales and service Germany ABS Scanpump AB Subsidiaries Denmark ABS Scanpump A/S Tel.abspumps. +44 1293 744 836 Fax +44 1293 543 392 Subsidiaries. +33 4 72 31 00 06 Fax +33 4 78 05 57 74 info@scanpump. which means that you will achieve your desired results or we will fix or replace your agitator at our expense. . +65 6463 3933 Fax +86 21 58826708 Fax +65 6462 2122 Finland Tel. Local support is always available to help you with your www. +46 40 35 04 70 Fax +46 40 30 50 45 4 230213 GB 09. +55 41 3227 8100 Fax +55 41 3348 1879 www.absgroup. +45 48 17 11 10 Fax+45 48 17 19 11 info@scanpump. Maintenance Proper maintenance is critical to the life of any product. Service.absgroup.absgroup. +47 67 55 47 00 Fax +47 67 55 47 50 www. +31 30 242 56 78 Fax +31 30 241 03 46 www.absgroup.scanpump.05 Asia Pacific China Singapore Tel. +1 203 238 2700 Fax +1 203 238 0738 www.comQui pati facissederae hor www.


enable us to offer economically beneficial process solutions. Our salesmen offer a comprehensive service including advise on selections prior to order placement and a good after sales service. Our experience and expertise enables us to offer process guarantees. We have been supplying agitators to all corners of the world and for a wide variety of stirring processes. speeds and shaft combinations. Scanpump conforms to the ISO9001 quality assurance standard. our highly trained salesmen analyze your basic conditions and needs. Modern computerized machine tools are used in the production of our agitators. In consultation with your specialists. wherever a liquid is to be mixed with another liquid. The inhouse calculation programs that we have developed have made us known for our ability to produce a reliable solution to virtually any type of stirring problem.SCANPUMP SCABA AGITATORS Scanpump is a specialist in stirring applications for the process. The software. In order to maintain the necessary high standard of our process expertise. in combination with our patented agitator impellers. which we have been doing for many years. and paper industry. we continually run research projects in our laboratory. or with particles or gas. Alternative solutions are then discussed. media data. agitator impellers. Our calculation programs allow for unlimited variation of tank sizes. which ensures reliable reli deliveries and high quality. We also undertake tests on customer products. 2 . water and waste.

The pedestal module is equipped with a double spherical roller bearing with adapter sleeve. modular design and can be combined with various types of drive units. Sleeve and flange couplings are standard. bevel gears or V-belt drives. Due to this flexibility. • Flange coupling • Sleeve coupling • Radially split coupling • Double spherical roller bearings • Patented bearing for simplified bearing change Housing for shaft seal This is equipped with a suitable seal. although if the hygienic requirements are strict.• Electric • Hydraulic lel shaft gears. paral. Drive unit The drive unit selected is determined by the pro. Agitator impeller To suit specific applications we offer a wide range of agitator impellers. The con. • TH and TS seals • Labyrinth seal Shaft coupling The agitator shaft is equipped with one or more • Flange coupling shaft couplings. The couplings are • Threaded coupling of flange type.• Stuffing box necting flange of the housing can be supplied • Single mechanical seal • Double mechanical seal in different sizes. the agitators can be adapted optimally to the needs of the process.SCANPUMP SCABA TOP ENTERING AGITATORS. threaded shaft couplings can be supplied instead.12 kW .• Power ratings: 0. Series VP Series KP Series VVP Series VVT 3 . • Pneumatic Motor Pedestal modul The shaft coupling in the pedestal module provides the connection between the drive and the agitator shaft. For a V-belt drive and certain special applications. if necessary. seals and impellers.250 kW cess requirements and the customer’s wishes. Radially split couplings are used for special applications. The agitator can be equipped with gears. This enables the bearing to be changed without the need for removing the shaft. an extra shaft bearing is built into the pedestal module. The SCABA shaft bearing can be used as an alternative. The agitators are of a robust.

serves as a gliding bearing and increases the useful life of the seal.5 packing plaits • Liquid or grease lubricated TH seal Hygienic seal designed to prevent the ingress of oil and impurities into the process liquid. Labyrinth seal Seal for low-pressure processes. usually included. Protects the agitator from splashing and from attack by the vapour in the tank. The shaft is often equipped with a wear sleeve. • • • • • Double or single design Dry or liquid lubricated Split seal Liquid-cooled seal housing Cartridge seal Stuffing box seal The lantern ring. The seal housing can be designed to allow the seal to be changed without removing the agitator from the tank.Shaft seals for top entering agitators The shaft seals are designed to maintain the required pressure in the tank or to prevent leakage through the shaft entry. TS seal Lip seal designed to prevent the ingress of impurities into the process liquid. The height of the water trap is determined by the pressure inside the tank. • 2 . Seals are also used to prevent impurities from entering the tank. Mechanical seal Adapted to meet the customer’s requirements on performance and the preferred seal supplier. Has a labyrinth function. • With or without facilities for changing the shaft bearing with the agitator remaining on the tank. or to prevent damage to the agitator by splashing or by vapour from the process liquid. Particularly suitable for digesters. 4 . • Can be equipped with level control in the labyrinth.

Due to its design. Low weight allows for lighter shaft design. the power demand is constant at varying gas flows. Applications • • • • • Mixing Homogenizing Suspensions Reactions Medium-high viscosities SHP18 A registered-design development of the SHP1. up to paste consistency. • Supplement to our own impellers 5 .particles.gas . Other agitator elements Our range also includes impellers of conventional type.Scanpump Scaba impellers Scaba uses their own patented or designed registered impellers. Also suitable for very gentle stirring. • • • • Mixing Homogenizing Very high viscosities Gentle stirring SRGT • Gas dispersion Patented turbine intended for gas • Three-phase systems dispersion. • • • • Mixing Homogenizing Suspensions Low viscosities SHPD Double-acting propeller for high viscosities. Due to the double-acting function. Combined with our extensive design knowhow. the liquid is pumped both downwards and upwards. these impellers produce the best possible process results at the lowest possible energy cost. Offers better effectiveness at lower viscosities. Intended for viscosities up to 50 000 mPas. The widespanning range of impellers enable us to select the optimum element for each individual application. It is just as effective on difficult suspensions and reactions as it is on homogenizing and mixing. Performs very well also on three-phase systems comprising liquid . SHP1 Our high-flow propeller which is acknowledged for its energy-efficiency and effectiveness.

Can also be equipped with standard IEC foot-mounted or flange motors.This flexibility enables the agitator to be adapted optimally to the process requirements. Gear-driven agitator series Designed for heavy duty as well as light duty. and these can be adapted to most drive units. Housing for shaft seal Side entering agitators are always equipped with shaft seals. The housing is designed to accommodate either a stuffing box or a variety of optional mechanical seals.SCANPUMP SCABA SIDE ENTERING AGITATORS The agitators are of a robust modular design and can be combined with various types of drive units. The connecting flange of the housing can be delivered in different dimensions. seals and bearings can be serviced and maintained with the agitator remaining the tank. which simplifies service and ensures good availability of spare parts.12 kW to 110 kW. One double spherical roller bearing with adapter sleeve. The gear boxes. Designed for power ratings ranging from 0. Series SVPT Series SVVPT Series SFVPT 6 . The gear boxes are of standard brand. Housing with shaft bearing A range of housings are used. Agitator propeller The SCABA SHP1 or SHP18 high-flow propeller is used to generate good axial flow. seals and impellers. The shaft bearing has a theoretical operating life of 100 000 hours.

Shaft seals for side entering agitators The shaft seals are designed to maintain the required pressure in the tank or to prevent leakage through the shaft entry.Scanpump Scaba SKPT series of V-belt driven agitators Specially designed for heavy duty. Seals and bearings can be serviced and maintained with the agitator remaining in the tank. Designed for power ratings ranging from 2.2 kW to 250 kW. Stuffing box Double mechanical seal Single mechanical seal 7 . Two double spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeve with a theoretical operating life of 100 000 hours. Standard type of V-belt drive which is easily adjustable.

06 Scanpump reserves the right to alter specifications due to technical changes. dynamic testing and pre-delivery inspection are included as natural elements in our efforts to maintain our leading position as supplier of agitators for optimized process South and North America Brazil Tel.scanpump. +43 2236 642 61 Tel.scanpump. +86 21 68882900 The Netherlands ABS Scanpump AB www.scanpump. +46 31 83 63 00 Fax +46 31 16 79 14 231634 GB 01.absgroup. The agitators are designed to simplify service and France ABS Scanpump AB Germany ABS Scanpump AB Tel.SERVICE. . +1 203 238 2700 Fax +1 203 238 0738 www. +358 7 5324 0300 Fax +43 2236 642 66 Fax +358 9 55 80 53 www. +49 6257 9317 0 Fax +49 6257 9317 99 Norway Tel. +65 6463 3933 Subsidiaries Denmark ABS Scanpump A/S Tel.absgroup.absgroup.scanpump.comQui pati facissederae Faxhor +86 21 58826708 Fax +65 6462 2122 www.scanpump. +47 67 55 47 00 Fax +47 67 55 47 50 www. ABS Group Austria Finland Tel. the work is easy to plan and execute. +45 48 17 11 10 Fax+45 48 17 19 11 Asia Pacific China Singapore Tel. Quality assurance. Main office Sweden ABS Scanpump AB Tel. As a USA Tel. The procedure is described in detail in our service instructions. +44 1293 744 836 Fax +44 1293 543 392 info@scanpump. MAINTENANCE AND RELIABLE DELIVERIES Scanpump Scaba agitators are in service in many types of industrial processes in most of the world’s countries. +55 41 2108-8100 Fax +55 41 3348 1879 Great Britain ABS Scanpump AB www. +31 651 08 21 25 Fax +31 523 27 04 71 info@scanpump. +33 4 72 31 00 06 Fax +33 4 78 05 57 74 info@scanpump.